Kali, with her tongue sticking out is symbolizing first level of Kriya yoga, when sadhak is trying to achieve khichari;  he  receives  certain wisdom at this level.

At the second level Tara is guiding practitioner: when you have received initial teaching and some wisdom then state of mind transfers to a deeper level.

At the third level Chinnamasta is a ruling deity: three streams of blood are coming from neck, she holds her decapitated head in her hands.

As a results of the head movement  ida, pingala and sushumna will “separate” from the body; conscious and subconscious mind will merge together.  The brain fluids will be shaken , but not stirred (just like James Bond’s favorite martinis), We’re shaking the liquid inside of the skull.

Dhumavati; You said that meeting Dhumavati in sadhana signifies very high level; it grants the ability to leave the body.

Only by Dhumavati’s can allow  to leave the body and come back to the same – or any other body. She is  death herself; only death can allow you to leave your physical shelter.

This Goddess can give back what she was taken, to send a soul back to the house of the body new or old.

Amongst those Mahavidyas  Dhumavati is most powerful – simply because she ate Shiva – Shiva is one with her now…

With Bhuvaneshwari you will get the knowledge of the entire creation; “bhuvan” means “whole world”. Different perception of reality will be attained.

This Goddess  signifies cosmic consciousness; a sadhak, whom She favores,  will be tuned with It

If you had  gone through these 4-5 levels in your Kriya practice,  Mahavidyas darshans  will follow one by one or all together – it all depends on the level you’ve achieved.

There is no exact order in their appearances because all of them represent different directions.

Let’s say different directions of  obtained wisdom will come to practitioner  from all directions, it will start from the beginning.

Yogi will become a center, a junction of all spatial directions and every wisdom and every knowledge – (negative or  positive, it doesn’t matter)  will come to him. Because negativity or positivity is just a point of view.

Shodashi Tripurasundari. Shodashi  rules number 16 number – it is Shri Yantra.

There is something magical about this number –  16 years of different cycles; 16 types of offerings at the time of puja; all hindus have 16 sanskaras from birth to death. In this magical number Shakti in present in Her purest form.

In Kriya yoga Sadhac can experiences her darshan when he has already experienced Kali  and gone through experience of Shiva Himself.

If you will look at the Shri Yantra there are 9 triangular shapes: 5 downwards facing triangles represent Kali, 4 upward facing figures represents Shiva.

One had to go through experiences of Kali and Shiva, through their grace – and  then he will be graced by Shodashi. Her name means “ beautiful in three worlds” – and  three worlds will be yours: brahma granthi, hridaya granthi and Rudra granthi. These are our  three galaxies in Kriya yoga, our three worlds. That will connect sadhak with the different planes of the knowledge and consciousness and all possible dimensions, spatial and mental.

Tripura Bhairavi: when yogi reaches the certain level – She graces him. This Goddess  is closest to smashan and yogis. In all my search I never see any devotee of Tripura Bhairavi.

I’ve seen people, who were devotees of Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi ; they were aster some tantric powers so many politicians are after their grace.

There are not a single devotee of Chamunda – I’ve never ever see the single devotee of Chamunda.

Q: What is Chamunda significance?

Guruji: She is  7th Matrika; this Goddess looks like Kali and lives on the center of crossroads.

Recently I discovered  that she is kula-devi of Bharadwaj gotra, to which I belong.

She was the one, who  was acting as Shiva’s sister to Shiva, carrying auspicious gifts when Shiva was getting married. She is  much older Shakti than Parvati and others.

Who can be Shiva’s sister – just imagine that…

Q: What about Matangi?

Guruji: Matangi gives an extraordinary memory ;  “matang” is the name of the elephant and elephants are known for their extraordinary memory. Extraordinary memory grants access to the subconscious mind.

Q:  Is she a giver of results?

Guruji: Of course – with granted access to the memories your actions and the results, based on these actions will be extraordinary.

Kamala is one of the names of the goddess of prosperity; when you receive her grace   every type of prosperity will come. But it is she who will decide what exactly you need and what you don’t.

Q: How Kamal’s grace will be manifested in someone’s yogic sadhana or Kriya practice?

Guruji:  It means when nature will recognize you – it will support you. It will give you whatever you need – not neccesery what you wish to get, that is the main difference.

Q:  Is Bagalamukhi really a remover of all darkness?

Guruji: All negativity, all darkness, all intermiхing with outer enemies, unpuruties.

She is a remover of bad baggage:  bad talks, bad thoughts, the feeling of animosity towards others –all of it will isappear.

Q:  Once you told a story about some tantric, who had built a temple in her name, but suffered a horrible death?

Guruji: That’s the point:  Baglamukhti’ mantra says “ALL EVIL”  – so if you yourself poccess some evil – then you will also become affected.

Sarva dusthana –means ALL bad people. You included – if you are a bad person. That is human nature – to crave results only for personal gains, but that mantra is extraordinary.

It will be directed at all wrongdoers; and if you are not pious- than Baglamukhti’s mantra will affect you directly.

Q: Why is this Goddess  has such a significant power over politicians?

Guruji: Most of the politicians want to remove their enemies get the power.

Her mantra is very potent; Your enemy’s ability to speak, the tongue will be tied, he won’t be able do harm others or think properly; intellectual powers will suffer. Dream of every political candidate.

Q: And there is no sequences in appearances of the Mahavidyas in the practice – They will come from all directions and without any specific hierarchical order?

Guruji: Yes, wherever you’re concentrating or facing. One will travel with Mahavidyas step by step through the practice:  starting with Talabhi Kriya or Jivha chalan  Kiya.

We connect Kali and Tara with some  initial steps in Kriya practice due to physicality of the experiences, but impact of all Mahavidyas flow deeper with every step.

These are mystical powers. Or let’s say – power itself is a mysterious thing.

We all have own different ideas about meaning of power – but nobody understands totality of the Power due to the limitation of the mind.

After 37 years of Kriya practice I arrived to understanding of depth of mystery of Kriya yoga..

We keep practicing for years without full awareness and understanding of the process. It comes much later.

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