Most of the useful things are not beautiful. And most of the beautiful things are not useful. If you find something which is beautiful as well as useful – it’s direct grace from gods or maybe from Lucifer.

                                                                                                                           SHREE SHAILENDRA SHARMA



Q: if we take the story of Noah from the bible: what do You think – there were only judes on that ship?

Guruji: you see, in India we have the story on that. Person who built the boat – his name was Manu. The Vishnu in the form of the fish helped him. Manu can become Noah in future. It is very similar phonetically. The story is almost same. He also was carrying all types of creatures on his boat; so Manu – Nuh- Noah. I have very different opinion about this flood thing. When the water is coming – it is not harming any sea creature or any creature who is living in the water. it’s my opinion and it might be true also that they are the most disciplined creatures, created by nature. Surface dwellers – they all are always breaking the discipline; no shark is coming on Red Square to kill anybody, but we’re going into the sea to kill them, to make business out of them. Never ever a fish, whale, shark has business of killing human being. Whenever the surface dwellers brake the discipline – more of they should or they shouldn’t  – then punishment comes. In this big flush only surface dwellers suffer. We’re to keep that in our mind and we should consider it very seriously.

In our story Manu created a family after the flood. He found the woman named Shatarupa and then the human race started again. Their roots are from India.



Q: maybe the man cannot become immortal because he have no task?

Guruji: yes, it depends on what they are react to; if they are here to experience Samadhi and realize themselves, then there are no need to carry the same body for centuries until unless there are some special thing you need to do. Yogis love change; so when the body had serve all the usefulness – they leave it and take a new body, keep changing the clothes of the spirit.

Q: can we change our genes by the brain?

Guruji: by developing your brain to the limit and by understanding what is inside your genes and your DNA memory. Some scientists were telling me that 1 gr of your genome carrying more than 4 billion GB of information. How much you can understand out of it? The whole body is a holder of billions and trillions and jillions of information. You will need to know everything – how much information you’re carrying inside. Or on the other hand – maybe you’re just like a book: the book is not aware, what is written inside it, only the reader knows. Maybe the spirit is coming down to study all the information. When the study is over – it leaves. We’re like living books.

Q: how about the experience of all living years?

Guruji: we don’t know about the spirit – so we cannot say. You need to create more and more interesting stories – the spirit will continue interest in you. Like Arabian Nights. We’re just learning about of it – scientists recently become aware of it, but yogis were aware of it thousands of years before. They were using different terminology and creating certain method how to actually develop it and learn more out of it, how to get the bigger response of the brain – from all your brain. People using just a very small part of the brain. Your growing up, your youth and old age – all of it are from the brain. Brain is in control of it. By developing your brain you maybe able to control these symptoms in your physical body. Very rarely we think about brain because it remains unseen, unknowable – so we’re not aware of it.

Q: is it possible to make the reproducing age longer by developing the brain?

Guruji: I think it’s possible – even in bible you can find such cases.

Q: by meditation?

Guruji: meditation is the very different thing. Yoga practice is absolutely another thing. You cannot mix them together. The word “meditation” is not the direct translation of the word “dhyana”. They are two very different words.

Someone tells me that scientists realized that the heart has its own brain and thinking process. Heart is very important and to keep it for yourself is even more difficult.

It’s one step before Samadhi – but there are miles away from meditation to Samadhi.

Q: if we have some problems in our physical body?

Guruji: it is rather control of your conscious mind, because the body represents the conscious mind.



Your body is 99,9 percent empty. The sound – brahmanada – is resonating in you even now. When you practice enough yoga and your mind develops to a certain level – you will begin to perceive that. And with that particular nada it will go deeper and deeper and you will have so many different experiences – then you will be able to feel the final nada, like a thousands of lions roaring together or thousands of thunderclap sounds together or the waves of the ocean – billions of waves of the oceans breaking on the shore; then you will reach Samadhi. It goes like this.

Q: Samadhi comes with the sound only?

Guruji: it is one of the ways.

Q: when I’m sleeping and see the dream: it’s my subconscious working and conscious sleeping?

Guruji: no. your physical body is sleeping but your spirit is in astral world.

DREAMWORLD AND ASTRAL WORLD ARE ONE AND THE SAME. You go to sleep here and wake up there- you go to sleep there and wake up here.

Q: when I wake up the action stops?

Guruji: no, when you sleep the world goes on. There also and here also. Most of the eminent doctors have said that if you will not dream – you will become mad.

Q: I can not create the puzzles of that world because I remember nothing?

Guruji: but you have been there.

Q: but here I can create the line of actions?

Guruji: same there

Q: but in that world we have more possibilities?

Guruji: same – here and there

Q: but there I can fly for example

Guruji: only limit is your imagination – that’s it. Here also and there also.



Q: how he’s (Shibendu Lahiri) guiding his students?

Guruji: by confusing them into philosophy of j. Krishnamurti. I’m hearing the same lecture – it’s his 5th visit, so fifth time. For 20 years same.

Q: how people can listen the same all the time?

Guruji: that’s why he’s always looking for new disciples. Old one disappear.

Q: what do you think – how Lahiri Mahasaya is reacting seeing all these?

Guruji: I think he’s beyond reacting – he doesn’t care.

You see: any art will not last more than three generations in family – no family can claim copyright on anything. It will always remain Guru to disciple.

I think Lahiri Mahasaya is very happy that it comes to the disciple.

Q: when You become Guru – how he reacted

Guruji: very jealous all the time. Till last visit he was always confronting me. This visit was really extraordinary. He was holding my hand – what never happened before, I’ve never saw such behavior in him. Jealousy was there from the beginning.

But I will say – if you can’t make even one person jealous of you – you have achieve nothing in your life. Think like that!

He is my Guru’s son. I’m respecting him – he’s 18 years older me also. As a tradition goes in India – I should offer him money. But because he knows – I have success and I’m a Guru – he gives me money. No matter what he say – but he gives me money. 34 years of confrontation can not end like this.

Q: he is living in Benares?

Guruji: he’s visiting India now – most of the time he is living in Paris or moving around.

What happen: my Guru gave me a small notebook, where was some elementary introduction to Kriyas. He gave it to me and say to give it to Shibendu after 2 years of his death. Maybe after it he will start practicing. And he told him many times in front of me that when you will start practice – go to Shailendra, he will guide you. I gave him that notebook – and suddenly he was all over the world.

You saw his disciples, – you can sincerely judge on their condition. He stops them from reading yoga books also. That’s why he’s roaming about for new disciples. This time so many photos of his visit were taken – and it is good.

Q: what will happen with him when he will die?

Guruji: look at it from another angle: maybe he was deliberately sent to Lahiri’s family – to prove that not only descendant can hold the knowledge finally. Maybe it was his special program. Openly – so everybody is understand. Being a descendant doesn’t mean be spiritual. It could be his mission. The moment you think you figured it out – you’re wrong.



Q: what do You think about 84 Mahasiddhas: are they real historical beings, fictional characters or gossip?

Guruji: in India we believe and we know that they are historical human beings who achieved immortality. Every name in list of 84 siddhas  – they are all immortals. And it is believed that they are still roam and live on that planet Earth.

Q: according to my study of Tibetan Buddhism there was one person named Padmasambhava?

Guruji: lama Padmasambhava  was from India who went to Tibet to defeat all the Bon people and establish Buddhism there. He is also considered as one of the siddhas. He has miraculous powers which he displayed openly.

Q: he is also one of the immortals?

Guruji: I think so. You should also remember how he left Tibet. A chariot from the sky came down and he draw away on that. That itself is evidence that he was a siddha.

Q: what is the difference between nathas, siddhas and siddha nathas?

Guruji: everyone who is part of nath cult is called nath. And nath siddha is considered a person who achieve immortality. Siddhas go by the same process – most of them. There are many common names there who appeared in nath siddhas also and in siddhas also.

Q: why the list of rasa siddhas is the different one than yoga siddhas?

Guruji: actually they go together – it’s a combination. But when people are quantifying something, documenting something – they try to differentiate them.

Q: is it possible to achieve some siddhi only by using mercury without yoga technic?

Guruji: you must read some books on it. They say to digest mercury inside your body Samadhi is needed and Samadhi is result of yoga practice. They compliment each other. You want to hear very funny but true story?


There was one man in Mathura – I’ve seen him and met him also. He was running gymnasium there and he become very much interested in mercury – because all ayurvedic books are full of mercury things. He decided to experiment on one thing, which is giving there. You know – men are men; it was written – by using that mercury in this way you will need at least one hundred women. Only then you will be able to digest it  – then you will live for one thousand years. One hundred women was impossible for him to get so he find two season prostitutes. Then he started to take that – whatever he admit. The prostitutes ran away on third day. It was  written – if that is not available, his eyes will pop out. One of his eyes popped out and he fainted, he was taken to the hospital and his experiment ended. When I’ve met him – he had right eye only, but the black thing were destroyed. So: without Samadhi other things will not work for you. It’s true story. I’ve seen that person myself several times. Dangerous thing.

These experiments are about eating mercury – you need to prepare it in a certain way, eat it, then it will give you life for centuries with all good things with it. Maybe his approach was wrong and he was not a yogi. He was very strong man, working out every day and he was wrestler also.

Q: what I’ve discovered – Tibetan Buddhism are very different from Gautama’s Buddhism?

Guruji: there is a big mixture of Bon program there and local traditions also into the Buddhism – it is not Buddhism in its pure form.

Remember what Buddha said, you must take Buddha’s words very seriously and literally. When the ladies will allowed to their cult, their organization – he said that his discipline were live for thousand years; now it will last only for 5 hundred years. Now ladies have entered it. That means the Buddhism that Buddha was preaching, disappeared 15 centuries before. What we see today is just a shadow of it. If we respect Gautama Buddha we should take his words literally.

Every hindu are cremated will enter a new body to take another birth.

Q: it is possible to take a body of particular person?

Guruji:  It is believed that there are certain siddhas who can do that. All memory will remain. It is very difficult; the sadhana will take you to the death and beyond death and you must have enough power to come back again. If you don’t have this much power or ability – you will remain dead. You’re dying in one body and again taking another life in another body. You have to go cross over death and be able to come back again consciously. This power will come. When we read about it – it sounds very interesting, but the actual achievement is the very difficult to achieve.

Q: why Krishna in Gita is talking about three vedas?

Guruji: because Atharvaveda was creating later. It is the father of Ayurveda and maybe even tantra. In initial time only three vedas were in more fashion. Rigveda, Samaveda and Yajurveda – Atharvaveda was created much later by Atharvan rishi – there so much about herbs, medicines, tantric mantras and it might be the most interesting veda also. Find a copy and read it.

The word Shambala is connected with Kalki avatar – he will came down in the village name Shambal. He will kill all the bad people and donate all the kingdom of Earth to brahmins and then go for tapas. He will become immortal also. When we look around India – there are so many places, named Shambala. I have another theory. We have the river about 2 hours of this place – the name is Chambal. If the French man or western man read the name Chambal – he may pronounce it as Shambal. This is very mysterious area, very ferocious type of people live there – even musalmans were unable to penetrate that area. Maybe the powerful person like Kalki avatar may take birth there. It might be Chambal, not Shambal. We don’t know the origin of this name – Chambal.


Q: what is the real meaning of the word Bhagawan?

Guruji: the common meaning which is taken in most of the books: “bhaga” means aishwari – every kind of capacity, ability, prosperity; who has this may be called Bhagawan. The definition goes like this. Bhagawan can do what any man can do, any being in this creation can do – he can do that. That is called “kartum”. “Akartum” – which no being is capable of doing – he can do it, that is akartum. “Anyathakartum” – means besides these two things if something remains – he can do that also. That is the definition of Bhagawan or avatar.

Q: all the benefits, which are attained by yoga practice – could they be attained in vedic times by some other means – mantras for example?

Guruji: no; all the mantras and other things are dedicated to invoke certain god. Yoga is practiced to know your own spirit, immortal substance inside you, so the object is absolutely different.

Q: can we say that nowadays the level of consciousness of the common people are lower than in vedis times?

Guruji: no, it is much higher.

Q: it’s very popular idea that in vedic times people were much closer to nature?

Guruji: difficult to say – maybe now we’re carrying more about the nature. Now human rights are being discussed; in vedic times and in most times when kings were ruling – nobody was talking about human rights. Now we’re talking about animals rights also – it was never before, animals were just animals. But they have the same rights to live on this planet as we do. Now at least also individuality has been recognized and even commanding some respect – it should be like this. I support these things very much.

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