Bajrangbali(Hanumanji’s another name) Bajrang (Bajra-diamond & Ang-bodypart)whose body parts are like diamond. The evasion of Vajrang in hindi is Bajrang. So Bajrang means Vajrangbali whose body parts are like diamond and Mahabali(Extremely powerful). In language slowly evasion happened from Vajrang to Bajrang. It’s said ‘Haath Vajra aur dwaja viraje’ so people says in whose hand […]

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Mahashivaratri Abhishek 2019

Great video from Mahashivartri 2019! Abhishek where Guruji offering to Shivaji 125 liters of milk! Супер видео с Махашиваратри 2019!Шива Абхишека; Гуруджи предлагает Шиве 125 литров молока.

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Finally the miracle became real!

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