I don’t know if I will say this – whether ladies will like it or they will criticize me – but a question came up from a woman; she asked me – why all men are fools? I said: this is manufacturing defect – all men are fools because ladies delivered them. This is not our fault!


Q: one very famous statement about two birds: one is eating sweet berry and another observes – about what it is?

Guruji: yes, it’s also in Upanishadas. That means Paramatma and atma. Atma is enjoying pleasures and Paramatma is just sitting up there.


They ask me question, and the answer is: when you eat food – it doesn’t digest instantly; but the process of digestion begins. Similarly, when you go through some great spiritual experience – you will not understand it immediately; but the process of understanding will begin with the experience. So we must have patience.

The process of understanding takes time. The real understanding is called wisdom. Knowledge you can get from reading any book, from hearing someone’s talk – that is just information. Wisdom will come only with experience. Knowledge are more like guidelines.


When you say something – you give the certain form to a formless thought and your thoughts starts to become more and more clear. If you’re a yogi and your mind is developing, consciousness is expanding, that means – every topic you should be able to discuss. It’s part of the wisdom. The moment you joined a sect – you become an insect.


Q: why sannyasi wears the clothes of special color?

Guruji: one time Gorakhnath went to pay respect to Adi Shakti. She was taking a dip in a primal ocean. When Gorakhnath was going down to her – she menstruated. And the clothes with that blood – she gave them to Gorakhnath as prasad. By wearing them Gorakhnath became immortal. Because we love to copy, we love to follow – all our people begin to copy that thing. But nobody became immortal after that.


I’ve noticed that cats, dogs, even my monkey – they love the feeling of yoga practice. I start my practice – and my dogs fall down and start to snoring. Even my monkey goes to sleep.

Q: the vibrations of secrecy?

Guruji: cats are very good in keeping secrets.


Q: Shiva was coming from some another dimension?

Guruji: when heart-broken Shiva was roaming with the dead body of Sati on his shoulder – he was roaming somewhere in the Universe; and when Vishnu cut her body – the pieces fell on Earth. This is the story which we read.

Q: so Daksha yagya happen somewhere not on the Earth?

Guruji: yes, and it happen in celestial world also – then it happen near Haridwar also. In Shiva purana we read about two yagyas – there and here. Man beings.

Q: we talk about Shiva like Time or Shiva like Rudra?

Guruji: Shiva is the embodiment of Time and Shiva Shankar, Adinath is his first incarnation – who lives on Earth and was married to Sati.


Q: now human beings are worshipped instead of heavenly gods?

Guruji: so many: Jesus Christ was a human being, profit Mohammad was a human being, Krishna took incarnation as a human being, Rama was a human being – the divinity is coming in a human form – which was never before.

Q: did it started from Lord Parashuram – he also is a human being?

Guruji: but he was a son of a rishi.

Q: it’s not considered as a true human?

Guruji: not exactly. Rishis were born from the mind of Brahma. Even in the west nobody worships the Olympian gods or roman gods, all Egyptian gods are gone. Now human religions are ruling. Now matter, how cruel they may appear – but it’s human nature to fight – at least they are human beings, they are born as human beings.

Q: and rishis were not human beings – they were another races?

Guruji: it’s recorded that some human beings achieved the state of rishi. Very few.

Q: but it could be achieved by practice, by tapas?

Guruji: by the very high practice. Satyakama Jabala, Kapinjal rishi – there are several mentioning, it has been done.

Q: it was achievement of yoga practice?

Guruji: no, they were doing something else – maybe yoga was also part of it. Yoga started from Shiva – and the lineage standing different of all these vedic cults.

Q: now 7 rishis are immortal?

Guruji: yes

Q: and now program to become a rishi is not in fashion? like yoga is practicing?

Guruji: you see, only now yoga is coming to society – but real yogis will always remain very few.

What is business? If you look at the spelling of the word – it’s like busy-ness, to remain busy in something. Human beings create so many  problems for the god   – so he created business to keep them busy all the time.so they are busy in business. They are trying to make more money to remain busy.

Q: You stop doing purification ritual after some time?

Guruji: I receive call of Babaji and stop it. After that – no ritual. He said that simply sitting in this room is enough purification – it’s a great honor for me to hear that. Don’t you feel pure here?


Q: what is “kram”?

Guruji: kram means one by one, in continuation.

Q: it’s connected with yoga practice?

Guruji: no; the right translation will be “sequence”.

Q: what book You suggest to read on tantra?

Guruji: Yogini Hridaya Tantra – it’s the best book on the topic. Commentary is useless, just try to find good translation. If you will read that commentary – your mind will burst. Find a literal translation.

Q: they are talking about Shri Yantra?

Guruji: there are different forms of Shri Yantra. You should read the Sanskrit and the translation – that’s it. The book is one of my favorite. They talk about ten steps of attaining Shri Vidya. All ten mudras are described there.

Q: Yoga started from Adinath, Shiva; and who started the discipline of Shri Vidya?

Guruji: so many people are saying – Shiva is one, Dattatreya is another, Agastya and his wife Lopamudra; Parashurama, Matsyendranath – all are into Shri Vidya.

Q: and who started the discipline, how to attain the state of rishi?

Guruji: instead of Bhargava rishi – you will become a rishi if the mantra will appear to you and the presiding deity of that mantra will remain in contact with that. They are called “ seer of the mantras”  – any person, who are able to see a mantra, becomes a rishi. Mantra drashta is the word.

Q: nowadays some rishi exists?

Guruji: nowadays people have very fertile imagination, but those days if mantra will come, and it will be a very potent mantra and rishi will continue to do his tapas for hundreds and thousands of years; then it will be direct connection with the particular god – then his carrier will made after that.

Q: when mantra appeared – they become immortal?

Guruji: I think they become a sort of immortal, because they become very potent force in the astral world.

Q: mantra appeared like a sound, like a person or how?

Guruji: there are so many things: there is mantra as a physical embodiment of mantra; then it’s a particular vedic style of mantra – richa it is called: so the vedic richa is appeared to rishi and connection with the particular god will established. And on his every invocation the god will have to do that.

Q: like a slave?

Guruji: not exactly the slave – but he will do the bidding of the rishi.

Q: because in “Mantra Mahodadhi” the wrote – god will appear like a slave?

Guruji: it must be wrong translation.

Q: god cannot refuse to come?

Guruji: to a rishi – no. but maybe only out of respect. Slave may be your slave but not have any respect to you. If you respectfully agreed to do something – it’s a different principle. If the slave is doing your order – the feeling is different. In here, rishi and god connection is not of slavery.

Q: can we compare the state of consciousness of yogi and of rishi?

Guruji: they are also very high beings because of they are in direct connection, in contact with the very high astral beings. For yogi astral beings also come down themselves to talk with them, because he is in direct connection with his own astral being, spirit inside.

Q: whose spirit is more powerful: yogis or that god, who appeared to rishi?

Guruji: if a yogi is able to develop his mind to 100% – his mind will become very powerful. What is power? It is a state of development.

Q: yogis, rishis, Shri Vidya – all that are different disciplines?

Guruji: then again: you’ll never ever hear the name of Guru of any rishi, but they all about Shiva Shankara for learning; he is considered as a Guru for them also. They must be also going for some form of yoga- that’s why they are living so long. There is a story of Vishwamitra, who was trying to become a brahmin from kshatriya. To become brahmarishi he went through very hard tapas and attained a very long life. Only then he started tapas to become brahmarishi. First – he attained the very long life. Because to be a rishi or to achieve some very high spiritual thing you need to have more time than an average person. That is the key point in Vishwamitra’s life: first he achieved the very long life, longevity – then he started his effort to become a brahmin. This is a tragedy of all human beings: we have the very limited time and not everybody are able to overcome it. But there are exceptions.

Q: he achieved long life by yoga practice?

Guruji: this – nobody knows.


Q: is there any connection between Jupiter and alchemy?

Guruji: Jupiter is the name for mercury also. They address mercury in many ways: one of the name is Guru – who actually takes on everything inside. It is the main property of mercury – it takes everything inside. Sometimes symbolically they call it Guru. Like in Yoga Sutras: Ishwar is a Guru of all. And mercury is the semen of Shiva. They always use the mystic language – so uninitiated will not understand. There is a word in many Ayurvedic things: if you translate it like an idiot – it will be the juice of a virgin. But it’s aloe vera. Also like narsar.

If immortal person will not see dying – how he will realize he is immortal?


Q: you must know the path, and the path is the sound?

Guruji: when you’re coming to Govardhan  – you’re not coming aware of the nada. This information was not given.

Q: but we know address?

Guruji: remember, you’re not alone. When you will advance – you will be expose to so  many different people who are already on that level.  Notes will be exchanging, information will be exchanging, you will learn so much out of it.

What is heaven? Having very good ultimate communication and friends – that state is heaven. Hell – no communication, everybody just cutting you behind and everywhere – that is hell. When you’re in that level – I hope you’ll have very good company, lots of information will be exchanged. Good time will come.

How long you can live luxurious life every time having massage and drinking champagne if you haven’t good company? It will become like hell in no time. Good company, good communication is a must to feel happy.


Q: how fast person can achieve khechari?

Guruji: it depends on mental level and it depends on karmic effect – how much life may resolve to work out on the results of your previous karmas. We need to balance our karmas first – this is the basic thing. When you will be able to balance your karma – then your mind begin to open up and you’ll begin to look beyond, under the karmic plan which you were born. Maybe even some prana force start coming your way.

Q: the difficulties in pranayamas – does they also depends on?

Guruji: no

Q: it’s physical limitations?

Guruji: we can again go back to karma because we were born with particular genetics, social things, initial circumstances- maybe because of your previous karmas, the result of it. They form the habits and keep you bind in your habits. So you need to bring your habit, go beyond it – to be able to see beyond by expanding your consciousness; then you can start very proper good karmas. They say in Ayurveda – it’s very important thing: we were discussing kaya kalpa, there are many methods, but they also mention one thing, which is called achar kalpa. If your all karmas are very pure, your behavior is good, your thoughts are pure, you’re not cheating anything – it will enhance your life force. Achar kalpa is also mentioned there. We need to consider any possible angle on these things. That’s why they are also saying: a moment of company with the very good person will help you to cross over this ocean of samsara. Good company is very important, because good company will give you so many different ideas. I maybe not looking like a very good Guru – because people have the very prototype image of a Guru; but I like it this way.


Q: if the person died from suffocation or was hanged in previous life – does it reflect his pranayama practice?

Guruji: not his pranayama practice, but it will reflect on his psychological makeup. He maybe afraid of closed places. I know one man: he cannot sleep with doors closed, he begin to suffocate. When we look back at it – he died in a train accident inside the toilet. That carry over. But not on pranayama.

Q: some people are afraid to hold their breath?

Guruji: that maybe other reasons also. You see, what we hear when we’re children gives the very deep impression. One man many years before came, we discussing some yoga; – he is not my disciple. He said we had never practice yoga in our family. I asked why. He said: one of my father’s elder brothers one time was practicing yoga – and he died somehow. So we think this pranayama is not good for health. Then I said: believe, so many people died without practicing yoga – what about that? Ok, he could die for some reason – we don’t know that, but not from pranayama. These things comes when we’re very young – some impressions come in our mind, because he heard someone talking about this, he respect that person and it reflected in his mind. First step in yoga is to be able to step over our initial hang-ups, phobias and complexes – then. But it’s not so easy. We should try difficult things. 

Q: if the person is afraid to be in open space – he died somewhere like that?

Guruji: no, it means the security of his home was somehow taken from him and he had to spend hard winters and all these things open air – that thing. It doesn’t mean he actually died somewhere – but the security was taken away from him.


Q: Your samadhi happen before You start to wear kundals?

Guruji: much before that – in 1995. And I started to wearing kundals in 2001.

Q: it’s not necessary condition?

Guruji: no. in the beginning I was very tired, abandoned, but now I’m ok.

Q: Your first samadhi came because the grace of Your Guru, Babaji and Shiva?

Guruji: I’m sure about that. And pure luck.

Q: so the level of practice and kundals doesn’t matter?

Guruji: the hard practice is the base of it. I was practicing to my limit.

Q: what level You practiced?

Guruji: 6th. But levels don’t matter much. It is my conclusion, observation – that 1st level is enough to take you to the level of samadhi.

Q: first without khechari?

Guruji: even without khechari. Our human nature is very deceiving for us: when we receive something – we think it’s not so important, may be next level is better. This actually holds us back. The first introduction in Kriya yoga is enough in itself. If by the baddest luck man cannot achieve khechari – that means he’s not working hard enough. Even then – if he would work hard enough, he would have that glimpses. There is untold feeling: if I received that – that means it ‘s not so important. That is another psychological trick. Believe in yourself, have more faith in yourself and go.

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