… what I’m not understand: nowhere in puranas or in bible is written that one should not practice yoga. Why they are against it?

Q: Guruji, what is “hum”? it’s some modification of “om”, like bija mantras of different chakras?

Guruji: no, it’s different.

Q: it has the different action than “om”?

Guruji: it’s very powerful mantra and if something will go wrong you will be run naked, mad.

Q: and with “om” – if something will go wrong – you will have no such effects?

Guruji: no guarantee, “om” is even more powerful. It depends how you use it. “hum” is generally connected with Mahavidyas and Shaktis. But I’ve seen not many people doing it. “phat” is using in different rituals to harm someone. “phat” means “turn apart”. When you are doing some ritual to harm somebody – it is used.

Q: what about Hanuman chalisa?

Guruji: Hanuman chalisa is not a mantra, it’s praise.

Q: but everybody are using so much mantras

Guruji: yes, it is confusing program. What is singing – it’s not mantras, it’s bhajans. I’ve never seen any mantra been sung. Only when you’re chanting a certain mantra million times – only then you may catch the sequence and vibration. I think many westerners at first take Hinduism as a play, but I see very bad results coming. You just see one point: most of the hippies are from America begin to sing “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna” and the mostly hippies disappeared. And look at the britishers: they were taking so many statues, spirituals artefacts and religious things to display them in museum in London – suddenly the british empire disappeared. Like that story with mummy: british scientists excavate her – it was Egyptian queen thousands of years old. It was displayed in the London’s museum and many accidents happen. Those archaeologists also died in mysterious way. Then they are realized, that all accidents are connected with this mummy they put it in stone. One American billionaire suddenly wanted this mummy to his private collection. And it was decided to shift the mummy to America on Titanic. This is the real history. Now we know, who sunk the Titanic.

I’ve read many comics – and I will say sometimes comics gave very profound wisdom.

There was something like: “ does really god knows everуthing?” – “ of course, my son, he knows everything” – “that means, after 20 years, all that I was going to do – god knows it  already?” – “yes, yes, my son, he knows” – “ that means if I commit a wrong thing – why I have responsibility? If he knows already – he should stop me” and no answer came from the priest. Maybe we should ask them – they may have some answer. From the business point of view – god created the devil deliberately. If there will be no fear of hell and devil – who will worship god? But I’m ok with devil. Why? Because god created him. And I respect every creation of the god, because we love god( smiling). You know, I’m an expert in disturbing priests.



Q: can I ask you about true kshama and true daya? What is the literal meaning of these terms and how they are connected with yoga discipline?

Guruji: well, you can’t translate “daya” as “pity”. It is like empathy with sympathy.

Q: so daya is not to serve everybody, like it’s always translated?

Guruji: no, the meaning is much more deeper than simple feeling pity for others. Daya means you can feel the pain the person is going through. High sensitivity like empathy, when you are ready to help or support the person. That is daya.

Kshama is like absolute forgiveness.

Q: how absolute forgiveness is connected with yoga discipline?

Guruji: very simple for me. Somebody tolds me – that person is your enemy. I said no, I will not give him credit to called “mine”, – I don’t know him. Remove somebody out of your imagination – that is true kshama.

Q: so he’s not your enemy, he just not exist for you?

Guruji: I mean – not in my imagination. If I will accept him as “my enemy” that means I accept him as “mine”, which I don’t want. Just removing from imagination.

Q: but if somebody do something bad for you – you can not ignore him?

Guruji: if I will not accept his action – it will go back to him.

Q: if you don’t react

Guruji: he will receive his own reaction. Today one example will coming. He was the biggest bull in our class. He was beaten many guys and even some teachers. He was very strong tall guy. Last time he came – it was very tragic situation. And the main thing all of this were happen with him because he beat up one teacher.

Just removing for your imagination – that is real forgiveness. Of course it is difficult. When someone is really hurt you – it’s impossible to forget or to forgive. Remember, love and hate are two sides of coin. You continuously remember the person you hate and you also continuously remember the person you love. So don’t give that person so much of your energy. Don’t make him so important. You spend so much power only remembering him. He’s not worthy of it.

It is not like – you can not do anything with that person right now and you just say – ok, I forgive you. Real forgiveness comes from that moment when your enemy is hung upside down in front of you – naked, absolutely helpless, and you have a razor – so you are in a situation to do anything with him. Then you can say – ok, I forgive you: then it will be considered as forgiveness. But if you’re powerless, you can not even touch that person, then you say – “I forgive you” – I don’t believe this.


Q: “tyaga” is always translated like refuse of the fruit of karma. And Shiva is called MahaTyageshwar. But I think – he’s supreme immortal being who even don’t do any karma.

Guruji: in my opinion, the greatest tyaga is refuse of absolute ignorance and foolishness. This is the real tyaga. Not refuse of some material things; tyaga is duraksness. They were saying these things from the very high perspective. So tyaga of your limitations, tyaga of your bondage, of your ignorance, tyaga of your foolishness – in my opinion is the real tyaga.

Q: the greatest sin of a yogi is ignorance?

Guruji: yes, that’s why we are practicing yoga: develop our consciousness, so the ignorance is gone. But the biggest achievement of anybody’s life – become aware of his own ignorance. If you don’t become aware – you could do nothing with it.

Q: Guruji, who is Vasudeva? He is Krishna himself or someone else?

Guruji: if you will consult the Sanskrit dictionary – the word “vasu” means jiva – your spirit and soul together inside. Vasudev is also a god, who lives inside the jiva. And Vasudev in Sanskrit also means the son of Vasudev – that is Krishna.

Q: and what about four his hands?

Guruji: in many books I’ve read that two hands are seen in aura very bright. There was no physical hands, but they were in aura, which was so powerful to be seen by many people.

Q: what do you think – is it true information that Shiva Ji drank halahala together with Keshin – very advanced yogi?

Guruji: I’ve never hear about it. Only Shiva could drink such poison.

…you should not marry a girl you love. You should marry a girl who loves you. Then you will be happy for life.

…21st century belongs to girls. They power will continue to increase and they will dominate even in politics. Men are make this world like a hostel; when the woman begin to dominate – it will be like home.

…I think you must live at least for 10000 years – only after that time a little understanding will develop. This much time is needed. That’s why it’s useful to be immortal – to develop the understanding.

Q: how connected Lucifer, satan and devil?

Guruji: I think here is a lot of confusion – when I read about it. Any spirit or ghost, possessing human body, was called devil. And Lucifer is a different story.

Q: what is the connection between islam, christianity and judaism?

Guruji: all christians are actually worshipping jude as son of god. Jesus Christ was a jude – Joshua. Old testament in bible belongs to judes, jesus Christ was jude and his followers begin to name themselves as Christians, that is set in history. All these three are branches of Judaism.

… the secret of achieving immortality must be hide in Kriya yoga technics. That’s why I keep stress it that one should do it very regularly most excellent and most optimum way. Maybe immortality will click in one practice. The word “kumbhaka”: most of the people think that it is retention of breath. But “kumbh” means a pitcher, where we carrying water. When it’s empty – the air remain inside the pitcher. It is not breathing – not inhaling, not exhaling – but the air remains inside. So the practice of kumbhaka is to make your body like a pot. You will not breathing or you may not need to breathe, but the air will remain inside. And they say that as long as air will remain inside the body- life continues. This thing is for live very long. And immortality is one step further.

Q: and you will be beyond the Time?

Guruji: you will be WITH Time. Not out of time – you will be one with the time. And you will live as long as time will be there.

Q: what is sura?

Guruji: sura is wine. Sura is the most expensive wine. And true pronunciation for the beings are sur and asur, not sura. Remember, yoga in fact is yog. Shiv is correct, because Shiva is the name of the Shakti. Jiv also, not jiva.

Q: and that sura – wine from the ocean – is connected with suras and asuras?

Guruji: no, whoever will drink – will enjoy.

Q: did someone ever calculate the horoscopes for Duryodhana or Ramachandra?

Guruji: yes, the horoscopes of Ramachandra, Shri Krishna and Hanuman – they are all available.

Q: how is possible to calculate the horoscope of Hanuman who is immortal being?

Guruji: you see – that’s a beauty of India. He was born, and the planetary situation of his birth time is given in puranas. We are not going through grigorian calendar; in puranas are given the planetary situation in that particular moment. Rama’s horoscope is available, Krishna’s horoscope is available, even Ravana’s horoscope is available.

Q: so Hanuman has no point of death in his horoscope?

Guruji: yes, I’ve seen his horoscope and it is extraordinarily powerful. It tells that he might achieve immortality or extraordinarily long life. Very mighty and powerful horoscope.

Q: and maybe you can say it exists some similarity in these horoscopes – maybe some position of the planets?

Guruji: in Hanuman’s chart – as much I remember – Mars is a dominate planet. He is his lagna and also the eighth lord which is sitting in the first house, giving him extraordinary physical strength, great anger and great bravery – so many things. And it is also indicated that he remain unmarried.

Q: what do you think about the story about Ravana held all the planets?

Guruji: when Indrajit was born – yes, they all were in his eleventh house. I think this story is true.

Q: how it’s possible to hold the planets in one position?

Guruji: when you defeated everybody and when you have crossed the age 120 – you’re already gone beyond the influence of nine planets. Simply by living 120 years you gone beyond the influence of planets, but his life was 311000000 years – all the planetary situation was under his control. Even living 300 years is too much. They were actually immortal beings.

Q: and what is Hanuman’s nakshatra?

Guruji: I think his moon is in the sixth house – you can calculate.

All of them – Hanuman, Ravana and others were the great knowers of astrology. It was the part of educational system.

…Bhrigu was given the severe beaten in Daksha yagya. Virabhadra just uprooted his beard and give him the very senior beating. Every god, who was son-in-law of Daksha, was given beaten. Almost every vedic god.

Q: and rishi Vasishtha also?

Guruji: no, he was not there.

Q: what can you say about mystical number 108?

Guruji: if you look all over the world – you find these numbers: 108, 216, 432 found everywhere. And also human’s breathe is 21600 times in 24 hours – that means in 12 hours he will breathe 10800 times. And if we take the north mythology – there are 432 seats and 432 cups for nectar in Valhalla. That means – it is very mystical number. Somebody write very deep and mysterious message for us by these numbers. Who will decode it – will understand the great mystery and achieve certain power. The more I read about all these things – more I believe in Kriya yoga technics. It is the long journey but it takes us very high.

Q: so more we are practicing – more we are in tune with these numbers?

Guruji: remember, Shiva is Time. He started the calculation of Time by making Kala Bhairav appear; Kala Bhairav means the ruler of the Time. From that moment the calculation begin. And Shiva has shivaganas; and in Sanskrit and hindi calculation is called ganana – it is directly connected with shivaganas. All these numbers are actually shivaganas, because they help you calculate everything – no matter, no limit, as much as you want.

Q: ganas are numbers?

Guruji: codes. From one to 9 and 0 – with these ten things you can calculate up to billions and billions. There is no limit.

… the word in Sanskrit and hindi is “akshar” – means without limit, immortal. Simply by realizing alphabet in your chakras maybe the immortality will come.

Q: what does it mean – to realize it?

Guruji: means to experience. Only by experiencing you can realize, not by imagination.

Q: if I close my eyes sitting and imagine – a, b, с

Guruji: it is written in hindi, not in English. So it is my advice to learn hindi.

I have some discussion with one german guy. I understand some words he say and he asked me – do I know german? I say no. he thought I am some kind of KGB agent. And then he asked me to pronounce one german word – I don’t remember it, but it supposed to be very difficult to foreigners. And I did it without any problem. He refuse to believe that I don’t know german. Then I tell him – let me take you one word, even one sound and I want to hear how you say it. It was just one letter from hindi alphabet – rna. He could not pronounce it. 52 types of sounds – so we can create so many different sounds. All languages are coming from here. If you are not able even to pronounce ण how you will be able to awaken your kundalini?

With Sanskrit dictionary we beated many Sanskrit scholars. Every letter has their own meaning as a word. this ण is also an ornament, decision, name of Shiva, house of water, donation, knowledge and nirguna also. And there is no words, starting from this letter. Only the letter has meanings.

You can give any letter from hindi alphabet – every has own meanings.

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