Q: spirit is immortal?

Guruji: yes, it is believed that it is immortal.

Q: and as I understand – it is possible situation to make the spirit the slave?

Guruji: yes, it is possible.

Q: but it’s not possible to kill the spirit?

Guruji: it’s very interesting point – now you will know – Indians are first masters in tantra. Every indian is actually invoking the spirit and making him slave or work for him. How?

Q: maybe by some ritual?

Guruji: the ritual is marriage – then they come together and producing a child – spirit is coming in him and you can command it. Simple situation!

We develop the very good system: when the father is dying – son is doing rituals for him, so he will remain good in spiritual world- and from that he supporting him. His life is good, and when he will produce a child – the spirit will come and take birth in the same – so the circle will continue. It is great tantra ritual.

Q: the spirits have different origins; can we say that they have different power?

Guruji: they have different abilities.

Q: what is holy spirit? Or the spirit of god?

Guruji: I would like to know from Christians, who is the holy ghost?

Q: I want to know – does the gods have spirits?

Guruji: god is just a powerful spirit.

Q: can one spirit evolve to another level?

Guruji: yes, they can do that. I’ve identified Yahweh – the jewish god. I’m spiritual man, you know. In India there are  even some rituals to invoke that particular spirit. Only with shepherds it moves. Who are carrying sheeps and goats – it’s connected directly with that. That particular spirit, which you called the holy ghost or Yahweh is moving among sheep, goats and shepherds.

Q: he is looking also like sheep or goat?

Guruji: no, he’s different looking person. Powerful spirits have very different motives. And every spirit likes to be worshipped. It increases their power, maybe even their living. They also want to live peacefully.

Q: does some spirits have the limits?

Guruji: yes.

Q: it’s not possible to every spirit to achieve something in yoga?

Guruji: no.

Q: again, for the spirits – to increase their level – it’s only yoga way or it exists some different ways?

Guruji: yogi becomes – as I’ve seen – the most powerful spirits. Independent.

Q: do you have the cases, when some spirits with limitations come to you?

Guruji: many.

Q: and you refuse to give them practice?

Guruji: yes, many cases.

Q: you know from the beginning that it is useless?

Guruji: the person should appeal to me. It’s not a commercial way, so the person should make me interested in him. Communication depends on a person facing me. I think over the years you have noticed – I ‘ve never start any discussion. Not from myself.

Q: if the spirit is much more powerful that the body – how it can be slaved by weak body?

Guruji: everything is possible. Indians are great masters in these things so we’re learn many ways to do it.

Q: but how powerful spirit could become a slave of body’s karma?

Guruji: impression. Once you receive an education in a college or a school – whole life you will be slave of that education.

Q: when the spirit take birth – it always take a risk?

Guruji: only Hindu spirits take rebirths. It depends on the last rituals. But the risk is always there. Even crossing the road is very riskful. Risks are part of life.

Q: what will happen with the spirit, if the body will be totally destroyed by fire or water without any rituals?

Guruji: he will be in line to take another birth. That will change his destiny. And it’s destiny if body was completely burn. There is no coincidence.

Q: if Yamaraj is on vacation or holidays now – dharma also not exists?

Guruji: we have seen very big changes now. Very big changes on the other side. Actually the word dharma is translated as “ religion”, which is a very wrong translation. Literally dharma means “carrier”, which carries you. Not a “duty”. But you have accept certain duties in your career. That’s why so much avatars kills lot of people – so Yamaraj’s career is continue( smiling). It support him.

Remember the superheroes – Wolverine from X- men or the vajra body of Superman. So yoga practice is not just for cure constipation. It is to become very long-lived with the body soft like lotus stem – this is what they are writing. To be young without growing old – that is amazing. There has to be some truth inside it. Maybe the secret of immortality or living long is hidden inside this. But then again – it depends on how much we are success in practicing that, how much we’re successful in living yogic way of life – I mean here many people fail it. Because when I told that it is open for a worldly person – that doesn’t mean that every worldly person deserves it. I’ve never come across more mysterious tradition than this. And I’ve looking up many-many traditions.

Q: you remember when we talk about limitations of the spirit in yoga practice?

Guruji: hindus are saying – it is karma, the samskar and awareness which comes with constant exposure to this creation. Even spirit needs to think.

Q: is it possible that some spirit could not be learned in one life time and needs more?

Guruji: it is usual case.

Q: so there is no chance to them?

Guruji: if they become aware – that is always a chance. If they will never become aware – there is never a chance.

Q: could this limits be broken somehow?

Guruji: only by oneself, by becoming aware of your limitations; if you even don’t know, what limits you – how can you overcome that?

Q: if we take Kriya yoga technics – can we say that Mahamudra is complete when we’re working directly with air body?

Guruji: I think in mahamudra your brain starts to be more active then more active and more active. Living long and growing old maybe directly connected with your brain. I was reading some article in one science journal – after a certain age billions of neurons begin to die and from that point the old age starts. It is my thinking that if you somehow are able to stop the death of neurons – your body will remain constant. It is directly connected with the brain situation. And the spinal cord is nothing but an extension of your brain – everything is connected. Hatha yoga is great art.


The first level of Kriya yoga is to remove certain limitations from your consciousness and then it begin to expand and flow free. And first thing the yogi noticed after you open this first knot – Brahma granthi – your mind will start work very different point and you will begin to understand suddenly so many things. Maybe for some people it will be very difficult to act with the family or society or it will be difficult for them to exist with you – it is more like,  because you will say some things which are beyond their mind and it could create some problem.

You’ll begin to understand so many things about your life, after life and most complex thing in the Universe – human relationship. That will be shocking opening to you when you begin actually understand it. In the beginning it maybe very difficult for you to keep quiet; then after you’ll gone through so many clashes and confrontations – then you will learn to keep quiet. Otherwise most of the relations will be spoiled.

Then the awareness of your opening of the heart knot will come – that is highly technical thing. You will dive deep in the ocean of your consciousness; you will find so many ancient memories, old complexes, old phobias, so many egoistic things – every hurt you will remember which you have been gone through since you have been child. Then you need to analyze them and only then you will be able to pop up with them. Then the memories of past life also come.

You will be able to stop the pulse and heartbeat. Until unless you will stop your heart or pulse – you simply can not rise above your physical limits. As long as it keeping beating and you’re breathing constantly – your consciousness will remain limited within your physical case. And in that case, when this ability be achieved with very great practice of Kriya yoga – then your consciousness begin to expand and finally you will be able to say that – yes, I’ve gone beyond my past. All the memories are actually your past. When the past is no longer bothering you – that moment you will realize the moment of the present and then you will be able to see your future also.

And the final thing will be done in the cremation area. Because Rudra lives on smashan. And if you will reach to that level there will be one smashan which will pull you in. You don’t need to find it –  smashan will find you.

Q: you will be burnt there?

Guruji: no, everybody is burn somewhere – most of the Indians are cremated, that is not a point. To live in smashan and do very heavy practice of yoga with mind-boggling disciplines – that is something else. These are three steps which you can hope to achieve with the very good practice of yoga.

Q: does it mean that yogis reaching up to this level live on smashan?

Guruji: all. All went through it – some late forty years, some late fifty years – as long as it takes. To complete whatever they have settled. That is your decision to go through this yoga, you are free not to do it. But once you commit yourself to a discipline – then you’ll have to do it. I will recommend you to read Hatha Yoga Pradipika very carefully: smashan and sushumna are synonyms. Only a person with open sushumna can survive in smashan. Ordinary man will go mad. We have seen many cases. But then in Russia there is no smashan – you will have to wear g-string and move like a baba in India all around – so finally smashan will find you. But before it all these things you have to go through.

Everybody is trying to make money or to establish a family, everybody is trying to do something good or bad for the society, – how many people are there who wants to be genuine yogi? It’s special program.

Q: why the first knot is called Brahma granthi?

Guruji: brahm is in your head.

Q: why it is connected with tongue?

Guruji: you need the instrument to affect it. How you will do something directly with your head?


It’s one part of tantra, when you go to smashan, capture the dead body which is complete, without any wound and belonging to certain cast in India. They are called “tery” – that’s who extract oil from the seeds – there is particular cast. Sometimes male corpse is used, sometimes girls corpse is used – she should be about 16 and without wounds, all body should be complete. Then some great spirit is invoked in it. You want to hear the real story? Now you remind me.


This is real story. Near Gwalior there is a place call Datya. There was one very great tantric, swami, everybody called him Swami Ji Maharaj. He had gurubhai – Brahmachari Shardanan, both are dead now. Their Guru was from Tarapith. It was time of the british, they were ruling; in one certain state of Punjab there was some big problem, going on with queen Victoria; and it was a big dispute and somebody suggested to king, that their Guru is very great tantric  and he could easily remove this thing. They approach him; he said ok: I need corpse with the list of features and at least 40 kg of meat, wine, and the meat is need to make laddoos. These two disciples were helping him.

They went to certain smashan in Punjab and made a sort of mandala on the ground with flour, turmeric and different colors. And the dead body – it was easy for the king to kill anybody with poison or by drowning, so the dead body was lying there in between.

Swami said: I will sat on the middle of this corpse and I will start ritual chanting mantras, and when he will laugh and ask something – you start feeding him these meat laddoos and give him wine.

So after midnight there was a very terrible laugh coming from the dead body and he sat up. And these two disciples – one was giving wine and one was giving these meat laddoos; and that dead body ate the 40 kilos of meat laddoos and 40-50 litres of wine disappeared. And then he asked in a very horrible voice: what do you want from me? Why have you call me? And then Swami told him about problem with the king- and he said: within 24 hours everything will be alright and again dropped. And within 24 hours everything was settled peacefully with big profit to the king.

It’s true story. And I will say in India there are still some tantrics who are masters in it. This is shava sadhana: you need to invoke and some people are doing it to invoke big powers like Kali and Tara.

Q: they are sitting on the corpse to hold the spirit?

Guruji: they are made them asana, you need to sit on it. You should be bold enough to do that and you should be fearless  – when he start laughing and talking with you  – you should not run away. The moment you run you will die or go mad, your life will be caught by the spirit. It’s extremely dangerous program.

Q: the spirit can attack?

Guruji: he can do anything. That’s why the meat is there to please him and the liquor is there so he will be no thirsty to drink your blood – these are terrible powers. And to invoke them is to risk your life and your spirit as well.

Q: what happened with this tantric after death?

Guruji: he was the great man and he very rarely was in contact with a public – he died in old age. He was disciple from Tarapith – it’s very big nexus of such tantrics. It’s pure luck, if you come across such tantric, who will accept you as disciple. Another his disciple – Brahmachari Shardanan, who was there to assist him – he witnessed one of such things he did. He said – the mind of such tantrics with great powers is very different. He was living in the area where poor people were living, of low cast.


One of his friends came, he was a musician and also Swami. And he was in mood and say: you play and I will dance – and he dance for two hours, and his friend played. And the next day when he came out to get water, all the low cast people – I mean you will be the laughing stock if you at old age dancing  like this – began to ask him:  are you eunuch or are you man? It was very insulting to the swami. He came back, produce some certain things and killed eight people within a week. One week time eight people died. They go to the toilet, shit blood and after that found dead there. Then my uncle – he was in good turn with that swami, he was informed – he was big ayurvedic manager – and he went there to pacify him: he said – you’re Swami, you should have forgiveness, please don’t punish them – only then it was stopped. Fantastic things we’re witnessed.

Q: so there is no connection between shavasana and shava sadhana?

Guruji: they were not yogis. Shavasana – when your own spirit will dance on you. And your subconscious mind become conscious – yoga is very different from these things. Most of them are actually depending on certain strong spirits, to do certain things for them. Yogic shavasana is for going into suspended animation.

Q: but nevertheless all these traditions come from Dattatreya?

Guruji: from Shiva and Dattatreya also. Every tantra is from them. When you’re immortal you have eternity to pass your time like that.

Q: why they create such systems – for what aim?

Guruji: it’s knowledge. Knowledge and connection with the other side.

Q: what is the benefits for the person, doing such practice?

Guruji: well, the king was benefited and the Swami get great respect. And we learn a supernatural story.

Q: but for his own spirit?

Guruji: he also must be very powerful because he knew so much; so when he would have gone to the other side – he would be the very strong spirit. They all follow very strict discipline. They all were celibates, and live away from society – never intermixed. And they have great curiosity, – that what actually happens, which laid them to go through all these experience – these are extraordinary experience.

Q: so when person is completely drunk, eating meat and intermix with women – it’s not a practice of five makaras?

Guruji: no, it’s much more deeper than that. It will be like everybody who is eating meat and drinking and womanizing will be a great siddha. No, they are used in a certain way. But I’m not master in tantras. We have observe some things – this is India. India stand most mystical country. Until unless you will go down to a grass root level – it is impossible to understand the spirit of India. Reading philosophical books, – shaivism, Hinduism, vaishnavism is useless exercise. Grass root level – there is true wisdom here.

Q: is it some connection between tantra and European magic traditions and kabbala?

Guruji: I think all yantras is everywhere. They has to be same roots. India is most ancient cradle of such things – many of them went out of here. Maybe some things evolve in Europe and Russia on their own. American continent also. Wherever is someone living – there are spirits there, different powers are there, and the natural powers are there, natural spirits are there. Maybe if some sensitive person is there – the contact is possible. Not all human beings are idiots, so they discovered certain principles on the way.

Q: why all the yantras use only strictly geometrical forms?

Guruji: geometry is the basis of all creation. By using certain geometrical patterns you are invoking certain power from creation.

Q: the square shape is connected with the earth element?

Guruji: yes, but there are different uses of that also.

Q: what is the difference between yantra and mandala?

Guruji: yantras is always dedicated to certain gods and goddesses. And mandala is to invoke the certain power there, to create different effect. Mandala is just like yantra also. Every village woman knows to create certain mandala. They make it with flour, etc. it is done for prosperity and peace. It’s too much deep things.

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