You need to relax – to see your own limitations. First you need to make the mind very clear. Giving you practice now will create more stress in your mind.

Q: what can I do to relax?

Guruji: do absolutely nothing – only then you could be relaxed. If you will put in relaxation doing something – you’re not going to relax. Simple things are very difficult to do. How you’re making money?

Q: we together making chairs for the straight spine.

Guruji: I will say: make 50 million dollars or 100 million dollars – then retire and do nothing. Then you will relax. Only if you have enough money – you have effort to relax. Somebody asked me: how You feel the Samadhi? I said: just imagine – there is a stake 1 billion dollars cash in a room and you’re looking at it. That feeling maybe similar to. You can do whatever you want to do.

Q: I’m feeling now that even earning more money not giving me the satisfaction?

Guruji: because you haven’t earn enough yet.

Q: I’ve just touch something what I want to find in the very deep meditation?

Guruji:  that is the different type of stress. I’m telling you to make enough money – then do nothing and think. Then relax. Then decide. Our way of life is not suitable for you. We do nothing – we just accept that what comes our way or beg. This life is not suitable for you. You read any of my books yet? Read all my books. It will give you the very different point of view of so many things. You can buy them from Amazon, Russian translations are available.

Q: how can I understand that I’m ready for coming here?

Guruji: first read all the books and think on them.


Q: what do You think about the rite of invoking or inviting some great soul to take birth?

Guruji: you cannot invite; if your physical and mental standard is to their liking – only then they will come on their own. They don’t come by invitation. The high souls only come when they see mental and spiritual level, and physical level, genetics are to their liking. Only thing you can do is to prepare yourself as best as you can and wait for the right planetary situation. If you’re planning for it – my suggestion is plan a baby between august 2019 to august 2020. Expected very powerful souls to come.

Q: the situation is like in 2012?

Guruji: no, before that.

Q: what is peculiarities of that planetary situation?

Guruji: Jupiter will be in a very good situation. Very good situation for getting a baby – but for us also. If I’m ok – all my disciples will be ok.


Q: the path of brahma is the ultimate tapas and not the ordinary tapas?

Guruji: develop the mind is the most difficult thing to do. Ordinary tapas just for the purification, religious things – they’re not that difficult. Understanding of mind and trying to develop it is very difficult.

Q: it is karma?

Guruji: I think it is luck, grace – so many things.

Q: if we evolved in our life – our spirit also evolves?

Guruji: they are already immortal, eternal, endless – they are living for billions of years. Their evolution we cannot imagine.

Q: but You said that somebody takes spirits for education?

Guruji: for their education and entertainment. education is not like we understand education.

Q: the possibilities of spirit is the same in every incarnation?

Guruji: but every body teaches different things; we all are carrying some different information.

Q: spirit of great god and of ordinary person…?

Guruji: spirit is spirit. Of the great god or of the normal person – spirit is spirit. He or she is experiencing, how it is to be inside a great god and how it is – to be inside a normal person. Spirits are same.

Q: but time to time You say – powerful spirit?

Guruji: that is from our point of view, not from spirits’ point of view. The sources, from they are coming – they are different.

Q: if we take bhut or pishach?

Guruji: they also have spirit inside; but they were born different. Their spirits are more powerful than ordinary person.

Q: generally – it is possible for spirit to evolve?

Guruji: they can take birth anywhere – from man to pishach. It’s their play.

Q: ok, we’re practicing yoga, do tapas, do so many things – let’s imagine the situation that one day we become Kali ganas or even ShivaJi ganas: is it the development of the spirit?

Guruji: it is development of your consciousness. Spirit is the carrier of it. It’s complicated. You will become a ghost – spirit is already spirit.

Q: ghost and spirit are different?

Guruji: ghost is the carrier of the spirit also. Going in to religion: who is going to heaven? – ghosts are going into heaven or hell. After death – ghosts.

Q: in Christianity it is said that spirit is coming to you from the god?

Guruji: is it mentioned in bible, who created the spirit? It is just an assumption, that spirit is coming from god. It is not mentioned in any religious book, who created the spirit. You have to be very clear – what is your spirit and what is your soul. Why god is after your soul, why devil is after your soul? They don’t talk about the spirit.

When you was a child: did you have a choice, which school you will go or your parents decide it? We don’t have a choice – but we can make the best we have. One thing I like from profit Muhammad: one of his disciples asked – what choice do we have? He said: lift your leg. And he lifted his right leg. He said – now lift your another leg. He said: but I will fall down. Muhammad said: only this choice you have – which one of the leg lift first. Whatever else – there is no choice. All god’s will.


Q: but now I’m here – I don’t know about it anything before; what is it if not the choice?

Guruji: maybe it’s your destiny. Even in destiny we have not much choice.

Q: also we can decide – to do something or not?

Guruji: most of our destiny is developing with the decisions we take just by chance. Soul- is just another name for your body.

Q: when I die – soul connects with the spirit?

Guruji: no. I will give you very disturbing thought. When person baptizing to Christianity – he surrenders his soul to some unknown god. He signs the contract by drinking the blood of jesus – symbolically. What does it mean? It means you’re allowing them to do certain things with your body after your death. Nobody is talking about spirit. Last rituals in all religions are different. Nobody cares about the spirit.

The word “soul” has german origin and it means “ which is bound in death”. Only your physical body is bound in death, your spirit is immortal. And by doing certain rituals with the dead body they might be able to control the spirit. Every magician knows this. That is the main difference between yoga and religion: in religion you are taught to pray to some unknown god – whom you don’t know, but learn from some book or by some preachers – and if the god will be pleased – he will allow you to go to heaven; if he is angry – he will throw you to hell.

Only yoga teaches you, how to make your own spirit your friend: because spirit is going from the other side – he will give you true wisdom, what is on other side. And if it become your friend – then it will live very long life inside your physical body. That is principle of yoga. It’s a big difference. Yoga is not against religion – but it is not religion.

Q: if nobody cares of person who will die?

Guruji: then the government will do as they think best to do. When you’re living in the society  – better to be the part of the religion your parents are following. All religions are teaching you only good things; but by implementing that my way of going to god is better than yours differences are born. They all are teaching good things – but we complicating the things.

Q: all religions are giving so many ideas about sins?

Guruji: even then you need to be an expert on what are sins – only then you can stay away from them. There was a priest, preaching; he gave a long sermon then he asked: to ask forgiveness from the god for our sins – what should we do? And the sound came from behind: we should commit sin first! O please, it’s a joke, don’t take it seriously.


Q: before someone tells you – it’s a sin – you don’t know, that it’s a sin?

Guruji: this is innocence – and innocence is a great virtue. That’s why most of the angels in churches are looking like 5-year old. Maybe they were trying to tell you about theta state of mind? Only thing is: believe in yourself, have faith in yourself, and be your own friend – that is the beginning. Atheist is not a person, who doesn’t believe in god; atheist is the person, who doesn’t believe in himself or herself. I’m not a human being – I’m a Christian, I’m hindu, I’m musalman – they doesn’t believe in themselves. That is real atheism. Very disturbing thought: no religion is no giving exact documented account, what happens to a woman when she passes away. All heavens are created only for men. What happens to girls – it’s a big mystery. I’ve been reading hindu books, bible, puranas, everything – but nothing mentioned about girls, what happened to them. I’ve been see many-many ghosts – but extremely rarely the woman ghost.

Q: it exists the difference between men’s spirit and women’s spirit?

Guruji: they also are male and female, yes.

Q: and female spirits reincarnate in women’s bodies?

Guruji: usually – yes.

Q: so it’s not true if some women are saying that they were men in past life?

Guruji: it maybe just a complex of something.

Q: I have the strong feeling that everything around me is maya. So if the person is doing some spiritual practice – not the yoga, some another one – could he freed from this maya by it?

Guruji: you cannot get out of something which you don’t know.

Maya simply means: “which exists but remains unseen”. The element air is existing but nobody could see the air – or akash, or your spirit. I’ve never see anyone, who can recognize maya. You cannot go beyond what you don’t know.

According to yogic point of view – as long as you’re breathing – you cannot be away from maya. If you go into suspended animation – on that particular period you will be out of maya. Only going out of maya you’ll can observe it. One day one sannyasi came and he was so much preaching about going beyond maya; I said: who created maya? Then he said: god created maya. And I simply said: because I’m devotee of god – so what he’s created, I accept. I have no desire to go out of it.

Yoga not differentiate between man and woman: both have spirit, both are breathing, and both can realize their spirit and make it their friend.

Q: they have different possibilities?

Guruji: equal possibilities – but for a girl maybe more. If somehow they’re able to take a big decision – then.

It’s nature of woman – they like to remain hiding.

Q: if I can see some ghosts or spirits?

Guruji: tell them my name – they will not bother you.

Q: if we were practice yoga in previous life – will it make the practice easier?

Guruji: yes, it is possible.


The goal of life is death, the destination of life is death – and there is no other way. Body is a temporary thing – it will go away one day. As long as it is there – take a good care.

Q: everybody wants to be happy?

Guruji: we’re temporarily here – so we deserve some happiness, why not? It’s not a sin. And all the fun is in hell: in heaven you will live like Adam and Eve, naked, without toilet and kitchen – but in hell everything is given. To save yourself from cold – fire is there.

Because you’re here – so you need to experience life, understand it: for understanding better is practicing yoga. You will develop your consciousness, it will develop your mind to a very great degree: better your mind is developed – more you will understand life.

Q: when your consciousness developing – you want to experiencing the life in a different way?

Guruji: of course, the level of experiences will change.

Q: why my departed father is always looking very sad in my dreams?

Guruji: I think he’s needing some help from you. Feed musalman old dedushka on new moon day, remembering your father – that’s it.

Q: why last rituals are so important?

Guruji: they have direct impact on your spirit: if you’re cremated – you’re ready for taking another birth; when you’re buried – you will wait for the judgement’s day. All christians are  waiting for  the second coming of the Lord – he will come down and raise the dead and judge them. This is what is written in bible. That also tells me that heaven and hell are still empty. Yogis object is different – it’s not a religious thing, it’s spiritual thing.

Q: how to live the yogic life?

Guruji: first you need to become a yogi – then yogic life will begin.

Q: is it important to broke the skull during cremation ritual?

Guruji: it is a part of cremation in hindus; we said that it’s particular sub-vayu, which remains in the human’s skull – it connects the spirit with the physical body. At the time of cremation it is done and the spirit is released.


Q: how to refer the anger to the right direction?

Guruji: anger is a great force and you need to learn how to nurse it and to keep it inside: slowly-slowly it will become the very powerful potent force, with which you can do anything. It is mental work. Also – to let go your anger depends on a situation – whom you’re facing, whom you’re angry with. If you’re facing policeman – you cannot show anger to him. anger is the very powerful thing, which you can use creatively and positively. First – keep it inside, let it grow. Like a hen, sitting on the egg.

Q: not only anger – every our emotion should be kept and transformed?

Guruji: anger, love and hate are very powerful emotions. Work with only these three.

Q: could emotions destroy our body?

Guruji: you need to understand first – whether your body is disturbed by emotions or by some other reasons. Don’t blame yourself. Make it sure – why your body is been disturbed. You need to understand your emotions better.

Q: they cannot destroy at all?

Guruji: your breathing is destroying your body. You have particular number of breaths. How to use them – slowly or fast – is up to you.

Q: because yogis breathing longer – they live longer?

Guruji: yes, their breathing slow down a lot. But only live long is not the main aim of yoga: the main thing is to make your spirit your friend.

Q: do we need to balance our emotions during life: if you’re always in hate…?

Guruji: love and hate are just two sides of the same coin. The person you hate most – you always remember him. also with love: whom you love – always on your mind. Same coin – but two sides. You need to recognize: whether you really love that person or you hate that person.

Q: it’s easy to say – I love you?

Guruji: if you easily say “I love you” – then more complications arising after that. More problems will come.

Q: I have very strong emotions to my mother. I’m worrying every time if something could happen to her health; I think every child wants his mother to live long. How I can prepare myself that one day she will be no more?

Guruji: by accepting the truth. Prepare yourself. One day everybody is going to go – just accept this fact. Be with her the very good friend – as long as she is there. Instead of spending your time worrying about her departure – give her a good time.

Q: sometimes I feel – they don’t want our help?

Guruji: do your duties: they choose what they want.

Q: sometimes in my imagination I could destroy buildings and even cities – how it’s connect with the reality?

Guruji: maybe you’re very angry on someone whom you want to destroy – and seeing that in your dreams. We all want to destroy our enemies: cut their nose and make them go naked on the main market road.

Having dreams when you sleep are ok; but you should have dreams when you’re awake – and follow them. Try to fulfill them – that is more interesting.

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