Q: sometimes my child is saying that he hear some spirits – it’s just his game or he can really hear someone?

Guruji: I think he can really hear something. Children are recently from spiritual world, so some connection remains. It can continue up to 5-6 years old.

Q: grownups has no such feeling?

Guruji: if enough yoga have been done – this feeling will develop.

Q: if my daughter says such things- how I know is it true?

Guruji: just speak with her openly. If things are there – don’t be afraid.

Q: it exist some food in astral? And does it mean that the gods to whom we pray – we’re the food for them?

Guruji: not necessarily; usually the astral beings feed by the smell. In vayu sharir they feed with smell.

Q: could someone eat us when we’re alive?

Guruji: animal can eat you, even kannibalism exists. Many wild animals can eat you. Have faith only in vegetarians.

Q: I understand, but I asked about spiritual plan?

Guruji: no. energy can be taken, but they can not eat you. they’re already dead – what they can do except put fear in you? Sucking energy is like making you their slave.

Q: we’re so minor thing in the whole universe – why humanity consider themselves so important?

Guruji: I think every bacteria living on your body consider itself the best in all of the creation. We need to find our place, where we stand. We’re just like bacteria, living on the Mother Earth. No more than that. Everybody considers themselves as the greatest – not only us. This is not unique for human beings. Every being consider them as the best.

It is always good to have spirits supporting you. Any ancestor will help. It is a good sign. If any spirit finding the way out to do pilgrimage taking your support – it’s good karma.

Q: but what about your disciples?

Guruji: in fact more spirits will look for support. They will not harm you, they will be your friends.

Q: but it’s possible if some spirit wants to harm you?

Guruji: usually it doesn’t happen. They know about yogi. But we don’t know about yogateachers.

People are afraid of spiritual experience- I’ve seen many. Even I’ve seen many great indian wrestlers – and they were so much afraid of ghosts.

Q: have You read Neil Gayman “Good omens” about Apocalypse?

Guruji: yes, it’s amazing. And maybe Apocalypse is the good sign. But now we know, what will remain after Apocalypse – ghosts and spirits will remain. If you take any child – no matter of his nationality or language – they all believe in ghosts.

Every single child – because they are from that side recently, so they know. For me this is amazing situation, because I begin to see that every religion, which appears on this planet since the beginning of the humanity – they all have one thing in common: every religion believes in life after death. Their whole existence is on that belief. If you will be good religious person and follow it – you will go to heaven, if not – you will go to hell. But believing in ghosts also is way that you believe in life after death.

So what’s the problem then? When you have faith in some old-established religion, which has a book which nobody knows who wrote and you believe in some unknown god, who will grant you access to heaven or throw you to hell – then it is faith. But if you have some experience about ghosts and spirits and you begin to talk about it – you’re just superstitious person or you may have hallucinations. But everybody is talking about life after death.  At least, the person who had some experience about ghosts and spirits – he is confirming what every religion is telling us – that there is life after death. They must support him.

When we were young there were so many priests, spreading the good word about Jesus – that in 1999 he will come down in flames, but as everybody knows – nothing happened. That year is gone; what next now?

It’s very difficult for us to listen to the truth. We all like to hear sweet lies. We believe more in sweet lies than to hard truth. That is the way of our mind. Anything to feel good.

Q: it will be the lie, that I will say if I’m practicing yoga – every day I’m happy; sometimes I’m sad, sometimes angry?

Guruji: be careful about telling the truth to everybody. Just say – I feel good.

Q: sometimes I feel they afraid of such answers

Guruji: that’s right. Forgive them for they are only been human – so what they are.

Jesus Christ is no more on the cross of Pope. It’s amazing development. Finally he’s at peace – he’s no more hanging there.




Q: we’re not teaching yoga – we just have good fitness. We could make the body strong and flexible.

Guruji: it’s honest and you’re understand the subject now.

There is only one book in the entire creation which name carries the words “Hatha Yoga”, and it is not about physical culture. That is about yoga therapy – it can be physiotherapy, but not the yoga. Now they are working with even chakras. And most of them have their swadhisthan chakra more activated. Yogi was rare from the very beginning and they will continue to be rare.

I never heard any criticism on my commentaries. It make everybody silent.

Q: we uploaded preview of “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” on several “yoga sites – but they simple delete them

Guruji: it means they are afraid. It’s too much for them. They aware of it – and they are afraid of it. We should not worry about their opinion – they should worry about our opinion. Yoga is becoming popular more and more.

YOGA – literally you can translate this word as “union”. Many people do it that way. And also they say – it’s union between atma and paramatma, you and the god. Because I’m simple grass root level man so I would just say – this is the union between your body and your spirit. When the permanent union will take place – then you will remain together forever.

Only in Kriya yoga – or in Hatha Yoga system the spirit can be actually invoked and you see it face to face – even it takes many years to understand, what you’re actually seeing.

Even though your Guru will be telling you all the time – this is your spirit, this is your spirit – but it will not registered in your mind. After many years of observation finally it will register – then maybe it will start communicate with you.  It has it’s own consciousness, remember that. When the friendship begins – without technic it will remain in front of you 24 hours.

Yoga is an art, not just technic. Together forever.

Q: is it really higher state when I see kutastha?

Guruji: that is real spiritual height. the line from Sanskrit dictionary: the word “kutastha” literally means – immortal spirit.

Q: when we do kumbhaka at yoga classes – it is?

Guruji: it is just breathing exercises.

Q: but it’s suitable for ordinary people?

Guruji: Khechari is not for ordinary people. They can continue to do whatever they are doing. Ordinary people are doing ordinary things. If they have enough interest – they will find the right way.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika is for senior yogi, not for beginner. If the ordinary person continue to be beginner – he will not understand it.

Q: but there are a lot of different types of pranayama which we can do without khechari?

Guruji: remember, Hatha Yoga Pradipika is a MANUAL of Kriya Yoga. Read the title!

Q: but should we do some breathing exercises from there?

Guruji: there are no breathing exercises, these are progressive things in Kriya Yoga, which only come when you’re ready to receive that. You cannot learn these things simply by going to some yoga instructor classes. That will always remain like this.

Even ordinary people will agree that too much communication with  other ordinary people will be more disturbing. And yogis are much more sensitive. Honestly – it’s nearly impossible to find ordinary person. Every ordinary person believes – he’s unique. Nobody will accept – he is ordinary person. Except me.

Q: you’re telling every time that you’re simple grass root level man

Guruji: that is self-realization.

Q: these comments are new(about The Gorakhbodh)?

Guruji: which has never been done before – the commentaries on a dialogue between Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath. And Hatha Yoga Pradipika is a reference book for very senior yogis. Just to maintain the record. You can compare it with other commentaries and see how much confusion was created. Classic mistake which we so much discussed is about Mahavedha. It’s even opposite ends. They are describing it literally there, exactly – but who will understand it? Very simple with nadi shodhana: they recommend you to sit in baddhapadmasana  – when you do baddhapadmasana, both of your hands are locked – how you can change the nostrils for inhale?

Q: it’s amazing that nobody see it in front of them

Guruji: because they read the comment.

Q: at the lecture on history of yoga we was told that people like Shivananda and Krishnamacharya made yoga popular deliberately because nobody was interested in real technics?

Guruji: they have my respect.

Q: but what do You think – this popularization was needed for yoga?

Guruji: it could be. If we were think about it with the very open mind – even though many confusions came, but yoga become very popular. Another point I will tell you here: Paramahamsa Yogananda was the only realized yogi, whoever went to the west. He was not teaching nadi shodhana pranayama and postures. He was talking about Samadhi and Kriya yoga.

Suddenly after his material success which he attended – he was millionaire in lifetime there, very famous – he openly demonstrated Samadhi and even after his death his body remained in a state without any decay. No one can do bigger that way.

Then suddenly many yoga-posture men from India begin to go to the west – then confusion begin. Look at it as a larger picture: everybody who run to the west to make some money and create own empire – they spread a good work. They were all teaching something good. Of course for dollars and some other things, which come with dollars; but finally yoga become very popular. Every aspect of yoga is discussed so much – from chakras to kundalini – but not much people are discussing Samadhi.

After Yogananda I don’t know who can be competent to talk about it and demonstrate that. At least, as the physical culture, it is very popular. I will say that even it is just posture or something – every psychologist will agree that body language, whatever your body is doing, – it has direct impact on your mind. No matter, if person is doing it only for fitness by making certain postures – it will have direct effect on the consciousness; and if the consciousness is been affected – their decisions and their general social life will be affected in a very positive way.

So whatever has been done – I think some high powers are behind it, otherwise simply yoga cannot become so popular just like that.

“Autobiography of the Yogi” is the very potent book, carries great spiritual power inside it; – even my journey started after reading it. I’ve read it maybe in 1978. It changed my life absolutely. There is no other book to compare. He died when he was 59 and he was in a very good condition. Who can smile like him just one hour before he died? What more evidence one can ask for?  I think so far till today – he maybe the only one realized yogi, who ever came to the west. He was sent by Babaji himself. He introduced Babaji – now Babaji is so famous.

Q: but his school now remains without Guru?

Guruji: no, they take him as a Guru and they work in his name. his society is developing very well  – now it has centers in more than 120 countries and in almost every city they have center.

The movie about him – “Awake” – is very touching movie. He faced a lot of opposition in America, even litigations were fight against him. There was so many problems. But you see him – now not bothered. He was not a yoga instructor. He was a yogi. That is a difference.

Q: can You explain the difference between yogi and yoga instructor?

Guruji: Yogi means a person, who is living yogic way of life, absolutely committed to yoga discipline, and he is practicing yoga according to the instructions of his Guru. That person is called a yogi.

Yoga instructors are those great people who learned yoga postures and spreading it for the needy people who want to be physically fit and they want to release some stress and they just want to feel good. And they are doing good work for that. But you cannot consider them as yogis. Being a yogi is a very difficult thing. I’ve never seen a yogi making yoga asana classes.

Q: there are a lot of Russians

Guruji: they are yoga instructors. You asked me about yogis – and I’m telling you the difference. I’m a yogi and I’m not taking yoga posture classes. It’s different way of life.

Q: yogi must live the lifestyle like in Hatha Yoga Pradipika?

Guruji: mostly – yes.

Q: can we say that yogi is the person, who achieved Samadhi?

Guruji: Yogi is the person, who is initiated into the cult by the competent lineage of the Gurus and he’s spending his time absolutely without doing any job or anything – to achieve Samadhi. That person is called a yogi. And a person, who achieve Samadhi and goes beyond it is called an accomplished yogi.

There were never many yogis from the beginning of the time. Now I hope there will be more yogis, because yoga was never that much popular before. It cannot be without any reason. And as I told you, this word “posture” is not the literal translation of the word “asana”.

“Asan” means the seat, on which we sit. That means what? – by making different positions of your body you’re providing a seat for your spirit, so it will be comfortable inside you. That is the basic concept of asan. Posture is an exercise. We need to understand this object a little bit more deeply. “Sthiram sukham” – the pleasure of stillness is asana, on which you can sit comfortably.

That is only for spirit.

Q: chakrasana is not sthiram sukham?

Guruji: why not? If you’re able to do it for 3 hours and 36 minutes – your spirit will be very happy. Even in mayurasana – in every asan. They’re just seat for the spirit.

3 hours 36 minutes is a time limit when asan is complete and spirit is in peace – with you and with asan.

In English language posture means absolutely different thing. Asan is not exact translation as posture. Position of the body – that you can say, but asan means seat.

The yoga is the very different subject, because yoga is from hindu religion  – but it is universal in fact. As a yogi I don’t discriminate between nationalities, between different castes, colors and different qualities of people; if any person is genuinely interested in learning this  – he is welcome to it.

Let’s say – yoga may be original human art, which is open to everybody. Anybody can come; even if a pigmy from African tribe will come – if he’s sincere enough to learn, I will be happy teaching him.

It’s not that only a certain class of people can learn it or certain nationality is allowed to do it – it is for everybody living on this planet.

It is very universal program. Maybe that’s why it is becoming so popular, because more globalization happening – more popular yoga is become and I like it. It should be like this.

You need to find good position where the spirit will be comfortable, then you will need to practice different things to start some communication and connectivity – step by step.

Q: it takes a lot of time

Guruji: we spend our life time in it. I’m 59 and I’m still unemployed.

This is another thing of being a yogi. Babaji open this for everybody – he said you do your work or your business, take care of your family, practice yoga in privacy of them. What more a yogi can give you? You don’t need to leave the society, live in the jungle wearing the G-string and practice yoga – you can be in society and supporting your family at the same time. You just need to manage your time – that’s it. That will also test your intends and your desire to be yogi and to accomplish some spiritual life. It was the great evolution in yoga. Before householders were never allowed to practice yoga. It’s new beginning of something.

Q: to manage the time is most difficult

Guruji: if you have strong mind and strong will, strong ambition – strong person easily can manage his time. Otherwise time is managing everybody.

Q: someone is saying – oh, time is my enemy – I cannot manage it and I’m always late

Guruji: tell him be friendly with the time, don’t take it as your enemy – and suddenly everything will be easy. We should understand that we’re not actually passing the time – it’s the time, who passing us. You should be aware of it. Always be friendly with it.


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