Darshans 2017#9


The weather was perfect but with his coming(Shibendu Lahiri) fog and cold came. He said sorry to me. He was holding my hand and inviting me to Benares. It was his fifth visit. All this was big surprise for me. He avoided direct questions.

Q: every new skill make a new neuron connection in our brain…

Guruji: but then there is a limit for learning skills. How many skills you have continued to learn? If you live for 1000 years – than maybe.

Q: I’ve read that in some kind of tantric initiation the disciple is throwing the flower to Shiva’s statue; if it reaches the upper half of the body – Guru teaches him Shiva’s mantra, otherwise – Shakti mantra?

Guruji: I think those Guru who can not decide what to teach his disciples – it’s just an entertainment.

Q: how the male yogi can get woman’s energy in his practice?

Guruji: to get the woman’s energy is the question of the day. You can get a woman – but the energy of a woman is impossible to get. I think if you really care of that woman and in turn that woman really loves you and cares about you – then it will enhance your practice, no doubt about it.

Q: the mental level is important?

Guruji: if you love her and she loves you – who cares about the mental level? She must be open- minded – then you will feel more comfortable in her presence.

Q: so the man and woman must have the same interests – like yoga, for example?

Guruji: it’s not a question of the same interests – it’s a question of the open mind and open heart. They should feel good and happy together and the feeling of genuine friendship should also be there. Sharing yoga interests is not a criteria. If mind is open – they will share each other consciousness also.

I think to win – or let’s say to be the part of the woman’s heart is a very difficult achievement for any man.

Q: I think it’s great achievement for a woman also?

Guruji: probably. But most of the questions comes from the men. Men are more fragile and sometimes women are emotionally stronger than men. Women are delivering men – and pass most of bad emotions on them and keep the good ones themselves.(laughing)

It looks like a play of Shakti all the time. Shakti is playing and takes the form of a man. The fetus for the first three months is a girl; then the transformation comes and it suppose to be become a man. Many of the greatest of the yogis and the saints – realized saints saying that there is only one man in creation that is Shiva. Everybody else is just a female. It’s very simple, because man’s body is created from the woman’s body – so they are women then. No big difference. It is Shakti playing entertain herself. There is only one man – no one else. Just to pass the time for Shakti to  entertain her in any way she loves – so this game of duality begins.

Q: she created Ganesh also and he is a man?

Guruji: yes, but he was created from her also – even not from the body

Q: what about that people who’re going to the mountains or sadhu who live without the women?

Guruji: they’re living with the woman – the spirit is supposed to be a female gender. The word “spirit “ is of female gender in grammatical point of view. No matter wherever you live – you will always be with a woman: Mother Earth is supposed to be the female – you cannot escape.

Q: I remember that you were telling that chai is Shakti; is it good replacement of a woman for a yogi?

Guruji: chai – of course, why not? But a woman will always remain important. When a man brings you chai – feeling is different. But when a woman is bringing you chai – feeling is better.

Q: to fulfill spiritual desire – and you will be always loved?

Guruji: every desire man is saying is spiritual( laughing) to bring the spirit in the physical world

Q: what if you are in relations with some woman but because your mind is mostly on this –  you practice becomes worse? What to do?

Guruji: this is the real test for the man and real yogi. You should be brave and bold. I will say – when it is good relationship with the woman, she is really supports  a man and she has certain signs physically also – it enhance your practice to a very high level. From the beginning.

Q: what is physical signs?

Guruji: search for that.

Q: maybe it’s easier to say “no” and continue to do practice like it was before?

Guruji: don’t be so afraid. Having woman as a friend will not stop your progress. But if she is always nagging you, shouting at you and creating unnecessary argument – then it is a problem.




…it is something beyond diamond body. It’s specially self-created body with the help of the Guru, who knows about these things.

Q: what was the purpose?

Guruji: they can live for billions of years. To get such knowledge and wisdom which is otherwise impossible.

Q: it will needed procedure of Kalki avatar?

Guruji: what we read in our books – he will be immortal after he kill all the bad person. He will be known in 21st century. When they are talking about immortal being – even mentioning the century is enough. Parashurama will be his Guru, and Ashwatthama and Kripacharya will support him. He will finish all the bad people whoever they are and it is written that he will donate all the land to brahmins – then he will go to do tapas and be immortal. If such a dangerous person will remain immortal  – the Earth will remain disciplined. Forever and ever.

Q: how we should understand brahmins in that context?

Guruji: the righteous people.

Q: for what aim the immortal being could do tapas?

Guruji: he will think things we can even not imagine. He will think things that only immortal person can do.

Q: but he will kill such great number of people?

Guruji: destroy. That is as good as kill. Warriors and heroes are experts in killing.

Q: he is Shiva avatar?

Guruji: when Hanuman was telling me this he use the word Parabrahma Parameshwar avatar. And he will not work with public opinion. Rather absolutely against it.

Q: it exists some opposing force?

Guruji: nothing is written about someone opposing him.

Q: so the battle will be quick

Guruji: one sided – just destruction, that’s it.

I have the different opinion about it. The person, who is so weak that he is capable of no killing or not even defending himself will always have the violent thoughts. And the person who is very powerful and is capable of killing anyone – his mind will be very calm and quiet. Not many violent thoughts will enter his mind because his capacity he knows. It doesn’t mean that you refrain from killing – no, violent thoughts should enter your mind, that is the main thing.

Q: what do You think about ahimsa – why it’s very needed for a yogi, to have this discipline?

Guruji: yogis are very powerful beings – here I will say something about ahimsa; a person who is very weak – physically, mentally- if he’s facing the situation he will smiling go away but in his mind he will continuously have violent thoughts about the person. Let this person die, let him go away, let he will be sick and all unimaginable things. But if a person is very strong and very powerful, who is capable of doing anything, even killing someone – he will rarely have very violent thoughts, because his capacity he knows. It all depends on your physical power, mental power and spiritual power. Only a powerful person can exercise ahimsa. It’s not a tool for the weak. After becoming a yogi you maybe will understand it. In the beginning what we understand – nothing. Yoga will always remain a great mystery.

Q: but yama and niyama must be in the beginning?

Guruji: it is not the beginning – they start with Samadhi, describing Samadhi. This was the style of the ancient rishi – first they will discuss the result then the process. Yama and niyama are also achievements of the yogi. He start with the results – and then the six steps, they are the process. Gorakhnath and all the great yogis starts only with these six – asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana and others. They never even discuss yama and niyama. It’s not confusion, it’s rather an achievement.

Q: but control of the mind?

Guruji: I’ve just told you that you should first understand your emotions and your mind. This controlling is the basic human nature and which leads to problems. It’s better to make your mind your friend and he will follow your adventures.

Q: but control is needed?

Guruji: no, only friendship is needed. You see – you’re my friend: if I say to you – please, bring me a cup of chai – you’re not my servant, I’m not controlling you, but I’m sure that you bring me a cup of chai. And the same is with your mind, but this is no control. And if I say that I control you, quickly bring me chai – definitely some rebellion will come. YOU CANNOT CONTROL WHAT YOU NOT UNDERSTAND. You need to understand your emotions, your consciousness, your mind and develop them also to very great height; then you will understand that no control is necessary.

Q: it’s like a 6th chapter of Gita – when Arjuna is saying that mind is so powerful?

Guruji: he said – the mind is fickle. It’s very difficult to make it steady. But my opinion is different then Arjun. I say mind – the basic nature of mentally state; when you’re trying to supply to your mind something that your mind doesn’t like – he will try to run away from that. But if your mind like something – he will immediately concentrate on that. You need to understand your mind – that’s why I keep saying that. Arjuna’s mind was very fickle – he was preparing all his life to kill all his family so he will gain all the property and the kingdom. Suddenly Krishna was telling him about yoga – his mind was running away from that.

Q: maybe his mind was switched to yoga instead of killing people?

Guruji: he was never  able to switch to yoga. He never tried.

Q: but Krishna was telling him to concentrate?

Guruji: actually Krishna was telling us. He just found the cause because it’s going to be recorded – Sanjay was seeing it, Vyasa was aware of it. Let’s give something for the future generations. He was sure that Arjun will not remember anything of it. It was for us. He was going to killing someone and you will stop him and say all this about life and death and yoga – how he is going to react? Maybe he will give another kill for free.



 Q: You said that only with the help of apana prana remains inside the body?

Guruji: yes, that’s true. You’re alive because of apana – it keeps pulling prana again and again with every breath. Prana is trying to run away, but apana pulling it back.

Q: Yoga Vishaya by Matsyendranath: prana, apana, samana, udana and vyana with the five forces of action are forming the Kriya Shakti?

Guruji: of course, Kriya Shakti is whatever you’re able to do.

Q: but five upapranas together with the five devices of knowledge are forming Gyana Shakti?

Guruji: yes, these are like involuntary actions. Usually we have not much control over it. They are forming the Gyan because they are keeping the body in running condition. Only by gaining the certain type of control over them you will be able to control the involuntary actions of your body.

Q: how dhananjaya connects with sound?

Guruji: the resonance inside your skull. Whatever you’re talking is resonating inside your skull. It’s affecting your cerebral fluid also and it is directly affecting your brain at the same time. That’s why “OM” is vibrating inside your skull and create some different changes in your brain. I’m sure nobody told you this before – that by using certain sounds you can create resonance inside your skull which will bring about definite changes in your cerebral fluid, which will directly influence your brain – and the brain will begin to develop, you will have superconscious state of mind. This is amazing thing – I’m hearing it myself first time(laughing).

Q: at first we achieve Samadhi and after this develop chakras or vice versa?

Guruji: I think chakras will begin to develop after Samadhi. It’s continuous process. I will quote Lahiri Mahasaya here and I think this is the ultimate statement from him: after 4400 samadhis the mental state becomes something different. I think only this much can be said about it. The process has already begun so it will reach certain results. Carry on!

Q: what is the function of the chakras?

Guruji: they are like power junctions. When they are develop – the energy passes through and the consciousness flows. This is the only way to awake your subconscious mind.

Kundalini is much more deeper than 3’5 coils. Every human body is 3’5 hand measure. Almost 3’5 matras – you must go much deeper than that. The coil of Kundalini may represent your physical body also, the different formations and pronunciations “OM” also which creates extraordinary resonance and vibration inside your brain – they all are connected. Only Gorakhath is talking about 8 coils – when it is going up it is moving in different patterns. With 8 coils 8 siddhi may come. It’s state before second awakening.

Q: the rising Kundalini pierce the chakras and takes the vital breath to the moon sphere; this is the cause of crossing vajras and closing of the nine doors?

Guruji: it is sort of the description of Yoni mudra. It takes place then, especially when you’re doing it in siddhasana.

Q: why you don’t recommend to lying on your back on yoga classes?

Guruji: Lying on your back is for going into suspended animation – then it works. When you practicing asanas – then you lie down face down: it will relax you more. But when you’re going into suspended animation – then shavasana will be suggested.

Q: it is more suitable for suspended animation even more then padmasana?

Guruji: if you’re going into suspended animation for a long time – 3-4 days or even more – then. For 2-3 hours padmasana is the best.

Q: what body position is the best for sleep?

Guruji: any way where you feel comfortable. Don’t listen somebody’s opinion – listen to your body and it will tell you what is more comfortable.

Q: and direction to the side is important?

Guruji: I like to sleep my head towards to the north. Very deep sleep comes. Towards east is also good.

Q: Guruji, you were telling that if you’re lying on your back after practice – you will grow old faster?

Guruji: much faster. Shavasana is the dead man’s pose – and old age is connected with death. Be careful that. Only if you’re going into suspended animation: then your ageing stops – it’s different thing.

Q: when I was in army – I noticed when I’m sleeping on the back – I become more aggressive and ready to fight?

Guruji: the whole training in army are doing for that – to make you more aggressive and ready to fight and kill. It is not connected with position in your sleep.


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