I think to have faith in god and to have faith in police are nearly the same because when you need them most – you can’t find them both.


If you’re in a situation to help – please help. Because you never know when you will need help yourself.

Q: You mean from that side

Guruji: from any side. Just help. If you’re able to help – never back down, always help. In any possible way.

Q: without request?

Guruji: without any request or hoping that something will come back to you.

Q: sometimes it happens that you try to help the person and the person refuse?

Guruji: then don’t help. You should also respect the dignity of the person whom you’re trying to help.

It’s a tricky thing; you never should say – you bastard need help? I’m so great so I ready to help you – here, receive my help. Never ever do that. Help in a such a way that the person, receiving help, will feel dignify also and he will not feel demean by did insecution to receive help. Help him in a way that he must feel good. His dignity should remain in tact – that is very important thing.


People, who are not so strong enough – they are afraid of very small things: just slight some bad emotion or some bad word from someone – and they are all shaken, they are just crying that this world is so bad. It is the main object of facing all such things – to make yourself strong. Harder things you will have in your opposition – stronger you will become. Strength will be always there to help you – your own. It maybe physical strength, mental strength and spiritual strength – they all go together. When you’re weak – people making pity of you, some of them; most of them will just mocking, laugh at you, not everybody will be your well-wisher and you will be out of exploitation. But if you make yourself strong – many people will ask for help. And you will be in a situation to help others. Strength is always needed.

Q: but challenges for the strong person will become more and more?

Guruji: that’s how he will grow more and more. It’s like the play of chess: if you play with better player – your game will improved.

Q: but then some people will come to you – you give them advice but they will do nothing, just to come again and again?

Guruji: I think when you will be strong – your power of discrimination also will be strong. Whether there are person who are coming just to listen something nice from you – or they really need help. You need to discriminate.

I don’t remember, from where it goes, but it’s good: I was just crawling on the ground, asking for help, and you just standing there, smiling down at me, doing nothing. And I said again and again – help me, but you just looked at me and smile. Then finally somehow with immense effort I just got up on my feet and took a few steps – then I realized: without helping me you actually help me then. Be inspiration for someone!


The base of all relationship is sex. Mother, father, son, daughter, grandson – the core reason is sex. Brahma the creator created all this situation: sexual major structure. Because we are inside it and we’re the result of it – so whatever we will see this thing will always guide us. So vajroli, amaroli and sahajoli – they were described in a sexual way. That is the greatest of great maya. If you’re able to think beyond this – then only real wisdom will shine on you.

Otherwise everything is sex. We’re results of it, every relationship is based on that. Suppose you go to society and meet the person who are not related to you – but he himself is a result of sex. This is the greatest of maya and we need to learn rise above it – at least mentally, consciously – and free thinking will flow.

That will be the real twilight state- no shadow of sex on your mind.


What is imagination? You’re trying to put a certain image on a formless thought. From that point imagination begins: to put a certain image.

Q: it’s Shakti herself?

Guruji: void is Shakti.

Q: so imagination is another name of Shakti?

Guruji: it’s an expression, display of the Shakti.

Q: it is our efforts to form a Shakti?

Guruji: it is our efforts to put somehow beautiful clothes on the Shakti, which is naked as Void. That is imagination.


Q: what functions has the third eye?

Guruji: that’s the very good question. Third eye has been discussed too much in the name of spirituality but I would like to inform you that third eye is described only with Shiva and Shakti and maybe some of their ganas – otherwise nobody has the third eye.

And Shiva used it only one time: to incinerate the god of love. He has no other use of that third eye. What you see – kutastha; literally in Sanskrit means “immortal soul”. Many people in Kriya yoga workshops are trying to say that kutastha between your eyebrows is your third eye – so concentrate on kutastha; but it is all useless talks. We don’t have a third eye. Some Tibetan lamas are also proclaiming that by some operation by dragging the hole between the eyebrows their third eye has been open – but remember: in all mythology only Shiva is described wuth third eye and also Shakti – no one else. By concentrating between the eyebrows – whatever has been taught in yoga – you can develop your mental facilities or maybe your intuition will become very great. Your subconscious mind will become more conscious and you will become aware of so many things which are gone missing for normal people. But this term – third eye – is sort of abused nowadays. Nobody has the third eye.

Q: from where this appear?

Guruji: in Shiva purana or wherever they describe Shivji – they talk about third eye. But there was one lama: Lobsang Rampa, who was just writing some books: he described that his third eye was open by drilling the hole between the eyebrows. I think from that time, from the 60s it begin to be more and more. I’m very happy with only two eyes.

Q: for opening and closing chakras we also must blame him?

Guruji: no, indian mind is very fertile in commercial way – many yogateachers going west are talking about that.


He will consider immortal when he will find place in any side of immortal body. When the body is dying, brain is dying. Only the consciousness is moving away with dehi. They complement each other. Consciousness carries all experiences with the dehi.

Q: so mind is immortal?

Guruji: no, mind is not immortal. Only the memory of the mind goes with dehi. Mind in its totality couldn’t exist without a brain. Not many yogis are talking about brain. Only we teach, how to develop your brain.

Q: if we talk about dehi of someone who is in vayu sharira: how they are survive without consciousness?

Guruji: they have already develop to that level, it is not happen by chance. Look at the dedushka or a big tree; it stand to reason to understand that dedushka was conceived one day and he was born in a regular way, then he was a child and over the years now he is a dedushka. And a big tree which you see was just a seed once. It is understandable.

Q: but how mind is connecting with vayu sharira?

Guruji: because dehi is there; and all the experience of this mind dehi carries forward there. The development remain fixed there. No more development: that’s why 5-elemental body considered extremely important. For a highly developed mind, when he gets a good vayu sharira, he is home free – he doesn’t have to take another birth, he will be considered as a big power there. Otherwise the thinking level will remain the same while they were alive.

Q: that is dehi – who carries the consciousness?

Guruji: yes, of course. That is fantastic term in Ayurveda: to give emotion to a certain medicine – bhavana. When you’re preparing some medicine you extract the juice of the certain herb and you mix it and let it dry; then again make a powder, then again make some juice; it is like giving to the main substance the emotion of that particular herb. Same way dehi is giving the emotion of that particular life.

Main substance, whatever medicine are preparing: the more and more emotions it is receiving from different herbs – more powerful it becomes and more medicine value goes extremely high. It even becomes a rasayana. Dehi, who has gone through many different emotions, carrying many different emotions – bhavanas of so many lives – becomes very strong, very potent.

Q: could dehi reject some of them like  useless?

Guruji: once it is inside – you cannot reject it, it becomes the part of your own personality. It is like tempering the iron – like sword: you heat it up then put it in water, again heat it up. Iron is iron – but the emotion is different. I will quote Ayurveda again: in Ayurveda that was a system when a person receives the teachings from the teacher. The teacher asks him to go out and find the herb which has absolutely no use. And if he come back empty handed – he will be considered as the good ayurvedic doctor. Everything has its use, nothing is useless.


Q: is it true that Ashwatthaman was cursed by Krishna?

Guruji: I will give you a full story on that: in Mahabharata it is given and in Skanda purana you can also find. What do you want to know?

Q: how such a great person could do such bad things and then been cursed?

Guruji: there is a big catch: Krishna cursed him for 3000 years – for 3000 years your wound will not heal and you will bondage in jungle away from society. But I the Skanda purana you will find another version: immediately after all events he went to rishi Vyasa and asked him to help. Vyasa said that it is no remedy written in all the Vedas how to remove this curse – but I will tell you how to remove it. You go to Adam’s bridge – the bridge was created by Lord Rama –which is connected with Ceylon; and I a certain month – Karttika, which is in October-November – take a holy dip every day and worship Shiva, established by Rama, and your curse will be removed. Ashwatthaman did that and in the last day something came over him such a great emotion and he begin to dance tandava, like Shiva- because in Shiva purana it is written he is incarnation of Shiva. And Shiva appeared. He asked: what do you want? The answer was: just give me grace – eternal grace from You. Shiva removed the curse, he was made one of the rishis. After that we find another story in our family lineage that he married 17 times and the 17 lineages started from him. he is going to be the next Vyasa, which is written in Мшыртг purana and he is also one of the 7 rishis who was taking over on the previous 7 ones. In Mahabharata it is said that he is as powerful as 8 rishis taken together. And he is immortal. The curse of Krishna was removed within a month. Nowadays if you see the story – someone saw a man with the wound on his head – don’t believe it.

Q: Krishna doesn’t know who was he?

Guruji: I’m sure he knew. That was just a play. He was the only one who was born with the natural jewel and he was born immortal – maybe it’s effect of the jewel. And Shiva purana tells that he is Rudra avatar.

Q: immortality was not the curse?

Guruji: no, he was born like that. Read the 4th volume of Mahabharata – there the story is given. Duryodhana was coming to him for advice – battle was already on – and he found Ashwatthaman sitting somewhere in Himalayas. That means he can be somewhere else and going to war somewhere else. And in the place where he was born, his father, Dronacharya, did a great tapas to invoke Shiva. When Shiva appeared and asked – what do you want? – he said: please, become my son. Shiva said ok, done. Then Ashwatthaman was born with a jewel on his head. Physically he is described as golden-looking and his shoulders is like a bull – very big; his hairs are black and curly, his sound is very deep, resonant, he has the great wisdom of four vedas and the fifth veda of bow also – that’s how he is described. Only in one place he is described.

Q: why he did this night murder?

Guruji: not exactly: if you read the whole thing – he was sleeping under the tree then big owl came, kill all the sleeping crows there; he got the idea to attack. He came there, woke up the chief warriors, begin to beat them and begin to shout – the whole army woke up. Then it was the big battle because the power of Shiva was in him – not like cutting throat of the sleeping. He woke them up and they all were fighting. One shloka describes, how they were destroyed: in Mahabharata it is said that when Ashwatthaman step inside with the sword – that was absolutely silence. And when he stepped out – again it was absolute silence. Only blood was dripping from the sword. You must read that portion.

Q: no description of story of the jewel?

Guruji: it was taken by Draupadi – then they begin to die in Siberia one by one. Who took the jewel then – that is the mystery. No reference anywhere.

The biggest clan of brahmins in India – they have Bharadwaj gotra, and they started from Ashwatthaman, they are all descendants of Ashwatthaman. We have record keepers about 40 miles from here; they keep the record of Bharadwaj clan. When Michael Bondarev was collecting the data on me I told they are there – and they took all the records and photos all of the story back to Ashwatthaman.

Q: Bharadwaj was the son of Ashwatthaman?

Guruji: no, Bharadwaj was the father of Dronacharya, so his son will called Bharadwaj, and Ashwatthaman is also Bharadwaj and all the descendants became Bharadwaj gotra. Parashurama, guru of  Dronacharya, father of Ashwatthaman, is also immortal. Big battle axe behind Babaji is the symbol of Parashurama. Babaji is yoga guru, Parashurama is clan guru – so we place it there.

Q: what about his wives?

Guruji: I don’t think any wife of immortal person can be ordinary. They must be having some very extraordinary qualities. That goes without any doubt. Maybe he was marrying them one by one because he was immortal – the topic is still open for theorizing.

Q: why he was coming to Vyasa for help?

Guruji: Vyasa was uncle of Ashwatthaman. Rishi Parashara was the father of Vyasa and also father of rishi Bharadwaj. Indian mythology and genealogy is very different, mysterious and very interesting. And I was not aware that record keepers of Bharadwaj clan are living so nearby. Once my old friend, ayurvedic man – he was also Bharadwaj – one day he came and record keeper came to my house and he told us. I remembered the name of my grand-grand-grand father, because I was interested in genealogy. He came and I told him some names – then he found the exact record. It was looking like bible story: in the beginning it was nothing – only a formless light was just shining; and then it took shape as Brahma, Мшыртг and Shiva; and then from Shiva – this rishi, this and this rishi came; from Brahma – this and this rishi came; then they came down to Bharadwaj rishi and from Bharadwaj rishi Dronacharya was born; from Dronacharya Ashwatthaman was born; then after the curse was removed Ashwatthaman was married 17 times – then they begin to describe 17 different lineages. They took one lineage and came down to my name. thousands years of recordings was told in two hours. But his wives names was not written there. All lineages are Bharadwaj gotra and they are so authentically legal that even supreme court of India accept them as a hardcore evidence – if something comes up in property disputes.

Q: but different lineages has different surnames?

Guruji: not many surnames: most of them are Sharma, some are Bharadwaj – like that. All are brahmins. And all the records are more than 300 kgs of papers. This is the biggest clan of brahmins all over India. So all the records must be in tons.

Q: that clans, which comes from Bhrigu or Kratu rishis – that, who was beaten on Daksha yagya – they are still exist?

Guruji: some Bhargava rishis are still here, yes. They behavior is different; some of them are very prosperous. There are no marriages between other brahmins clans and them. They remain a sort of separate.

Q: why Bhrigu was against Shiva?

Guruji: power game. All descendants are here. The whole India is like a time capsule.

Q: gotra of rishi Atri also exists?

Guruji: Atri gotra is there, Dattatreya gotra is there. Usually Kashmiri brahmins are these gotras. Vashishtha gotra is there, Vishwamitra – Kaushiki gotra is there, Shandilya gotra is there – there are many.

Q: nambudiri brahmins have gotra also?

Guruji: nambudiri – we don’t know exactly; but Bharadwaj gotra is very powerful in south India. They are respected more and most of the priests in temples belongs to this gotra.

Q: Kshatriyas has gotras?

Guruji: original Kshatriyas has the same gotras as brahmins. But original Kshatriyas are very few in number now.

Q: why they are very less in number now?

Guruji: because most of them are offsprings of rishis; original brahmins created them – so that gotras continues. Some rishis were their kula gurus – so they take their gotras. They are very rare now.

Some are belongs to clan of Ravana; they are good people and highly respected.

Q: amazing that almost everyone knows their lineage?

Guruji: that’s why caste system is so deep in India.

Q: tell us please more about Ravana clan?

Guruji: he was actually Brahmin, son of rishi Vaishravan, grandson of the rishi Pulastya – who was the very mighty rishi. Legend of Govardhan hill is connected with Pulastya rishi; they said that he carried Govardhan hill here. And the very interesting point: Ashwatthaman’s father’s name was Drona; and Govardhan hill’s father’s name was also Drona – there may be some connection. Ravana, grandson of Pulastya rishi, was rakshasa. We said rakshasa is the demon; but if you go by language, in Sanskrit – they came out of Brahma, when he was doing creation. One beings became to say: bhaksha, bhaksha – means “eat him!” and other beings say raksha, raksha – means “save him!” first beings became yakshas. And those who saying raksha, raksha became rakshasa – those, who protects. But with the time the real sense was twisted absolutely. We are very good in twisting the real things.

Q: who are yakshas?

Guruji: they are holding all money and gold. If somebody is carrying all money and gold – you will agree, he can eat you also. I mean he is strong enough to eat.

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