Q: in Gita they are talking about four types of Time worshippers – who deserves money…
Guruji: no, they demands money – because they want money they also pray to the supreme power – please, give us some money

Q: and others are – who wants knowledge and who knows; to what type the majority of your disciples are dedicated?
Guruji: genuine seeker of real wisdom are much less in percentage. It’s normal condition. We have the mixture of them.

Q: and what about another two types – gyani and that who tries to achieve Samadhi?
Guruji: gyani are less and these who are really trying even less.

Q: yogis are always trying to achieve Samadhi?
Guruji: the motive will remain supreme

Q: I’m not understand about gyani?
Guruji: gyani means who has some experience and knows about all the books

Q: they are not in the state of sthitapragnya or sthurabuddhi?
Guruji: no. simply by getting some information nothing forms inside.

Q: I think they have 100% of the mind activated by birth because of genetics and previous karmas?
Guruji: I think this is just major step before the ambition begins to develop. It’s necessary step because we all need to learn and study as much as we can. That will form some idea inside you and maybe even shape your ambition. Suddenly becoming aware and without information – what you will think? Information is extremely important.

Q: but can someone be born with 100%?
Guruji: they are extremely rare.

Q: but its possible?
Guruji: of course.

Q: can we call them gyani or not?
Guruji: no, you can call them siddha by birth.

Q: and they are not described in Gita?
Guruji: no, they are except it, not a part of the general condition. There are three types of people, which are described: one people, who lacks intellectual perception and they don’t know what to do, what not to do – so the religious ways are prescribed to them; because if they will follow any religion – they will be living a pure way of life and they will be observing some strict rules to please god – that will somehow purify their lives. That is the majority of the people.

Then there are hardly 5% of people: they can think, they had their mind more developed. They begin to ask questions and they should be taught yoga. Yoga is advised for them.

And there are persons – maybe one from billions – they are born siddhas, they just come down to grace the other people by their presence. They don’t need any type of education or initiation – they know by birth.

One example which comes to my mind is Anandamayi Ma. She was born in that state. I’ve seen her once and received her blessing. She is mentioned even in “Autobiography of the Yogi” . she was very much inclined towards our lineage. Other disciples take a very great care of her and create a hospital in her name in Benares. Whenever she will visit Benares – she will invite my Guru, cook herself and treat him. She was close to our lineage.

When I visited her in 1979 with few people from my home town: when she heard that we belongs to Yogananda’s lineage of Kriya Yoga – she invited us immediately. Maybe within an hour we waiting. She was sitting – and the vibration of peace around her were overwhelming. I was young then, before I saw my Guru, and I turn red somehow. Then one smartly – you know like students, who likes to ask smart question to prove they are smart – so he asked: “ Mother, how can I progress in my sadhana?” and the answer I’m still carrying in my heart.

She simply said: if you will do – you will progress. Best golden words and I took it like a direct upadesh from her and I tried to do it that way. She were not allowing us to touch her feet, we just doing pranam on the wooden thing and she put her hand on my head also, gave me so much walnuts and almonds- people say oh, you’re very lucky. Now I look back and say – yes, I receive her blessings. If you will do – you will progress. This is in only two words she says in hindi: karoge to hoge – that’s it. Otherwise she remained silent. She was in a different state of mind. I think I were lucky to receive her blessing. It was about july 1979 – it was rainy season.


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