Darshans 2016#01

Q:Guruji, what is your opinion about all religions?

Guruji: well, it’s the very interesting question. Every religion, which appear on this planet – since we know about all religions and every wise man, who realize something – they all agree on one thing that there is life after death. Only difference in religions is that they say – our way to heaven is better than your way to heaven. But every single religion, which appears on this planet – they all believe and they all teach that there is life after death. And every realized person from Buddha and Jesus to anybody – they all say there is life after death. I think if so many people believes and all religions are insists on it – that means it’s the genuine fact and we should believe on it. And there is another interesting comment that every person, who believes in ghosts and spirits is called superstitious – but he is also believing in life after death. So any evidence which you come across – about ghosts, spirits, angels, gods and divinity – they are just proves, that there is life after death. That’s why we should introduce our life in a very positive way and very spiritual way, because everybody is going to end up in the spirits’ world – sooner or later. This is what I think.

Q: and from the yogic point of view – what do you think like a yogi?

Guruji: from the yogic point of view – yogis are the only beings, which are trying to made their own spirit their friends. Because the spirit is coming from the other side and only the spirit can tell you the reality what happens after death of the physical body is no longer there and everything is on the other side – spirit is from there. So if you make your spirit your friend – it will become your Guru and the mind will become disciple and you will have real wisdom. This is yogic point of view.

Q: that is the difference of yoga, religion and magic?

Guruji: I think yoga is inner magic –  if you call it magic. Because instead of invoking some other spirit or trying to control some ghost you are actually trying to contact your own spirit very friendly – you can not control it. Only if it will accept you as a friend – very different communication will begin. And there is no secrets between friends – it will tell you so many things.

Q: we had discussion about pure thought. From where it comes – I don’t understand.

Guruji: you have different expressions of your mind. And it comes from the Time – it’s the expression of Time.

Q: pure thought is pure energy?

Guruji: pure thought is pure thought. It is much beyond the energy. It energize the energy. But you can not put a simile to it. It will remain formless and unknown, unexpressed. Only when your mind will develop to that level when it become almost pure – then you will begin to perceive that. And on that we are all working. Before void it is Time; and all the memories and all the expressions, all the experiences are there. What is energy? It is just the last form of the matter. Space is beyond that. The void is beyond that. And the void has it’s own consciousness  – and just for the sake for using some word we are saying “energy” or some “essence” or some “power”. Beyond that is Time. But that’s the point: the more words we will use – the more impurities we will create on pure thought. But here is another point: someone recently asked me about greatness of Picasso or Rembrandt. I said I respect them very much, but it’s impossible to understand for me, what Picasso were actually painting. And for my opinion – those, who created the Asterix, or Superman or any Marvel comics – their painters are far more superior. I’ve never seen and I don’t believe that looking on the Picasso or Rembrandt painting could make the child smile. But all comics paint by artists makes millions and millions of children smile. In my opinion, they are the best.

Q: what can you say about intuition? On what level of thought it is?

Guruji: let’s say it’s the sixth sence. Just the expression of your mind and consciousness.

Q: but it’s not a pure thought.

Guruji: it’s near pure thought.

Everybody, no matter he is sadhu, or normal person or religious person – worried about the after life thing. Whether they will go to heaven or they remain closer to the god or what. The spiritual life is different. Religion is something you are worshipping some unknown god whom you have not seen; just by some priest or some mulla or some holy man are telling you about him or it is written in some book and you believe it, because it is human nature to have faith. We like to believe in supernatural things. So we believe and then we go through the hard way to please that unknown god – so he will grant us the access to his heaven. It’s very different thing. Spirituality is very different thing: spirituality means to make friends with your own spirit, to know first hands what is happen after death – that is spirituality. It is not the ambition to end up in heaven or in hell or to get liberation of this eternal cycle of birth and death. We would like to know, what is birth and what is death. When the spirit chooses to come into physical body – that is called birth and when the spirit chooses to leave the physical body – it is called death. So spiritual life is to actually be friends with your own spirit. And if you can not make even one spirit happy – then what you hope to achieve in life? Atma is spirit and Paramatma is the super whatever there is. So atma and Paramatma – the spirit and the super spirit. So if you can not make one spirit happy, then how the super spirit going to be happy? Go step by step. It is not I’m absolutely against religion but our subject is yoga and that is the only spiritual thing I know.

Q: but to know our spirit why should we live with family instead of living alone?

Guruji: you will need to be alone from time to time. Everybody needs his or hers space. You can not be with people all the time. You need to have your private space also you need to communicate with other spirits. What are your family members? The other spirits. What is society? All behavior of the spirits everywhere. You can not say – this is a worldly thing and this is spiritual thing; where you will draw the line? You remove spirit – dead body can not behave, dead body can’t do business, dead body  can’t love. Always remember: it is the spirit inside your body, which is doing everything, experiencing everything. Communicating with others also means spirit-to-spirit communication. Of course, you will need to be alone from time to time to recover from stress which communication may bring. But communication with friends and with very open-minded person will actually give you a lot of strength and energy and understanding will also come. So just open your heart and that’s it.

Q: but it is possible to spend all your life in communication with other spirits without any progress

Guruji: until unless some competent person is dare to guide you. But I see so much approach from the western – “I will do it, I can do that” etc., – everybody needs guidance from time to time. I would like to ask any person that is saying “ I know enough to do that” – was he in a situation to decide which school he will go? Or did he started to learn on his own? Everybody needed help. So there is no harm for asking for help. Just you need to find a competent man or woman who can teach you. Oh, don’t look at me so, I’m not competent enough, I’m just putnik on the way to spirituality, so be my sputnik – let’s discover things together. Followers are dangerous people. Friendly travelers is always welcome. From the startrek: to go, where no one has go before!

…nowhere in the books. It will be absolutely different experience. If somebody will even describe it, then what you will understand? That’s the point.

Q: it’s very individual?

Guruji: it is individual as well as collective also. Because spirits are in everybody – from the smallest of virus to a blue whale.

Q: the viruses also has spirits?

Guruji: of course. There is Vasudeva in the viruses also. Vasudeva is everywhere.

It’s very profound thing – he will comment because he’s expert in that. Look at all indian temples: the dome above the temple  is look like a breast of a woman. Why it is so? Because inside a heart of a woman god really lives. So they have tried to inactive outside like that. The cavity of the heart when god lives is always dark, there is no electricity, and the particular power of the deity is really there. Then above it they create the statue which everybody can see – but inside the heart it remains close for others. And a dome is like a breast. That’s why it is said in India, that you ever must worship the woman, because god really lives inside their heart. Nowhere else you can find this concept. And to win the woman’s heart is nearly impossible.

I’ve seen it only one time in Benares – and she was quite an old lady – nearly 76 or 77. But no matter who come to her – the man or a child – the milk was coming out of her breast. And when she saw a person – I don’t tell you his name – suddenly her blouse became wet. She was the embodiment of mother. Just looking at the person the milk comes. It was motherly love, spiritually love – something. But that is an expression of a woman. A woman is the mother. She was very high spiritually. I think she was Bengali.

If you go deeply to the origin of the word soul – it means “ which is bound in death”. Nobody is talking about spirit. And when you are surrendering your soul to the certain god, when you’re receiving baptism, that means that you are allowing that particular religion to do things with your dead body. So they may control your spirit. I think soul and body are one and the same. When we use a word we should also go to enough research to find out the exact meaning of that particular word. Assuming something that it will be like that will be always misleading. And in Christianity there is a term – “holy ghost”. Who is holy ghost?

Q: the death is meaning for the new birth?

Guruji: quotation from “Dracula untold”: why distinguish one life from another, when the next is just a continuation from the last? Movies are great teachers.

Q: what is your opinion – heaven and hell – are they exist?

Guruji: there is no description, where the women will go. All the description of heaven and hell are for men. what is idea of a woman’s paradise? Not a single religion all over the world describes what happen with the woman after she dies and where she goes.

Q: but in Islamic tradition it is said that if you will die being a virgin – you will be guriya in heaven?

Guruji: and every bad smelling mulla could use you. I think it is hell.

I think every religion is out to control a woman. In vedic times the women have rights, but after avraamic religion’s invasion even nowadays they are discussing – have the women a soul or not. But women are very powerful. They are already realized and men must working hard( smiling)

As long as blood is flowing in everybody’s veins – the influence of woman is always there. So that’s why we need to go into Samadhi to stop the flow of the blood for some time.

I think we need to discover love first. Only then live together. Or maybe that’s why men go to heaven because they go through hell when they were living with the woman here – so they don’t need to go to hell anymore and the heaven is waiting for them. But without blessing of the woman man is just a sperm.

Just a transformation of the woman, so they can play. When they were all inside the mother for three months we were all girls. All men were girls for three months – that is what doctors saying. So our career was started as girls and then we change form, so the play of creation will continue. All the males including human are have nipples and there is one animal who has no female signs – that is horse. Absolute pure male.

We have not creating monks, we are just teaching you yoga. So your mind will open and you’ll have your own decision. But a discussion about man and woman are very depressing topic.

Scientific knowledge: one gram of your genome is carrying more than four billions gigabytes of information. So this is billions and billions gigabytes of information is stored in everybody. So your body is like a book or a computer. And a book is not aware what is written inside, only the reader knows. Only the spirit knows, what information is there and what a story is written here. When it will read – it will go. The emotions are just the reflections of your genetic condition. What else? All the stories is written in genome. It is like samskaras.

Q: but Kriya yoga can change it?

Guruji: it can give you enough ability to keep writing interesting stories so the spirit will continue to read. Like the 1001 nights.

Q: and when the story ends?

Guruji: the spirit will go.

Q: when the person, who practicing Kriya yoga, starts to write his own story?

Guruji: it takes a long time.

Q: only after achieving Samadhi?

Guruji: it is just the beginning of the story.

Q: but now we are have different reactions, different mood and different emotions – all is so much changed while practicing yoga; is it mean that we change our story?

Guruji: you’re discovering your own mind, your own consciousness. Now your story became more interesting. What is life? The path from point A to B. it’s up to you, how you will go – you can run from A to B, you can sing all the way from A to B and you can also dance and sing on the way from A to B – that is your choice. You have to go from A to В – why not make it interesting?

Q: you can’t change the final destination – it will be В anyway?

Guruji: you can change, if you develop enough. You start from the point A to reach B, but when you reach В – you cut and go forward. That’s it.

Somebody recently asks me, what is the difference between sex and making love. The answer is very simple that any man and woman or boy and girl – any person can make sex but only lovers can make love. And that difference will always remain.

Q: what is the difference between know the technic and mastering it?

Guruji: very simple: you take the masterpiece of any great painter – you try to analyze it – what is it: canvas, pigment, some tints – that’s it. But what is real? The beauty expressed –  there the deep thing, that is real. That is art. Technics are everywhere; how you express yourself with that  – this is the important thing. This is what we are trying to do.

I’ve never see any porn so far. And what I hear – I don’t want to see.

Q: but god is seeing porn everywhere in the world.

Guruji: he is trying to discover love among all the sex. This is what he is trying to find out. Genuine lovers are making love, not sex.

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