Kali yuga

Q: what do you think – now is Kali yuga and it lasts for particular time frame?

Guruji: Kali yuga was 432000 years. It ended at 1944 and it’s absolutely different time we’re going through now.

Q: does the actions of human beings influence on duration on any yuga?

Guruji: No. It is duration of the yuga, which influences human beings.

Q: how this yuga finished? Where is the information about it?

Guruji: there is my personal discovery. Not everything is written in books. I will ask you very simple question: every religious book – from hindu to Christian to puran – when they are predicting future, coming time – they are not saying anything about mobile phones, airplanes, electricity, air conditioning. That means – they doesn’t know. If they could not see that – it means it’s absolutely new era, which even the great seers from the past were unable to see or understand.

Q: what about Vimanika Shastra – they describe flying objects?

Guruji: but that formulas are so complicated – no one enable to decipher them. Or maybe they are from the future; maybe some time traveler left them in the past and we’re thinking they are in the past. Nobody knows anything.

Q: what is your opinion about Nostradamus predictions?

Guruji: it depends on how you interpret them. I read few different interpretations and there was one from dr. Frank Brune, some French man. He actually deciphered that Iraq will fight against the West, which happened. And about empire will lost – Russian and british empire are lost. It depends on interpretation. And also he said that the last battle will be the battle on the banks of Ganges. Now I’m worry what will happen.


We read in almost every religion, that Apocalypse is coming, everything will gone, the world will be destroyed. But I’m very simple grass root level person and if someone will ask me, what will remain after Apocalypse, when everything will gone? As a simple grass root man I will say – ghosts will remain. Spirits and ghosts will remain. This is what I think.

We can also make statement here: blessed are ghosts and spirits for they shall inherit the kingdom of Earth.


Practice and relatives


If you’re practicing yoga – it means you become much-much better person, your mind will be much more stronger. As a better person with strong mind you will be in a situation to help them. But in the beginning they may be feel confronted. Nobody will agree or accept the fact that you’re developing more than them. That point actually creates some confronting situations. You have to be very carefully, delicately and highly diplomatically. That’s why we ask you to keep it a secret. Otherwise they will be disturb you – what happened to him.

Q: but they see, that something changes

Guruji: of course they will begin to see the change from the day one. Continue to behave normally – that’s it.

Q: is it true, that if relatives care about person – they took his good karmas and if they confronted they take his bad karmas or not?

Guruji: no, good karma will remain with you and bad karma go away. But it’s good idea not to disturb them.

Until unless somebody ask on your opinion – never express it. That’s the main thing you need to do.

And if they need help and you’re in the situation to help – please help. For this you don’t need to wait – I will help only if they asked; sometimes people are shy or they don’t accept it need to help – it is up to you to observe if they need help – to help. But never express your opinion – that’s the main point.

Q: maybe out practice somehow help our relatives to develop spiritually?

Guruji: it is believed that those who living on surroundings and they will tolerate the initial development – they will be benefited by your presence. And your ancestors will be very happy. Three generations from father’s side and four from mother’s side – mothers are very important.

Q: if I have protection of You – my relatives has protection too or not?

Guruji: only if you have good will for them – then only.

Q: if I give vibhuti …

Guruji: for whom?

Q: for my son

Guruji: it’s ok. Son is son – he’s not relative. With so much relatives you will become paramahamsa.


Practice and condition


Q: why yogi should not practice in the mountains or near the sea?

Guruji: because near the sea the air is very humid and you never know when the next tsunami is going to hit. High in the mountains oxygen is rarified and it will take so much from you to survive there. You should live where the weather is comfortable and suitable – take the middle path: this is what Buddha was trying to say but they took it somewhere else. Those, who live too long in the mountains – their mind start to become down. They become slow, very slow-minded. Middle ground is always good. Most of mountains habitants among the snow suffer from heavy depressions. Here you see – no depression.

Q: but in the mountains all the processes are slowing down, including process of ageing.

Guruji: but it takes great efforts to survive there. Air is different, water is different, weather is too cold. It’s not suggested that you go there. When you become superman – of course, then you can live anywhere.

Q: what do you think about bathing in the ice water?

Guruji: for Russians it’s fine. It’s not yoga. This is the basic theme because Russia is suffer with heavy winter – that’s might be the one thing to prove that he’s fit. Only the fit is survive. It’s just the test, that the weak will be eliminated and the strong will survive. I will stay away from ice water.

Q: I try just one year for a few seconds

Guruji: what happened after that?

Q: at first it’s very hot but then during few hours – very cold.

Guruji: I feel twice very cold temperature – once in Amarnath and once in Kedarnath – and I don’t want to experience it again. I’m ok here.

Q: somewhere I’ve read that yogis are going to mountains and living in the caves?

Guruji: I think it’s very romantic thought that most of the yogis and sadhus and holy men are living in the mountains in the caves. Look at me: I’m living in the lap if the king of the mountains – Giriraj- and we have good living conditions and I don’t want to live in the cave. If you want – think twice. It will be very hard for practicing yoga. You need good weather and good living conditions – so you can do it in a very relaxed way without any unnecessary disturbance.

Indian hell – the fire is burning everywhere. And some people were sleeping very peacefully in such hot condition. Then Yamaraj asks: who are them? Oh, they are just coming from Siberia – they are just trying to warming here. Especially for Russians and Siberians is very important to have good relations with the devil. He is controlling all fire, and you need fire to survive. So better to have good relations.


Ghosts program


Q: what is Prem Darbar?

Guruji: this is our regular program about three times in year, especially in Mehendipur Balaji. To help people, suffering with ghost problems and to help ghosts, suffering the people problem. Everybody receives help and the very cordial agreement is reached. Most of the ghosts and spirits receive help and people, suffering from them, also receive help.

So what you see – people shaking and talking like a mad men – actually it is not them, it is the spirit possessing them and talking through them. Very rarely some forces applied – most of them negotiated when we talk with them – they agree. In a very-very cordial manner. If some ghosts are like criminals – then some punishment is given them: they are arrested and some punishment is given. Till they agreed to promise that they will remain nice. That is the main program – rehabilitation for ghosts and spirits. This is what is need.

Human beings are not always saints. They also have made enough problem for spirits. And the ghost, when he was a human being has many unnecessary sufferings – after death he become a ghost and sometime they come to take revenge. I’ve seen many cases there. We’re not helping only living people – we’re helping them too. Rehabilitation for the spirits. I keep telling: this life or after life – everybody needs help. So we try our best.

Q: in this program you don’t use a ritual – it’s something else?

Guruji: it’s not any ritual here. It is the power and authority, given by Hanuman and authority by very heavy practice of yoga.

Q: so this is yoga power?

Guruji: yoga power and support from Hanuman, Bhairav, Shakti and Shiva. One of the names of Shiva is Bhutanath – the master of all ghosts, you have to remember that. This is Shiva’s grace as well.

There are also like mafia thing in spiritual world. Some powerful ghosts may catch the spirits of people and make them their slaves. We have seen such cases. You need to be very strong and you need to have very strong support to survive in spiritual world.

Q: suicide makes you ghost?

Guruji: every death guarantees that you will become a ghost for some time. Liberation is just not attain for everybody. And what is the definition of liberation?

Simple: liberating of all your problems is true liberation. Not moksha, nirvana or go beyond life and death. No problem – that is liberation.

Q: we saw, that possessed people were communicate not with the man in front of them but with your photo: why it is so?

Guruji: I’m living in smashan, which supposed to be the home of Shiva, in the lap of Goverdhan Maharaj for last 23 years and something happened here. Somehow I became very important for the spirits. They want to communicate with me by some possession or something to receive help. I have to legit them and help them.

Q: we saw that they are calling You – Lord, Master, Yogiraj, Malik – how You can explain it?

Guruji: I like to take my name simply, that my name is Shailendra Sharma. Yogiraj title – when we begin first to talk with Hanuman Ji – he addressed me like that. And when he begin to address me like this – many spirits begin to come to me. It happen like this. Malik – is a usual respectful term from musalman spirits – it’s like Lord or Master, they address for respect.

Q: not only hindu spirits come?

Guruji: spirits are spirits- any spirits can come.

I will again repeat myself: every single religion, which appears on this planet from the beginning of history – they agree on one thing, that there is life after death. Actually the whole concept of the religion is based on life after death.

Be good, send yourself to particular god and he will grant you access to heaven or liberation and if you’re not good – he will throw you into hell. Every religion is actually talking about life after death.

Our program is direct evidence, that life exists and continues after physical death. I will say – discussing philosophy, reading religious books is very good, but I will consider a person as wise man if he is able to talk with spirits, he can see that life, spirits are coming to talk with him – only that person considering as wise. With personal experience.

Everybody can read books and say what is good or bad; we are yogis and we’re want to know things on personal experience. Maybe this is another step in yoga. When we make our spirit our friend – surely other spirits also be your friends. And if there is a friendly person – any people will come to him for help. I think, anybody who appeared on this planet, even avatars and the sons of god –  they need help and there is no shame in it. Always ready to help anybody, whether it is human being or spirit, if you’re in a situation to help – help.

Every religion believes in life after death. That is the main base of every faith. Why not accept it?

Q: difficult to understand, that so much people are possessed

Guruji: no, it’s not a very big number. You saw the gathering which we applying for 6-7 months. In july it will be even bigger – about thousand people will attend.

Q: but in other world they will be taken in clinic?

Guruji: yes, these people will be taken as schizophrenia or some other kind of madness and no cure will coming.

Q: I saw the people that were cured by medicine from madness

Guruji: it maybe the genuine disease. But most of the medicines just calming them down, but not the cure. No doctor is the specialist for treating ghosts. Another thing: most of possessed are women. They are easier to possess because their bodies are able to carry two spirits in one time.

And I keep saying like any philosopher, that woman is a mystery. Not anything is written what happen with the woman after she dies. And in our ghost helping program not many women spirits are coming, 98% of them are men. What happens to a woman – remains a mystery.

Q: mostly the men are talking through women?

Guruji: yes, mostly like that.

Q: is it possible that women spirits immediately has rebirth?

Guruji: we can take hypothesis on that, but it’s not written in any book. Any religious book – puran or bible, Shrimad Bhagavatam, in any hindu puran – nothing about it. Some references are in Shiva Purana, otherwise – that’s it. In Shiva Purana there is only one story, that one woman, who was a very big sinner, was afraid and just one round recite the Shiva Purana to her –  and she went directly to Shiva Loka. Only this reference we read in all puranas – only one reference. Otherwise there is no reference of any kind anywhere. It’s very big mystery.

Every heaven which is described in any religion is especially for men. What is the concept of the woman in heaven? Nobody discuss it. That is a big mystery.

Q: it’s boring without women in heaven. At least there are succubus in hell.

Guruji: it is common name for a women in Bengali – Succubai.

To realize soul is the very big thing. Then to make it your Guru is absolutely another thing. Everybody talks about god – but god has not created souls. No religion describe, who created the souls – nowhere it is mentioned. From where it come, where it goes, what is that nature, why they come into that body? Nothing. But they go in details that god created this and that. That makes yoga very important, because only yoga teach us how to realize your soul. We’re not go into god realization, we’re for soul realization.

What is the man? The future ghost is the man. This is future for everybody. Of course it is interesting. But I think most of the religious people try to avoid these things. I don’t know why. Otherwise life is bleak – there is no hope.

In Sanskrit the word for poet is kavi, in hindi also. And kavi means – who realized and who knows everything. Poets are in tune with something very deep, they are not just poets. Maybe if your subconscious mind is continue to sleep – that is imprisonment of the mind.

Q: but how we can awaken it and to realize?

Guruji: for this we need awaken our mind also 100%, then we will have some ideas or thoughts.

Q: sometimes I have such feeling…

Guruji: but feelings may be misleading – we don’t know.

Q: feelings are very deep from inside

Guruji: feelings are feelings


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