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Stay away from sadhus!

Guruji: “In the morning, while changing clothes, I saw on TV lord Krishna playing with Gopis who were making Him dance to their tunes and threatening to tell on Him to mother Yashoda otherwise. While watching this, a thought crossed my mind: Lord Krishna never talked to a single sadhu or sanyasin his entire life! He always stayed around pure-hearted, opulent, householders but never any sadhus. Similarly, Lord Rama never talked with any sadhu his entire life. He did interact with rishis but they were householders. The only appearance of sadhus was when Sita-ji gave alms to one sadhu who came to their door during their exile, and see what happened afterward!

“This also means if gods didn’t communicate to any sadhus while they were living here, what’s the guarantee they’d be talking with them afterward? We should stay away from sadhus and sanyasis (renunciants). As my guruji used to say, ‘One who couldn’t be of his own, how can you expect him to be yours?’.”


Nath Sampradaya

Q: “Guruji, I wonder what goes on in the mind of a self-realized man? What do they think about? Are they in some other time-zone altogether?”

Guruji: “(laughs) nothing goes on in their mind. See, when alone, the mind is totally quiet. And during discussion, what comes out is more as a reaction to whom I’m speaking to.”

Q: “We’ve learned so many things in these discussions.”

Guruji: “A disciple should have at least this much information. Otherwise, what’s the point of being a guru?

“Till now, our discussions have mainly focused on matter – earthly matters. Slowly they reach Void. That could be an interesting discussion. Then we’ll talk about Time!

“What we’ve said is that Earth is like a queen in this whole creation. But the creation itself is so vast! What is its extent, what are its attributes? We are still to talk about that. But as they say, charity begins at home. Until we are Earth-conscious, we’ll not be creation-conscious. And until we are creation-conscious, what is beyond this creation we’ll not be able to grasp.

“Still, we’ve discussed a lot of things. Even Vimalananda wasn’t able to discuss all these (laughs)”

Q: “A lot of what I’ve read in his books I had already known from you. That’s why I thought he was authentic.”

Guruji: “Yeah, even though he wasn’t ultimately a yogi, he did a few tantra practices, and even those require practice of concentration. Concentration is required everywhere. Without that, how can you achieve anything in life? He must have had an interesting personality.”

Q: “Guruji, whose personality do you find most fascinating in our tradition?”
Guruji: “Matsyendra Nath. In my opinion, he is the greatest Guru of all time.

“There’s a complete chapter on Matsyendra Nath in Narada Purana, second chapter. He is called Siddha Nath in Narada Purana; that’s also one of his names. Shiva-ji is saying “Siddha Nath is my son”, which is then followed by his full description.”

Q: “Guruji, how is Matsyendra Nath-ji related to our tradition, kriya yoga?”

Guruji: “He was the first yogi guru after Shiva, in human form. Remember that verse from Hatha Yoga Pradipika: ‘Matsyendra and Goraksha knew this art. With their blessing, Swatmaram knows it now’.

“Whatever you are practicing was first taught by Matsyendra Nath, remember!”

Q: “In the current lineage, who have you found fascinating?”

Guruji: “In the current tradition no one has fascinated me so far, except Babaji. I’m not impressed with anybody’s personality. Babaji’s personality I’m a big fan of. Since we are in his lineage, in a way we are his disciples.

“All these traditions are somehow related to the Nath tradition. After all, they were the original yogis! The problems have arisen out of recent attempts to create groups or organizations around yoga teachings. That is not acceptable. It has compromised the gravity and beauty of this art.”

Q: “Guruji, in the olden times, was it not like a sect? It was still called Nath samapradaya?”
[‘samapradaya’ commonly means a group]

Guruji: “See, samapradaya means ‘to give equally’ -sama means ‘equal’, pradaya means ‘to give’. Basically to teach what we have learned ourselves. Now if you are teaching equally, you’d have to follow the strict discipline, along with all the pledges. These days it has nothing to do with teaching equally. Now it means a cult or a group.

“Now yoga traditions were the only true samapradaya, because if you don’t teach what you’ve practiced, how would anybody learn? It was never about creating followers, or have disciples lie at the feet of the guru, getting kicked around, in the hope that one day guru maharaja would wake up and with one blessing turn their life around.

“And the guru would know that if he told the disciple whatever little he knew himself – some mantra or something else – then the disciple wouldn’t give a damn about him anymore. So they’d continue to keep it a secret. This is exactly what has happened in most tantric traditions.

“There have been so many cults around Bhakti (devotion). Why do you think that the only display of power was done by people who started these cults, and not by their subsequent followers? That is because they used to practice something else and taught their followers something else.

“Only in yoga one teaches what one practices, and that is true samapradayikta, whatever be its definition today. Otherwise, the standards could not be maintained. This approach is nowhere else. Even Yogananda didn’t teach what he himself learned.

“The teachings should never be trifled with! Nobody is born such a genius that they could better the results arrived at by the old masters. After so many austerities and hard work they extracted the essence of these techniques and passed down that essence to their future generations. Why be a wise-ass and corrupt that knowledge? Only if you follow the instructions exactly as given you’ll get the results, not otherwise.

“That’s why there aren’t so many yoga traditions, only a couple. There are many meditation groups, but they are not becoming yogis. Only when you follow the yogic way of life with all its discipline, and then someone tells you the mysteries of these teachings, the awareness will develop.

“At least now you’ll never practice [the commonly misunderstood form of] Mahavedha from Hatha Yoga Pradipika (laughs). Still, I’m very proud that my disciples are making good progress.”

Q: “Guruji, do you think we’ll get to see these original founders of Yoga”?

Guruji: “Of course! If I’ve had their blessings, my disciples shall too.

But the blessing came only because of perseverance in the practice, otherwise why would it have come? Never accept the ordinary. Always try to do better than your capacity. That’s what matters.”


Religion, Politics, and War

Q: “Guruji, yogis are able to talk naturally with people, but can’ t say the same for Buddhist monks. Why is that?”

Guruji: “That is because yogis live with nature, so they easily connect with people around them. Buddhist monks and Christians priests on the other hand are fed with so much superiority complex that they are not left even worth speaking to. Wherever you see people having intelligent discussions, you’ll find these priests sitting at the back, smirking, saying ‘You should just take refuge in the Jesus the Christ’. This is complete nonsense. Christ is nothing for yogis. We tread the path of knowledge; keep learning as you move forward is our motto.

“The person who started Christianity, St Paul, must have been a great psychologist. He understood the biggest weakness of mankind, saying things like: ‘You are born in sin. You consider Jesus as your lord and savior and he suffered for you, is suffering for you and will suffer for you. You don’t have to do anything other then calling him your savior and you will be saved’. On the other hand, here we are told that we are responsible for our own actions. That keeps us on the edge all the time (laughs). If we didn’t want to take the responsibility of what we’ve done, and we are given an easy way out, whether it’s real or not, we’ll naturally get drawn to it. Paul must have started the religion in a very organized fashion, that’s why it continues till date. ”

Q: “[During second US-Iraq war] India seems to have a pro-Iraq stance these days.”

Guruji: “Yeah, Indian companies have a lot of money at stake there.. have lost quite a bit already. The war is naturally causing a lot of disturbance in the trade scene.

“Now it’s mainly the consequences of this war that remain to be seen. For example, in 1930-35 when the second world war had started it was unimaginable that the British rule around the world would ever end. But within a span of 10 years, the empire was gone! Changes are always sudden after such big events. It will be interesting to observe the long term effects of this on USA.”

Q: “That means terrorism is not as big a factor as the after-effects of this war?”

Guruji: “Naturally, it bears the curses of so many innocent people who’d die in this war. Take a step back to observe this. American society was not so decadent before it dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After this event came hippie movement, gay and lesbian marriages, increase in crime rate, drug abuse, loss of family values, etc. America had comparatively better society before. There used to be some problems, especially with fights within Christianity, Ku Klux Klan, etc. Abraham Lincoln had abolished slavery yet there was discrimination against Blacks. But there was still some spiritual awareness. People were not so bad. It was called the land of opportunities. Now take a look at America after the second world war. It became completely materialistic, crime rate increased, people started having pyschological problems. Theentire concept of family started getting lost. Instead of getting married, people started living together so they wouldn’t have to give alimony when they separate. The sense of belonging is gradually beginning to decrease in America. Punks, motorcycle gangs started showing up on the cover. the 60’s was all about sex revolution.

“The aftermath of the war was very strange on America. The aftermath destroyed the entire British empire as well. Before the war, Britain was at the top and now its America. Before the war, sun never set in the British empire. Now it sets every day. Recently saw a TV interview that Indians have so filled up the entire Britain that Britishers are feeling like leaving their land for good (laughs). ”

Q: “This will continue to develop as there are so many Indians in UK and USA nowadays”
Guruji: Thanks to democracy we will rule the world! (laughs). With the fast increase in our numbers, we are in a stronger position to rule. The white population is at a stand-still or even dwindling in some places.”

Q: “Is this happening for the first time or did Indian population go outside even in old times?”

Guruji: “Indians used to go out all the time; they used to roam around the entire world. I feel that if Indians had not been suppressed so much, we would have left a stronger mark on the world scene. You can reference in oldest of old texts, Indians used to rule the sea trade. Only in the last 2000-2500 year things have gone bad. It is also present in the records that we never invaded anybody. Recently I heard a statement from a Chinese general who was visiting India:
‘We are sharing a boundary with India for thousands of years but we have never seen a single soldier ever cross the border’.”

Story of a Brahma Rakshasa

Guruji: “[…] monkeys have been wreaking havoc in the campus last few days. About 10-15 days back, a man visited me who had attained the ability to invoke a powerful astral being. Many businessmen and politicians seek his favor, but his astral ‘friend’ told him to be careful when he was visiting me.

“As soon as that person walked in here, his astral friend overpowered him, and started talking to me directly. The astral being was a brahmarakshasa1, whom Lord Hanuman had made his messenger. He was also known as chote maharaj (young sir). He told me ‘you can call me anytime and I’ll do your bidding’. Last night I called him, and told him that monkeys are creating a lot of trouble in the campus, keep them away. Haven’t seen a single monkey since this morning (laughs). I just said it out loud: ‘monkey are making trouble; keep them away’, and that’s it! Will do some more trials on him. This is the second time. First time I had told him to summon the SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate), and the SDM was here next morning!”

Q: “Guruji, what is the story of this brahmarakshasa?”

Guruji: “He was a brahmin priest in a temple of Lord Hanuman. The thakur (feudal lord) of that village had his eyes on the land of the temple; for that he got the priest murdered. Due to the untimely death, the priest became a brahmarakshasa after death, and in his rage killed twenty seven members of the thakur’s family. After that, he started regretting what he did, feeling that as a religious person he should have had forgiven them instead. Because of this feeling of remorse and because he was a sincere devotee, Hanumanji made him His messenger, and ordered him ‘the more public service you do, the more peace you’ll get and your power will increase and you’ll gain my closeness’. That’s why he’s doing public service now. He was definitely a genuine spirit; at least he chased our monkeys away! The guy who was ‘carrying’ this spirit was an ordinary school-teacher though.

“The astral being with Bhagatji2 was also a brahmarakshasa. However, he did something wrong and Hanumanji took his power and threw him out of His group. Now he’s only a simple preta(ghost).

“We’re doing a study of spirits these days – why do they do what they do, what’s their motivation, and what’s the ultimate result? This subject is very fascinating. If I weren’t a yogi, they would not be talking to me. They don’t give heed to ordinary people. A layman would get scared. Yogis stay calm; they don’t fear anything. The lineage of gurus offers protection, and the practice of yoga increases the power of your own self. No spirit can do you any harm; you can take on any astral being, doesn’t matter who they are!

“Is there silence on your side again?”

[I’ve noticed that every time I talk to Guruji on the phone and whenever the conversation turns to serious subject, there would be an absolute, eerie silence in the atmosphere outside. There would be no sound of traffic, or any rustle in the wind. Even birds would be strangely quiet! I told this to Guruji and he mentioned that many of his disciples have observed this.]

Guruji: “Local administration has done a good job this year. Guru Purnima is near and yet there’s an absolute pin-drop silence here. There are no microphones or loud-speakers blaring, or any horns being sounded. Local people are getting more and more disciplined with time. It’s surprising that I haven’t uttered a single curse word to a local person in more than a month (laughs).”


brahmarakshasa: Very powerful astral-beings. Only the most pious, learned, and purest brahmins who’ve suffered an untimely death turn into brahmarakshasa after death.

Bhagatji ‘s story is for some other time.


Mother Earth is Death Herself!

[Guruji recounting a dream]

Guruji: “It’s an old dream, very terrifying. I saw large number of people doing parikrama(circumambulation of the sacred Goverdhan mountain). I was standing with a very tall man; I was barely reaching his waistline. He was totally black and looked extremely horrifying, with no hair, and his teeth and nails about 4-5 feet long! And behind us, there were millions of funeral pyres burning.

“We were merrily talking. Just then, I saw him casually pick up a passing man, using his nails as forks, and start roasting him on the funeral pyre behind us, all the while talking to me. The man he picked up started crying loudly due to the pain. I asked, ‘if you want to kill him then kill him; why are torturing him like this?’. He answered that until the man’s blood boils in his veins and turns blue, it won’t bring out the flavor! After some time, he ate him and picked up another man the same way!”

“It was a very strange dream. Its still very vivid in my memory. Later when I discussed this with people, I found out that when you heat up the blood to a certain temperature, it actually turns blue. And the most terrifying thing was what he said about blood and developing flavor! It means that in future a lot of people will die out of some blood disease. Their blood will turn blue due to this disease and the torture will lead to their death.”

Q: “Guruji, did such dreams help you give some direction in real life, or were some sort of premonition of events to unfold?”

Guruji: “Yes it does give direction in life. And you also get to know about coming events, in a different way. The black man I saw in my dream could have been anybody. Goverdhan is known askala devata (black deity). Yamaraj (lord of death) is also black, and the Kaal of Yamaraj is black too. One thing is clear is that the next century is going to be soaked in blood, much more compared to the 20th century! And the next 20-22 years are going to be be very significant.”

Q: “What do you mean by ‘Kaal of Yamaraj”?
Guruji: “Yamaraj is the god of death, and Kaal is a special messenger of Yamaraj; he is death only. Kaal is the one who carries the noose, is totally black, and always remains naked; his description is very terrifying. I feel the man I saw could be Kaal.

“Kaal has other meanings as well. One is Time in Its entirety. Other is, when they say ‘his time has come’ – the moment of death. When we read about Kaal, it’s actually description of the ‘moment of death’ personified – black, with a noose in his hands, etc. I saw this dream around four years back.”

Q: “Guruji, in Mahabharata, death has been described as a lady who prays to lord Brahma that she didn’t want to kill anybody.”

Guruji: “Yes, and she is very beautiful! There is no difference between death and Mother Earth. That is why we also call Earth as mrityuloka, the domain of death. And she is the most beautiful lady in the universe. When she prayed that she didn’t want to kill anybody, Brahma’s blessing to her was that she will never be blamed for anybody’s death. So nobody blames her for anything, they simply cannot. Mind it, Earth is death herself!
“We also know that whenever a person dies, the cause is always something else. They’ll say it was an accident, or drowned in water, or brain hemorrhage, or snake bite, etc. Have you heard anybody ever say that a person died because death arrived? Even if a people dies when a building falls, people don’t say it was Earth who killed him. For them it was the building that killed. If drought strikes some place, they say people died because of hunger.

“Think about it. It is very important. Mother Earth is death herself. As they say, death always walks alongside a person, which is true because we are living on it. And see what happens after we die, we get mixed up in Earth only. We go back to Earth only.”

Q: “How are Yamaraj and Kaal involved in this?”

Guruji: “There are two things here. Our souls have come out of the Void (shunyata), which is also carrying Earth. It is a form of Shiva only, that’s why jiva1 is also called Shiva. Now when the union of Shiva and Earth takes place, multiple life forms are produced. But the soul in a life-form is coming from Void only. The domain of the soul coming out of the Void is that of Yamaraj. He has no concern with the earthly matters. But what a soul learns, experiences, and gains out of its contact with Earth is definitely his concern.”

Q: “And what goes back to Earth?”

Guruji: “All parthivta, all that is made of earth. The five elements belong to Earth only, and they dissolve back in Earth. But the eternal substance inside us, one that is the form of Shiva, which is formless, unmanifest, and eternal goes somewhere else. This is where the domain of Yamaraj starts from. The ‘otherworldly’, which is completely separate from the material world.

“These are some stunning revelations. Until now, we were just hunched over Earth, but there has to be purpose to it too. Until now we’ve been thinking about the consciousness of Matter (chaitanya padartha). Now we are gradually moving towards the consciousness of the Void (chaitanya shunyata).

“Then we’ll move to the consciousness of Time. It is beyond even the Void. It is ever present, and yet ever beyond. Remember the movie ‘Matrix’, the scene where the Agent caught Morpheus and was saying to him: ‘I hate this place. I need the code to get out of this place, and the code is in this mind. Give me the code’.
The whole deal is get this code. Once we get this code, we’ll be able to get out of this ‘Matrix’ (laughs). ”

Shiva Shankar Bholenath

Guruji: “Om is Shiva Himself.”

Q: “Guruji, are Shivji and Shankarji different or one and the same?”

Guruji: “Shankarji is the kailashpati rudra (ruler of Kailash). He lives on Mount Kailash and is the foremost of all rudras. In fact, Kaal Bhairav is also known as Shankar. Shiva is kaal (death, Time) Himself – that’s the description we find in the texts as well. He called Shankar His own personification. They are one and the same. One is formless (Shiva) and the other one is with form (Shankar). That’s why we say in India, ‘Shiva Shankar Bholenath’. And shivalinga is the seat of Shiva. ”


Shambhavi Mudra

[Continuing from an discussion during Vasant Navratri 2003]

Guruji: “It’s an altogether different feeling today. Partly due to the navratri puja celebrations which already gives a high feeling but also because of something else. Today I mastered Shambhavi Mudra.

“It happened this morning. It is the final outcome of Rudragranthi Bheda1 – the last stage. And just imagine, I had mastered Khechari Mudra almost 18yrs back – even more than that, and it took this long to master Shambhavi Mudra. In the meantime, so many things happened – different experiences, stages to realize..”

Q: “So was it the final frontier, guruji?”

Guruji: “It looked like the final frontier before I mastered it, but today it looks like the beginning of a totally new thing. But yogically, it is supposed to be pretty big. As the texts2 say, ‘While Veda, Sastra, and purana are like common prostitutes, Shambhavi Mudra is impervious like a daughter-in-law”. And now I have realized that it is not a technique, but actually a result of your practice. Yoga has very profound secrets.

“Today feels like a new beginning. The beginning of Rahu maha-dasha (astrological time period associated with each planet, 18yrs for Rahu) has been good it seems. Since the maha-dasha started, people have been saying that my practice will increase and will touch new heights. Now I feel that the next 18years will pass smoothly in practice.
This must be the first time you have heard somebody saying that they achieved Shambhavi Mudra.”

Q: “Yeah, absolutely! I have never heard it before. I have just read its description in Purana Purusha and realized that it is not a very common knowledge among people.”

Guruji: “Everybody who has read hatha yoga texts knows about it, but experiencing the state is something else. After achieving this mudra, you develop a complete command over the rise and fall of prana (life force).”

Q: “So does this mean you have completed your kriya practice now?”

Guruji: “Completed? I feel it has begun now. There’s no longer a final destination. It’s as if there’s a long road ahead; you walk some and you see some more. Thinking from an normally ambitious point of view, it is a pretty big achievement though. All the books have gone completely silent after talking about Shambhavi Mudra. But those are just the books that have gone silent; I feel the practice continues to go on and builds up new challenges and milestones.
Now I am excited to see what happens next.

Q: “This is the greatest news so far. Congratulations, Guruji!”

Guruji: “Thank you. Yes it’s a great news, with perfect timing with navdurga celebrations. I think it was building up for quite some time, say the last two years. The built up finally lead to its climax today. As soon as I sat for practice after the puja, it happened. Just like that. And I also have a full control of it now.”

Recorded on : Apr 4th, 2003, 11AM IST.

[Later conversation]
Q: “Guruji , I read the description of Shambhavi Mudra in Gheranda Samhita.”

Guruji: “What does it say?”

“It says that the yogi who masters Shambhavi Mudra is a living Adinath and Brahma himself! And that description has been given only for Shambhavi Mudra”

Guruji: “Yes, that is the description of the result of Shambhavi Mudra. I think I remember the slokas as well ‘नेत्रांजन समालोक्य आत्मारामं निरीक्षयेत ..’.

“It is also true that this mudra forms itself. It is not a technique, but rather a result of the practice. It builds up with regular practice, reaches its climax, and then finally displays itself. The constant high/intoxicated feeling from before has now increased tenfold. It increased since that day only.

“One thing I’m observing is that we practice many techniques to raise the life force up, but after Shambhavi Mudra, the prana stays up on its own. Its an amazing thing.”

Q: “Guruji, what you have written about Rudragranthi Bhedha is that the life force is offered and burnt in itself.”

Guruji: “Yes, and it can be said that this is the result of that, offering prana in the sacrificial fire of itself.”

“Have you heard of anybody else who has achieved this level in recent history?”

Guruji: “I have only heard of Lahiri Mahasaya who achieved Shambhavi Mudra in the recent history. Nobody has talked or discussed about it after that. Only Lahiri Mahasaya had written some comments about it in his diaries. Yogananda Paramhansa reproduced those comments in his ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. No other guru has claimed experiencing it. It’s a rare occurrence. But I am sure there are other people as well.

“I believe that now, slowly, my disciples will also achieve Shambhavi Mudra. It’s a breakthrough.”

“So the sadhana (practice) will continue after after achieving Shambhavi Mudra?”

“Sadhana is a never ending process. Okay, tell me, does a person stop experiencing new things after he becomes a president? Or after the completion of education, does a person stop learning new things? Something new always keeps on coming up. There is no dearth of levels to achieve.”

[20090802] Conversation recorded on : Apr 4th, 2003 and ” “


  1. Rudragranthi Bheda, also known as Mooladhar Granthi Bheda – opening the Mooladhar knot. See the 4th step for more details.
  2. Gheranda Samhita, 3rd chapter, 65 verse.

Nostradamus’s Prophecies for Year 2000: A Different Calendar?

[Couple of days back there was an interesting discussion on Nostradamus’s prophecies. Someone noted how nothing drastic really happened in year 2000, contrary to what was prophecized by Nostradamus.] 

Guruji’s reply: “We primarily look at year 2000 (A.D. – anno Domini) of Gregorian calendar. However, lets consider year 2000 of Vikram Samvata (the Hindu calendar, which is currently running year 2060), which comes to around 1944 A.D.”

“When you look back, many defining events of history took place around that time. Second world war was at its peak, a major destructive power was unleashed upon the world in the form of two atomic bombs. After the war, the political structure of the world had a complete overhaul. Monarchy was swept clean almost everywhere: no one could have ever imagined that kings would be reduced to a common man’s level, the sun over the British empire set, USA and Russia came forward as two super-powers, India gained independence and came forward as world’s biggest democracy, communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims surfaced for the first time at such a mass level, states were divided including partition of India. For the first time, the call for non-violence was made, from India, and that too right in the middle of a war – that was almost inconceivable in olden days. The concept of non-cooperation was put forward as a tool for peaceful protest. These concepts evolved only around year 2000 Vikram Samvata. With the formation of United Nations, all countries came forward to work together for world peace and development. We started talking about equality, human rights, that all men are born equal, one vote per person. With the birth of Israel, after centuries of persecution Jews around the world found a place they could call home! These are not only revolutionary changes, but even evolutionary!.”

“Thus we find that the year 2000 of Vikram Samvata was indeed very significant. Considering all this, it appears more appropriate and accurate to base Nostradamus’s predictions for year 2000 onVikram Samvata calendar. Its definitely something which requires further research.”

About Vegetarianism

“[ ….. that book] also gives an idea about the kind of food that was popular in old days. For example, if someone is very weak, he used to be suggested different kinds of meat-soups. Like with some medicines use goat-meat etc. Some things make immediate change in man’s strength.”

“Then why is eating meat prohibited or considered inappropriate by Hindus?”

“It is prohibited because dead body is considered impure or unholy. Meat comes from a dead body, a corpse. It has medicinal use, and offered to ancestral spirits, but is prohibited in daily use. For mortal offering to ancestral spirits it is considered appropriate – even different kinds of meats are prescribed in different situations. You can find these descriptions in Kurma Purana, Manu Smriti etc. Meats were used for after-death rites and medicinal purposes. It wasn’t considered necessary for healthy people as eating dead things would destroy the purity/holiness of body and give rise to impure thoughts in mind.”

“What about the common argument that plants also live?”

“Understood that plants also die, but there’s obviously a difference between plants and those in which the life-blood flows. There’s no end to arguing, you can argue either way. There was a movie we were watching. Was a comedy – the hero would become a werewolf at night.. in one scene, the girlfriend asked “Do you trust me?”. The man replied “Are you a vegetarian? I only trust vegetarians”. [laugh]

In-fact, vegetarianism is getting popular, though slowly; this is very encouraging. Doctors also suggest to go off meat – like avoid eating red meat etc. Diseases like arthritis, weakening of digestive juices even cancer are more common in those who eat meat. Those whose staple diet consists of grains etc usually don’t suffer from arthritis. They are healthier on an average. Heart problems are not very common among them. Take even cancer, number of cancer patients you’ll find among meat eaters will be much more compared to vegetarians. Well, people must have started noticing this. There could be one or two coincidences, not hundreds or thousands!”

“I guess ultimately it all comes down to taste.”

“That’s true. But imagine two kinds of meals – one from an Indian feast where you’ll have tens of kinds of Dals, rice, puddings, salads, curries, snacks and vegetables etc and just next to it another one with a tandoori chicken or steak or beef leg etc. Which one would appeal to our taste buds? Of course, for us, its the first one. With the second one you can immediately sense the sighs or curses of the chicken or the dying pig [laugh]. Well, its bound to affect your mood too. At least the first meal doesn’t have the curse of a dying being! [laugh] Nobody can say that the rice pudding is cursed or there’s a cold sigh coming out of vegetable curry [laugh]. Mood after eating the meal should be good. There’s another point. If you are making potato curry, you won’t feel bad or revulsion at the idea of cutting or peeling a potato. On the other hand, if you are making a chicken dish, imagine what you have to go through. First, you’ll have to remove feathers, then take the guts out, clean it up boil it etc. Compared to peeling a potato and frying it there’s a huge difference! The atmosphere will be complete different. Go to a meat market in the US, you’ll see hundred of cows skinned and cut and on the other hand go to a vegetable stall to buy tomatoes. There’s a big difference and makes a lot of difference. Even most of the non-vegetarians can’t actually kill and prepare the meat of the animal by themselves!”

“Now, the concept of hunting in olden times was a different.”

“How so?”

“Well, they didn’t have anything to eat so they hunted an animal and ate it – that can be understood. It could be considered natural as many animals do that too. However, this industry built around selling meat is not right. If you have the guts, hunt for yourself! I’m pretty sure that 90% of people will give up eating meat if they had to hunt and kill the animal for their own food!”
“No one can watch killing an animal”.
“That’s true. Now there’s talk about compassion and love and on the other hand their mouths will water at the sight of a lamb! What kind of compassion is this? Jesus Christ is also shown in pictures with a sweet smile and carrying a lamb in hands. Who knows whether the smile on his face is of real compassion towards the small animal or due to the anticipation of pleasure of devouring a tasty meal of it? [laugh]. Its still an unanswered question! This question should be raised – it is known that he was not a vegetarian – was he taking that lamb to the kitchen or was he just carrying it with love? [laugh] Probably no one can answer that. This should really be found out [laugh].”

“This world is very fascination, interesting. Important thing is that the observations should be unbiased and independent, then only it becomes interesting. Otherwise, what’s the point.”

The story of master Manveer Singh

Some people came to visit Guruji from their village near Meerut. They were almost bursting with excitement. When asked what was the reason, they said they have witnessed one of the most amazing incidents with their own eyes. Here’s the story they told..

Master Manveer Singh had been sick for last few days. On this fateful morning the news of his death spread through the village. Hundreds of people thronged to his house since in the course of his life, he had taught almost everybody in that village, and thus he was well admired and respected. Since his son worked outside, the village elders sent couple of men to fetch him to perform Manveer Singh’s last rites. While the men were gone to fetch his son, the elders prepared the dead body for cremation. They bathed and decorated the body and layed it down on an arthi(bamboo bier/frame on which the dead body is carried to the cremation grounds). Son’s village was a little far off, and the only transportation available was motor-cycle. It would already be evening before the dispatch party could come back. While everybody was waiting, Manveer Singh suddenly sat up from his bier and asked for a glass of water..

First reaction among the visitors was of course that of panic. With stories of ghosts and ghouls taking over a dead body so common in India, especially in villages, that it took them some time to come to their senses. After a while, the elders gathered some courage and asked master Manveer Singh ‘Ma’sab, what’s going on? You’ve been dead since the morning, at least two doctors declared you clinically dead and now you are talking!’

The account master Manveer Singh then narrated of what had passed is most amazing. In his words:

“I was sitting in my living room reading a newspaper. I heard someone knocking on the front door asking for me by my mother’s name: ‘Does Smt. Kamala Devi’s son Manveer Singh live here?’. I thought they must be some relatives from my mother’s side visiting from a her village so I told them to come in, the door was unlocked. Two men came in, one of them was quite tall, and the other one equally short. They were dark-skinned, very muscular and only had a loincloth around their waist and a turban-like cloth wrapped on their heads. Besides these two pieces of clothing, they had nothing else on their bodies.

“The shorter of them asked me a bit harshly ‘Are you Kamala Devi’s son Manveer Singh?’. I said yes. He told the taller guy – ‘let’s get him then!’. Both of them came forward and grabbing my hands rushed me out of my house. My first thought was that they were kidnapping me [Manveer Singh didn’t realize then that his physical body was left behind] . Outside the house, the shorter guy said again ‘let’s take him up’ – and they pulled me up in the air! Then I thought may be I’m having a bad dream. As we rose up in the sky, I saw my house, my village then the city of Meerut, the Indian peninsula, the continents – we rose so high that I could see the curvature of earth.

“We subsequently entered what appeared to be an entire city. The buildings there were huge, and they were all shaped like the Konarka sun temple in south India. Outside some of these buildings, I saw very long lines of people waiting to get inside – and occasionally I would hear loud orders such as ‘throw him raurava hell’, or ‘burn this guy in kumbhipaka (another hell)’. Interestingly, the people were always called in by the names of their mothers. Anyway, we reached a building outside which there was a very short line [it would appear that that must have been the line of virtuous people and since master Manveer Singh lead a very honest and virtuous life, he didn’t have to stand in punishment with the others].

“Again, I was called in by my mother’s name. Inside, I saw a very large man, about 8 to 9 feet who appeared to be very old and had a large pure-white beard. This man had a very blissful air about him and glory seemed to be emanating from him. He asked the shorter of the two messengers for the requisition letter. The shorter guy took a piece of paper out of his turban and gave it to him. The white-bearded guy looked at that paper and said ‘There must have been some mistake, you’ve brought the wrong guy’ [it would appear that the mistake was in the name of the mother, there was some other Kamala Devi’s son who’s time was up]. The shorter messenger replied ‘Sir, we only did what were told. This is the only Manveer Singh son of Kamala Devi we could find’. The white-bearded guy looked down from his chair and said ‘It’s still not too late, we have time. Send him back and bring him again after 2 years’.

“While the ‘officials’ were having this conversation, I was feeling extremely relaxed and happy in that place – I had no desire to go back and was wondering if I could stay there forever. The messengers took me out of the building to send me back – I asked them would it be okay if we could stay there a little longer. The shorter guy lashed out at me ‘Fool, because of you we’ve already wasted so much time, get the hell out of here’. He kicked me on my back and I started falling down again. As I was falling down, I saw the same sequence of images – first the curvature of earth, then shape of continents, country, city of Meerut, my village and then my house. Outside my house, I saw a corpse on a bier ready for cremation with a lot of people gathered around. I was sure I was going to die falling from this height and I cursed my fortune that I would die landing on a corpse! As I got a closer look, I realized that it was me itself! I regained consciousness only after I was in my body.”

As master Manveer Singh was telling this, he was still sulking over the fact that it was so peaceful up there and why did he have to come back. Anyway, life slowly went back to normal. Two interesting changes were observed though – first, for the first few days after the incident, he felt very thirsty all the time. He would drink lots of water and it still wouldn’t quench his thirst. Secondly, the area where the shorter messenger guy had kicked Manveer Singh had become completely numb – the skin had turned black and there was no sensation left in that area.

After hearing this story, Guruji asked the visitors to keep an eye out for what happens next. Two years later, master Manveer Singh was coming back to his village on a tractor, after buying a buffalo from an animal fair. Somewhere on the way, the tractor went over a sharp bump – one of the iron rails on the side came off and impaled Manveer Singh through the head. He died right then and there. It was exactly on the same date he had died and came back two years earlier!

Guruji said that may be these kind of mistakes [people being sent back from death since their time wasn’t up yet] are being deliberately made. As the society is making progress materially, we are also being constantly reminded to not forget about the other world, that there is something beyond our visible world as well.

This is the unbelievable but true story of master Manveer Singh.

The Three Gunas – Sattva, Raja and Tama

[Triguna – the three Gunas – inherent qualities or attributes in which the nature of all things is said to be limited: Sattva (commonly interpreted as purity, goodness, truth), Raja (interpreted as activity, passion, desire) and Tama (ignorance, darkness, inertia). This a dictation from Guruji about thetrue meaning of the three gunas.]
“To be mukta (liberated), you need to be a little un-mukta (free spirited)…”

“Creation begins in raja and tama gunas. The process of birth involves a union of sperm and ovum. In this union, only that sperm succeeds which lasts longer and is more powerful than other sperms. After the sperm unites with ovum and embryo development begins, the sperm becomes inert, or in other words, attains peace after its union with ovum, and all around it a new personality is created by raja (female menstrual blood). After its complete transformation, the sperm re-appears taking birth from the womb of its mother, borrowing the form of its father and/or mother. Without a complete transformation of its being, a sperm can never expect to learn about its creator. All living forms we see on earth are only transformations of sperms, the change which was made possible only after submitting to the raja-guna.

“The next step of development which is to establish in sattva-guna, will start when we unite ourselves with Mother Earth. Thus completely transformed by the grace of Mother Earth, our form will be in the likeness of One Who manifests everything, and we’ll be introduced to our Creator through the grace of Mother Earth. That will be the pinnacle of sattva-guna.

“The state of the sperm before it meets ovum is tama, because it exists in the darkness of ignorance, without knowing who it is or the purpose of its existence. After its union with ovum and its transformation by raja, it is established in raja-guna. All living beings on earth are thus limited only in raja-guna. Only after their final unification with Goddess Earth, they would be established insattva-guna. This unification with Mother Earth is the final transformation, only after which a being could be considered eligible to know their Ultimate Father, or the Creator. Thus born, their nature would transcend all the three gunas and they would be called trigun-atita – beyond all three gunasincluding sattva guna, the state which is also known as Turiya state, or the fourth state. This is the real secret of the three gunas!

“At sperm level, everybody is limited in tama. After birth , they are said to be established in raja-guna because they are at least able to see their mother and father. After we unify with Mother Earth, then we’ll get to know our real Father – God or Creator and are introduced to Him. Not before that.

“This is why I find the popular rendition of the three gunas totally ridiculous. One who likes to eat meat is called tama-guni, if you prefer spicy food than you are raja-guni and if you like milk-pudding than you are situated in sattva-guna, and if you crave for samosas (a spicy snack) again, you are back to raja-guna! Can you imagine the taste preference to be the basis for the three gunas!”

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