Another name for brahmi is mandukaparni. Mandukaparni works the best. We’re talking about rasayana – for increasing life span and extraordinary brain power. That is absolutely different object that curing a certain disease.

This upadesh is only for my disciples: with the heavy practice of Kriya yoga I will suggest taking brahmi in that particular form that we were just discussed – mandukaparni. Because everything starts from the brain. Your sankalpa  – that I must becoming yogi, everything is coming from your brain. Your brain is using your body for attaining certain things. Very rarely we understand the certain sign for developing our own brain. Mandukaparni and brahmi works the best. Very regular use of these things – now they are available in capsule form, indian pharmacies are making – but the best thing us to collect yourself on a certain day and let it dry in the shade, then make it a powder and with the certain mantra pick it one spoon every night with warm milk. Brahmi works best with milk. Your brain will become very powerful – and if your brain is powerful – success in yoga and in life as well. These two things go together.

Q: how I can use brahmi?

Guruji: Take one in the morning with your breakfast, that’s it.

Q: one very famous master of tai chi used this plant and lived about 200 or 250 years

Guruji: this is another evidence I’m telling you true things. He may also use something else – otherwise he will live up to 500 years. It tells me that he discovered that particular way to take it. Realizing it I know – that everything is from the brain. Even old age begins from the head.

Q: what do You think of using ashwagandha?

Guruji: for the yogi it is not needed. For the ordinary people it’s ok. It’s good tonic. Joints become more free and less pain in them.


Q: does Shri Vidya tradition exists now? It leads to immortality also, like yoga path?

Guruji: shri means prosperity. And only immortality is considered as the highest form of prosperity. Whichever abhyas or vidya or art can grant it – it is called Shri Vidya.

Q: so it’s another name for the yoga?

Guruji: of course. When we will begin discuss Hridaya Yoginin – you will see all the ten mudras describing there. ancient yogis were highly evolved people. Some time they give intently the misdirection. normal person or scholar will never understand, what they were trying to say. Most of these books are like reference books. They’re not like manuals or something. Those, who were initiated by the real master – they will understand it very easily. For others – it will remain confusion and mistake.

Q: if in the tradition mainly is said about Kali worshipping?

Guruji: there are very many different ways of worshipping Kali – it maybe one of the tantric traditions. Kali also grants many magical powers and different magical things – people have different motives and intentions.

Q: these traditions exists nowadays?

Guruji: I’m sure – but they may not be popular, because they never advertise themselves. In fact, I heard that you cannot find them to be part of the tradition. They search and find suitable person to be in that tradition. It’s very different concept.

Q: Kubjika is another name for Kundalini?

Guruji: Kubjika means the girl with the hump back.

Q: so all of them can lead to immortality – or it’s just different names for one thing?

Guruji: first you need to create the very strong base with very intense yoga practice. then these powers maybe attracted to you and the different way of life will begin. It is not that – I will not go to the school, I will start from post-graduation. It never happen this way.

Q: as I understand – everybody has the same steps in education: you must achieve khechari, you must go through hridaya granthi?

Guruji: it’s not education – it’s like qualification mark. They choose the disciples very rarely – just keep the tradition alive. They never go out in public – I think this is the best.

What I feel – yoga will always remain a mystery, no matter how many people are trying to do that.

If I decide to disappear – how, from where people will learn? Now I have enough recognition and I want to stay private. Keep searching.


Q: You told us about conditions for the yogi, concerning Jupiter and Mars; but if both are in the one sign?

Guruji: great possibilities in success in pranayama. They enhance each other power.

Q: we saw charts with exactly signs – but person is not interested even in physical training and don’t want to hear about yoga practice?

Guruji: that is another point: possibilities are there, but you look at the Moon and Lord of the first house – if all the possibilities will be done, everybody could become a siddha easily. Karmic platform and mentality is very important.

Q: what is the best position of the Moon for the yogi?

Guruji: the ninth lord plays very important role in that. If ninth lord having enough influence on the Moon and the ascendant and the ascendant and on the Lord of the ascendant – spiritual thoughts will be there.

Q: karmic effect could stop us?

Guruji: you’re already too much into yoga. To become a yogi too much things are involved – not only ascendant and situation of Mars. They just hints the possibilities of success.


Q: what do You think about the story of Gopichand and sorceress Hira?

Guruji: it’s allegorical thing – the story was created by south Indians. Not necessary to be true. One of my favorite stories – when Gorakhnath met Dattatreya. They were walking together, talking; when they came to one lake they decided to play hide-n-seek. Dattatreya said to Gorakhnath – ok, you hide, I will seek you. Gorakhnath turn himself to a minutest frog and go inside – Dattatreya found him in one instant. Then it was Dattatreya’s turn to hide: he entered the lake. Gorakhath searched him for thousands of years without finding him; then he said please, come. he came out and when was asked, where he hide, he said: I turn into water and hide in water. they have to pass thousands years – so they like to have fun.

Q: what he was doing in water thousands of years?

Guruji: hiding and seeking(laughing)

Q: Dattatreya also looking very young like Gorakhnath?

Guruji: he is calling chirkumar – ever young. Looks like a teenager 15-16 years old. Black dogs and maybe cow also may follow him. He stands one of the most mysterious characters in India. Detailed account is not available anywhere. In last vision Gorakhnath was seen – he went up to Girnar mountain and disappeared.


…when the person is gentle and caring – then he command love. Only strength will command fear. That touch is very important. Great strength – but at the same time if the person is gentle and caring – then lots of love will come his way.

Q: more you care of people – more they sit on your head

Guruji: that’s why you need to be very strong not to allow them to do it. Only strong person can afford to be gentle.


… he was going very fast and for the shortcut he used to cross the very-very-very dirty lane. You cannot imagine – shit was everywhere, pigs were rolling in it. That day I became a siddha in pranayama because I cross it holding my breath. One man sit in whole this dirt – and my friend stopped exactly there and begin to lecture him – that you should go from here, imagine the clean streets everywhere – but how he can imagine, sitting there? pranayama begin from there.


Arrow of inspiration hits you – expression flows.

I will say that home is the best place and you should be creative enough to create a very good home for you. Only then when you’re at home, relaxed, some spiritual growth is possible. Not when you’re travelling all around to find something. If we cannot make even our home good – or the place where we live – no spiritual progress will coming your way.

By travelling only some inspiration may come. Maybe by travelling all over the world finally you will realize the beauty of your home. I found the home – so I’m not travelling anywhere now. When you want to learn things – you need to go somewhere. But then come back.

That time I was living in my farm, and first thing I did – lift him like there and then we begin to talk.

Q: is it true that if Mars is in fifth house it’s very good for the sportsmen?

Guruji: it’s mixed diagnosis – take manuals more or less like guidance; so many things are considered to be for it. If only Mars is there and ascendant is weak – nobody will do anything. The first thing you should notice is the power of the ascendant, first, fourth and ninth houses. These are the key points. The ascendant lord is looking on his own house – then ascendant is strong. It’s very good sign. In this chart it means the Saturn is increasing his own power. Venus is the ninth lord and sitting with your ascendant lord – they are giving extra power to your ascendant. It’s also very good sign.

Q: what’s another criteria of power of ascendant?

Guruji: it should be in the center or in very friendly sign, or exalted. Saturn and Venus are very friendly because Saturn is exalted in Venus sign.


Q: is it true that Ganges in Benares forming the circle?

Guruji: no, it’s a fairy-tale; but Ganges in Benares flowing in the reverse order – from south to north, instead of coming from north to south. It makes a loop there. in “Alchemical body” it could be mistranslation –they are saying that body absorbing mercury, sulfur and all these rasayanas and somehow attains the life of 10000 years or nearly immortality – then it is called rasayanas. Siddha kaya is the actual name.

Q: is it different discipline from kaya kalpa?

Guruji: it is part of it. Successful kaya kalpa will make your body siddha’s – you will get siddha kaya. There are so many references in Ayurveda – even today it maybe possible. And khechari is the first qualification for trying to do things with mercury.

… there are references about two nagas: one was Naga siddha – he was the master of rasayana and another was the Buddhist philosopher. Many people confused that it was one person – but they were different people.

Q: that Nagarjuna, who was Naga siddha – really live for 600 years?

Guruji: I’m sure about it. Those were the days when many alchemists and siddhas were roaming around the world – magical time! He went to China to avoid unnecessary disturbances, because when you’re experimenting in alchemical things you need very peaceful thing, focused mind and concentration- unnecessary irritation will simply create disturbances. You have to avoid them. And I think – there are some mystery in China also: he was in touch with the siddhas from China also. Rishi Vasishtha went to China to learn about Shakti worshipping. In Rudra Yamala it is clearly written, that Devi herself told him without appearing: go to China, there are some of my greatest devotees there, they live like normal life – householder life, live with the wife and everything – but they see me every day. From vedic point of view it was never seen. Then rishi Vashishtha go to China, but to whom he went – that remains a mystery. They were talking about tao that times, that tao is the way – the way to achieve nirvana, the way to achieve immortality, like the rivers try to find the way.

Q: so it was much before Buddhism came to China?

Guruji: much before. If we go by our puranas – Buddha was the incarnation of Vishnu, who incarnated to create confusion and he did it successfully.

Q: why Nagarjuna was called exactly rasasiddha?

Guruji: because rasa is the another name of mercury and here you must consider, that they are describing the ultimate supreme power as rasa. Rasugrasa. I think it is stand to reason that rasasiddha is brahma or supreme essence of creation, who create everything.

Q: what is the difference in practices of rasasiddhas and yoga siddhas?

Guruji: rasasiddhas made their body immortal for thousands of years by the use of mercury; and the pure yogis, who made their body immortal by practice of genuine yoga, which is extremely rare to find – that is the main point. To become a yoga siddha you need to have a competent Guru, who knows everything in yoga. In the books the references are available- what I think, to become a rasa siddha is much easier than to become a yoga siddha. But in some of the ancient ayurvedic texts it is written, that to absorb mercury physically, when you’re prepare it in certain ways, Samadhi is needed. Only in Samadhi it will go everywhere in the body, it will be absorbency and the body will become like immortal.

Q: what do You think about references, when rasa siddhas dive into the cauldron to transform the body?

Guruji: these references I’ve seen mentioned only by Nityanath, whose name also appears in Hatha Yoga Pradipika and only in one book I have read they give description- otherwise no references of this. Nityanath was the first person, who gave the reference. Another thing: to make the seed of all five elements – that is another problem: no deatailed description is nowhere. If you find someone who knows it and who has done it himself – only he can guide you in it. Otherwise it is the surest way to doing suicide.

Q: here it is said that they change their gross elements into subtle ones?

Guruji: maybe like coal becomes a diamond by going through intense heat and pressure; maybe such processes in physical body will make it super. They say that after achieving it you can go freely in space to any planet or anywhere. It is too fantastic. But if other formulas are working – I think that method is also working. In some ancient references I’ve read that Ravana and his son went through this. They were all over the creation, defeating everyone. Shiva guided them into it himself. They lived into 311 billions of years. Everything is possible with mercury – it supposed to be the seed of Shiva.

Q: mercury changes all the seven dhatus of the body?

Guruji: that is another interesting thing we were not aware: mercury used to convert lesser dhatus into gold. If it can change copper or tin into gold – that means all the dhatus in the body will be changed and become immortal. It changing something inside to make them more noble, imperishable, immortal. Because all that things are called rasa and dhatu in Ayurveda. Let’s try to drink one kilo of mercury every day and let’s see what will happen( laughing)

Q: mercury is changing dhatus and yogin is trying to balance the elements?

Guruji: they are elements and dhatus are sub-elements, they are production of the elements. If you just observe it from the different point of view – balancing element are much more difficult. They are eternal, nobody knows who created them and they are endless things – always remain.

Q: You told us they are seven – 5 elements and prana and apana?

Guruji: Buddha and ahamkara – mind and intellect also, feeling of being – all of these things create a person. It is in Gita also. I will quote Goswami Tulsidas here: everything is available in this world, but the man without karma never finded. Maybe to go beyond karma is not a good idea, but refinement of karma is needed.

Q: this process are going with great pain?

Guruji: of course the stress will be there, mental stress will be there and the suspense will always remain till you achieve it. Individual cannot do it alone, you need competent team. Without support of the team  – like I drink one thing which I prepare during seven months; when you drink it you will be like in a coma for seven days. Until unless there is somebody who will take a big care of you – everything is possible when you’re lying in coma for seven days. When they say that all your hairs and your teeth will fall and all your skin will be like a snake’s skin – it will be removed; then the new teeth and new hair and new skin will develop – then you will have 1000 years life span.

Q: and the room you lying must be without any light?

Guruji: no, the process is different. Room without light takes much longer time and it is much more dangerous. Siddhas describes kaya kalpa of two types: one is called kuti praveshek – when you create womb-like situation seven walls and inside; you’re living like a fetus there taking certain things – only drinking whatever is described. When the process is over you come out one by one the seven layers. If anything will go wrong – it will be like abortion and you will die. Another process – which I think is recommended – called vata tapika; that means at the same time you’re living like the normal person – facing the sun, wind and rain – but you’re taking the certain rasayana. It will prolong your life and your body will remain in a good condition because you already expose all the elements; it is much less dangerous and it works.

Q: but it takes much more time

Guruji: whatever – time is always relative. To be safe is more important. Because if you go into kuti praveshek – again you will need nursing and the whole team of assistant to take care of you – vata tapika you can do alone or just with your friend or your partner, that’s it.

Q: how long both methods takes?

Guruji: at least from 21 days to 6 months or the year and you will be depending on others. Vata tapika – you will be living as the so-called normal person but you will be taking rasayana without the discipline and you will be independent. You will continue to take it – and it will add your life and give you all benefits. Vata tapika system in my opinion is more practical for the yogis. You can continue to practice – but inside kuti praveshek you will just lie down, that’s it.

Q: it’s the situation when you’re changing dhatus – and then you’re trying to balance the elements?

Guruji: I think this rasayana will make your system very strong; so it will be able to tolerate the process of balancing the elements. Weak body simple cannot tolerate that. It may sound very easy theoretically – oh, we’re trying to balance the elements – but just a little fluctuation in water element and you’re the sick person. By making yourself extremely strong with the help of some rasayana – then it will help in your practice to balance the elements.

Q: how it will look in real life?

Guruji: in appearance it may be the same – but it’s not the same, it will be transformed body. Much more capable, much more stronger, much more consciousness, much more awareness – you will be the very different person. We read about Babaji – he cast no shadow because fire and ether are much more so shadow will be much lighter. Let’s hope some immortal have some pity on us and will teach us.

Q: is it true that at first mercury becomes lohavada and only then – dehavada?

Guruji: it’s grass root knowledge in India, every villager can tell you that; what can give color to any metal, can create gold from base metal – can also create a body and make it immortal. Jo rang ke maya – surang kaya. Kaya means body, maya means maya. To transform metals is just the test for mercury that it is ready to use.

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