If you’re trying to be a yogi – then the guru-disciple relationship is must. If you just want to discuss – you’re welcome – we will share chay and you keep asking me questions.

…certain things, which you don’t know answer – then the question will take birth. It’s a revolutionary moment – any question finally arrive, which is important enough to be the purpose of your life. It’s a genuine question.

Quotation from Spyderman: people like to watch a hero. And what they love more than watching a hero? To see the hero’s fall. That’s the human nature. Envy and jealousy are omnipotent universal thing. It’s part of life. I have nothing against it.

Q: …quantity of human beings, who achieve that level of liberation and now they are in a situation to decide what to do?

Guruji: actually they don’t even realize to where they’re evolving. It’s a very big game – and you don’t know the direction you need to evolve.

Q: why so?

Guruji: we don’t know – it maybe the reality-show. That is the game. You’re one of the first persons, who realized the real meaning of mahavedha. Sometimes I wonder whether big mistakes were deliberately created to confuse people. It’s like a test. But many people feeling very good in that.


Q: has it different effect – if the yogi quit the body through brahmarandhra or through agya?

Guruji: in the first chapter of Bhagavatam it is described: if you will go through between the eyebrows – you will become very powerful siddha and will be able to roam the creation. If you go through brahmarandhra – you will be one with the creation and you will be everywhere in the same time. It’s very-very-very big things.

Q: if yogin holds prana by bindu between the eyebrows – dream without dreaming will come, from which he will awake quickly?

Guruji: this is the exact description of theta- waves – dream without dreaming. Twilight state in between conscious and subconscious. I think the mind is the biggest mystery.

Q: it’s different technic – go here or there?

Guruji: just another step. It depends on how you concentrate. It’s up to you. What is fantastic thing: if you will read that chapter – it describing yoni mudra exactly to do that. That’s why it is called “a manual for Paramahamsa”. Indian religion is very mystical thing – and it’s not just religion. So much yoga and spirituality are going into it. It’s not easy thing to understand just by thinking – it’s too big.

Q: in “Alchemical body” it is described the great contest between Gorakhnath and Allama Prabhu; it is said that Gorakhnath was in vajra body  and Allama Prabhu was in ethereal body – what does it mean?

Guruji: only one element remained in his body – akash. It achieved in progress in yoga only. Diamond is the highest form of carbon and creation is carbon-based: it is beyond balancing of elements. Inside diamond there is no water element. Only pure form of carbon. To get the purity of body you need to get the very pure mind also.

Q: in vajra body not exist not fire element, not vayu?

Guruji: nothing. Pure carbon.

Q: it could exist the body of any element – fire for example?

Guruji: yes

Q: when in Gita is said that fire doesn’t burn him?

Guruji: they describe the vajra body

Q: earthly body is like pure carbon body, like a diamond?

Guruji: no, it’s like a coal – which can become a diamond. Genies are pure fire body. Some water spirits may have pure water body also.

Q: after balancing all elements yogin doesn’t need to go through the stage of each element?

Guruji: that will come later; first we need to balance it – then we will eliminate one by one. You need to have enough time to do it also. That’s the biggest problem for us.

It is my luck that many great and very mysterious questions came my way. I think it’s big privilege. They make my own thoughts very clear by trying to answer them. When I begin practice yoga – so many questions begin to come up in my mind – and there were nobody to talk so I found the answers myself. Even that maybe training from Babaji because – you maybe noticing – I start giving answers instantly.


Q: it exists such type of immortality when the person doesn’t need to eat and sleep?

Guruji: why not? They’re thinking peaceful thoughts. Only they can think peaceful thoughts. Kaivalya is not the philosophical thing – it also indicates towards immortality. Kaivalya also means that the identity has been established. It’s just different words describing dhyana.

Q: they’re talking about different ayurvedic medicines for the yogis?

Guruji: for Samadhi some special herbs are also prescribed.

Q: first you must healing your body?

Guruji: not healing. There are different system in Ayurveda which can enhance your lifetime – it will add you maybe 2-3 centuries as a youthful person – that will give you enough time to practice and perfect yoga. They’re describing for that, no healing there. Sutras are very short – for him you no need to go into details. Again this is the reference book for masters, not the beginners.

It is your mental block that you will live only for hundred years. Even that is the very optimistic number. But with this things, which is available by good luck or by the grace of some great person – you add at least 50 more years to your life, which will give you more time to do some preparations. That’s how it is done. I’m sure that there are people, who know it, but not everybody deserves kaya kalpa. You cannot simply go there and pay certain amount of rupees and do kaya kalpa. It’s very different principle and very different method – only few deserving ones may learn about it. This is not a tourist program.

Q: how kaya kalpa is connected with yoga practice? it’s the different system?

Guruji: because only yogis need to do that. It is only for a yogis – it is described. Otherwise what is the use for a body for a normal person? First it was given by Dattatreya – the siddha’s point of view; he described so many things with mercury and how it acts with different metals and different herbs. I’m sure it works – if you find the right thing and how to prepare it – then only a yogi can tolerate that: if a normal person will take it – it’s a dangerous thing. You already know that story of the man, lost one eye in Mathura; it was heaviest prepare, tragic for him. These are very dangerous things: if something will go wrong – very different results will come.


Q: dhananjaya submerges into deep sleep and connects prana with the body in next incarnation?

Guruji: yes, it is possible

Q: it is possible when body is completely destroyed?

Guruji: and dhananjaya is released; only with dhananjaya next incarnation will become possible. If the dhananjaya vayu will not be released from the body by brahmarandhra open, kapala kriya, – no next birth is going to be possible. It plays the very important role in that. When body is destroyed and skull opened – then it is released. Then only spirit will follow it and take another birth.

Q: so dhananjaya finds another body and let the spirit…?

Guruji: no, spirit finds another body – but without dhananjaya vayu it will not be connected with another body, the possibility will not be there.

Q: can we say that dhananjaya vayu is not changed at all from birth to birth?

Guruji: it is in the skull – it retains all the memories and all the samskaras, everything. Very important thing.

Q: if yogin takes another birth and opens brahmarandhra – it happened on physical plan, he has the hole in his head?

Guruji: inside. It doesn’t mean the skull must be opened. Indian rishis – when they gave us guidance, how to cremate – they gave a substitute of opening brahmarandhra by doing kapala kriya – by popping the skull with hammer. If you’re not able to do it yogically –it will be done otherwise. The next birth will be ensured, better one. Otherwise you will remain rotting away in a grave without taking another birth. Only by taking new birth evolution is guaranteed, otherwise – no evolution. For a yogi – it’s a different matter. if he is already realized himself – then the earthly body becomes extraordinarily pure: then it is returned to the Earth as it is. It’s very different matter.


…now Saturn is in Sagittarius and will remain there for 2,5 years.

Q: when Saturn is coming to Jupiter sign – it becomes not so strict or hard?

Guruji: for whom?

Q: generally?

Guruji: no

Q: but when it comes to own sign – he becomes stronger?

Guruji: it happens every 30 years – you can compare the situation 30 years before and now. Some effects will be the same.

Q: so we cannot say that if Saturn is in Jupiter sign – the period is more soothe?

Guruji: it depends from person to person. They were saying – the Sun was in Sagittarius for 2000 years and now it is entered to next sign, Capricorn. It will be more wise, more serious, more enjoyable and more spiritual. Let’s hope it will be better and better.

Q: it exists some position of planets or transit of planets when magic is more – or feeling more – on the Earth?

Guruji: I think since 2000 more and more magic will be seen in the world – for the next 2000 years. Time keep changing – it’s an entertainment for Time. We’re nobodies.

There are so many stories – I’m sure witches are flying on brooms – or their flying device may looking like a broom. Magic in the world rising up and falling down – it’s continuous process. I’ve never ever seen a person – girl or man – who doesn’t want to have magical powers. We all love magic.

Q: was it the situation when the magic was on minimum level?

Guruji: it is now. The science is magic – we don’t know it and call it science. Before Christianity it was much-much more magic.

Q: it depends on perception – so we see more magic – or it’s in reality?

Guruji: it was the real movement against magic – because jesus demonstrated it openly and they begin to call it “the power of god”. Even moses magic was duplicated by the magicians of pharaoh. Anything extraordinary – you can call it magic or you can call it the power of god. Magicians were living for thousands of years. It was fantastic time.


Q: the planetary situation – to be a good yogi or to be a good magician – is different?

Guruji: ohysical symptoms should be there – planetary situation are just telling you about worldly things, your road map – that’s it. You may have abilities, you may not have abilities – depends on physicality.

Q: if you cross over 120 years – you will have any abilities?

Guruji: no karma will affect you and you will have some magical things. You’re already beyond karma – you’re free to do anything. Even crossing 120 years is looking like a magic. In working condition and maybe looking youthful as well.


There is a true story – one of my disciples told me that; they were travelling – that was the village near their own one. They stop for drinking water. the young woman was pulling water from the well and there were some old men working nearby. They ask for water and she gave them water. she was looking about 24-25. Then she start to shout on old men – that what are you doing, busters, you must working much harder, idiots! These people were so surprised and ask – why that woman shouting at you? Those old people said – she’s our mother.

The story is: once a group of sadhu – maybe 4-5 sadhus are passing- nobody gave them food, but that girl said – sit down and she cooked the food for them with great respect. They shew her a certain type of grass, which is growing everywhere and they made her eat the root – and she stayed as she looked. All her children grew old – they were looking like 70-75 – and she was looking like a girl of 25. Father of my disciple saw her personally – so I believe this story. Then we don’t now, what happened with her – whether she’s still living or not – we don’t know that. All her sons were looking like 70+ and she was looking like 25. They were also very angry that she never show them that root.

Q: it’s different process from the story when the man just brushed his teeth with some twig?

Guruji: all his teeth and hair fell down and then absolutely new pure black hair and new teeth grow again. You don’t know, what is growing here!(laughing) one thing is sure what is growing – you’re growing old.


Q: can You tell us more about holding prana in different chakras?

Guruji: there are different dharanas and when you get the power for every element – they described in Gheranda Samhita also.

Q: when he holds prana in the throat – he falls asleep?

Guruji: consciousness becomes unconscious.

Q: if he holds prana in the heart – he instantly falls down the earth?

Guruji: like a dead man – suspended animation. In Gorakhnath books he gave the name dharana for each chakra. Dharana means – to keep it somewhere.

Q: in Gheranda Samhita vamakrama kapalabhati is done with khechari?

Guruji: it can be done even without khechari, changing by hands.

Q: who was the Guru of Gheranda?

Guruji: nobody knows; but the names of his disciples are in the list of siddhas in Hatha Yoga Pradipika – he must be part of it.

… they’re saying that ingredients for becoming a siddha. Taking birth is the first thing – you should be born person. Then you should know some secret – mantra means secret. And also aushadi – some special herb to maintain your youth for a long time. Even in Gita it is said that. It’s the very complicated thing and not many people actually are qualified to do that.

Q: American Indians are using some plants to get the knowledge…

Guruji: and in India most of the people have knowledge how to use certain plants  – that’s the difference. They are saying “aushadi” – it means medicine.

Q: without support it’s not possible to achieve?

Guruji: without knowing the mystery – mantra – it is not possible to know the use of it, or even recognizing how it will work. It’s very different from “opening your awareness”. I’ve seen some people – it really works. I gave this example before and I will give it today: Arnold Schwarzenegger used anabolic steroids. It doesn’t mean – a person without weight training if use anabolic steroids will look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was already working very hard for build himself up – and those drugs support him. If someone somehow discover such medicine, not practicing yoga,  – they won’t work much. It is a great combination. Medhya rasayana: medha means very high intellect.

Q: what do You think – is it suitable for us?

Guruji: I think it will work. I’ve tried myself many years before – and I think brahmi works the best without any additions. This medicine will have some effect, but the main thing is to collect the brahmi yourself in special part of Pushya nakshatra by inviting it first, then collecting it, then drying in shade – that thing will work miracles.

Q: is it available in this area?

Guruji: no, I’ve not seen it – but on the banks of Ganges it grows in abundance.

Q: maybe it’s possible to collect the seeds and try to grow it at home?

Guruji: you can try – but it will always grow near water or in damp area. But I’ve never seen seeds of brahmi – it always grows on its own. Now I think it’s cultivated somehow – seeds or roots. Brahmi is the best.

Q: why in Ayurveda it is said that the worst age for brain is from 30 to 40 and then from 80 to 90?

Guruji: you already know that millions of neurons begin to decay and die: it is the reason this middle age is coming, because very high quantity of neurons dying. If you’re somehow able to stop neurons from die – it will stabilize your body also and your brain will grow much. The same thing is happening near 80 years. Old age, young age – all starts from the brain. When people just sit down and thinking nice thoughts is not enough – you need to learn to control your brain. Until unless you’re able to stipulate your brain – I don’t think any possibility of very high consciousness or even high intellect will be there. first thing – to stop somehow the decay of neurons: they dying millions every day. If you will do that – you will have some more youthful years and the great wisdom. Brahmi – brahma, brain – directly develops the brain. The plant itself is medical.

Q: scientists are saying that it renews the protein cover of the nerves?

Guruji: ok, I will believe that, because so many scientists are doing so many researches – but my firm opinion is that is magic in those plants and they have the certain powers.

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