Darshans 2017#14


Q: is it true that mercury is used to amplify the vibrations of the spirit?

Guruji: mercury is the semen of Shiva and it can take you the very long way. It may amplify the vibrations of the spirit, make it more wiser and even the consciousness of the spirit will expand. Mercury can help you to harmonize your body vibrations with your spirit vibrations. This must be happen.

Q: you said that after Samadhi all desires will disappear?

Guruji: yes; until unless there is very good preparation and guidance. If your Guru has guided you very well – then you will continue to experience Samadhi more and more and the different desires will begin.

Q: but maybe sometimes you feel – you have no desires?

Guruji: most of the time.

Q: how You make yourself to do something?

Guruji: I spend my mornings not doing anything. When I eat lunch – suddenly I’m ok and ready to face the world.

Q: it’s like pure depression?

Guruji: no, depression is the result of unfulfilled desires. Having no desires is differ from unfulfilled desires.

Q: when I’m extremely tired – I have no desire even to live?

Guruji: that is the reaction of tiredness. I think I’m never get tired. Even though – my routine will tire many athletes also. If you’re following the hard routine – then you have some stories to tell. It also gives you a chance to boast from time to time. Whole routine maintain entertainment. I’ve seen old yogis or saints or sadhus – the main problem they failed to establish a definite routine. Because the went a little bit higher in their consciousness so they lost desire for physicality  – and you see the result on their bodies. I observe it in the beginning. Exercise is the only antidote for this. Physical exercise is very-very much needed – which I’m doing religiously. Suicide is not good idea – it’s like run away from army: you cannot escape.

Q: creator created very unfair game

Guruji: that’s why hindus not worshipping him. We simply cannot worship somebody who made so many mistakes. What do you can – nothing.

It might be indication: you have to expand your consciousness so you will finally realize – what is nothing. Nothing means no thing, something beyond things, material things – so more certain things will come. Search for nothing!

Q: the source of desires and the source of thoughts is the same?

Guruji: original desires are genuine; but as you’re live in family and you’re live in society – most of your desires are just the reaction. Most of the desires are the reactions of seeing something, or comparing yourself with someone or facing some situation. If you will no react – no desire will come.

Original desires are very simple – live well, have love, maybe family, good house – that’s it.

Q: when original desires become boring?

Guruji: original desires will always remain intact, they will never bore you out. But the reactionary desires will bore you very soon. It is not a sin to have desires: it will give you some motives to live and to do and achieve something. Desire, see and achieve that.

Q: but it’s never ending?

Guruji: if anything has an end – then it’s boring. Endless thing is much more mysterious, adventure is there – you go on and on. You can always sit down by the road side and watch people going by. It will help you pass the time anyway.

Q: but then we achieve nothing, just observing?

Guruji: achieve no thing is the most important achievement. Why worry about things – let’s look beyond things. From that moment the consciousness of the Void will begin. Material things is Brahma himself – so look beyond.

Every incarnation will bring you to different emotionally state, different situation, different problem, different fulfillments of your desires, different happinesses. Every incarnation will help you in evolving further.

Q: why do we strive to live no incarnation?

Guruji: we never say it – it’s only sadhus preach of it. In Gita Krishna saying – I was taking so many births and you were taking so many births – I remember, you no. If someone has the problems for taking many births – why should we have problems? Every new birth gives you new adventures.

Q: how it corresponds with Gita which tells the beauty of living without new birth?

Guruji: you will continue to incarnate on this planet until you actually achieve the most perfect physical body; then the chance to become immortal will be there.

Q: what is criteria of perfect body here?

Guruji: there are 32 different signs on the body – shape etc. there is a place in Ramayana where Hanuman is talking with Sita in Ravana’s place and to prove that he’s from Rama he describes Rama from head to foot. That description is of perfect body. You must read it.

Q: could practice of Kriya yoga change the body?

Guruji: I will say yes, because in last 34 years I observe that shape of my body, shape of my head is different. It may not be towards perfection but something changes the body.

Q: it’s only physical criteria?

Guruji: body is an expression of your mind.

I think the best situation – not be perfect and not be imperfect – somewhere in the middle.

The memories and experience of Samadhi always remains with you. It will become part of you. Not many yoga instructors and yogic gurus are talking about Samadhi, – except my disciples and I’m always discussing.

Q: is it savikalpa or nirvikalpa?

Guruji: Samadhi is Samadhi.

Q: are You going into Samadhi and going out – or it’s always stay with You?

Guruji: the experience after some time stay with you. It becomes very difficult to draw a line after many-many samadhis.



Q: this material world is the body of Brahma?

Guruji: brahma in my opinion is your mind and Earth might be having its own mind. Everything has consciousness.

Q: in the preface of Gita Shiva is the body of Time, Vishnu of  the Void…

Guruji: I think it’s a different combination; matter – it is very difficult to give a certain form tо matter. From micro to macro it is everywhere. From the particle to the biggest galaxies, stars and planets. How you’re going to imagine matter in its totality? If such a gross thing we’re unable to visualize – then water impossible, it has no form also. Fire also – and these are gross things that you cannot see but our life depends on it. Akash you can’t even touch or see. We cannot visualize such gross things – and the spirit suppose to be beyond these five.

Q: so vayu sharira and spirit are different things?

Guruji: vayu and akash are two elements and the spirit is inside them.

Having out of the body experience is not so important. One day everybody will have it finally. The main experience is inside the body experience for a very long time.

Q: it exist the silver cord between body and spirit?

Guruji: I’ve read about it in western books but never saw it myself. Maybe some energy takes the visible form. Never seen it.

Q: how to translate the word darshan?

Guruji: you see something or someone and it means philosophy also.

Q: and what is vimarsha?

Guruji: vichara vimarsha means changing the thoughts. To think on different thoughts is vichara vimarsha.

Q: I still could not understand the difference between akarma and vikarma?

Guruji: akarma means when you’re achieve the result of your karma and you don’t need to do karma anymore to achieve anything – that is the state of akarma. No more work. Vikarma means which will not give you any result, what will make you go down: that is vikarma.

Q: if the gods are powerful spirits – how they spirits can evolve, they experience Samadhi?

Guruji: there are many ways to become powerful in spirit’s world. To please certain god and take their favor – you will get his support; but yogis always remain separate. Not every god is practicing yoga, remember that. If god is not considering you – why you want to consider god? They are like democratic leaders – the more followers you have the more power you will feel.

The name is Krishn, not Krishna – otherwise it becomes a female name. I don’t know, why Krishn became Krishna, yog became yoga, Ram became Rama etc.

Q: how Your surname can be translated?

Guruji: Sharma means shraman – who has heard wise things from great people. Who listens to the great people. Technically you can called be shishya shraman – you’re disciples and you’re listening.

Q: what do You think about Ashok?

Guruji: he just killed hundred thousand people in that war and repulse all the blood of the dead bodies. He became Buddhist after that. It was 2000 years before. He also killed 99 of his brothers to become a king. His kingdom was the biggest of that time.

Q: You’re always telling interesting stories?

Guruji: it helps pass the time. Too much truth is not good for health and its become boring also. Half-truth is the best. To tolerate truth – we’re practicing yoga. We will become strong enough to tolerate the final truth. You’re always telling the truth?

Q: when I was in one temple I said that I have no money

Guruji: god never ask you for money. It is the priest and middle men – they keep asking.

To understand all these you need the highly developed mind and the very big power of discrimination. Great intelligence – all took together. Also you should be forceful like Hulk Hogan to coup of the situation.

I think the old wrestlers had more charisma then nowadays. You remember Ramon Razor? Find him – he was the most stylish looking wrestler of that times.

Q: some time ago you told that the criteria of the development of the consciousness in the physical world is the capacity to earn money?

Guruji: it’s just one of the expressions – but it is just very limited expression of your consciousness. The main criteria is how much you can understand life, how much you’re able to care of your loved ones and if you’re loved by others. Developed consciousness command this.

…consciousness of any person will bring him lots of love from others – admiration also, appreciation also.

Q: but where is a lot of love – there is a lot of hate?

Guruji: only jealous people – but inside their heart they will also like him and appreciate him. That’s a beauty of highly developed consciousness.

Q: but if we take the evil characters from comics like dr.No – they also have developed consciousness?

Guruji: their consciousness were developed for destructive purposes and nobody loves them – they afraid of them, they fear them and hated them also. Even more higher consciousness commands lots of love. Everybody loves to read about James Bond, but dr.No – just another villain James Bond faced. His consciousness was also destructive but in the very constructive way.

It will surprise you but I’m not talking with the maids making lunch for last 22 years. My sister trained them so the things keep rotating on their own.



Q: why Dronacharya – such a great being, great warrior and magician, could not create the peaceful situation..

Guruji: peaceful situation is extremely boredom. We need some activity to occupy this.

Q: he was the real friend of king Drupada?

Guruji: when they were students they were friends.

Q: so he deliberately create the situation of that war?

Guruji: it was the arrogance of Drupada, which was the root of this conflict. When you’re a warrior – you will become arrogant after some time, when you killed many.

Q: but Dronacharya could create the kingdom himself?

Guruji: you see – that’s the beauty of brahmins: they were almighty powerful but they still chose to live most humble situation to keep their ego in balance. This was the challenge from the beginning. He was might enough to do it and he was my ancestor.

Q: is it possible situation that Arjuna avoid the battle?

Guruji: he was trained all his life for battle. It was just the emotional outburst for the short time – he was preparing for this battle all his life. Just before starting he supposed to have some emotions, nothing much.

Q: when Arjuna saw Krishna in the form of the whole Universe – he was in Samadhi state?

Guruji: no, he just said – I’ll giving you the divine eyes so you can see my form – that’s it. It was grace from Krishna, not Samadhi.

In India mother is considered as first Guru of everyone, father is second. Then the spiritual Guru comes.

Q: what was the reason for going to hell for Pandavas?

Guruji: every king goes to hell for some time.

Q: but they don’t reside there?

Guruji: how much is some time – we don’t know. Duryodhana rose directly to heaven because he was killed by a weapon in the battle. Arjuna and all Pandavas didn’t die in a battle with weapon – they died of starvation and exertion. it’s  very different story.

Bhishma was one of the ruler of one of directions of Earth, Vasu. His Guru was Parashurama, his mother was river Ganges – he was divine person. Without his will nobody could kill him also – he was very powerful.

Q: and Parashurama killed all Kshatriyas?

Guruji: 21 times.

Q: Bhishma was kshatriy or Brahmin?

Guruji: he was beyond that. He was sort of kshatriy – but he was half divine. Parashurama was his Guru – he never taught Kshatriyas, but he accepted Bhishma as disciple. Parashurama is immortal and now he’s waiting for Kalki appearing – he will be his Guru. He will give him more knowledge of celestial weapons and other things – the secret of immortality as well. Then Ashwatthaman and Kripacharya will assist Kalki. This is the story – he will kill all the bad persons in entire face of Earth, give the Earth to brahmins and go back to do some tapas. If such a person will become immortal  – the earthlings will remain disciplined all the time. Main work of Parashurama is to teach or give weapons to avatars: he gave weapons to Krishna and Balarama also, he gave his mighty bow to Rama also – his work is different.

Q: You said that everything what human could take – he take from the nature; what about magic weapons have used in Mahabharata times?

Guruji: again – they were a different type of control over nature. They were subdivided by power of different elements; even now we can create artificial rains – and they could create anything like weapons. It is good it’s over now.

One of my archeologist disciple brought me a stone tool from the stone age; it was a very big surprise – the tool was very small and the stone was so hard – it could scratch the glass. And exact impression of the thumb and index finger – you could hold it easily and do some fine work. It was looking like it was cut with the laser. Maybe the stone man was not like we imagine – maybe they were highly evolved people? Maybe they evolved to that level they can choose to live with the nature?

Q: maybe some other higher race guided that cave men?

Guruji: it’s possible. Most of the origin tribes in India living like cave men – they never mix up with the society people. They always survive. Highly developed civilizations came and disappeared – but aborigines tribes continue to survive. We must learn how to survive from them. Consider the cave paintings: how they can create such colors that still looking fresh? Now we can’t create such paints and colors, which will lasts thousands of years.

We have the photos of this place from 1871. Water in this pond was very low – and now it is overflowing. My question is – from where this extra water is coming?

Q: maybe from the ice of North Pole – they are melting now?

Guruji: could be that. Or maybe Earth is changing the combination of the 5 elements. Somebody told me that it’s a very big lake of water inside the Earth core – before we all think that it’s only lava there. Maybe that “Journey to the center of Earth” was true. Whenever you make a hole in the ground – sooner or later you will find water, all over the Earth.

Q: what do You think – it was always the water inside or it’s new coming thing?

Guruji: I think water was always inside the Earth. But the level of water is increasing more and more. Start to prepare – build a boat.

Q: I think it’s not a first time – Apocalypse flood?

Guruji: no. I think the flood comes every time Mother Earth decides to take a shower.

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