• Q: what do You think about Gandhari?

Guruji: she was very powerful. She was able to curse Krishna himself. She was the great devotee of Shiva – that was enough. Being devotee of Shiva might be a sign that she secretly was doing something. Simply looking on her son Duryodhana she was able to turn his body into diamond body. She was great siddha.

Q: that strong decision that she take – to remain blind because of her husband?

Guruji: maybe the power was already there –whomsoever she will see the body will turn into diamond body – who knows?

Q: 64 yoginis were humans in the beginning?

Guruji: no, they were created like that. They are serving Shiva and Shakti only.

  • Q: how to live it with the family? They are meat-eaters?

Guruji: that is the surest way for you to become a paramahamsa. Your karmas following you. So feed them – then eat yourself whatever you want. When you’re cooking – you can cook for them then you can cook for yourself. It’s not a big problem. Man just running outside and making money – but woman runs home.

  • Q: when shaman is initiated, in astral world his body cut into pieces and all his bones are thrown into netherworld – what’s the reason for it?

Guruji: it could be that, because taking the different body parts of him they will be able to control his ghost or spirit, to save him from them. That is the main consent for them.

  • Q: must we mention the signs?

Guruji: which signs?

Q: for example – I must go somewhere but something happens with my spine and I just cannot leave the home?

Guruji: of course – it means you were saved from something terrible. Take it as a sign of good luck, not of bad luck. If they’re happening – you cannot ignore them. If signs are appearing – then how you can ignore them? You have to consider them.

  • Q: black cat is considered as a bad luck all over the world?

Guruji: but not for the yogis – if she crosses your way from right to left. When you’re practicing in the right way – the whole nature will support you.


Q: how we can understand – the changes coming from spiritual growth or because of our impurities?

Guruji: if it comes because of spiritual growth – you will understand it immediately, that will be no doubt in your mind. Spiritual experiences will never give a doubt. You will know exactly for sure. If there is doubt – it is not a spiritual experience. Maybe imagination is playing or reading so many books on the subject is not healthy.

Q: that experiences are always joyful?

Guruji: no, not always joyful – but you will know exactly. You see: preparing for exam or preparing for the championship is never joyful; but when you stand as a winner – it’s always joy. No pain – no gain.


Q: what do You think about mediums?

Guruji: they give prototype information, not something specific. I’ve been reading for all these things quite some time – most of them are talking so sweetly about spirits and angels. But there are more devils, then angels. And even angels may not be your well-wishers. Be careful there. Dangerous point: bird with feathers – like eagle or vulture – can eat you. But you’re not food for the cobra. Cobra rescued Adam and Eve from Eden garden, make them wear clothes, gave them knowledge. But the wing people – you don’t know, who they are. Human being maybe food for them. Think from every possible angle. You’re not food for cobra; he may bite you in anger, you may die – but you’re not his food. This is big difference. You know, that hen can kill a man? If you put the person bleeding in the cage with several hens – they will eat him alive. Never believe a person, who has feathers.

Don’t you think – hell looks like a kitchen for heaven? Fire burning, people been cooked, barbeque – then serve in heaven. Try to imagine medieval time count’s kitchen – they were butchering animals there, blood flowing there, big cauldrons on fire, big sweaty people smelling bad, cooking – it looks like hell to me. Then it will be served in  heaven. That’s why they taught: be one with the Lord. Until unless the Lord will eat you – you cannot be one with the Lord. It may sound very horrible – but I’m just trying to make you think from every possible angle. Even hindu hell – big cauldrons on fire, where sinners are been cooked and fried – maybe they will be served in heaven. If the gods demand sacrifices – why not human sacrifices? Hell is just a kitchen for heaven.


Q: can we feel the chakras?

Guruji: of course you can feel the chakras – after developing them.

Q: I can feel my chakras

Guruji: because you have seen the pictures and your imagination is very fertile – so you maybe begin to think. But I just said – you need to develop them first.

Q: so it requires big work and practice to develop, to know, where they are?

Guruji: where is it – we will teach you, how to develop – we will teach you, but you will need to develop them. That takes time and effort.

Q: could the nada sound feel like an orchestra in the head?

Guruji: there are many-many types of nada sound – and it can be like an orchestra also.

Q: can be something against my progress in the chart?

Guruji: when you’re stepping on spiritual path – the whole world is against you.

Q: when I’m thinking of You –my thoughts disturbs You?

Guruji: don’t worry about it.

Q: which books I can read to support the practice?

Guruji: read all my books – then every book which you can find. It will develop the general understanding of the subject. Reading is very important.

Q: what should I have in my home as yogi should have?

Guruji: peace.

Q: can my practice affect my family?

Guruji: in a very positive way.

Q: what should I be careful with?

Guruji: just keep your practice secret. Practice in the night, when they’re going to sleep. Don’t impose your practice on your family – that’s the key of success.

Q: nobody have to see me?

Guruji: no. it’s a secret practice.

Q: did we met in past life?

Guruji: probably.

Quotation from “Dracula”: why separate this life from the other – while one is just the continuation of the other.


Q: what do You think about parallel worlds?

Guruji: they are existing; there are many- many dimensions described in the indian mythology – I believe that.

Q: should we communicate with the guests from another worlds?

Guruji: if the ghost is trying to communicate – do so. When you see a ghost – it’s not a problem. When ghosts sees you seeing him – then problems will begin.

Q: should we notice them?

Guruji: if they are appearing and you’re able to see them – you will notice. But in a careful way.

Q: should we communicate with netherworlds, like in shamanic culture?

Guruji: if you’re interested in that – do so. But there are always risks. If you invoke the spirit and he doesn’t want to leave – how you will make him leave? There are many dangers involved.

Q: if we just want to pay respect in the summer solstice day?

Guruji: you may attend wrong kind of attention. In every country, whenever these rituals have been observed, just see – how many problems they are facing. Never rise the dead more than you can bury. Never kill more then you eat and let the dead remain buried. The safest thing is when the spirit or ghost comes to you on his or her own. Then it’s good communication.

Q: when we start to practice yoga – spirits are interested in that?

Guruji: maybe your spirit actually compelling you to practice yoga. Maybe it is also looking for a friend. Friendship is never one-sided.

Q: if some ghosts disturbs me?

Guruji: I think – ignore them. Not every spirit wants to help you. They maybe trying to take advantage of you. If every idiot start to communicate with you – you will become mad in no time.

Q: but You’re popular in astral world – many spirits wants to communicate with You?

Guruji: that’s true. And that’s why I never go out.


Q: what is prana vidya?

Guruji: it’s just another name of the pranayama.

Q: so pranayama and prana vidya is one and the same?

Guruji: there is something more; also it goes in detail, how to take prana from someone else. But usually it revolving out prana as pranayama – how to control your own prana. In controlling prana means it will remain inside your heart forever. Or in sushumna forever.

Q: what is the difference?

Guruji: in heart you will not have much knowledge – but in sushumna you will have the great wisdom inside. That difference will remain.

Q: so it’s not connected with vision of prana?

Guruji: you can’t even see air – so how you can see prana? Only with high developed consciousness you maybe able to feel it. Air is considered as a gross element – even that we cannot see. Akash is also gross – we cannot see it, we cannot touch, you cannot feel. And the spirit is beyond this five. It’s more and more subtle.

Q: and what about astral vision? It develops before achieving Samadhi?

Guruji: many sensitive people have it even without practicing yoga. It is like intuitive sensitive feeling. Someone born with this ability, some has it , somehow develop it. You will know about the other side. Everybody wants to know the other side. Who doesn’t want to know the previous life and the future life? This is interesting subject. But who cares about the spirit – everybody cares about their bodies, which is absolutely normal.

Q: what happens with the spirit of the person, from whom you take the prana?

Guruji: it will start may try to take revenge as you will interfere in the plan. Consequences always be there. It’s not at all common and not at all easy.

Q: people like to say: I’ve communicate with someone and now I’m feeling without of energy?

Guruji: it’s more psychological than the real experience.

Q: can we say that immortal being has the unlimited quantity of prana?

Guruji: unlimited future.

Q: and prana – it packed in every cell?

Guruji: you’re missing the most important point: the Time itself: if it will not favor you – no immortality. And the sign of Time favoring you – he will grant you unlimited future. Without it – nothing; no matter how much prana you’re storing in your cells. Future has to be there.

Q: future – script of life?

Guruji: you need to create a story. Otherwise what you will do? That’s the point. Becoming immortal is another thing; simply living long enough is more important.

Q: why so?

Guruji: immortal means that you cannot be killed. But living long is also very desirable thing – that you will live 10000 years and be there for 10 centuries – even this is something. One day one Russian asked me: what you will do, if you become immortal? I told him – I will start doing 1000000 mahamudras, it will help pass the time.

Q: immortality for ordinary people is suffering?

Guruji: he will go mad. Let’s hope for extra 20 youthful years – even that will be something.

Q: that people – pranic vampires – could they be very long-lived?

Guruji: of course, they are living long. But even they are not immortal, because they can be killed.

Q: realized yogins like Gorakhnath and Matsyendranath – what about them?

Guruji: they are true immortals. What they are doing – we have no idea.

Q: true immortals cannot die, even if they want to die?

Guruji: but they can go into Samadhi and pass the time. When I was in Benares – I heard a story: they were digging a well for water. when they went about 15 meters – they found a man, sitting in Samadhi. He was very tall – maybe 3 meters tall – dark in color and he was sitting in padmasan. It’s general knowledge in India on grassroots level that sometime people going into Samadhi and were found like this – someone was trying to wake him up.

One man touched his mouth with some iron thing, burned – and he woke up. And he asked one thing: which king is ruling? He was also angry. They said: there is no king now, that is democracy. That man said: oh, the time has gone to this, no more kings. He got up and jump into Ganges – and he was never seen again. And the man, who burn him – his whole family died within a year. It may have happen about 60 years before. Always be careful, if you find such a man.

We heard so many fairy tales: when the man got magic stick – the man sit somewhere and the stick will fight on its behalf. And it will beating too many people.


Q: You told us about ancient discipline – when you’re practicing for 12 years in one placed, then roaming around, then 12 years – in another place?

Guruji: then permanently whenever you want to be. It’s up to you then. It will give you enough experience and enough general understanding of the society, how to survive.

Q: that second place must be smashan for the yogi?

Guruji: it’s a final place.

Q: and the first one?

Guruji: any place – I was in Gwalior most of the time.

Q: from there that rules comes?

Guruji: from ancient yoga discipline. Yoga maybe the most ancient thing, available to us. All religions are comparatively very young – if you compare with yoga.

Q: why this second period of roaming is needed?

Guruji:  only then you learn so much about people, you will be begging for food – so your ego will remain under control, you will run to be humble. Also you will learn so much, how to behave in society. That is also very important thing.

Q: you must have some qualification to start the second period?

Guruji: Guru decides. You need to be successful in yoga.

Q: with the practice we must to connect with the spirit, which lives in our body. But who wants to connect?

Guruji: you see – who am i? – this question you will find the answer after knowing your spirit. Your mother and father came together – and this body was created. But spirit came from somewhere else. Until unless you will know exactly the name of your spirit and the parents of the spirit – you will never find the answer – who am I.

Q: do the spirit knows me?

Guruji: that’s why he is inside you. But you don’t know him.

Q: but who is thinking that I want to meet with the spirit?

Guruji: only by meeting your spirit – if it is agreed to tell you the name and the parents’ name – then you will know, who you are.


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