Ojas, tejas & prana.

Q: could we say that ojas is the essence of prana?

Guruji: yes

Q: and it exists only in the heart?

Guruji: in a lifetime, if you observe absolute celibacy only eight drops of it forms and they are stored in the heart; that’s why sometime it is said that eight-petal lotus is in the heart – actually there are eight drops of ojas.

Q: but why nobody seen it?

Guruji: you don’t see celibate also. And it’s not only celibate – he must be an accomplished yogi as well.

Q: I’ve read somewhere that when ojas is finished – the person will die?

Guruji: many people are saying this, but if ojas will be there – as long as it is there the jiva will remain inside the body. Ojas is forming only by yoga practice.

Q: in Ayurveda is said that it forms from the food – like the final step?

Guruji: ok, we’re agree that after food it is the last thing which develop – but how many people wait for it to develop? The point is this.

Q: but if the person looks very good, shining and brilliant – can we say that he has more ojas?

Guruji: it reflects directly in the aura. Only. The aura will be bright and much bigger with big range. Usually it will be golden or white. Ojas is the essence of the life force.

Q: what happens when yogi achieves these eight drops of ojas?

Guruji: this is first step of becoming immortal. Because as long as it will remain – the jiva will not leave. Prana will live always satisfied inside your heart.

Q: when yogi have these eight drops – he could have higher practice?

Guruji: well, he will become immortal and he will have eternity to practice whatever he wants to practice. Once ojas is there – it will remain stable.

Q: why it can’t be more – ten drops for example?

Guruji: eight drops are one Anjali( palm ). That’s why only eight siddhi are described: one drop is one siddhi. It’s physical substance, not metaphorical notion. Like some kind of liquid.

Q: and how you can lost ojas?

Guruji: if you’re able to create it – it is never lost. But to reach that level to be able to create – that’s the main problem.

Q: how ojas is connected with chakras?

Guruji: when your heart is very strong and full of ojas  – then it’s very big possibilities that your chakras are also develop, then open, your kundalini is awaken and your subconscious is conscious – I mean you’re a superman. But I don’t think you will be able to develop your chakras without attaining the class where they activate the chakras, taking 200 dollars from your pocket. If you will not go to that class – no possibility of chakras, remember that. Without certificate it’s not possible( laughing). Bhajans is the most important ingredient for awakening your chakras.

Q: what is the connection between ojas and tejas?

Guruji: tejas is the property of ojas and the reflection of ojas. Valor is the right word in English. It is your might – like the valor of the warrior: you’re not afraid of anything, you’re ready to face any challenge – that power. It will have direct impact on your mind also.

Q: so tejas is something metaphoric?

Guruji: no, tejas is like the strength of the strong man – it can not be metaphoric. It’s an expression of ojas. Try to understand: the truth of the truthful man, strength of a strong man, the intellect of intelligent man, – how you will separate them?

Q: how the truth can be measured?

Guruji: there is no scale.

Q: only power we can measure?

Guruji: maybe the power is the only truth.

Q: what form tejas has?

Guruji: only it is expressed by your karmas, your actions.

Q: I understand, that ojas is the part of yoga practice: but

Guruji: even not a yogi can have enough tejas – like a warrior or great scientist or a great intellects, even poets. What is poetry – it is an expression of their tejas. Something like inner power.

Q: Guruji, normal people can have ojas?

Guruji: no, ojas is missing. But some type of tejas is always there.

Q: when the child is born – have he ojas?

Guruji: no, how can it be there? But he have possibility. You can call tejas like strong ability with enough power to execute it.

Q: but everything comes from the mind: so tejas is just the level of consciousness?

Guruji: expressions are different. When the expressions are different – you need to use different words for them. And confusion start from using different words.

Q: so any strong expression of the body we can call tejas?

Guruji: we have word in hindi: tejasvi purush. Who is able to command thousands, when you easily can dominate anyone – that is an expression of tejas. He will be able to command many people  – and his command will be respected naturally. Natural leadership.


Yahweh or Jesus.

I’ve read bible many times and I like that – it’s very good thing. Some great things written in that book and I read them literally. By reading bible I came to know that is very simple to see god. How? And god created man in his own image – so you just look yourself in a mirror and you will see god’s image. I believe in this.

Q: what do you think – who gets all this power from praying and worshipping to Christian god?

Guruji: I’m sure that there is god. And judes introduce him – Yahweh, he, whose name could not be spoken. And no matter – if Christians are worshipping to or musalmans are worshipping – actually they are praying to Yahweh. All the praying are going to him.

Q: so he is powerful now?

Guruji: he was already powerful to command such devotion.

Q: but every god are not dyeing, but

Guruji: they are not dyeing, but they have the period of command. Many religions come forward and disappear, maybe they have some time for rule on this planet – this topic remain open for speculation. Or maybe the same god is appearing in different names. With generations human mind keep changing so he’s coming in different names – the only god can tell you, you will never know.

Q: could Yahweh be one of the vedic gods, who were beaten by Shiva on Daksha yagya?

Guruji: not a single vedic god is been worshipped now.

Q: but from were Yahweh come? He is connected somehow with Egypt?

Guruji: I’ve just can tell you my impression from old testament. In the beginning when Jacob going into the woods, they burn some good smell there and sacrifice some animal – then the Yahweh will appear and talk to him from the burning bush. It means – he love to live open. Whenever when we hear the conversation when the god appear from the burning bush; but after they start to build churches and synagogues   – he stop talking.

Q: but if rishi created all the gods and vedas – it must be someone who created Yahweh?

Guruji: it’s not mention in any jewish book.

When Daksha was beaten and his head was cut – instead of human’s he will have the goat’s head. And suddenly Daksha’s story end in India, but in Europe begin the story of the devil, looking completely the same. You should read all the world mythology then make some connections. There are some stories  which are completely similar and there are some characters which are common. They names could be different in Sanskrit, gebru and English, but the story is same.

…some powerful beings are roam in nature – they are nature gods. Among shepherds and certain different animals – somehow they are connected with them. Like our own god Krishna is connected with cows. Shiva is connected with cobras. These animals are very important carriers or they form the different connection with them. Through them you can make contact with those certain powerful beings. They know all worldly things so you have to create some interest in them so they will look at you. They are nature. Yahweh exists among shepherds, goats and sheep. Some tribes of shepherds are continue to be nowadays – and they have some supernatural abilities. Their mind is different.

… spirit is the very general term: every small or powerful or weak – all of them are spirits. Being is much more powerful then simple spirit. In India we have many categories of them – bhutas, pishachas and many others.

Q: hell is also astral world?

Guruji: no, hell is Naraka. Naraka is there the sinners are sent to have torture, that is hell. Patalas are netherworlds.

Q: but you said that nowadays all hells are closed?

Guruji: I’ve seen thousands of ghosts: if yamduts are taking them – from there these ghosts are appearing? You can not be more powerful than yamdut, that’s a point. And no ghost is talking about heaven or hell. They need a place for themselves. They are asking for place.

Q: they looking for peace?

Guruji: they don’t ask for the quite place to stay. They just need a place.

Q: I’m still interested – who created Yahweh and for what?

Guruji: he’s an earth spirit. Earth-bound spirit. He also could be some form of Bhairav.

Q: why do you think so?

Guruji: you know – India is India. I’ve come across certain methods when you go through sheep and goats and shepherds; and when you do the certain ritual – you can see Bhairav siting among them. And then there is a method to make contact – he will grant you some wishes and tell you conditions that you worship him. This is how it is started with judes.

Q: so all of it is just a part of the game?

Guruji: I think this game is from Shiva, because he eliminated the vedic culture step by step. So coming of Christianity, islam and Judaism maybe part of it. Step by step vedic culture is gone. I’m happy vedic culture is gone – otherwise I’ve melting lead in your ears. You should be even more happy than me.

Q: so Jesus have no benefits of all worships?


Mystical story.

Guruji: I’ve ask you simple question – why Hanuman along with Jesus appeal to me to do these things? If he was not connected from Shiva?

Q: could you tell us the story?

Guruji: it happened in 1998 or 1997. He was appearing with Hanuman and discussing so many things, to prove that he is he. And one night the spirit of Christ came – mind, not Jesus, but Christ. The Christ was the holy spirit, who was entered the Jesus body. They appeared and ask me to do the certain things for jesus. I refuse to believe – why it must be me and then it was two meetings more. I was convent that I must do something for them. Jesus spirit was caught by St.Paul and Peter – and all the sins were going to him. Then we went and did it. I’ve did it in 19th of august 1999. And you can see the situation of catholical church before and after. Remarkable change.

Q: it was some kind of ritual?

Guruji: to actually make him free from all the borders. It was maybe grand plan of Shiva to step by step cut down all ancient gods – like Olympian gods, Egyptian gods, vedic gods – I mean it’s a sweep.

Q: so spirit of Christ is not Yahweh?

Guruji: no, they are different but maybe connected. Jesus was specially prepared to appearing the powerful spirit of Christ. Read bible: when John baptize him in the water – the holy spirit in the shape of the golden dove entered Jesus and he began to do miracles.

Q: so it was some spirit inside him doing all these miracles?

Guruji: yes, the spirit of Christ. And you must never forget, what was said in bible when Jesus was born. The star of the East was rising. East means India. And three wise men come. It must be someone from yogic cult, I’m sure, because only yogis can prepare a certain body for entering heavy spirit.

Q: Jesus was connected with yogis, but he was not a yogi himself?

Guruji: technically you can call him a yogi because he could do miracles. He was a carrier of a spirit inside him, which makes him very important.

Q: what is with Jesus spirit now?

Guruji: he is very happy now. Maybe he is waiting for another task – after centuries or thousands of years maybe another situation come. Such spirit don’t come every day. He was very special and he was sent for this particular task – to finish all ancient gods and he was successful in that.

Q: who started the symbol of Christianity – who started use the cross for this aim?

Guruji: it is so many theories – that it was the symbol of death in Egypt, it might be the symbol of a sword also… but if you going through tantra and magic you see crossroad as a symbol of great things. Most of the magic is done on crossroads. It maybe the symbol of power also. Crossroad is supposed to be very potent mystery there: mystical powers live on this crossroad.

Q: if someone constantly is carrying cross on him – it must somehow affect him?

Guruji: he will become more and more fanatic sort of devotee, he will believe in it, thinking it is defense of vampires – but actually vampires don’t care. This wearing is not powerful, but the organization behind him is. Most of the people are weak and they want the feeling of belonging and protection. If you start the war against church – you will have no place on cemetery, no grave. Most of the graveyards are owned by church.

Q: what do you think – when in icons are used the ash or the parts of the body of some saint – that spirit must not be very happy, that he must doing something for someone even after death?

Guruji: but also he will enjoying because he is been worshipped. He’s not a slave, you need to pray to him. He is connected with icon, but he’s not a slave – he’s need your devotion and your praying.  It’s different situation.

Q: creating such icon looks like magic ritual…

Guruji: it is. Remember Gita: those who worship to dead – goes to dead.

Q: in Rudra Yamala tantra it is said that you must consider your Guru as Shiva; and if you’re worship to another gods – you’re going to hell?

Guruji: if it is written in Rudra Yamala tantra, you should take it very seriously. It is very ancient authentic text.

Q: but even some disciples are saying that they are Christians?

Guruji: we’re not religious organization and that is their free will. If they will continue to practice yoga – they will see the truth. They are not happy, not admitted – otherwise why they are interested in yoga? If they are practicing yoga – it means something shifted inside them and they are not brave enough to accept it openly.

Q: most of the people wants a piece of power from here than a piece of power from there

Guruji: they reaches nowhere.

…it gives you a great advantage of observing it from a very different perspective and point of view. It’s entertaining to observe them. It is a rare phenomena to have true knowledge and true devotion. And it will remain rare. Most of them are just followers.

I’ve seen church maybe once when I was young – and the feeling was like in a vampire movie.

Everybody has will power, but not many people have courage enough to exercise that. They go together.


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