Q: we depend on our karma?

Guruji: the whole creation depends on that

Q: we cannot stop our karmas?

Guruji: you’re the result of it. It is in your inherent basic nature. And basic instinct for sex – you need to survive. Sex is the only way to carry for your genetic record. This is the fear of death, which triggers this instinct inside us.

Q: what do You think about 7 basic sins in Christianity?

Guruji: I don’t want to read about sins because it may start giving me some different ideas. I avoid reading about sins. So many ideas will come and you may want to try them also and new story will begin. Then you will be called SINcere.

Q: it exist some rituals to purify the sin?

Guruji: in India there are so many rituals to purify you and before purification they read so long list of sins – not only seven, hundreds of them. To give you ideas; after seven sins what else remains. You can go and have purification all the time, no problem.

I think there are many more important things then just continuously thinking about sins. If you go by the religion, everything – if you smile, it is a sin. You can not escape. No matter what you do – you will enter the hell. It looks like big kitchen for heaven. All sinners cooked and prepared then served in heaven.

Q: what do You think about: pleasure and suffering are equal teachers?

Guruji: I think pleasure is a better teacher.

Q: You prefer that?

Guruji: I don’t like suffering much, yes.

Q: do You think in learning suffering must be involved?

Guruji: suffering is involved in everything. When you need to get up early in the morning – it’s one type of suffering

Q: that’s what Buddha was saying

Guruji: Buddha must tell it to the audience 2000 years before. There were no internet, no wifi, no television, no movies. Difficult to imagine, how people survived then. Buddha provide them another sort of entertainment. It’s all about entertainment. No printing press, no newspapers, no books. When Buddha was roaming the India – you know what was our population? Impossible to imagine: 3,5 million only. All country was empty. They were dying from boredom – and Buddha provide them the entertainment.


In Gwalior there is very ancient archeological site and there are hundreds of Shiva temples. Some of the people of my home town went there and one man was wearing t-shirt with my photo: they saw one very old man there – 115 years old. He said – o, I saw this man in 1945. And they found the stone statue about 1,5 meters – his hand was like holding a bow, but bow was broken: 90% he resembles me. I don’t know, what to comment on that.When I was wearing the cloth around my head – the rumor begin that Ashwatthama is coming back and he’s hiding his stone on a forehead. Then I remove it.



Q: what is the difference between immortality and eternal life?

Guruji: as a yogi I will say that immortality is continuously living with your physical body without dyeing – that is called immortality. Somehow achieve and train the perfect body so it will not die; by making your spirit your friend and your breath your friend so your spirit will not leave your body when it’s work is over- they will continuously remain in union, that is immortality. Eternal life is: spirits are eternal, beginningless and endless – only thing is for them, maybe, I may be wrong – the identity crisis. Because by taking new body the identity keep changing. So once you have established the identity of the spirit – it will retain all the memories and it will continue to change bodies without gap in the memory; that we will call eternal life. Both are very great and high achievements.

Q: are these final goals of practicing Hatha yoga?

Guruji: Hatha Yoga is another name of Kriya Yoga, we’re one and the same and the main goal is to attain very long life and also to make your subconscious mind conscious. Your consciousness will develop 100% and you will begin to perceive and see the creation and everything from very different point of view – and you will become very wise man, that is the goal of Hatha Yoga.

Q: is there any existing examples of human beings who have realized this two goals?

Guruji: yes, in India we have some legendary figures who already attain it and I’m very optimistic that others also will have attain it. But most of such people love to remain in secret, they never come out openly in public. Let’s hope – there are people like that.

Once someone is able to establish the identity of the spirit – then this identity will remain with spirit continuously forever. That will be the beginning of the eternal life. With every new birth identity is different, but  then you will be able to see – you will never die, you’ll simply change the body. Immortality is continuously living in one youthful body – it should remain young forever. Like most of the ancient Nath yogis – like Gorakhnath – they are described like youth of 16. Even Hatha Yoga Pradipika is saying, the yogi becomes like a youth of 16. That is the main result of successful practice of Hatha Yoga.

Q: is it possible – not successful result of Hatha Yoga?

Guruji: if you will go about it in the right way with Guru – the result will come. Otherwise they will never record it and never teach it. Quotation from bible: many have chosen, but few succeeds. It’s work plan – always think big, have big ambitions and go for it.

It’s the beauty – that I have no duty to teach yoga everybody. I can say – I don’t want, that’s it.

Q: we can travel a lot but we always coming back home

Guruji: First you need to recognize, where is your home- to which home you want to run, then run. That means to find the real purpose of your life. That’s what we have discussed: your destiny is not your destination. It’s just the road map which will take you to your destination. It’s a little bit complicated – but I think you can understand it.

Q: why in Bhagavad Gita Vishnu is considered as consciousness of the void?

Guruji: the word “Vishnu” literally translated from Sanskrit point of view – it means limitless. And void is limitless. But we have given the particular form to it, which is Vishnu.

That is the problem: the religious is overlapping the spiritual. That is the tragedy for us.

Shiva created Vishnu from his right arm, it is written in Shiva Purana. There also was a clash: he was a chief of Golok, Gopal – but he became too heavy with the power and he also wanted to marry Sati, then Parvati also – and the big clash happen. He lost, and instead of Vishnu Krishna was made Gopal. That is the real truth. Now he is occupying the post of Gopal and he replaced Vishnu. In recent time I’ve not seen anyone, directly worshipping Vishnu. They are worshipping Rama or Krishna.

And another point: every king was considered as the embodiment of Vishnu – nowadays no kings, only democracy. His era is over, finally. Yesterday a thought came to me, that even in bible democracy is mentioned.

Q: where?

Guruji: everybody knows this sentence, but they never connect it. Blessed are meek, for they shall inherit the kingdom of Earth. It’s not said that warriors and kings will inherit the kingdom of Earth. Meek means general public. Democracy is ruling and now they have inherit the kingdom of Earth.


Q: the body changes immediately after Kundalini rises?

Guruji: step by step process, nothing came suddenly. It takes time and changes very slowly.


Repeating is very important, because human mind by the nature is dismissive – our mind love to dismiss things. Only by repetition something will register in it.


Q: the immortals just passing the eternal life?

Guruji: the immortal being – let’s define, what is being immortal: it’s a permanent union between physical body and the spirit. They will be together forever. Immortality means living indefinitely with your physical body, which become super because it balanced all the 5 elements – 20% each. Now it is not balanced. Eternal life is – when identity of the spirit is established in particular way, very strongly. Then it will continue to change the bodies but it will retain its original identity and will continue to learn or experience whatever it wants to experience. If you become immortal, spirit will decide to stay in that particular physical body and it is not going to change it. In eternal life spirit will realize it’s true identity and it may continue to change physical body as many times as it wants, but the identity will remain the same. It’s a big difference. Let’s say it s yoga – the final union of the spirit and the physical body. That will take you to immortality. I think everybody has this potential. We all has this possibility inside us; but then again it depends on great luck and grace from very high being.

When the person becomes immortal – he realizes the illusion of the creation and then become powerful enough to create the illusion for himself. It will be his free will. I think only immortal being is in a situation to exercise his free will. We don’t have the free will – it ‘s under so much different powers. Our will is affected by so many situations, so many different things. But immortal persons – they have free will. They can decide and do anything they want.

So many philosophers have come thorough the same words – that world is not true, it is an illusion. And none of them was immortal. Earth is 4billion plus years old, as scientists tell us. A person, who maybe living for 100 years or 50 years stands to claim – this is not real. Never be such a man. He is not in a position to judge a being who is more than 4 billion years old. 50 or 100 years old man cannot say – this is not real. As a yogi I must tell you, it is our work to find the truth – about what is real. Use your common sense.

Earth is the most mysterious being in this entire creation. She is in continuous journey and she’s carrying us and taking us to some unknown destination. She knows – we don’t know that. There are so many hypothesis, that Earth came out of the Sun – I’m not agree with that. Maybe she’s receiving power from every Sun, she come across and she devours, eats the Sun and then the Sun is no more – then the period of hibernation or sleep comes – and she finds another Sun and the dance of life begins again. She’s taking us to some unknown destination, providing us every type of entertainment and giving us whatever we need. You can not leave her.

Q: do You think she’s alone?

Guruji: so far I’m think she’s alone.

Q: nine planets are also changing with the Sun?

Guruji: In this creation we feel the influence of nine planets – if she find another Sun another planets may come.

Q: what about the Moon&

Guruji: In our mythology it is said that the Moon was born as the elder brother of Dattatreya from rishi Atri and Anasuya – she’s very strong woman, strongest maybe. As he was born before his birth it was no Moon.



You will realize the value of happiness only by going through suffering. Only after experiencing suffering a person realizes true value of happiness. And only by going through pain of separation true love emerges – this is what I think.

Q: what do you think about charity?

Guruji: if you’re donating to organization – it’s foolishness in my opinion; if you’re not personally involved then there is no charity. Look around you – you will see someone among your relatives or neighbors who maybe too shy to come forward to ask for help, you should be intelligent enough to observe – and offer them help. Don’t wait that – I will help only if someone ask me: you should be sensitive enough to look at them. Charity proper organizations just after your money – you never know what they are doing. Until unless you’re personally involved it is useless; or if you know some very reliable person, who is not running the organization to do that – you can help him to help others. You should be sensitive enough in your heart and your pocket to sense who needs your help and give them help. There might be some relatives who will be too shy to say, or some neighbors or just you can find some needy person. If you feel that they are need help – please, do so. Personal involvement is extremely important. That is charity in my opinion.



Q: how the wearing of stones is working?

Guruji: planets are not our friends, not our enemies – they are giving particular situation – the influence of the planet in your person. That will become positive mode. By that positive influence your decisions will be much more positive, in a wright direction; that will directly have effect on your destiny and your future. It’s astrological thing – you will need to study it.

Q: is it useful to wear the stone when mahadasha of the planet is over?

Guruji: if the planet isn’t positive for you – it maybe negative: if you wear the stone negativity will become even stronger. The main thing is to give support to the positive influence of the positive planets, which are supporting you. And continuous wearing of such stones is useful. It is knowledge or information which you can use for your good. Intelligent person will ignore nothing. What Babaji said to Lahiri Mahasaya?


Guruji: the character of this world is mixed – like sugar with sand. Be wise like an ant, who will pick up the sugar and leave the sand. There is very big message in it: you should be intelligent enough to take the positive things and leave the negative things. Be wise like an ant!

Why we love music? Now I will tell you the yogic point of view: the beauty of any music is because it allows you to listen to the silence in between notes. Every time music stops in one note – the silence is different. We just have to appreciate the silence between notes – that is the beauty of music. We become aware of the silence. Every good music will make you aware of this particular silence, and silence is different as you will feel it. Different music – different sounds; silence is changing. Gandharvas were specially create for music, celestial music.

It is possible to change the mood of the public with the certain type of music. There was some experiments in the times of second world war: they were using some very high frequency sounds otherwise were not audible – but it will change the mood of people, who were under influence of it and they will become very aggressive and fight without fear. Sound is very powerful thing. Every living being will respond, even stone will respond.

Q: it exist some kind of true silence or true darkness?

Guruji: you need to become aware of the silence, you can not choose it. When you will discover the inner silence – no matter if atomic bombs will blast around you, you will continuously feel the silence.

Q: we can somehow train to observe it?

Guruji: you already practicing yoga and one day you will discover that. It’s part of the process.

Q: what do You think – it could be angels playing celestial music around us?

Guruji: how You know – maybe there are devils playing around? You can never see angel smiling, but devils have always smile: that means they are playing music and enjoying. Angels are in heaven – devil lives in the center of the Earth. Observing and experiencing is two different things.

Q: how we can protect ourselves from such experiments with the sound?

Guruji: no way. Just face it and be strong. Body of Shiva is made with nada. it’s made from sound which he created Himself. Sound will take you very high.

You have to be very careful in meditating. One day it can become true and will start the different chain reaction. You meditate it after some time. Be careful. You want to be enlighten?

Q: yes

Guruji: you have my best wishes


In last Darbar one powerful spirit of Nath yogi came, possessing someone. He was not demanding anything – he just wanted to pay his respect; and he openly declare, that he knows me since 1860. Everybody was very surprised about that.

Q: this Nath yogi is immortal, he came changing the body?

Guruji: no, he is not immortal, but his spirit is very powerful. He left his body in Samadhi already – and his spirit come, not himself.

Q: and his body is sitting somewhere in Samadhi?

Guruji: maybe.

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