K: Second experience of Samadhi – was it at the same scale as entering the consciousness of others, like in your first Samadhi?

G: I was already on my farm – so for kilometres there were no people.


K: What happened exactly in terms of sensations?

G: I was already practicing for more than two years that techniques and improved pranayamas and kriyas Babaji had given me. All the new additions and pranayamas tuned up the body, it was more or less prepared for the next level…

Im not sure when it happened exactly – maybe October or November of 1990. That time it was a very peaceful experience, there were no other people for kilometres. Only nature, and the vibration and the feeling of nature. And the consciousness of nature is much more beautiful and peaceful – and in that state it is more soothing than looking down at people who are engaged in different things… This Samadhi also lasted for a little bit more than an hour. Then it repeated itself again after 3-4 days; then it became regular.


K: Were the sensations of the body the same as after the first one? Like numbness…

G: Everything was the same: the physical symptoms and sensations were similar. But I had already realized the value of exercising every day – and so I was doing it and it balanced out my mind and body. Thats why I continue to work out so religiously, even now. But it was almost a 5-year gap before Samadhi happened again.

The mental state after the first experience is changed, it is never returned to the previous level. So the second experience will always take a very long time. When some great master has given you blessing and grace and some counseling – only then it might happen, maybe. Otherwise Samadhi is a very difficult thing to repeat.


K: And if the last time it was an outstanding experience of feeling everything at once and observing the minds of many humans…

G: I also realized why yogis go away to live in seclusion, away from society. Because if Samadhi is happening, its too disturbing experience – with hundreds and thousands of people around, you are suddenly becoming aware of their acts and thoughts… Ive described that in detail. Its a very disturbing experience.


K: Where was the mind at that point, during the second Samadhi?

G: Everywhere. But nobody was around, no one’s mental field was felt by me. Just a few villagers, and they were sleeping. The experience at the city was more disturbing.


K: What was the focus the second time if there was a focus?

G: There was no focus. Actually, focus did not come then – not even after the third Samadhi. Maybe after 40-50 Samadhis you will start thinking about focusing on something. Until then you are just trying to balance it out, trying to exist with it; trying to summon it or go into that state at will, and that adjustment takes time.

But Im very happy that it happened. If Babaji had not visited me, I dont think that the experience would have repeated itself. And the Time and the Void ideas and concepts started to reveal themselves there, on the farm.

First, after maybe more than 20 Samadhis, I began to be aware of the Void – it was surrounding, it was everywhere. I could see that, I could feel that there was another world.

And the Time was woven into it.

In the cities this sensation, this understanding could not come – such concepts were far away. Too many disturbances.

Thats why I dont like to go anywhere anymore. It is distracting.

And the smell of humanity is intolerable.

There were four or five accounts of other yogic Samadhi – but nobody was talking about the smell of humanity. It was a big surprise to me! All these known records had very romantic descriptions.

Romantic touch of the Samadhi comes much later, when you learn to rise above the disturbing factors (feeling, sensing others mental state), only then… But Im very extremely grateful and happy that it happened to me.


K: How would you describe the feeling of the animal kingdom around you from the yogic state of mind, while in Samadhi?

G: Animals were behaving according to their nature; there was not a trace of cultivated behaviour in a single one of them – from insect to a bird and to any other animal that was in the area. There were some jackals and foxes but their vibrations were not disturbing at all.

There were some panthers also. Cheetahs. And cows and buffalos …

Even their smell was not so intolerable, that was fine. That was another big surprise, which I realized, that animal smell is something very different from the smell of humans.


K: Was it a special sense of smell possibly perceived at that level of mental focus?

G: Our smell is ordinary, but in mental states such as Samadhi it is maybe 50-100 times stronger, overpowering. You can also experience the finest of tastes in that state. If smells disturb you in the mundane life, then they will disturb you maybe 100 times more than usual. But animal smell was not that bad. It was ok. There were some night birds: an owl or an eagle, different types of foxes were there, variety of birds, many insects, cobras and other reptiles – and their odour was fine. Not disturbing at all…

That was fantastic: not a single animal’s smell was disturbing me at the time of the second Samadhi.

…There was one special breed of hawk, the one which is usually hovering in one place, looking down. When it would see a mouse it would dive down and catch the prey. So one of my disciples was there, and he ran to save the mouse. I said: “What are you doing? The hawk may die of hunger. The Nature has created mice as food for that bird… If this mouse is your pet, then go out and fight with that hawk for the safety of your pet. Otherwise do not disturb the balance.”

Living on the farm, I learned not to interfere in the ways of the Nature; the more we interfere, the more disturbances we create.


K: Have you ever observed humans who were acting, behaving in tune with their own nature, since we are under the impact of society to such a great level?

G: Maybe some great yogis; and I’m sure there must be more such beings.

The Nath yogis, and then Babaji; they might be behaving according to their nature. Or maybe by tuning up with Nature, they became supernatural. Maybe there is more in Nature that we can observe – and they are behaving in accordance with these hidden laws of Nature. It was fearful to face them; I was nervous, but it was never that disturbing as that smell of humanity I sensed, no. Nothing like that.

You cannot remain a part of society if you have actually experienced Samadhi. Not that Im against society, but its… an occupational hazard.

It’s been 31 years now since that time… 31 years in October. An exhilaration comes when you are tolerating such experiences, and the confidence comes as well.

And then family members and people who knew you before this transformation will take your confidence as arrogance. They will never understand: “Why is he so happy? Why is he so confident? What is the reason? He’s earning nothing. And we are working hard, we are achieving something in life – why is he so arrogant?”

Nobody will understand your mental state, except maybe your guru and some very senior people.

This confidence comes from the ability to progress. From the deepest achievement in yoga; it is the main reason behind such confidence.

… At that time my aura was so shining, so golden that anybody who was coming to see me was awestruck.

And I had to move heavy mudgars at least 500 times everyday to calm myself down – such was level of energy going through my entire body and nervous system.

Yes, from second experience of Samadhi onwards my physical strength increased quite a lot. Not only because of exercises. But also because of some transformative changes in the brain: it was stimulating the increase of my strength. Never before I had been that strong to lift people and hold them with outstretched hands above my head. A man of 107 kg was lifted once with just one hand. It was a different type of strength. That brings us to another interesting conclusion: if you are regularly going into Samadhi, your body composition will become different. And your physical strength and confidence will increase.


K: Your guru never described any physical changes. I know he didn’t talk much…

G: He was a very strong swimmer and was rowing a boat. And he was also doing pushups of Indian style. They were all doing exercises.

K: But he had never described his physical changes, right?

G: No, not to that level. He simply said: “You’ll know when it happens”, and after such words you just cannot ask for more details…


After my second Samadhi, when the regular series of suspended animation became my routine”, I was becoming aware of the Void and its vibrant consciousness; I was actually feeling it everywhere; then you notice” people moving inside of the vibrating Void without even knowing about it… That was another disturbing observation. Whats happening? Why no one is aware?” Theyre just moving inside of it, and its inside of them as well. That was something indescribable. Realization of nature of the Time also started to come.

Before this experience I was not bothered with development of the brain or concepts of subconscious and conscious; then it started to become very important. Not that my own brain has developed quite a lot, I would say 2.00001 percent, maybe. But it made a lot of difference.

K: So over the years, by being here, in Govardhan, still, surrounded by many people, you mastered the skill of not feeling their vibrations, didn’t you?

G: It is impossible for me to remain now in a residential colony or in a cluster of people.

K: But you are surrounded by people all the time.

G: Surrounded, but that is not disturbing at all now, no. There is enough buffer space and I’ve learned to rise above these sensations also.

Slowly, maybe as the result of regular Samadhis, the crowd is very different.

The whole story is extraordinary. There are no other accounts of Samadhi, where a second experience happened after a gap of 5 years. Never heard of it. But I am happy it happened.

Next year, in 2022, I will complete 40 years of practicing Kriya, but I still feel like a beginner. Maybe its a mental angle, but I am just beginning to see yoga as a very mysterious subject.

K: That’s probably why life after life those who have to advance were pulled over to the yogic practice?

G: Yes. They carry on; continue.

K: One lifetime is not enough.

G: But then again, I will say another thing. We say different lifetime” – but no, it is just a single lifetime, you are only changing the bodies. Different bodies, different situations, but it is one lifetime of the Spirit that continues. For everybody, not just for yogi. Yogis may become aware of it, other people are not aware; we live a single lifetime.

K: Does such a thing as karmic dharma exist?

G: Well, according to your karma and likeness, you will choose your dress. So we choose different types of bodies and situations for ourselves. Dressing in the different bodies for the occasion. That is karmic effect.

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