You must be sure that rasayana which are available on the market are made exactly as it described in the book, because rasayanas are not available for general public of the shop or medicine.

Q: I buy it in the shop but I’m not sure…

Guruji: it will be very bad for your kidneys and maybe diabetes will develop. It was made only for business.

I will give you extremely simple idea: go to the desert and look around – there is no water, nothing. But if you find some plant growing green without water –this plant might be carrying very potent life force energy. Make sure that it’s not poisonous, offer your pranam, take it near full moon time; there are some stars – I will tell you, you pick them, make it dry in shade, make a powder and take the smallest of quantity with ghee – that will enhance your life support system. Or go to the Siberia – in the -30 or -40 look around: if you find a plant growing in that temperature – that plant must be carrying extraordinary life support system. Offer your respect to that plant that I want to take you please give me your strength, it will come with you: I will pick it up next day. Let it dry in shade, make a powder and take a small quantity.

Q: also with ghee?

Guruji: ghee are actually work as a carrier. It will herb assimilate inside your body in exactly right way. This is the simplest principle which I can tell you – which no book will tell you, only a man of experience can tell you.

Q: if I find such plant somewhere in the mountains on the great height?

Guruji: no matter – if they are growing in such harsh conditions, that means their life force is extraordinary. but you must make sure that they’re not poisonous; if they are poisonous – the effect will be different. If they are not poisonous – it can give extra 20-30 years of life to you. Don’t go to the shop – you don’t know how they made – never according to the discipline which is described in every book. It is for business.

Q: I will go to Tibet, find the plant and mix it with ghee

Guruji: not mix with ghee: keep it in powder, take a pinch and take it with a half spoon of ghee. You need to decide, how much you should take. Always start from smallest quantity, be careful here.

When a person commited mad in sins – then he always need medicines.

Q: I have the very ancient book – “Russian medical plants” – and I tried to find them, but half of plants are not exist now.

Guruji: no, the people, who can recognize them – they can not be there. All plants survived for thousands of years – they simply cannot disappear just like that. People will come and people will go.

Q: maybe the plants are hiding?

Guruji: no, they don’t know them, they don’t recognize them – how many people are interested in herbs now? Very slowly the interest is increasing and some people will begin to recognize also. But I’ve given you the simplest principle and it will work.

Even if the plant is poisonous it will carry a lot of life force.

Pushya nakshatra, Shukla paksha – when the moon is rising. Between new moon and full moon – that is the best.

Recipe:There is a very simple remedy for a bee sting or scorpion bite: if you have sugar – put it on with some water. it will take out the poison and give you immediate relief. It works: out some sugar on it- after making it wet with water immediate relief will start.



Q: as to the poison – visha kanya from Vimalananda’s book is real?

Guruji: it’s historical fact, they were used in old times – that is true. It was vish purush – man also.

You can also interpret Gita as a book on alchemy: prana is mercury and apana is sulfur. If you mix them together – put mercury in sulfur and sulfur in mercury, then mercury into mercury – it will create elixir of life. Think on that! There are 18 processes of shodhana of mercury and also 18 chapters in Gita. You can look on the same thing from the different point of view.

Q: in European alchemical tradition it is said about third element – salt?

Guruji: in India it is called navsara and suhava. Synonym of the word “Shiva” is Datura, mercury – and suhava also. Male jackal is shiv. Sanskrit dictionary is the very important book. Shilajit also – they are all for Shiva in Sanskrit.

Q: it is said that mercury could be samukha and nirmukha – what is it?

Guruji: samukha is the very great achievement. Then you have to create hunger in it – then you have to create gold and other metals into liquid and feed it. Then you have to make liquid from stone – from diamond to all nine major stones and feed it, create a liquid from mica and feed it. Then – something will happen. Nirmukha means it has no capacity to absorb.

Nowadays the brahmin mercury is not available – only shudra mercury is available. Because it is shudra mercury – that’s why it needs purification. If you’re lucky enough to get Brahmin mercury – you can take it directly and be immortal.

Q: is there 5 wells in India with all types of mercury?

Guruji: in Himalaya – but now they are lost; or maybe lost to the society and this is very good. We don’t want bastard or durak becoming immortal. But they maybe there – guarded by siddhas or shivaganas. I’ve noticed that most of such herbs – rasayanic herbs – are guarded by shivaganas.


I told you one experience here. It was one old ayurvedic man, very experienced and knowledgeable. He was coming almost every day to talk and see my pulse. He died in 2006 or 2007. It was summer, about 12, and I was in my room meditating and I heard to male voices, very heavy voices talking on my roof. He said that the old man – Ved, regard: there is a herb in this area which can granted life for 1000 years. And the other voice said that the old man Ved recognize it – so I have remove his memory. I quickly got up and come to the window – there was no one. Next day I heard that the old man Ved has lost his mind; he survived more than year after. He was very knowledgeable. Me and Mahatmaji traced this root – he was coming in very said root – but we could find nothing. Maybe Shivaganas guarding it – not everybody could recognize it.

Q: can we say that at first the body of yogi must be treated by mica, then by gold…?

Guruji: yes, chitrikaran; first you create like you cultivate a farm before – soiling the seed; you need to prepare your kshetra – then all science will work. Chitra – create a field, so the seed can be put. It is called chitrikaran.

Q: in what stage of pranayama or Samadhi the body of the yogi became golden body?

Guruji: actually they give a simile – because gold is a noble metal and it is not corruptible, imperishable. So the body of the immortal yogi will become like gold. It will not be corrupted, it will remain like this forever. It was just the example and they translate it like that will become of gold. If there are so many records of these things I’m sure that such things are available and some great men are also there, who has gone through this experience.

Maybe Babaji gives this technic every 1000 years or 2000 years – because there is a vacancy or 2 vacancies open in his group. If you will be successful in yoga – you will be invited to join.

Q: at first mercury is swooned, then bound, then dead?

Guruji: mercury is very quick – it is called quicksilver; it becomes very calm and quiet and you can pick it up with your fingers. When it’s bound – it means it becomes solid. You can connect it with the mind – first it becomes swooned, then bound, and then creates something else. Mercury is killed – conscious mind gone, only subconscious remains conscious.

I think mind – if you got some idea or you conceive the idea and you discover some process – we express it physically and the changes come. Everything begins from the mind. Like you’re a champion in powerlifting – but it started in your mind first, then you expressed it physically. Everything is from mind.

Q: the story of Kaya nath, who was created from the ball of ashes – what is that ash?

Guruji: it was the ashes of the Ratan nath’s dhuni. He can do such miracles. And Atmanath – which we were discussing – he was also created by Bharthari from the ashes of the dhuni. It is not described in the books, because Atmanath is not mentioned – even the lineage started from Bharthari is not known much. But we discovered it and Atmanath was found. Ashes is the essence of creation – the carbon. Consciousness of the yogi can do anything with it. He just needed to animate then.

Q: sanjivani jalam is based on mercury?

Guruji: actually sanjivani jalam is south indian thing. In original books on Ayurveda it is called shaylodha. In some real places it comes out of the stones; and if you put some wood in it – it will turn into the stone. They say if you put some seeds or mercury in it – it will turn into stone and become solid. Then with the help of rope you take it out and make a powder and eat it every day – it will give you 1000 years of life. About the water of youth – it is discussed all over the world.

Q: You think it exosts somewhere?

Guruji: I’m sure.

Mica is acting like catalystic to combine both mercury and sulfur. I’ve read in some very old book about one of the most famous sannyasi – Dayananda Saraswati. He went up to the state he was eating about 15 grams of mica bhasma every day. He was giant of a man, extraordinary powerful physically.

There was an incident that one semi-royal person was visiting him and he asked of pitch – give us an evidence of celibacy, who can do anything. He didn’t answer. Then he took his lead on four horse carriage was for him and he sat on it. They say – go, but horse couldn’t move. He just hold it and say – you asked me a question and I answered it. He was physically very powerful. Mica gives great physical strength – if somehow you find the right person of it. It will take 12 years to prepare – the time to “do svidanya“ will be near.

Q: why so wide types of quantity of mercury are used for purification – from 19 kilos to less then 1 gr?

Guruji: because when the purification is done only the 7th part of mercury will remain – but the time will be the same. If you will purify 1 gr or 100 kilos – the time will be same, so it is stand to reason to purify enough; but big amount will be extraordinary expensive also. The quantity is given what is usable for one person. Otherwise it will be half or less of half and the effort will be lost. Once you’re successful doesn’t mean second time you will be successful also. It is very concentrated effort. I think this topic is more interesting then discussing philosophy. The first ingredient which every Ayurveda book tells you is that the person who is experimenting on mercury should have achieve khechari mudra. Only then he is qualified to work with mercury.


I can tell you with my own experiment – I think it is in “Right hand of God” also; me and Rambabu was doing something and it was big fire and blast in the mercury. It was daytime and the flame was seen in bright sunlight about 3 kms – absolute sheer white. We were standing there with khechari and behind us some plants were burn – but nothing happen to us. It was frightening experience. Some assistance is needed – no one can do it alone.

Q: and what about sulfur? Someone do it?

Guruji: yes, purifying sulfur is much easier than purifying mercury. Sulfur is called balivasa. King Bali attained immortality with sulfur. There are different experiments with pure sulfur also. Purification and preparing – it will absorb inside your body and will give you very long life.

Q: what kind of immortality – real immortal or very long-lived?

Guruji: when the word “immortality” is used – no one can destroy you. For living long they give the word “chiranjivi” or “ girirayu”(???)  – living very long. Even then both are good.

Q: so we can purify any substance in the world and it can give us something extraordinary?

Guruji: some herbs are described, mercury and sulfur – no other substance.

Q: but You told us about mica?

Guruji: it’s  creating the field, where the seed of the mercury and sulfur will be sown and you will get the desired result.

Q: but mica gives strength?

Guruji: you need strong body to tolerate mercury and sulfur. They compliment each other. Every indian wife loves mica – your home is called mica.

Q: from what can be get pishachi oil?

Guruji: it must be the name of some herb. You see, there is a salt called narsadar and in Sanskrit it is called narsar. So one man came to me – he was experimenting in Gwalior – and asked, how we can extract the essence of a man? I said – what do you mean? He show me – see, “narsar”? like this aloe vera: it is called kanya, grat kumarika. Somewhere describing – take a juice of a virgin – and people were confused with this. It is aloe vera juice – but confusion is there.

Q: in the process of purification of mercury all the eight metals must be used?

Guruji: no, there are different methods, nit described even in Ayurveda but known by some sadhus and yogis. Even mica may not be so important. But the main point is the purification of the mercury. That takes time.

Q: how much?

Guruji: 3-4-5 months, depending on the situation.

Q: it’s not much in comparison with 12 to 50 years

Guruji: they described 18 sanskaras – in that; but just to purify it, to make it without toxic and to make it usable safety – 3-4 months are enough. You will agree, that mostly my experiments are absolutely safe. More then 30 kg of mercury disappeared in Russia.

Q: it requires special month for work?

Guruji: yes

Q: what do you think about phosphorus?

Guruji: it’s the very potent tonic for your brain

Q: it is also rasayana?

Guruji: no, nowhere it is mentioned

Q: from where You’ve got your knowledge about work on mercury – from books?


Guruji: no. I was in Puri- I was going to the beach and sit there; and from somewhere sadhu came. He was wearing something like sac – he was just sitting there, very dirty; I was also sitting there – then he begin to come near me day by day. I didn’t notice – then he begin to talk. He talked very interesting things about mercury and he made me write some of the formulas – I don’t know why he was so compassionate. I wrote them down. One of the formulas was to done mercury solid. I was not even interested in that. One day he didn’t come – but these things remained with me.

Then I came back home, went to my Guru, I was initiated. Then one of my aunts died – there was so many ayurvedic men in our relation  – they were all gathered there. I’ve noticed – wherever ayurvedic men sit, the topic of mercury will come always. I was supposed to be young man, knowing nothing; they were discussing mercury and I just said – oh, I can make it solid. They all laughed in very sarcastic manner.

I took it up as a challenge and then I thought – the formula maybe work or maybe not work, so I went to the market and found the ingredient luckily, came back, and without even purifying the mercury I tried it and it was done. Then I showed it to them next day – and absolutely silence followed. That’s how it begin.

Then I realized how it is important thing: I mean such old people, practicing Ayurveda for 30-40-50 years saw it for the first time. I thought – it was a blessing from sadhu told me so many things. Then I begin to read on that. I think some sadhus and yogis  – they know many-many things then ayurvedic doctors, who are just practicing medicines for running the kitchen. Sometimes I think that I’m blessed or I’m lucky in many ways. Even to find a genuine sadhu is extraordinary.

Q: except this formula did you find some another formulas which real works?

Guruji: yes, many. It creates a different insight. When I was reading many different Ayurveda books – I could catch the essence of it, which other man is failed to see. It was very great blessing.

Q: such case was only one – when a formula came to You?

Guruji: I will say – I was just sitting there and the formula came to me. Mahamrityunjaya mantra – somebody playing the record of it, from morning till midnight. I was just sitting here, listening to it – whole day. Then on 10th or 11th day click: that mantra is not a mantra – it is formula. Tryambakam yajamahe: tryambak – three Shiva: mercury, Datura and maybe shilajit – all three called Shiva. Sugandhim pushtivardhanam: sugandhi is the name of sulfur in Ayurveda, which increases the strength of the body. Urvarukamiva bandhanan: now you make them solid with the juice of melon. Mrityur mukshya mamritat: even if you’re going in the mouth of the death – you will be rescued from that. It is the exact literal meaning of Mahamrityunjaya mantra. And it works.

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