PREPARATION TO KRIYA YOGA I’ve been asked by several people that how they can help newcomer to prepare for learning Kriya Yoga.   My answer for them is: first prepare yourself. There is no preparation for Kriya Yoga. First thing, which everybody must have: they must be very honest with themselves, they should have […]

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When government forcibly gave me the project for dairy – for hundred cows and the milk started – it came to my mind that I will offer at least 101 liter of milk to Shiva every day and we start to doing it. After few days or week after I begin to hear so many […]

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JUSTICE The question was – what is the difference between justice and injustice? My answer was that the situation of injustice is far superior then the situation of justice. When the laws and all these things were established – that means a person needed a justice, he could go and complain that I’m not getting […]

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The question was: what is Kutastha? In Sanskrit dictionary kutastha literally means “immortal soul inside”. If we break the word “kutastha” into two – it will be “kut”; kut means the body and which is inside the body. Here is the very interesting thing to know that “kut” also means the great riddle. Now with […]

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Yama and Niyama

Q: Guruji, why Yoga Darshan begins from yamas and niyamas but they are not mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradipika?   Guruji: I think yama and niyama are achievements of practicing yoga. It was the style of all ancient rishis that they will talk about the result first, then the process. That’s why Patanjali started by […]

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Bhagawan definition

Guruji: the common meaning which is taken in most of the books: “bhaga” means aishwari – every kind of capacity, ability, prosperity; who has this may be called Bhagawan. The definition goes like this. Bhagawan can do what any man can do, any being in this creation can do – he can do that. That […]

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Finally the miracle became real!

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