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Q: I think that most important goal of our modern society is to achieve immortality or very long term of life – by the science methods or medicine?

Guruji: it is a very good ambition and maybe some success will come in this way; but you need to train your body also – then you can receive all the benefits of the science. Untrained body never receive benefits. Read my commentary on Hatha Yoga Pradipika. All ancient  yoga books are about immortality. Not yoga postures – but even they are increasing your life span. Genuine yoga contains secrets about stopping ageing and death.

Q: but if we combine the yoga with the modern science…

Guruji: in ancient times yoga was combined with Ayurveda. If you will read Ayurveda books carefully  – they gave many formulas to expanding your life time up to 10000 years or 100000 years. The secret is already there. Even the names, mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradipika as siddhas – they works is available. According them you can live to 100000 years.

Q: maybe we should transform our genes?

Guruji: yes, why not. Now we are using hardly 2% of our brain and living about 90 years; so if we activate our brain to 100% we could live for 10000 years.

Q: is it possible to activate 100%?

Guruji: that’s why you are here. In other case – what is the use of all these cleanings all the time – to clean your intestines and all other – if you are not achieving the goal? When you are 50 or 60 or 70 years and finally understand, how to live – it is time to go. Even doctors are saying that your body constructed to live for 180 years.  If you are somehow successful in Kriya yoga( smiling). It is possibly to attain, but you can remain living openly in society. You learn to live secretly. I will recommend you the movie – “ Man from Earth”.

Q: scientist saying, that we have the mechanism in our genes that stops our life in the particular moment.

Guruji: that’ s why you have to practice yoga very seriously – different genes will activate and different dna memories will come to you so you can bypass these genes. And another point: body is not the only thing. Actually – this is spirit who is animating you. And you need to made your spirit your friend also – so it will refuse to leave the body. You must have the very proper combination of body and mind. All the monsters are very strong.

Q: who started the mechanism of self-destruction?

Guruji: in India we are saying it was Brahma. And Shiva Ji gives immortality. That was the main contradiction between Brahma and Shiva. That’s why Shiva give yoga. Who deserve it – they can achieve. When you are achieve immortality – you can be calm and peaceful. As long as you are mortal – you are always worry about something. You must always have great dreams and conditions to follow. Otherwise what is the used? And remember: when you are attain immortality – let the whole world be immortal – so you will have eternal entertainment. Your spirit is already immortal. But you need to entice your spirit, make him your friend. This is very important part. Body and spirit – together forever.

Q: it exist the opinion, that the only possibility to attain immortality is to transmit our consciousness to computer.

Guruji: I will not agree with that. Computer is just electronic machine. And when you are depend on electronic gadjet … keep your consciousness, develop it! Train your physical body – so you can tolerate big amount of developed consciousness. Everything is inside you. If some villain come and switched off your computer? So be independent. All these transmitted people should learn yoga and read mythology – they will find so many things there. It’s not the question only about technics – you must find competent Guru. And you need to see actually who has attained immortality. Simple technics are very misleading, they create a lot of confusion. So many people make it very commercial and sell you that yoga and this yoga – it is just confusion. You must find the foundation and come to the basic ancient books on yoga – they give very precise and specific information. You have read my commentary for Hatha Yoga Pradipika? You MUST. This is the basic book to attaining immortality.  And another book is coming soon – that is a discussion between Matsyendranath – the Guru and Gorakhnath – the disciple. Fantastic discussion. The disciple attained immortality and he is junior immortal and the senior immortal are discussing thing with him. And also to live or to become immortal  – what is the most important ingredient? You tell me

Disciple: I think – like Taoists are saying – it’s transformation of the sexual energy?

Guruji: I will say – this is again the wrong direction. Always think the basic things of life! To be immortal – you need  to have unlimited future. No future –  no immortality. Who is turning after control sexual energy, pretending prana inside you – but if there is no future – no immortality. So the first thing you must understand – the capacity is the develop, who create yours own future. No unlimited future – no immortality.

Q: what does it mean – to create your own future?

Guruji: who is creating the future for you now? You don’t know. That means you have no control over your future. And why Creator didn’t make immortals? Because they are all the time busy creating the unlimited future for people. So small future – gone. And you should have enough capacity to create your own future. Only you can create unlimited future for yourself. And when you are immortal,  you will be living in time. We realized only three – past, present and future. And you must have future to move on. No future – you are stop. Resting In Peace. That is, again, great spiritual achievement – the ability to create your own future. To understand time, essence of time, all the past and present – so you can create the future. That is very important.

Q: are these persons creates karma?

Guruji: no, immortals are already beyond karma. Future is future, not karma. You are doing karma, but you will be creating future. It’s a big difference – doing and creating. To create something you must have a sense of creativity in you, big imagination power, you need to continue to imagine things for yourself. And the imagination is the strongest force. Let it flow. And then – go down to physicality of it. Very simple things, but difficult to achieve.

Q: how to combine this idea to planning future, imagine and create?

Guruji: for planning the future you need to know exactly the essence of time. Because future is an expert on time. If you are not aware of the time in its totality – you are not in a situation to create. You must read Gita – it’s a book on time.

Q: if we understand the time – does it mean that we not create any new karma or not?

Guruji: well, it’s up to you. How long your karma could affect you? 120 years. If you cross that border of 120 years  – no karma will remain.

40% of Kashmiri language is the same as hebru.

Q: I’ve read that Jesus could be in India…

Guruji: it is possible. If you read bible carefully  – the star of the east is rising and three wise men from east came. And east for middle east is India. One Muslim girl came from Moscow and she was asking what is the difference between Mohammad and Jesus. I said that Mohammad in all his life do any single miracle like Jesus do.

Q: what is time?

Guruji: for this you are need to practice Kriya yoga for a very long time – then you will become aware of it. Only with yoga you can know the nature of time and void and yourself. Everybody is experiencing time in their own way. But the main thing is how time experiencing us.

Q: sometimes I could be very angry for something – does it mean there is some spirit inside me?

Guruji: no, it’s yours. If you can’t avoid it – go for it. If you really feeling angry and the powerful man is in front of you- change your mood and remain safe.

Social life is supposed to be the most unnatural life. Humans are trying to suppress nature from the very beginning. Nobody around will accept your natural behavior. Another point: maybe we are living the most natural way of life. We are not creating anything. We just taking everything from nature and combine or develop it.

Q: what is the task of the human beings in this picture of nature?

Guruji: knowing itself through her. It’s not the task – it’s just the natural way. Task for human beings nobody knows. Maybe the task for every human being is to develop humanity.

Maybe now the interest to yoga is spread all around the world because of hindu spirits are taking birth everywhere. Or maybe vice versa all the spirits are born now in India because of here the population is increasing and in all Europe and in Russia also it is going down. So everybody is born in India now.

Absolute black cat is symbol of Kali.

Q: some people can save the feeling of love at first sight for no more than three months. But someone could be in love for ten years and even more. What is the cause?

Guruji: Most of the people takes their attraction as love. But love is much more deeper feeling. If the feeling lasts than more than 20 years it transforms in true love. Most of the people mistake attraction as love.

Q: if it lasts long –  is it connected with previous life experience?

Guruji:  probably yes. But it is very rare experience – true love. Because love is the word you don’t understand. Remember: essence of love is genuine and true friendship. And the essence of friendship is love. They unite with each other. Where is love – there will be friendship. Where is different friendship – there is love. Attraction is just temporary thing.

Not a single religion – Christianity, islam, even Hinduism – none of them mention what happened with women after death. All descriptions are for men. But I will say that 21st century will belongs to ladies. They will dominate politically, financially and the other ways.

Q: how many girls disciples you have?

Guruji: I think it’s about 600. Maybe 40% of my disciples are women. They are doing very sincere practice. Women are very sensitive and developed. And they have the power of curse. If woman curse you it will lasts long.

Q: what is your opinion about Kastaneda teachings?

Guruji: he was red indian, who was tortured very brutally by white people. I think he just mislead Karlos Kastaneda and all others. He gives half-tools, not the whole things. Suppose one thing: imagine that some negroes killed all your nation, your friends, your family, and after some time their descendant come to you and ask you for teachings. What will you say to him?

Q: understand. But is this some rational in his books? As for me the conscious dreams was very interesting .

Guruji: some things- yes. Most of the red Indians used certain herbs to dream consciously or to go out of the body. They had very spiritual knowledge and they were very sensitive to nature.

Q: so is it the right path or not?

Guruji: he never give the whole keys to the white men. You have to be careful with the spiritual knowledge. I told you as a Guru: read every book that comes to you and then discuss with me or with someone whose opinion you are respect and only then draw some conclusions.

If the person starts to talk too much about god and love and spirituality – be very careful.

Q: that means we must be very careful with everything that happens surround us…

Guruji: if you want to survive – of course. And with the spirituals matters you need to be even more careful. God create men. But nowhere mentioned that god created priests.

You need to know your past. Then you will realize your present. And then you will know about your future. Future is the real supernatural experience. And once you have seen it – you can not change it. If you are able to change – you have not seen future. That’s the problem.

Q: so there is no alternative ways?

Guruji: do you able to change your past?

Q: for past- no.

Guruji: same to future.

Q: but we have the discussion about immortality and possibility to create your own future?

Guruji: if you have enough power to create your own future – only then immortality is possible.

Q: what does it mean – to create your own future?

Guruji: this practice will take your consciousness to the very high level. It will give you the great power of imagination – to create the future you need to have the great imagination first. Then to materialize.

Q: to create the future and to know the future – is the very different things?

Guruji: creating future – first you need to know your future. And when you came over the age 120 – you will be able to create the future. Till then you can only see.

Q: do you see the future of some of us?

Guruji: if it is connected with yoga why not.

Q: so as a Guru you can see the future of your disciples?

Guruji: from time to time I can see it but I prefer to keep quiet about it.

Q: is it difficult to live knowing your future? Nothing will surprise you…

Guruji: when you are living alone – there is no surprise. But when you are living in the society, where so much people are going cross each other – surprise is always there.

The practice is like the training in army: better you are practicing  now – more chance to survive in future. Do hard work now and you will have better chance to survive. If you now the time of your death exactly – you must do the practice and remember your Guru. He will give you support. Guru is responsible for your soul after death. But I hope all my disciples live the long life.

I think parikrama was started by Krishna himself. He was Yogeshwar – the supreme yogi. Parikrama has much more deeper meaning than just going around the holy place. I give you just one point: look at the creation. Every planet is doing parikrama; so if you do parikrama – it will put you in tune with the movement of creation. It will have direct effect on your thinking and your consciousness.

Q: practice at smashan is more easy than anywhere

Guruji: here you’re away from society. Maybe now more questions will come.

Q: have you difficulties in your practice? Because for me it is difficult…

Guruji: everybody goes through lot of difficulties. And when you are able to tolerate most of the difficulties, then it comes easy.

Q: what is Samadhi?

Guruji: the word Samadhi in Sanskrit means death. And when you’re experiencing Samadhi – it means you have death-like symptoms, but your physical body still alive. When you experiencing it – all your memory will remain, you will remember everything what happened. All your decisions, reactions and concentration will be very different.

Q: does it mean that you must every time thinking of death?

Guruji: no, it’s not the matter of thinking, it’s the real experience. It is knowing, not thinking  – only in that case all the memories will be with you.

Q: consciousness of death leads us to the void?

Guruji: it leads us to particular knowledge that body will come and go but you are beyond. And then you will be able to say that I never die, spirit will always remain. We are saying in India, that life is like unfaithful woman – she will leave you one day, but death is most genuine lover – she will take you all.

Q: I think that we should be fully conscious in every moment of our life?

Guruji: this is different concept. Knowing of life and death gives you absolute different reactions.

Q: what is another paths leads to Samadhi?

Guruji: you need to go down basic of these things. Samadhi is a yogic term, which is describe in Yoga sutras of Patanjali. Only through yoga you can achieve it. There is no other way.

Q: but maybe exists another yoga technics for it?

Guruji: that is the point. Original yoga is gone. But technics can’t be very different. Yoga is yoga.

Q: so only Kriya yoga leads to Samadhi?

Guruji: only lineage of Kriya yoga discuss Samadhi so much. Go back to Yogananda in America – even he discussed Samadhi there. No other lineage discuss Samadhi to this level. We are teaching you the way to attain self-realization and Samadhi. Believe in yourself. God gracing on you, Guru gracing on you, now is time for you to grace yourself and achieve. What do you think, what is better – to see the god face to face or to attain self-realization?

Q: (silence)

Guruji: to see the god face to face – is the part of self-realization when you can say – ok, I achieve it.

Q: what do you think about raja yoga technics in Buddhism?

Guruji: I’m aware of many technics. But I advise you to read Hatha Yoga Pradipika one more time. Raja yoga and Samadhi are synonyms. Someone thinks them superior than everybody – so we will practice raja yoga directly. Be careful of that things.

Q:   early Buddhists are saying that Samadhi could have different levels?

Guruji: do you aware of how Buddha died? He ate pork and die with great suffering and great pain.

Q: there are different explanations of his death

Guruji: but the result is one. One simple point to think: wherever Buddhism was practiced – great sufferings followed. Buddhists came to this world to create confusion. Even in Shiva Purana it is written. When he saw sick man and dead body he left everything to find the way how to avoid it. But was he successful? He was ageing, he was sick, and finally die because of old age and sickness. And one more point: when he was asked, he said that Buddhism will exist for 500 years. But it exists for more than 1000 years. What does it mean? Nowadays it is not Buddhism at all. This is something else. Do you know Steven Seagull? His career was broke after he became Buddhist.

Q: Buddhists are saying that so much spiritual beings are coming to their teachers

Guruji: yogic lineage are much more ancient than Buddhist. For practice yoga you must have sincere desire to practice and complete body.

Q: so people with some lack of limbs could not attain realization?

Guruji: for them true devotion is described. Only with the whole body practice will be successful. In the next birth such people could made the step on yoga. All religions are to make you slave.

Q: Buddha had different yoga technics

Guruji: maybe he was not a good disciple and failed?

Q: he said that Samadhi is not the final destination for him

Guruji: if you are not able to achieve something – you will behave that way. Actually he never gave so many technics. I’m very grass-root level man, not philosophical. Let me ask you one question. Do you like we’re sitting together, drinking chai and discussing everything under the sun or you like to fasting every time and keeping silence talking with nobody? I need the honest answer.

Q: what is wrong with fasting?

Guruji: fasting is not recommended for the yogis – even in Gita it is said.

Q: Buddha said that we must choose the middle way – not fasting and not overeating, not do ascetic practice…

Guruji: this is another confusing thing. I’m sure he was talking about sushumna as a middle path, but people understand it as they can. Same thing with jesus – when he was saying that you can not enter the heaven until you will be like a child. He was talking about absolute different mental state. Same happened with “ I am the way” and “I – is the way”. You know what the word “Buddha” means in Chinese?


Guruji: it means “durak”. Original word sounds like “buddhu”, and it means the fool.

Q: why people searching god in religion?

Guruji: all religion was created only for god. What is the basic thing in every religion? You are believing in some unknown god, believe in priest who is talking from some god. And he will tell you that if you will suffer – you must give everything to the god and then god will be pleased and allow you to enter the heaven. All the basis is fear. What happened to jesus? When he try to talk truthfully, began to help people, even take back dead man to life – every single religion of that time talk against him. Religion was not supporting him at all. When some religion is established for some time – they don’t want to think openly, they don’t want to cross the borders of it. So he was crucified. He became very popular only after someone created organization around his name.

Q: so much religions were destroyed by Christianity…

Guruji: this is still impossible thing for me – how everybody agreed to consider jesus like their god. I’m vegetarian and I don’t understand how is possible to drink the blood of own god.

Q: do you think jesus were teaching yoga?

Guruji: no, I think people was not ready for yoga things.

There is place in Kashmir, called Kalarus. And they believe there are five tunnels from Kashmir to Russia.

So, the conclusion is – yoga is much ancient than Buddhism.

Most of the animals are the great emotional beings. They have great feelings.

Q: is it necessary for yogi to have children?

Guruji: if you want. It’s your decision. When a woman see the man, and from the heart she has the feeling, that she must save this genetic record. If you find such a man, why not. If no – no.

Q: but at the time of pregnancy the body changes…

Guruji: but you continue to do the same practice. The baby will have the all benefits. Everybody is waiting for the savior, but I think that women are true saviors. They are saving the genetic records. In old books everybody is saying about saving of mankind, nobody is talking about saving the womankind, because they are saviors themselves. Every man, even he is dedushka, acts like a baby. And every woman, even she is a child, acts like a mother.

Q: what is the reason of taking dip in some holy kunds or another water?

Guruji: water contains the memory. All the holy waters retains the memories of all ancient times and gods. You have 71% water in your body. And when you’re taking dip, all the memories are connected with the water inside you. And maybe after some time you will get the access to it. If you will take a dip, your body smell will be different. The natural smell you have now will definitely change. That’s why I recommend taking dip in Kumbhamela. Thousands and millions of people are taking dip, you’re taking dip with them – so transformation inside begins. That’s why the smell changes. If you do some karma with certain thought, the chemical reaction will take place in your body. Every chemical reaction will have different smell.

Q: but for how long it will be?

Guruji: it will be permanent. The memories will enter your body. I’ve noticed that in 1980. And in second Kumbhamela the smell became even more refined. And after third – even more. After that I’ve become to recommend visit Kumbhamela.

Q: but it is difficult to understand – is it effect of holy dip, or of the practice, or the grace of Guru

Guruji: it combines. And with the practice the smell of your body also changes.

Q: why is it so important for the yogi to pierce the ears?

Guruji: there are two certain channels, which can be activated only by piercing.

Q: at Kumbhamela we saw so much Nathas with another type of piercing

Guruji: not ancient Nathas. All of them had ears pierced like we do.

Q: I hear that you are using mercury for some purposes

Guruji: it gives strength to all system. It is specially prepared. I give it to some of my students – they put in their mouth also.

Q: when yogin is in Samadhi, his body is ?

Guruji: in suspended animation. He could be in this state as long as he wants. It means his conscious mind became unconscious, and his subconscious mind – conscious.

Q: so he could coming back at any time?

Guruji: usually one and half hours.

Q: so if we achieve it once in our practice?

Guruji: it will start the new level of your practice. Remember what Lahiri Mahasai – direct disciple of Babaji – wrote in his commentaries: after experiencing 4000 samadhi the mental state becomes different. If you achieving Samadhi, every day you will experience it.  I’ve been go through 10000 so far. The mental state is really different – this is the only way to describe. Your nervous system must be ready for that, and then body will follow. You must give them some more time. Your heart stops and your brain waves go flat.

Q: suspended animation and Samadhi are synonyms or they are different states?

Guruji: well, in the beginning it is happened like that. Suspended animation is the main sign of Samadhi.

Q: Guruji, what do you think about Devraha Baba?

Guruji: I know about him. He was sadhu. And his Guru’s name is unknown. He was not belonging to any yogi lineage. Always look at the lineage – that’s the point.

Only if you achieve something really valuable in this body you can retain it. But sometimes it is useful to take another body.

Q: but while changing the body we must remember all our past experience

Guruji: with enough practice and enough time this experience will come – you will remember all your past. If the child remember his past life, he never will tolerate his present family and always try to find his past. So not to remember is the god’s grace. But for yogi it is needed to establish identity.

Q: but if we take birth again and again – we are spending time to be a child, to have education

Guruji: that force that makes us to take the birth wants us to experience theta state of mind again and again.

All of you wants to remain that state you called normal. But at the same time you want to practice supernatural things. If you practice something extraordinary, your body also become extraordinary, you can’t remain normal. To become extraordinary – some physical changes will definitely happen. Accept it as a part of practice. You will be look better and better.

Q: what part of nervous system connected with nadi?

Guruji: all nervous system is a part of nadis.

Q: sometimes in practice I feel different squeeze in the body, which I think is also block some nadis…

Guruji: all you need is relax. And in this relaxed state do the practice very precise. If you will do it too hard –  all these things will come. It is a nervous contraction. Just continue; when you will be comfortable with the practice – it will pass. Don’t mind so much to contraction of the nadis. If nadi is blocked – it will be the very serious problem.

Q: if we have some blocks in our spine – is it connected with our emotions?

Guruji: mostly.

Q: may I ask general question about nadi: what is that?

Guruji: Ayurveda explains it all in details. Partially it’s the nervous system. You will be very surprise, when you will  know that ancient hindus described particles and cells in details.

Q: and how they find it?

Guruji: by practicing yoga – that is the only way.

Q: question is about connection of spirit and body. Electrical activity of the dead body is present up to 3 days then it reduce to certain level up to 9 days, then to 40 days and after that it is gone.

Guruji: it depends on life force of the person and strength of connection spirit and body. If the imprint of the spirit on body was very strong it could remain for a long time.

Q: what about some corpses of saints, that can cure?

Guruji: why the corpse must worry about your problems? When so much people came to one place with the hope to cure – even mathematically some percent of them will be cured. Remember, spirit is not remain inside the body. It could remain near the body only. If you will receive the help from the powerful spirit, you will have to pay. This is the law.

Q: if we are asking gods for something – are we pay?

Guruji: of course you are paying. If you continuously will asking for help, you will become slave. As a yogi I will say: believe in yourself. There is no better help than helping yourself. Create inner power inside you for situation to help. Most of spiritualist I have seen – they have control over some powerful spirit- they were able to create miracles. There was one man in Gwalior: somehow he get control over powerful spirit. He asked him whatever he want. Even put the sweets right in his mouth. And after his death this man became the slave of this spirit. Or remember the story about controlled yakshini.

Q: if while parikrama people are asking for something?

Guruji: I think this is better not to ask anything. Suppose he is ready to give you one million dollars and you are ask for one thousand. So leave the decision to him.

Q: all the relationship have some energetic connection?

Guruji: only friendship.

Q: do we have some relationship with you like disciples with the Guru?

Guruji: the relationship between disciple and Guru are of four types. Guru as Guru – you are learning from him, Guru as father – he will take care of you like a father, Guru as a friend, and Guru as a son – from time to time you care about him. That is written in ancient books about relationship between Guru and disciple.

Q: does it exist the special symbols on our body for practice yoga?

Guruji: no, we were created perfect enough.

Q: why we obey in fifth one only about married man and woman?

Guruji: this is the only way not to produce bastards. For yogi this is enough. Back to Mahabharat and see what could happen.

Q: what will happen if the child will be created artificially?

Guruji: definitely the child will be different. He will not have the emotional rate for his parents. The child will have psychological problems.

Q: what is the reason to know our future, to see it?

Guruji: if you remember your past and know your present it’s better to know your probable future. It will be the result of what we are doing now.

Q: it’s not the certain, it’s probable future?

Guruji: you are not living alone in society, so everything is possible. By knowing your past you will be able to analyze it and take the right decisions in future. From going through different layers of your memory you can realize from where you came. This is the great knowledge. If you will actually established yourself  in the moment of the now – you will travel in time. If you will be now, in present – you can be everywhere.

Q: can we change something in our future?

Guruji: first you need to know exactly your future – to change something. You can even change your destiny; but first you need to know your destiny.

Q: and what about to be in the now state?

Guruji: only after you will become conscious of the time in its totality – only then you can realize the moment we call now. Without becoming time conscious it’s not possible.

Q: so again the way is to practiced yoga

Guruji: develop your mind and consciousness. Reading books will never develop your mind.

Q: but couldn’t we be in the moment of now when we are concentrated on it and our attention is all here?

Guruji: the moment you’re concentrated will become past.

Q: but if you continue to concentrate on this object?

Guruji: future is converting into past. We are always in the past. To understanding the past is the first step to realizing the present. Without understanding of the past you can not be at the moment of present immediately.

Q: but if you have no thoughts in that moment?

Guruji: that is another point. You need to develop your mind to very high level – then the awareness begin.

…they reach the certain place, where they find the bearded man. In the dialogue they discovered that he isn’t interested in any values in the world – gold, money etc. The most precious thing in the creation is Time.

Q: how is actually choose the right decision?

Guruji: I tell you how I made decisions. When the some situation comes and I need to decide – when the first thought come to my mind, I decide that.  Your heart will tell you instantly – even you have time to think after. Listen to your heart.

What is e-motion? The motion ( laughs) that’s why your heart is always in emotion.

One man was going somewhere. And on his way he saw Gorakhnath, who asked him – where are you going? He said I’m going to die, I’m so tired of everything. Gorakhnath said –wait, wait: if you want to die –  die properly. And then you’ll finally die, and you have not to die again and again. If you don’t know, how to die – I can tell you everything about death. After that man become his disciple. That’s how yogi do.

When you remember all your past – only then you will realized the source; that’s why remembering the past is so important. When you remember all your past – you are clear, all your thoughts are clear and all karmas will disappear. Your past will lead you for your source from the beginning. Subtract all your past and only source will remain.

Even in my lineage nobody commented on Shiva sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gorakhbodh. If you read original shlokas in Hatha Yoga Pradipika – the combination is very simple. Many words means exactly the same. This is opinion of many great scholars. All britishers take Gita as a symbol of Hinduism.

Every simple thing is hard to do from the beginning. Science has never answer what is breathe.

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