Golok, Radha, Krishn, Patal

Of course, discipline is the basis of everything. But if you’re doing a certain ritual with every particular detail – for Hanuman or anyone else – if you’re doing it physically, you’re involved mentally also: otherwise some mistake will come. Ultimately it will begin to train your mind. When your mind is trained enough – it will become your second nature and then it will be very natural for you. It’s step by step progress.

It is described that all of Krishna’s cows take care there – there are so many and all of them are beautiful. And a criteria for reaching Goloka – nowhere in the world in the history of religion it is mentioned. Only the mind like a five-year old child will reach Goloka. There are everybody like a five-year old child. So innocent, so pure; otherwise in different heavens so many things are described. Goloka will stay unique.

There are different stories; one of his main titles is Gopala, who takes care of the cows. Gorakh also – who protect the cows. And in some puran it is written that millions of the wives of Shiva’s bull – where they live it is called Goloka. And Gopal is Krishna. In the beginning Vishnu was given this title. Then after Daksha yagya Krishna replaced Vishnu. That is the most beautiful place in whole creation or even beyond creation. Only until unless you’re pure and innocent as a five-year old child – no entry into Golok. All of gop and gopies are there, Radha and Krishna are the main creators of that. And there is a huge kadamba tree and in every flower there are millions of universes and there is a river around it = Vrija river. And all the oceans – seven oceans are children of Vrija, Safi and Krishna. Details you will read in Brahmavaivarta purana. Must read book. Only there some details of Golok I’ve come across.

Q: can we compare it somehow with the netherworlds – Patala, Rasatala?

Guruji: sutala loka, where king Bali is ruling – at least 1000000 time beautiful than heaven. Not much is known about patals. Golok is beyond creation. There is a story when something happened and many heavenly gods went to see Krishna. They go through so many gop, gopies and cows – everybody was so beautiful and full of charm, gee and everything. Then they reach a place where is a big golden mansion- it is Radha Ji and Krishna – then they worship them and they appeared in the human form. Then they agree to come down to earth. And when he said – Radha Ji, you have to go to the earth – she said: until unless a little portion of Golok will go down and my dear Giriraj will go down – I will not go. So this area, which we called Vraj, go down from Golok. Govardhan hill is also divine being which come down. That’s why it is considered separate from earth. Very different place. Better not to live this area – you never know when it take off to Golok. Safest to remain inside.


Parampara, sampradaya


”Alakh” means which remains unseen or which can not be seen. “Niranjan” means which is beyond carbon. That remains unseen.


Q: it’s the nature of self?

Guruji: it is the nature of spirit also and it is the nature of whatever yogi try to know. Because the whole creation is carbon-based; anjan is carbon, niranjan – is beyond carbon, and that will remain unseen. You can only experience it – that’s it. Until unless you will reach to the level when you’re able to communicate in para – then. There are four types of communication: we’re using the lowest type of communication. Para(к) is mind to mind. Then something can communicate. Here is very interesting to observe that the word parampara can not be translated as tradition. Parampara means “ supreme beyond”. Origin is there. So if you just follow the parampara to the best of your ability and with enough respect and honesty –you will reach supreme beyond. You will directly connect with it. Tradition is not right translation.

Q: it exist some difference between sampradaya and parampara?

Guruji: sampradaya literally means – giving equally. Not an organization. These are very deep words.

Q: but in yogi’s lineage is parampara?

Guruji: parampara – supreme beyond. It started from Shiva and if you will follow it – you can reach there.

Q: in which cases are used sampradaya?

Guruji: most of the organizations are called sampradaya where you receive same teaching. Parampara and sampradaya are two sides of a coin.


Ghosts,  spirits, astral world


For thousands if years many philosophers or religious people were asking – who is a man? What is a man? And so far so many hypothesis have been put forward, no conclusions has been reached. But as a simple man I will just say that future ghost is the man, because we are all going to become ghosts.

Q: why you said that the spirit became much more powerful if he can stay in astral world for a very long time?

Guruji: the main problem with us is what? We can not stay as long as we like here and we can not stay as long as we like there. Stability is the name of the game – either here or there.

Q: from what this stability depends?

Guruji: it depends if your mind is stable – only then you will find stability; that’s why in yoga so much focus is on stabilize your mind.

Q: so when the ordinary person dies – who decide, when he will take another birth?

Guruji: local mafia. Whoever is ruling in that area.

Q: so if he is under Christians – he goes to their local mafia?

Guruji: according to their dogma they are waiting for a judgement day and the last rituals take sure that the person will not take another birth. Until judgement will happen – they will not go to heaven, they will not go to hell.

Q: but nowadays not many people do last rituals: they cremate the dead one and forget?

Guruji: if cremation is taking place – it’s the very high chance to take another birth. Seven generations of ancestors may help him. Usually they help.

Q: how sayat (one of the spirits who came to PremDarbar – his age is more than 4000 years and he killed a lot of people) could stay in astral world for 4000 years?

Guruji: he had some power that he achieved while he was living: it’s just like money you earn and you can spend your life in retirement without worry.

Q: he did some tapas or some rituals?

Guruji: some tapas. Some very strong connection with some very powerful astral being.

Q: he met with the godfather of local mafia?

Guruji: yes, who offered him unconditional friendship.

Q: but sayat killed people – for what?

Guruji: there has to be some reason – maybe he was forced to do that. Maybe he was ordered to do that. The soldier hasn’t animosity to the soldier in opposite site, he receive the order and he has to kill or to be killed. They are not paid to think.

Q: it exists some time period between the death and taking another birth or it depends on situation?

Guruji: it only depends on the situation.

Q: and what is minimum and maximum time frame?

Guruji: few minutes to many years. Depends on the power of the deceased or who will helping him or her.

Q: if deceased is very sinful and someone do ritual for him – what does it mean? He have very good birth or what?

Guruji: we believe in Gita, that a very sinful person will take birth in extremely sinful family. So the very heavy chance come to him from the very beginning.

Q: but the person, who did the last ritual – put the bad karma on himself?

Guruji: usually they are vast away.

Q: you said that in astral world the only rule is the force?

Guruji: power. Everything is for power. Who have more power – he rules. What is ruling? Who can make the rule and make others follow him. He is ruler according to his power.

Q: as I understand – yogis are most powerful in astral world?

Guruji: yes, because they made their spirit their friend and their mind is so much developed. Power depends on how your mind is developed.

Q: but they are not keep in touch with the local mafia?

Guruji: yes, they remain separated.

Q: but if somebody somehow disturbs them?

Guruji: I’ve never seen such cases, they always maintain the distance. In astral world yogis are very much respected. And also khechari is too much respected there. Even who is doing yoga practice regularly with khechari mudra – receives respect.

Q: it exists the cases that some powerful creatures attack the yogis?

Guruji: of course time to time it happens.

Q: but what for?

Guruji: for just to test their power.

Q: it’s like a story when a man try to touch your head?

(powerful spirit with double pupils tried to attack Guruji in astral world)

Guruji: yes, it happened last year. But he told that now the spirit of Siddha Aghori will remain with me. And I had so many changes in one year. Things are more quiet nowadays. That is fantastic: I never was aware that people can have two pupils until I seen him in my experience.

Q: why that spirit, who is in Germany now, could not go there himself?

Guruji: you don’t know – he leave there or he asking just for fun.

Q: could such kind of spirit take birth through human body?

Guruji: until unless there is a very great purpose for this, otherwise – no.

Q: is it possible to recognize that some another spirit – like naga for example – living now in a human body?

Guruji: easily. They will be born with the certain marks on their bodies. I have seen a girl with a serpent birth mark on her back. This mark is very important: in many ancient books it’s the exactly mark for Kundalini. I saw it on her back when she was about one year old.

Q: she is practicing yoga now?

Guruji: I hope. Her nature is very different. She has great devotion for us but I don’t know how much she is practicing. Now she is grown up. This is only once I have seen such mark – but I’ve read about it in many ancient books. It’s impossible to believe that human could have such mark on the left side of back, just behind the heart. She’s extraordinary, highly talented, extraordinarily intelligent – she is good. Interesting observation – what she is going to do, because such spirits don’t take birth just for nothing – until unless there is specific purpose for their comes.

Q: have You seen some another cases – maybe with man spirits?

Guruji: even in the books it is written that only a woman will take birth like that. Nagini. Nagas I’ve met – but never seen a boy. Only baby girl you can see when her parents show You – otherwise grown never show you back. Her parents were worried – but I calm them down and said that she was born with the special abilities. She must be now 24 or 25.

Q: in Christianity if the person was born with 666 on his body it is considered as the sign of devil

Guruji: but from the yogic point of view it’s a good sign. After discussions on religion – usually heavy depression is follow. And if you read it carefully – everybody is guaranteed go to hell. No way out of that. But for cold countries you should be in good turn with the devil. He will always provide you fire to survive in cold.

Q: but in Garuda Purana the good conditions are only for the yogis?

Guruji: only. One of the best books I’ve read. See the imagination: first some scorpions would put somewhere, then you will be hooked like a fish – and the scorpions will continue to bite you in all wonderful places – on all the way to hell there is too much pain.

Q: but how they could make pain for the vayu sharira – the astral body? It’s painful only for the mind?

Guruji: the vayu is also an element. Gross element. That’s why the yogis are stand alone – because they can control the mind. Much more than every person.

Q: hell is like a bad dream – but you can not escape from it?

Guruji: yes. Then you should be in the situation  – bad dream will try to run away from you and can not escape. That is the real situation.

For us, Indians, hell is like minus fifty degrees without clothes. That is the real hell. Not a fire.

Q: it is possible for a yogi to make some other spirit your friend – except your own?

Guruji: it is possible to be in good relationships. You will receive help in the astral. You will be part of their group and that will protect you.

Q: from the human point of you it’s clear; but what’s the purpose for the spirit to have such relationships?

Guruji: it is same there as it is here. Recently mother of one my disciple – and she also was my disciple – died. Before she was dead she talked with me on the phone and I guided her. Then the granddaughter made her promise, that – you must promise me to tell me what is on the other side. Everything was done and just before 13th day she appeared in the dream and say – no big difference, things are the same there and here.


Holi, Diwali

There are four special points of the year – Mahashivaratri, Holi, Janmashtami and Divali. They are called Kalaratris. Very special for magic, for attaining siddhi and making connection to the other side. The portals are opening to some dimensions. You should remain awake on all four.

Q: what is the story of Diwali?

Guruji: there are many different stories – but Bengalis are experts in this. It is the night of Kali. It’s much more ancient even then Ramayana.

I will tell you my interpretation of Holi. Holika was daitya – sister of Hiranyakashipu, who had enough power not to burn in the fire in she take Prahlada on her lap; she was burnt and Prahlada survived. This is the general impression. But I’m a yogi – and I have different interpretation. The day after there is no difference between caste, creed and status – everybody is equal, everybody is playing and throwing colors to each other to the level they are not recognizable. Everybody is happy, everybody is enjoying, drinking, making jokes, dancing – this is something fantastic. For me this is very mysterious thing that burning of that big fire is the symbol of cremation. And after body is cremated the person enters into a spirit’s world where all enjoyments are going on, everybody is equal, no problem of rich or poor, caste or nationality – nothing; they just enjoy. There is a fire near called Falen; the priest of their temple goes through that fire every year. And no burn, no harm. On that night it’s a transformation of a gross body into subtle body- and you enter in spiritual world.

When we’re talking about ghosts or witches – you will notice one common thing – they are all laughing and smiling. If a ghost is coming – he’s laughing, if a witch is coming – she is cackling, everybody is so happy. Only saints are always crying and going with a gloom face. Why is that – I don’t understand. Only Santa Klaus is also saying “Ho, ho, ho”. All other saints are very sad. But the story of Santa Klaus is much older than Christianity. Devil was the first who started to smile on creation.

The days of Holi are very different, days of Diwali are very different – all of them has very different effect. There was the story – that one of the embassy arrived to India exact on Holy and then reported that all Indians are mad. Then the queen send another one – he appeared on Diwali day and said that all Indians are extremely good and gentle.


Real beauty, love, Infatuation

Inner beauty – the real beauty comes from within. If the person is physically very beautiful but has the very bad nature, evil nature – nobody will like him for a long time. Person will have the genuine friendship from the heart, the very open mind – many things are beauty for me.

Q: what about the nature, the oceans?

Guruji: of course – they are beauty. Remember, when first man was standing on the Moon and he saw the Earth – it was the most beautiful thing he ever saw. He didn’t see wars or dirty things or crimes going on – just beauty. That again depends on your perspective, from what point you’re looking at it. I hear the story that some small insect fall into the paint, when artist was working at Mona Lisa. And that insect was crying – oh, I’m lost, I’m in hell – he couldn’t realize, that he became part of the great beauty. We need to expand our mind and change our perspective to appreciate this. Beauty is the very deep thing.

Q: Guruji, people are saying that it is only one step from love to hate – what is your point on it?

Guruji: I will say there is only one step from infatuation to hate. If you’re experiencing real love – hate is nowhere. And that’s the tragedy of mankind or the womankind: they think that infatuation or attraction is love. But love is much-much much more deep then all attractions. You can not limit love in only man and woman relationship. Ok, you’re a man and you need a woman part to express love. You need love from your mother, you need love from your grandmother, you need love from your daughter, you need love from your sister, you need love from your sister-in –law, you need love from your friend – there are many complex relations with women – not only sex partner can express love. Same with women: they need a friend, they need husband’s love, father, brother, son, uncle, grand dedushka – they are all love. It’s much wider thing.

Infatuation can turn into hate any time; but if there is love – it remain love.

If you have hate – you will continuously have bad thoughts about that particular person. You will continuously think of that person – he will be always in your mind. Every bad imagination will come to you for the person whom you hate. So you can not say – it is love. You just want to take a revenge on that person.

Q: what about love to humanity?

Guruji: you can not love all the people all the time. Until unless your consciousness become one with the planet. Only Mother Earth can give unconditional love to all the people, living on her. Only if you somehow unite your consciousness with consciousness of Mother Earth – maybe then.

But I’m saying like your Guru – don’t think about it. It will create lot of problems for you. You can not cultivate love: either it is there or it simply grows over the years.

In India we’re saying that true love between wife and husband begins after 20 years of marriage.

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