Q: on what depends the appearing of Kutastha?

Guruji: only on intensity of the practice. And it has its own consciousness: one day if it will decide that I will not appear – no matter how you will press your eyes, nothing will appeared. Remember, technics are important, but this is something beyond technics. Only thing is by the grace of the lineage of the Gurus it agrees to appear for most of the students, but to retain it – only the very good practice will do it.

Kutastha literally means – immortal soul.

And I think, Babaji was extremely lineal – to allow the technic for a common men. Because common men is born with inferiority complex and they simply can not accept this immortal substance appearing for them. Their mind works different – they think it could be done by simply pressing the eyes. For them, who think that it is just a technic – it disappears and never appears. So we have to be very careful here. Many so-called seekers think that if they were exposed to some yoga teachers or read some books – they know something. 

Kriya Yoga is very mysterious thing and you have to believe it: otherwise no big time or deep results are coming. Only with many-many years of practice some understanding actually started.

To make a friend – you need to have genuine friendship in your heart.

Even to your own spirit, to make your spirit your friend. Let’s believe that we’re ordinary people: we might to see some person every day – some neighbor or someone: you can never made this person your friend – but you continue to see him almost every day in your life. Same thing with this – in the beginning you will see it every day. Making your spirit your friend will depend on you. It will affect you, not your spirit. Anytime it could leave the body and take on another. If it become your friend – the benefit is ours.

It was my great fortune that I have seen such genuine and great people like Banamali Lahiri.

Q: he achieved Samadhi?

Guruji: I believe so, yes. Very strict person.

Such not a good people claiming themselves Kriya yogi – they have no Guru. And he told me that in future, when everything will be available – you will set some parameter in yoga progress. So this SRI and MRT are actually from him. And I think it was a good idea – that’s why I allowed some machines on me. That prove that Kriya yoga actually changes a person.

Mr. B. lahiri – I saw him first time after my Guru’s death. He was living in Lahiri Mahasaya’s original house. We began to talk about yoga and Kriya yoga. Then he asked me – after 2-3 days of discussion: have you experienced the stopping of the pulse? I said yes. Then he asked me to show – and I showed him on both hands. Then he became very thoughtful. Only in my next visit he told me that – yes, it will be the very good idea that in future you will go through some scientific things and set of parameter – some standard, because everyone is claiming but nobody can actually demonstrate. There has to be a certain standard of the yogi with scientific back up. First time I decide there to go through machines. Every doctor who saw my encephalogram said that it belongs to 5-years old child. Now I’m aware about theta waves. And when the brain waves are going nearly flat – that is also amazing. And the state of beta-waves is saying that my physically state is really different. How you can explain the high level of delta waves?

The beta-waves remain low – it means in Gita they says: he is not doing even by doing everything. That means beta-waves are always in lowest level. This is description of sthitapragya.


I’m normal; the problem is – most of the people are sub-normal.



Somehow the character of Nandi – son of Shilag rishi – become a very mysterious thing. Most of the serial-makers are combining 2 different characters. Bull’s name is also Nandi, but he is son of Kamadhenu, Surabhi. And Nandikeshwar looks like monkey, he has monkey face and he is the chief gan of Shiva. I’ve never seen a portrait or even in a movie – his character is missing absolutely.

Q: how you can recognize the difference between Hanuman and Nandi if both of them has the powerful body and monkey’s face?

Guruji: it is written that Nandi incarnated as Hanuman – in the first chapter of Skanda purana. They look more or less the same. And another understanding comes many years before: if Hanuman is incarnation of Nandi and Rama is Parabrahman Parameshwar: then Parabrahman Parameshwar must be Shiva, because Nandi was never go to another one. It stand to reason.

Q: but there must be eight incarnation of Vishnu and if Rama is Shiva – one incarnation is missed?

Guruji: there is always some confusion when different sects becoming powerful. They change the history which is not suits them.


God is an imaginary friend of grown-ups. It’s from some movie.


In no religion book I’ve never come across any description, who created the souls or the spirits, and what is the true nature of them. Nowhere it is written. Because only yogis are trying to know them, making them their friends. That’s why in Gorakhbodh Matsyendranath saying to Gorakhnath – when you will progress to a level when your atma will become your Guru and your mind will become its disciple.


Mystical story

When I begin to live on my farm in Gwalior – it was one-room cottage and nobody around. About maybe 4-5 months after, when I came out of my room in the morning  – I saw some incense burning, some flowers, some sindur and offering of the sweets. What happened? Then I knew that at night – it was big factory- and many things were stolen. Many electronic things, devices, very big thing. No connection came to my mind. After about one week a notorious man from that village came to me: he prostrated in front of me. “Thank You very much, I came to pay my respect. Because I pray to You and made some puja in front of your doorsteps – I was highly successful.” I ask, in what you were successful? “ oh, You may have heard. Everything gone and I earn money”. I said – never do it again or I put a curse on You. This is India, the real spiritual country. Even  if you’re a thief and going to steal something – first you go to some place, offer your praying – then you go and steal something. Spiritual country! It was in 1990.


Schedule, Asanas

Sleep in daytime is not recommended, because it changes your breathing pattern. But if you’re keeping awake whole night – then it’s fine. But to take post-lunch siesta is not recommended. It will immediately change your breathing pattern, which is not good. When you’re getting up very early in the morning – then you can not keep awake and you will go to sleep after lunch. So get up late – it’s a best thing.

Q: it exist some time, which is highly recommended to sleep?

Guruji: early morning time is the best time to sleep.

There is so much talks about yoga postures – about their difference, affect and so many other things. I will say this much: the word, original word asana, yoga asana. Asana is not literally translated as posture. Asana is the seat on which is sit. That is called asana. That means that your body itself is a seat or the asana for the spirit. By providing it in different ways where it can sit on you in peace.

Yoga Sutras also says – the definition of yoga asana is sthiram sukham asanam. The pleasure of stillness is asana.

That means – when our body is always moving, always doing something – spirit is not feeling peace in that. These asanas is not exactly postures: they provide the very comfortable seat for the spirit – so it will be peaceful and maybe start to be your friend. This is what I think of yoga asanas. They are very important and much more than physical fitness program.

Q: so asana becomes asana only when our spirit becomes very calm in it?

Guruji: your body is the seat for the spirit – I think everybody will agree with it. By doing asana you making your spirit very comfortable. And until unless your spirit is comfortable inside you – it will never accept you as a friend.

Q: so the real discipline of yoga begins only when the spirit is comfortable?

Guruji: it starts from the day one when you’re trying all those asanas, all those mudras and all those pranayamas – they are just to say hello to the spirit.

Q: how we can understand on the physical level when the spirit is comfortable?

Guruji: very simple: remember the first sutra from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Yoga is chitta vritti nirodhah.

And if you will consult the Sanskrit dictionary – chitta means atma, and vritti – whichever disturbs you. And what is disturbing your spirit? – your body. So by providing different asanas you’re making it comfortable – so the spirit is comfortable. Only if somebody is absolutely comfortable – it will have very friendly thought about you. You see, any guest which comes to your house, what are you saying? – oh, make yourself comfortable, what do you like to have – tea, coffee? You try to make your guest comfortable. All these things are to make spirit comfortable.

Whatever we sat upon is called asana.

Q: if we do postures, which are not in Hatha Yoga Pradipika – they are not asanas?

Guruji: in Hatha Yoga Pradipika and most ancient books is given most comfortable asanas for the soul inside. If you continue to create different asanas without providing them to a spirit – so what for they used? Ok, if some guest comes to your house you say: I will create a very good chair for you, just wait a little-  and you continue to work for years and a guest standing here waiting when the chair will be ready and he will maybe make himself comfortable. You have to do it quickly, very intelligently and perfectly. In all books they agree on one thing: siddhasana is the best, also padmasana. All ancient texts agreed on this.


Rudra Yamal Tantra

Q: raja bhava is Brahma, sattva bhava is Hari and krodha bhava is Rudra?

Guruji: there is general consideration. Tamo guna is the basis of everything – it is dark and you’re not aware, who you are.

Q: I think krodha bhava must be very energetic and powerful?

Guruji: if the power of krodha is used for something very high – then; otherwise if you just let it go on small things- then it’s not good. We need to understand the power of the krodha or anger and we should learn to nurse it, harness it, and then it will become a very potent force, which you can use for everything.

Q: Brahma is like semen, Hari is like vital breath and Rudra is like a mind – three devas are gunas?

Guruji: Brahma is like a semen because it creates and raj means menstrual blood, which actually creates everything. Hari consider as sustainer – so he sustains, like a vital breath. Rudra ultimately is the mind: he is destroyer and mind is a destroyer of all ignorance.

Q: Brahma is compassionate, Hari is pure and Rudra is fiery?

Guruji: the pure wisdom is always fiery.

Knowledge is very horrible also, because it shows you the reality, which may not be so beautiful – as we understand beauty. But every horrible thing has its own beauty.

Gorakhnath received wisdom from Smashan Devi – horrible and terrible she appears, but she is pure knowledge. It is just symbolic embodiment of knowledge – Smashan Bhairavi.

There are more than 400 billions neurons inside our brain – most of them are just lying dormant; if you are able to move them to activity- only then that activity will become so far it will appear if it is not moving at all. Then it is something moving, not moving. You will experience it, Kutastha is the first appearance of the mind or atma. “Kut” means the body, “kutastha” means – which remains inside the body. It is called Kutastha and that is spirit or atma. “Kut” also means puzzle – and body is the greatest of puzzle. This is very widely used term.

Q: the path of Brahma is the root of tapas?

Guruji: of course, to activate your mind is the real great tapas.

Q: compassion is the root of duty?

Guruji: compassion with yourself – then you start your way towards the brahma and tapas will begin. Only when you learn the secret, which is inside your body that is kut – then only you can rest. These are very poetic descriptions of very deep things.

Q: Ishwar said: one thousand ashwamedha and one hundred vajapeya sacrifices  are not equal to even a sixteenth fraction of the greatness of the brahma gyana?

Guruji: even if you are able to awaken your dormant consciousness on 1% extra you already have – it is much more important than all these sacrifices.

Q: from where come this number – 16?

Guruji: this is your brain and 16 adharas. Ultimately it is all in the mind.

Q: in this book all information is very precise, but again they mention aum of three syllables?

Guruji: maybe it was done deliberately. Majority of Sanskrit scholars will agree that such things were added much more later. And confusion remain. And the wisdom begins from the day you realize that you’re confused. Without realize your confusing you will never come out of her.

Q: Shakti dwells in the moving mind and Shiva dwells in the steady mind. He, who is established in the steady mind becomes accomplished while living in the body?

Guruji: mind and the body – the conscious mind and the body are one and the same.

Apana is the thing, which remains inside always moving. When you are in Samadhi – it stops absolutely, becomes still – and Shiva is there. Shakti sleeps and Shiva awake.

Q: Vishnu take the duty to care of this world?

Guruji: actually nobody give it to him. It is assumed, that he is sustainer.

Q: but before him – world lived somehow, existed somehow?

Guruji: when Vishnu opened his eyes – there was only water. It’s complicated program. I can tell you that he also have grey hairs. When some rishis went to see him – his name was Bhumapurush – he took one black hair from him and it became Krishna and he took one grey hair – it became Balarama. It’s story from some Vishnu puranas.



Yoga is a hard work and you must have the really strong desire to practice it. Studying is up to you – read books on yoga, read Gita very carefully. Have you read it?

Q: with Prabhupada commentaries

Guruji: and what you can remember from it?

Q: that Krishna is saying – you can worship me at any way…

Guruji: I’m suggesting you to study it more carefully.

Q: what is your opinion – is it right, when people gave penalty for death to the killer?

Guruji: killer has no compassion to the person he killed. Let’s hope – human beings in our society become so sensitive – we will no need to give penalty because it will be no murder.

Q: what do you think about revenge?

Guruji: it is personal decision and I don’t know what to say on that. It depends on whom, who started the chain of events and for what purpose. You will have to go to the source – why the first murder was committed and for what. I will tell you one story.


Great Story

When I was at college – I have one classmate: he was wrestler, very strong man – but very nice and gentle person. When  I went in search on yoga  -I  lost contact. After many years I came to know that he is in prison for men slaughter. He killed four men with a sword, cut them into pieces. It was very difficult for me to believe, that such a nice and sweet person killed four person like that. I went to see him in prison in Gwalior – it was a very big prison. And I tell you – I saw the happiest person; all others gave him very much respect. He was worshipping Hanuman in prison, he was reading Hanuman chalisa every day. Everybody was calling him Baba. Then I came to know the truth: those four persons killed his father  and two of his uncles, when they were returning from their farm. There was some jealousy, some dispute – and they kill them with a sword. And on the dead bodies he saw he promised, that he will also kill them. After maybe within a year he take a sword, went to the road when they were together, challenge them and killed them on the spot. Then he went to police station and surrendered. He never ran away from police. He surrendered, confess everything – yes, I’ve did it, and there is the reason. He received about 20 years in prison. You can make any conclusion from this story. it’s true story. I don’t care if the devil hang me – I fulfill my promise. If somebody’s take the revenge and run away from police – this is not acceptable. He should be ready to face the consequences. That’s the point.


He was released long time back and came back to village. He never married. But we don’t contact after that. We graduated together. I don’t know – maybe the children of that 4 people take revenge on him – and the chain continue.

Until unless you know the whole situation – it’s impossible to express any opinion – why this happen or what should be.

Q: I’m not agree that this person must go to the prison. Prison is the part of the system of the law of the country. And the law doesn’t protect his father or his relatives. Why he should go there?

Guruji: he was honest enough to face the law.

Q: if he live 2-3 hundred years before – it was not a problem to kill them and live normally

Guruji: the law works on evidence – you need to prove that persons are guilty. It’s complicated system.

Q: why this system doesn’t help his father? If the system doesn’t work – you must fight? If you win – you will go to prison, if you lose – you will die?

Guruji: that are the laws of the society. He could ran away, but instead of it he come and surrendered. That’s why he didn’t receive the death penalty – only 20 years of prison. He went out of prison when he was about 45.

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