The whole life he was asking – who am I? I’m not understand it. Only a person who was brought up to the orphanage like an orphan will continue to ask this question – who am I? if you know your mother and your father and your kula – you won’t have to ask “who am I?” this is India. If you will just sit quiet here in Govardhan without talking – in the beginning people will laugh at you, mock at you, provoke you: but if you continue sit in silent- food will start coming your way, some money will start coming your way, you will have some devotee also, someone start pray to you.

Q: that is the difference between India and Christianity: there you can be declared as saint only after death.

Guruji: because only after death it is guarantee – he will commit no sin. While living it is always a chance for the next moment. India is different: you can be the saint during lifetime. You have to prove your holiness. Even if you start to use all kind of bad words – different devotees will come to you. They will count the number of bad words are used and come gamble on that. India is great.

As a yogi – now in a serious note – how you will actually assess Ramana Maharshi?

Q: before coming to you I read many of his books

Guruji: according to kula, kulachara of yogis: a person without Guru is not considered as a yogi. No Guru – that’s a point. There is a word for them: nigura – without Guru.

  • Helpful advice

When it rains – peacocks are dancing on the roof. Some of them using glass as a mirror and start to fight with themselves. Here I will tell you the secret: you collect the droppings of the peacock, dry them, made a small things – and they will solve your any stomach problem.

Q: and how to recognize peacock’s shit from others?

Guruji: follow them. It’s very fiery thing; it’s said that peacocks could digest every poison. It’s extremely digestive thing. Dry it, then make a powder and then take a pinch of it.

Q: is it available on market?

Guruji: no, you have to collect it. I’ve seen sometimes: when the stomach of my dogs is upset – they eat it. And suddenly they feel very good.

    This is usually practice of hindu sadhus, who are sitting in public places and try to draw attention, especially non-indians. You have to be very careful with them. Even if they give you some amulet – be very careful. Put it in water somewhere. If he give you something – you will continue to remember that baba. It’s psychological trick. The real sadhu never sit in the cave in public place where tourists are going. Be careful: many magical things are involve in it, like vashikarana – you will continue to think on him. As a Guru and well-wisher this is my duty to say: always be very careful. It’s psychological thing: you will see that amulet – you will memorize him, you will take ash from him – you will remember him, and when you will come back to India again – you will come to visit him. And some dollars will flow.

The person, whose kula is not known to you, whose address is not known to you – always be careful with him.


It is very easy to control your temptations when you’re old. The difficult thing is to find them.

This is extremely difficult to agree that I’m myself. Most of them are trying to be someone else. I’m that, He is me; but I’m me. That is good enough for me. Maybe this is the most subtle play of the ego that I’m not the simple man – I’m god.


Q: if we compare yoga discipline with some other discipline: in yoga we must have Guru parampara and the body of the practice?

Guruji: if you are a yogi, you will have to follow the discipline. And without parampara it’s nothing.

Q: you hear about Subramuniya Swami?

Guruji: that’s why so many Russians asks ne about Shaivism. A person without a Guru is not under consideration. This is yogic thing.

Monk with the key is monkey. It’s different name for customers in ashrams: they are called devotees.

Q: now are so popular the seminars about how women should behave according vedas?

Guruji: if women start to behave like in vedic times – they will have to live topless. Like in Ramayana – they have only the down thing and maybe some flowers – that’s it. But in winter time it will be very difficult. In vedic times it was no cold: it’s not describe anywhere – not in Christianity, Judaism or islam – nowhere cold and ice are described. Maybe the vedic time was tropical time. In no indian book snow is described.

Q: you’re planning to give commentaries on Brahma Sutras?

Guruji: it depends on discussion. Some scholars also went through discussion on Brahma Sutras. For me it’s very easy to finish it in 4-5 days. Let the time come – we will do it.

In one poem Gorakhnath said that big belly and big butts are the sure sign that the person not meet a true Guru.

There are not many yogic paramparas around the world. Our is maybe the prominent once. Even in our parampara there are some fakes now, but at least parampara is there.

Q: in parampara Shiva is the first?

Guruji: yes, Shiva, Jalandhar Nath, Matsyendranath , then Gorakhnath – 2 lineages started. But only our parampara traces its roots back to Shiva. Most ancient parampara of yogis. Kriya Yoga parampara is the only one parampara in yoga. Not other single parampara is coming to my mind.

Q: and that one: from Bharthari to Atmanath?

Guruji: again, origin is from Shiva. Shiva – Matsyendranath – Gorakhnath – Bharthari – Atmanath; and there are more than 24 names in that parampara.

Q: but we have a great number of philosophers, doctors…


Guruji: anyone can talk philosophically. What is philosophy? You continue to talk for 50 years without reaching any conclusion – that thing is called philosophy.


Q: I hear that  Osho was the champion on debates in India?

Guruji: actually he never debated face to face with anyone. He was just giving lectures, and in his own lectures he was challenging so many people but nobody came to him. He never went to somebody to discuss. There is no debate; I don’t think there is any recorded debate where Osho went and debated with someone. He was sitting in one place, in the beginning he was moving around and the big crowds were gathering for his lectures. He was talking in the very good way – very entertaining, there were some deep thoughts in his talks, but there was no face to face debate. Another point: no Guru also. First he was Acharya Radjnish, then he became Bhagavan Rajnish, then – Osho. It is name in Japanese for some master or genie. And the Guru’s name of Devraha Baba is also not known.

Q: what do you think – he did some rituals to attain some siddhi?

Guruji: he may have done something, but again – parampara is missing. No Guru. It is not a yoga discipline. It creates sensation, everybody loves to watch magic.

Q: I don’t understand why philosophers are writing commentaries on yoga texts? Vivekananda, Osho…

Guruji: Vivekananda never wrote the comments to Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and there were some lectures on Yoga Sutras in America. He was the first sannyasi, who went to this religious conference, then he became very famous in India because to become famous aboard was very big thing. In my opinion, Vivekananda was the most impressive looking sannyasi of India. I’ve never see anyone equal to him. He stands upon, he’s the most handsome and impressive looking sannyasi. And he has great knowledge also, and I’m sure  – his Guru’s blessings was on him and Kali’s blessings was. And Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Guru’s name is known to us. He was Tota Puri, naga sadhu.

Q: he achieved Samadhi state?

Guruji: it was granted to him by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. There is no doubt about their greatness. There was one big land owner, she was called queen – Rani Rasmani. She was not of the high caste, but she had enough money and she was like a queen. She wanted to make a temple of Kali. But there was a technical problem, that as a lower caste she can’t build a temple. So she was searching around and her son-in-law – Mathura prabhu, was able to contact the elder brother of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa – very great scholar and a pandit of that area. He told her a way, how to make Kali temple without any problems. He said – you just build the temple in the name of your Kula Guru, which was a very technical thing, – and she did it successfully. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was showing the symptoms of bhava Samadhi from very early childhood. He were going to bhava even in the age of 4-5. And the blood brother did some conditions that he will continue to be the main priest and his descendants will be continue to be the main priests of the temple. She was agree – and I think, they are still there. When he came to the temple to take charge of all the pujas – Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was also brought with him. That tells me, that he was the very great devotee of Kali. And maybe for his final attainment Kali herself arranged everything for Ramakrishna Paramahamsa to attain perfectioning devotion. Absolute new temple – everything were created for Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. It is the very important observation, because as I was telling you a story about that woodcutter,  – that situation was created for him. Same situation was created for Ramakrishna Paramahamsa – it was an ancient cremation grounds near and absolute new temple of Kali came up, and the Guru also came to him. Two Gurus came: it was one woman, brahmani, she was the great knower of tantras – she taught him tantras and helped him; and then Tota Puri maharaj came – he granted him a miracle Samadhi. Kali arranged everything for Ramakrishna Paramahamsa – that is enough for me to say that he was the one of the greatest devotees of Kali of that time.

Q: for me it’s very look like your situation: when yogin achieves Rudra granthi – smashan coming to him?

Guruji: I will be very happy if it is true. Somehow it looks similar.

But I say – comparatively it is easier to please the Mother, to please the Father is a big problem. It’s not easy to please the Father.

Q: Guruji, what do you think about Aurobindo?

Guruji: he was the very great yogi, and I will also compare him with Paramahamsa Yogananda. Aurobindo Ghosh, and Paramahamsa Yogananda’s family name was Mukunda Lal Ghosh – they were both Ghosh. And two Ghosh died near the same time and both their bodies remain without any changes for a long time; Yogananda’s body was there for 21 days, and Aurobindo’s body remain more than hundred hours: and the golden blue light was seen around his body. And if you look at them both very carefully: there are pictures available when they were young and when they were old – they became very beautiful as they growing old. This is the sign of genuine spirituality.

Q: but Aurobindo was saying that Samadhi must be at first – and then dhyana and all the steps: for what it’s about?

Guruji: actually nobody knows, what he was practicing. But he came in contact with some naga sadhus and there was one yogi from my hometown –Vishnu Bhaskar Lele  – he taught him yoga and some meditation things which he did – and he himself said, that yes, he learned from him. And also there is hypothesis so when he was revolted against the british rule – he stayed with one school headmaster, who was a disciple of Panchanan Bhattacharya, who was the prominent disciple of Shri Shyamacharan Lahiri – so this headmaster – his name was Barada Charan Majumdar –  was the very advanced Kriya Yogi and Aurobindo Ghosh was in his touch. He taught Subash Chand Bose and Kazi Nazrul Islam yoga, and when Aurobindo Ghoshcame to his house to hide himself during the freedom war he was also taught by him.  It is stand to reason because it is a secret sign that maybe Aurobindo Ghosh learned something from Barada Charan Majumdar  – his lifestyle indicates towards it. Because great master of Kriya Yoga – Yogananda Paramahamsa – leave his body consciously, and his body remains without any decay or corruption for 21 days; same thing happened with Aurobindo Ghosh for more than 100 hours – it stand to reason to theorize that they were doing almost the same thing – so same result. And they both became beautiful as they were growing old. And I’m very proud to inform you, that Aurobindo Ghosh was close friend of my grandfather. He was among them who revolted against british rules. At those times my grandfather by making false signature of the governor of Kolkatta  – he withdraw 200000 rupees from british bank. He gave 170000 rupees to the man who went to Japan to start these assassin force which lay down some boss to coma. Those time he was very closely associated with Aurobindo Ghosh also. And when Aurobindo Ghosh left everything and went to Pondicherry saying that revolution is not good and my grandfather came back to his village with 30000 rupees that was not a bad amount of that days – somebody informed the police and he was arrested also; but britishers could not prove, that he is guilty. He was released clean, and when he was coming out he said the police that – I’m same Gulab Singh who did that – here I go. He was lucky man. And they have a lot of discussion about Aurobindo Ghosh when I was extremely young. They were friends. But he died before me taking birth. All the records of my family are keeping in the village, and such people called jaga – record-keepers.

Q: do you think that history, when Ramakrishna was trying to explain Samadhi – he fell down in it, is it true?

Guruji: yes, I believe in it, because he was in very high emotionally state of devotion. These things are known to happen. But he was born to complete something, which was arranged by Kali herself for him – anyone could see that. Maybe our destiny is different. I think great people come to fulfill some of what is left them to do to achieve something. Their ishta devata and Guru lineage supports them, and when they finish whatever they came to do and they go away – humanity is left to create the stories about them, create some organization around their names. See the organization around Jesus Christ. Same thing with Ramakrishna also. Maybe it also decreed by some higher powers that their names will be remembered for a long time. Living in smashan and finding svayambhu Shivalingam is unique – we tried to find some examples like this and failed. Next month we complete the eighteen years.

Q: what do you think about Shankaracharya?

Guruji: if you read his life – there is no record of him becoming a yogi or practicing yoga. His Guru was living in the central India and he was showing miracles from the very early age, when he was 5-6 years old.

Q: what kind of miracles?

Guruji: he stopped the flood of the river, he made the golden things fell from the sky – there were some magical displays.

Q: and these golden things remain golden?

Guruji: yes, it was amalaki – and they remain gold. From the very early childhood he was displaying the miracle things.

Person is not remembered of he was a nice man or gentleman – he was remembered by his miracles. Nobody wants to remember a nice man, because a nice man is boring man – no interesting things come. Or maybe he’s nice because he’s coward also. The story will sound very boring: long life he was a nice man, he was born as a nice boy, he grew up to be nice student, then he was married to a nice woman, they were in love with each other and some nice children were born and then he grew to be very nice old man and he died very nice death and was buried by very nice people, nicely; – who would like to read this story? No drama, no tragedy, no action, nothing.

Q: what I’m not understand – why exist other different Gurus in your parampara?

Guruji: most of them self-doing it because commercial success come to Paramahamsa Yogananda. Kriya Yoga became very famous around the world. When they see material success of Paramahamsa Yogananda – many people are inspired to be Yogi Guru.

Q: but after death they must have some punishment?

Guruji: I’ve seen some very bad things happening with them.

Because – you see, you’re coming here with great faith, you believe; if I’m telling you lies – I will know exactly, that I’m lying to you. You may not be knowing that I’m lying to you, but  I will know. With every lie I’m dying a little, my soul will die a little. Everybody, who declared himself a Guru in any lineage, not only in Kriya Yoga – devotees is coming with almost good heart and you believes in him – because he read so much about him and very much impressed – but the man himself knows, that he is a liar and with every initiation, with every lie – his soul will die a little. He cannot live with himself. This is what I feel. And I’ve never seen anyone discussing openly things – they usually repeat the same things over and over again. If they are in part of Lahiri Mahasaya –  they are impressed by Lahiri Mahasaya   and they continue to talk about Lahiri Mahasaya. Some people continue to talk about Babaji, some people are continue to talk about Paramahamsa Yoogananda: he said that and he did that, I am his follower and I was very close to him – something like that to impress; but inside their consciousness and their heart they know that they are not telling the truth. So it’s their problem, not ours. There is another sight to it: even a liar, if he is not a genuine person and he just lying to create an empire for himself – he also trying to teach good things. Even if he is lying he will say – remain truthful, be honest – so at least they are teaching something. More I think on it – more I understand that ours is the only yogic parampara. Try to find ancient yoga texts which are available – we will translate them, now we found good translator. Now they are started to do Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati. It’s very important text. They do simultaneously hindi and English – and I’m sure someone will translate it in Russian and we will have the very good collection. And Yoga Vishaya is the only book describing the work with different vayus – in no other book I’ve find it.

Q: when in such ancient texts are described different types of akasha – what is it?

Guruji: they are inside the body – all these empty spaces inside are akashas.

Q: they are saying that when the person achieves Samadhi – he becomes paramahamsa or avadhuta – on what it depends?

Guruji: very simple logic from my sight. In yogic parampara there is very simple knowledge. Now so many paramahamsas are roaming around the world – so I think it is the right time now to make a comment on that.

There are two basic stages: hamsa and paramahamsa. Hamsa is the name of your breathe, your life force, your prana, your spirit is hamsa.

When the person becomes aware and becomes friendly with his spirit – he is called hamsa. And paramahamsa is the Ishwar, or paramatma or something, who is the superspirit, the spirit of your spirit. When you become aware and see that power which is called paramatma face to face – then only the person is called paramahamsa.

It is not connected with swan – because hamsa means swan also. Many people is trying to say that the swan, when it drinks water and milk – it drinks only milk and leaves water. So you should have enough discrimination of your mind and actually decipher – what is good or bad; ok, it may be.

But from yogic tradition hamsa is your spirit, paramahamsa is paramatma – the spirit of your spirit; so when you’re aware and knowing your spirit – you’re called hamsa. When you’re face to face with superspirit, spirit of your spirit, paramatma – then you can be called truly paramahamsa.


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