Q: in Gita they are talking about four types of Time worshippers – who deserves money…

Guruji: no, they demands money – because they want money they also pray to the supreme power – please, give us some money

Q: and others are – who wants knowledge and who knows; to what type the majority of your disciples are dedicated?

Guruji: genuine seeker of real wisdom are much less in percentage. It’s normal condition. We have the mixture of them.

Q: and what about another two types – gyani and that who tries to achieve Samadhi?

Guruji: gyani are less and these who are really trying even less.

Q: yogis are always trying to achieve Samadhi?

Guruji: the motive will remain supreme

Q: I’m not understand about gyani?

Guruji: gyani means who has some experience and knows about all the books

Q: they are not in the state of sthitapragnya or sthurabuddhi?

Guruji: no. simply by getting some information nothing forms inside.

Q: I think they have 100% of the mind activated by birth because of genetics and previous karmas?

Guruji: I think this is just major step before the ambition begins to develop. It’s necessary step because we all need to learn and study as much as we can. That will form some idea inside you and maybe even shape your ambition. Suddenly becoming aware and without information – what you will think? Information is extremely important.

Q: but can someone be born with 100%?

Guruji: they are extremely rare.

Q: but its possible?

Guruji: of course.

Q: can we call them gyani or not?

Guruji: no, you can call them siddha by birth.

Q: and they are not described in Gita?

Guruji: no, they are except it, not a part of the general condition.

There are three types of people, which are described: one people, who lacks intellectual perception and they don’t know what to do, what not to do – so the religious ways are prescribed to them; because if they will follow any religion – they will be living a pure way of life and they will be observing some strict rules to please god – that will somehow purify their lives. That is the majority of the people. Then there are hardly 5% of people: they can think, they had their mind more developed. They begin to ask questions and they should be taught yoga. Yoga is advised for them. And there are persons – maybe one from billions – they are born siddhas, they just come down to grace the other people by their presence. They don’t need any type of education or initiation – they know by birth.

One example which comes to my mind is Anandamayi Ma. She was born in that state. I’ve seen her once and received her blessing. She is mentioned even in “Autobiography of the Yogi” . she was very much inclined towards our lineage. Other disciples take a very great care of her and create a hospital in her name in Benares. Whenever she will visit Benares – she will invite my Guru, cook herself and treat him. She was close to our lineage. When I visited her in 1979 with few people from my home town: when she heard that we belongs to Yogananda’s lineage of Kriya Yoga – she invited us immediately. Maybe within an hour we waiting. She was sitting – and the vibration of peace around her were overwhelming. I was young then, before I saw my Guru, and I turn red somehow. Then one smartly – you know like students, who likes to ask smart question to prove they are smart – so he asked: “ Mother, how can I progress in my sadhana?” and the answer I’m still carrying in my heart. She simply said: if you will do – you will progress.Best golden words and I took it like a direct upadesh from her and I tried to do it that way. She were not allowing us to touch her feet, we just doing pranam on the wooden thing and she put her hand on my head also, gave me so much walnuts and almonds- people say oh, you’re very lucky. Now I look back and say – yes, I receive her blessings. If you will do – you will progress. This is in only two words she says in hindi: karoge to hoge – that’s it. Otherwise she remained silent. She was in a different state of mind. I think I were lucky to receive her blessing. It was about july 1979 – it was rainy season.


Most of the devotees are talking about Goloka where Krishna lives; and only a five-year old child – if you become like five-year old child – you can enter the Goloka. If you look at this from yogic point of view: the word “go” can be translated as cow and it’s translated – the indriyas or let’s say the senses; all the senses of your mind and nervous system can be called “go”. If you look at it from that point of view – that means your mind is actually the Goloka. It is the epicenter of all your senses. And they also say that only until unless you will be like the five-year old child – you can not get the entry into Goloka, that also means: if you’re able to achieve the theta state of mind by very hard practice of yoga, you will be in the twilight state – conscious and subconscious, in the middle of it; then only you will get access to the real Goloka, which is the magical world of your own mind. This is what I think about Goloka.


When I first took over this place from the Bharatpur king – everything was broken, this house and everything around – it was very horrible and haunted place. You saw the piece of plot behind the kunda, it’s about 1 acre. Here it was full of different ghosts and spirits and they were running away from me. When I went to that area I saw probably four or five spirits – and they were not actually ghosts; they were sort of doing japa, sitting in one of the very small guard rooms. They were doing it and they were not afraid of me – because they not run away I could see that they are not wandering ghosts.

First time I discovered that even after death if you’re dying in very potent spiritual place or you have been initiated to a lineage – even after death you will continue to do what you started to do. I didn’t disturb them, they were there. Then so many years pass and they were there, doing their own thing. When my lawyer came  into my contact one day I described one of the spirits – it turned out to be my lawyers’ dead uncle. He was the very great devotee of Radha Ji and he was initiated by some saint in something – there are so many lineages in bhakti here – and when he died, he was found dead sitting erect, taking support from the back with pillow and his mala of chanting was in his hand. His death was also very special and I saw him.

When we started the plantation begin to clean: he appeared before my lawyer and said that whatever you’re doing by the order of Guruji is the most needed thing for this area, it is fantastic, I’m extremely happy and now I’m moving to Radha Kund, I will stay there and do my bhajan. That is the story of the uncle of my lawyer. It also tells me that any potent spiritual place in India – there are seven land of that – if you die there then some really happen with the spirit of the dead person. And if he’s really good person or initiated in a real lineage – then he will continue these things, even his physical body is no longer there. I’ve seen it yet and it was new discovery for me, I was not aware of these spirits.


Q: tell us please more on bhakti?

Guruji: actually in bhakti you’re devoted to a god or goddess and any area which is set to be their playgrounds – it is permeated with its holy vibrations; and if you want to please them and to be one with their domain, you observe the very strict discipline, live the life with your heart open and full of love on them and you should feel extreme love, devoted love for the deities. Then you go to some person, who belongs to that lineage and may give you some mantra; by continuously doing that you may have some connection with the deity. I’ve seen three ladies, who were able to converse with Krishna himself. It takes something to actually convince me of these things; I can said about three ladies.

One lady- I’ve seen them all – one lady belonging to the farmer, land-owner family: as the custom they remain under veil, they don’t show their face and this is impossible to talk with them – but she came here to offer her respect to me; and Iэму talk with the two other ladies. That was fantastic revelation for me: most of the famous sadhus, so-called gurus, – they have not even a glimpse of the deities they are worship; but these three simple ladies – they are householders, one of them was widow – and two of them were still living with their husbands. They were so accomplished in their devotion that they were able to talk with Him themselves. My point is: there are so many unseen heroes on the grassroots level, they are genuine, very good people with the open heart and very great love for Krishna or the deity they are devoted to – they have something. All the big names which I hear – never see even single person, who was in great mental state.

Q: what is the difference in bhakti and achievements in Kriya yoga?

Guruji: Kriya yoga – I keep telling you – it was the name given by Yogananda, when he started his program in America; but in many places in Lahiri Mahasaya’s diaries he calling it hatha yoga and also calling it bhakti yoga. There is one portion as bhakti – you’re devoted to it and you just trying to please some god or goddess by the power of your suffering or penance or discipline or pure way of life; bhakti yoga is: by practicing yoga you actually see Him face to face, you realize the essence of it. Like kutastha: Lahiri Mahasaya wrote that it’s Radha Krishna themselves, the essence of Radha-Krishna, some people call it the essence of Kali and Shiva. I will say – Kriya yoga is the purest form of bhakti yoga. What other people call bhakti yoga may simple be bhakti only.

Bhakti yoga is the most mysterious thing – we know it by the name of Kriya yoga, but it was introduced in a very different way to the west. Original it is the purest bhakti yoga.


Read local newspapers: your spiritual level will be stressed to the limit – so many things happening here.

Q: in our countries it’s a miracle but here it’s normal things?

Guruji: yes. You want to hear the real story? It’s amazing thing – it should teach something to us all. It was maybe 17-18 years before; old lady from Radhakund fell from the roof and was declared dead. Because it was late evening time – they never cremated bodies after sunset or dark; so the family was keeping it. In the morning, when they were preparing her to take to the cremation area she sat up.

And the first thing she call – that was one neighbor, living to their house four-five houses after: he also was dead. The first thing she shouted – call his sons, telling his name. if the person is coming from death and suddenly cried out: “bring them to me!” – so they came running and ask what happened? And she said: your father borrowed money from that man – that man was also dead; they said – yes, yes. She said: that man beating up your father there. And when your father realized that I’m going back, he shouted: tell this thing to my son to pay the family of that man, otherwise he will continue to beat me! She said all right. But one thing: they somehow they came back to life very dehydrated, so they drink lot of water after that for quite a long time.

Then somehow son arranged the money and paid back for family in 4-5 days. Let’s hope that man was not beat enough again. It’s true: she was dead for more than 7-8 hours. Many doctors saw her, even rigor mortis set in – but she is alive. It was the talk of the area. And many people pay off their debts.


Q: yesterday on the road I saw strange group of people: first I saw some pieces of fire on the road, then the group of man with the sticks with fire on them – they go somewhere; is it the kind of ritual for the dead body?

Guruji: they were shouting also?

Q: yes

Guruji: oh, that’s another thing. If there is a some sort of sickness in the animals in this particular area – they exorcise the sickness in this way. Usually there is clashes: they will take that sickness from their village and take to the boundary of another village and then run back. So if this another village will be aware of this – there is always a big clash. Actually the sickness disappears after – it starts in another village. Now you remind me about another real story:

I have a disciple – he must be now 98 or so; he was a shastri – priest, pandit, his name is Dwaraka Prasad Shastri. His father was also shastri, Sanskrit pandit. They were living in the remote village somewhere near Lalitapur. There was Shakti temple, Kali, and he was the main priest of that. One early morning, when he opened the temple, he saw naked woman, sitting in the corner. Very dangerous looking – red eyes, long matted hairs and she was absolutely naked. He was knowing something – so he did respect to her- then he finished his duty and asked: “what can I do for You, Mother?” and she said: “I’m Mahamari. (mahamari is epidemic sickness, which kills hundreds and thousands) and it is your duty to take me to your village. Invite me!” he said – how can I be instrument in this? She said –« I will spare only your family. But if you will not take me – you will die now and here”. He said: “Mother, please come”; and she followed him into the village.

In old time there was usually a big platform under big banyan tree – this is the main meeting place of the villagers – so she sat there, it is usually crossroad. Whoever was passing from that and she will look – she will inoculate cholera and he die in a minutes. Only their family survived and he did respect to her, they left the village and set in another village. Every epidemic has a presiding great spirit. That’s how it happen in the early 20th century – before 1910. In those days it was so much epidemics of cholera, chicken pox – now we hear not much about it.

Q: what was the color of her skin?

Guruji: she was absolutely dark, absolute naked, matted hairs and very ferocious, dangerous looking. Nothing was on her – no garlands or ornaments.

Q: now the scientists declared that epidemic walks usually in one line

Guruji: it cannot be without the reason – it is usually in one line. And only their family survived.

Q: how she choose exactly that family?

Guruji: because the epidemic or powerful spirit needs someone to invite them in. and it usually start from some ancient temple – that temple which he was priest was very old. And he found her sitting inside the temple. That Kali temple maybe few centuries old. So all was happen with Kali’s consent. Even then it takes courage to face her personality.

Q: does it mean that every disease has own spirit?

Guruji: I’m sure about that.

Q: what about bacterias?

Guruji: they are just ganas of main spirit – main spirit must be controlling them somehow

Q: the world belongs to spirits?

Guruji: it’s the play of the spirits! Do you think that’s our bodies are  discussing or spirit inside is discussing? It’s very simple observation: dead people don’t talk. Only their ghosts talk.

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