Q: on what depends the power of the mind – of the ability to focus and the quality of that concentration?

Guruji: not only ability to focus. Most of the scientists said – there is conscious mind and subconscious mind. How much you’re able to make your subconscious mind conscious – the power of the mind will depend on that. And after that – capacity and ability to focus in a concentrated way; all these things will add to the power of the mind.

Q: from the yogic perspective the main aim is to make your unconscious conscious?

Guruji: yes, this is the main aim of yoga.

This body is given to feel the particular sentence of time. It’s like a prison.

Q: I’ve read somewhere that because of affection of different planets and cosmic cycles by taking many-many births the person can become enlighten even without practicing yoga?

Guruji: I think and it is my personal opinion that yoga might be the only way to make your mind very powerful and develop your consciousness to the unlimited limits. I don’t see any other way.

Q: so by incarnating many-many times we cannot become enlighten?

Guruji: no. there are 2-3 types of people who are going to the prison; as a direct result of their karma they perform some crime and they’re thrown to the prison. And there are the policemen also, the officers of the prison – they are not prisoners, but they are visiting the prison and take care of it. Then there are some other social workers – out of compassion they visit the prison; also reporters, media people – they are going there on their free will, not as at affect of their karmas. I think this prison example is good enough to understand why we’re here. Think on that.

The power in the physical world and in the spiritual world is measured only by power of your mind. If you have enough power of mind to influence others in society – you will make more money then others. Even making money and so-called success in life in the physical world depends on the power of your mind. In astral world there is no money so only the power of the mind is expressed there in its purest form. That is the only criteria.

Q: how my dreams in astral world could affect the physical world and vice versa?

Guruji: do you really see the difference between mundane world and spirit world? Without spirit inside you won’t be asking any question and I won’t answer any question to you. Mundane world and spiritual world – it’s all the play of the spirits. They matters and they are the main responsible beings, who are creating all this illusions of illusions of power and money and the game of everything whatever we see – the spirits are playing, you have to keep it in mind. Never differentiate between this world and other world. They are same. I will ask you a simple question: if there is no spirit- dead men don’t talk. Dead bodies don’t talk – it is spirit inside, which is using a physical body for their own purposes. It’s all the spiritual world.

I have very different perspective.

I think that Earth is the giant spaceship and it is taking us to some unknown destination which nobody has any idea. In evolution of human beings nobody has been able to observe this that Earth are taking us somewhere. She’s providing us with everything and she’s the best thing for recycling everything also. Earth recycles everything and provides us with every entertainment – wars, love, famine, too much eating, everything – and you continue to reincarnate on this planet again and again because you can not escape. You’re in a ship moving in the space and this ship is taking us to some unknown destination. Those people who’re trying to achieve immortality – they’re hope into travel first class. They can observe from where we’re going and where we’re going and they will have very long time for thinking, wandering and analyzing so many different problems of this Universe. For a common men, simple travelers – they’re travelling in third class or let’s say very humble class – but they still have everything that could be given to them. Think on this level. Forget about cosmos – you cannot survive in cosmos; only on Earth there are enough conditions given for our surviving. See, the core is molten lava that can be the nuclear furnace to give power to the Earth to move and all the oceans are acting as coolers, all the rivers providing you water – Earth is giving us everything, it is a giant ship. Maybe it’s like Nebuchadnezzar taking us somewhere.

Everybody would love to travel in first class. People are given the equal opportunities to get enough money. All opportunities are there.

Q: so who we are – prisoners or travelers?

Guruji: spirits are endless and beginningless. They live till eternity. Their time feeling maybe different then ours; just to feel the time they entered inside the body to feel the particular period of time – like 50 years, 60 years, 10 years – that’s why we call body the sentence of time. Even in Hatha Yoga Pradipika they are saying it’s Kala danda – it’s the punishment of time or the sentence of time. Only in a human body you’re in the situation of study Time itself.

Q: what is the significance of the previous birth?

Guruji: the earth-bounded spirit or let’s say powerful ghost can take over the body who has died without any wound or something. It’s a practice in India – never left the dead body alone. Pishacha can take over the body, reanimate it and take it away. It’s a common knowledge here. This danger is always there.

Remember: life is cruel – why the afterlife should be otherwise?



…about 15-16 years before we were doing Shiva puja in the morning and some pigeons come. As I will throw rice – they will eat them; they were not afraid of damaru sound – they were walking about and we continue to do what we do. Sometimes one pair of pigeons were coming – the male and female. Then only they remains – other pigeons stop coming, but they were coming every day. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen – like true love or care, whatever you call; the female pigeon – she has no feet. Maybe she caught some virus, and she has no claws, only stick-like legs remain. She was walking on them and whenever she will lose balance – the pigeon will come and support her. It was something! They continuously coming for 2 or 2,5 years then stopped or maybe something happened. That was extremely remarkable, touching, and romantic also. Then I think that all beings can love and care too.



Q: I had the experience of that kind of meditation called vipassana which were from Gautama Buddha…

Guruji: I will ask you a simple question: what does the word vipassana means? Vipassana means to see in the prospect.

Q: what do You think about vipassana from the yogi’s perspective?

Guruji: vipassana means to look within. Maybe Buddha was trying to explain Shambhavi mudra, which is described in most of the yogic texts.(Shloka in Sanskrit). That means: your vision is outside, but your aim is inside and your eyes remain without blinking; that is the state of Shambhavi, which is the very secret practice in all the technical texts. Vipassana maybe another name for it. Whatever the practices are told in the name of vipassana – Shambhavi mudra is the very high yogic achievement. Simply sitting quiet without talking for 7 days or 10 days not make you to achieve Shambhavi mudra. Looking within; not outside, but within – that is the description of Shambhavi mudra – this is what I think.

Q: what do You think about practice of asking Yourself – who am I?

Guruji: who was not able to find the very good Guru and doesn’t know the parents’ name will continue to ask “who am I?” I’m looking from absolute grass-root point of view: only orphan, brought up in the orphanage, will continue to ask “who am I?”. 

But yogis know, who they are. That’s why they try to develop there self; you need to know exactly, who you are to become a yogi. Only orphans keep asking this question. Be very careful here. It maybe very controversially statement, because everybody would love to talk politically correct things and also religiously correct things – but I’m a yogi. I’m in a yogic lineage. A person without a Guru is not respected. Think on that.

Q: we just discussed that some people are too much attached to their parents and some are personally decide where to go and what to do?

Guruji: destiny and effect of the karmas. It can be seen in the chart also. You must see the situation of the 4th lord and 10th lord and your own luck also.

If the parents are carrying placenta – the children will always remain attached to them.

Q: it is like a ritual?

Guruji: it is like affect.

Q: it’s so egoistic from the parents point of view?

Guruji: they are care about their children. It is an evolution of the family.

Q: don’t You think that the person without great attachment becomes much more strong?

Guruji: it’s not necessary – while living at home you can become very strong. Again it depends on your destiny – for what you have come down.

Q: as I understand you can achieve Samadhi only by practicing Kriya yoga?

Guruji: you can call it Hatha Yoga or Kriya Yoga  – Samadhi is the result of yoga. It’s the 8th step in yoga practice.

Q: can be some other method for achieving it?

Guruji: for Samadhi there is no alternative.

Q: can it be achieved if you just have some luck?

Guruji: it’s like you’re training to be the Olympic champion, you’re training very hard but in final only luck will support you. Only if you’re working hard to achieve that.

Q: I’ve read somewhere that if Shiva wants – he will give it to you very easy?

Guruji: but you need to continuously prepared yourself. It is like Para jumping in army: you have been given very hard training, but when the time come to jump – almost everybody doesn’t want to jump. Just a slight push from the trainer- that is luck.

Q: in Hatha Yoga Pradipika they describe the four stages or steps of Samadhi – it’s like levels?

Guruji: this word – level – is not convey the direct meaning. Let’s say – evolution, progress. You master the preparation period then you go higher and master the second one. When you have mastered mudras – you’re ready to have tackle for Samadhi. It’s continuation of the progress.

Q: what about these terms – nirbija and sabija?

Guruji: technically they were trying to say…. Something. No matter how much intellectual discussions we will continue to have – the real meaning will continue to pervade us. They were trying to describe the mental stages, the stages of understanding of something. Maybe you can call nirbija when duality of conscious mind and subconscious mind are no longer there. And sabija – when you still can differentiate between conscious and subconscious. First you’re recognizing and separating it – that is called sabija; then the seed germinates, when the fruit comes from the seed – then it is nirbija. When you’re soiling the seed – you’re with seed, but when the tree come and the fruit come – then nirbija, no more seed and effect.

Q: coming back to the destiny and destination – can we say that the destination is common for every spirit?

Guruji: no, everybody has own destination. That’s why destiny’s are different.

Q: it’s not matter of quantity of lifetime?

Guruji: no, everything is individual. We’re all on our individualities. But sometimes lovers go together – that’s the best part.

Q: if someone reached Samadhi and decided to die?

Guruji: with Samadhi he will establish the identity of the spirit and whenever he will take another birth – the memories, the knowledge and all the wisdom be continue.

Q: and to again achieve Samadhi state?

Guruji: because the body will be new – new body will need some training.

Q: it takes about 30 or more years?

Guruji: no, it can be much sooner. But training will always be needed. It will be much easier, because you already know. He will get much better body also next time.

Q: what is astrological influence here?

Guruji: planetary situation will show you what karmas you have done and what results you can expect in this lifetime. No planet is your friend and no planet is your enemy – they just show you particular situation.

Q: the person achieved Samadhi will reincarnate on the Earth again?

Guruji: he will get a better birth than that one in which he achieved Samadhi and better physical genetics also. Until the planetary situation is exactly synchronized to that point  – he or she will wait. Perfect body anybody wants.

Q: so spirit can bring only perfect physical condition in next reincarnation?

Guruji: only memories. The family is powerful with the very good genetics – then the spirit may come with the same genetics also but with much enhanced mental power and spiritual capacities. He will have the deeper understanding of the subject from the very beginning. He will start practice or his search for learning will start very soon.

Q: Arjuna has situation like this?

Guruji: Arjuna’s motives are different. He’s not a right example.

Q: why so?

Guruji: he was a warrior and he was ready to kill all his family for money, property and all these things. His example is not proper.

Q: who was Arjuna in previous life? Which karma push him to this situation?

Guruji: he was the son of the king of the gods in heaven.

Q: what happens with him now? Where is he?

Guruji: very doubtful. With his birth all his father’s career was over, the heaven was taken over by king Bali and his people. Everything is lost – so we don’t know, where he is now. No longer in power.

Q: it’s system like corporation?

Guruji: it’s system like power – who is fit enough to rule. This is the beauty of all kingdoms – if the king is weak – another king will come, defeat him and take over the kingdom. You earn the power yourself, nobody gives it to you. You develop it yourself. Nothing is for free.

Q: if something comes to you and you think it’s for free?

Guruji: there is always a price take somewhere.



Q: in Yoga Vashishta it is said that karma is karma and whatever he was tried to do – he could not change it – no way?

Guruji: after it had been done. Remember, what is karma.

Q: cause and effect?

Guruji: no. it shows your mental level. Expression of your mind; as your consciousness will be – your karma will be the same.

Q: very simple understanding

Guruji: it is a simple understanding

Q: I think karma is more difficult?

Guruji: because it was very difficult for some people to understand it – that original karma is in their mind.

Q: if you’re trying to make the level of your consciousness higher – it’s also karma?

Guruji: it is for yourself. We have the ocean of the different people’s minds; everybody is trying to do their own thing, according to their nature.

Q: from this point of view what is akarma?

Guruji: that means you’re cut away yourself from the society in general and you’re start to study your own mind – the origin of karma. When you reach there – you will be in a state of akarma.

Q: can we make some conclusion of this: karma is connected with material?

Guruji: karma is an expression of your consciousness, which depends on your nature. When you practicing yoga – you reach to the source, from where the karma has been expressed; when you reach the source – then you can say you’re in beyond karma, you’re in akarma.

Q: when you’re reaching the source of the thought – the thoughts disappears?

Guruji: you will know that is the thought and that is the source – it will be very different expression then. Source will always remain.

Q: difficult to imagine the source of the thought?

Guruji: you can’t even understand the true nature of the thought – how you can suddenly will understand the nature of the source? Source is source. Glimpses of understanding we all have from time to time and with practice it will become more and more.

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