I think those people who are not ready to take responsibility of what they have done – they preach: just be, let everything else happen. Subconsciously or consciously they’re doing what they want to do.

I accept the responsibility what I have done, I’m not hiding away from that. You must face it. What’s the problem – no problem in that.

Once somebody asked: he was asking forgiveness from god of all the sins he has done? I said: if I will commit sin – I will face the consequences instead of asking god a favor to forgive me. I will face the result. What I have done – the results will come to me, good or bad.

Q: how this statement, that you’re ready to take or responsibility of you do or you will do – it is coming after you know the whole creation and whole play of karmas?

Guruji: when you’re brave enough to accept this. Only the people, who are afraid of the results of what they have done – they ask for forgiveness.

Q: you must know of the results you will achieve or you must be ready for any results?

Guruji: I think if you’re intelligent enough to understand, what you have done and what the result will be. So if the intelligent person will do exactly the things what results he would love to achieve. This knowledge will also develop along with that.

Ignorance is not innocence. And also innocence is not ignorance. We need to think on that more.

All religions says: that if you do bad karma – the bad results will come, if good karma – good results will come, and I will give you the third option: do romantic karma – you will get romantic results! Om Loveya Namaha!


Q: can we say that with the technic of Kriya yoga we prepare our body to be in tune with Guru and parampara and when we’re ready it goes like shaktipat or Guru switch on the process of Samadhi?

Guruji: it’s self achievement. Guru is teaching you, how to reach this state and it’s up to you how to reach this state.

Q: but without Guru nothing can click?

Guruji: I think blessings play very important role here.

Q: if someone without Guru told you the technics?

Guruji: it has never happen. Technics – what are technics? Simply by reading manual or some instructions you cannot mastering. All medical and engineering books are available in open market – but how many doctors and engineers came, reading the books? Guru’s teachings, blessings and guidance are very important.

There was a story – I don’t know, why I remember it – there was a Guru in swords teaching. He was the very great Guru and then one disciple thought, that he is much better than his Guru. So he challenged in front of the king that: I must fight my Guru.

Guru accept it, but he said  – I’m going to prepare my own sword, very different sword – we will fight with that. And through some spies disciple found out that Guru is creating 5 meter long sword. Saber 5 meter long. He also prepared 5 meter long sword and when the time come four people brought the disciple’s sword and four people brought Guru’s sword.

When the fight was announced – Guru simply took out the normal sword from the scabbard and put it on his throat, and he couldn’t even brought out the 5 meter sword.

Experience always wins, usually.


In 2016 he died in critical care unit and came back to life after that. Amazing story!

What he says: multiple-organ tuberculosis was detected and his sugar level was more than dangerous level. He was taken to the hospital in Bhopal, he was in critical care unit. Something came over his mind and threw away his medicines – he was like a mad man. They were trying to put him under sedation and he says – he died. Not only he’s saying – all the machines of the hospital said that; he was dead about 1 to 2 hours.

And what he said when he walk into other side: he says – he saw me with the trident in my hand and wearing red clothes like on puja – and my sister was with me. I gave him choices of bad words  – you, bastard, what do you want- to be here or go back? He was afraid but happy to see me there and he says: I want to go back. Then my sister calmed me down and said: let him go – and she touched the trident on his heart and he was back. Chamatkar is: his sugar level is perfectly normal.

Many generations of his family are my disciples. Their family is the only family in my home town – maybe 24-25 people have done khechari in the same family. He says that I was looking extremely big – like in my universal form  – maybe he was hallucinating, he was dead already( laughing).

Q: when he start to be Your disciple?

Guruji: he is my disciple for last 15 years. His uncle is my disciple for nearly 30 years – family knowing me for 30 years.

Q: can we call it experience of Samadhi?

Guruji: it was an experience of death. He went to the other side and came back. He was there about two hours and all the machines were telling he is dead. He was feeling that somebody squeezing his throat, heart stopped, breath stopped and he was out of his body – then all these things he saw. And he’s no longer diabetic.


Lao Tzu was the great mystic in China. He wrote Dao de Jing. Confucius was the prime minister of the emperor then he was also very famous philosopher. He thought, that he should talk with Lao Tzu. He send him the invitation; Lao Tzu simply refused that I don’t want anything from Confucius so I don’t want to go. If he wants to talk – let him come; which was the big blow to the vanity of Confucius – so he went to see Lao Tzu.

He asked: what makes you so special? Lao Tzu simply said: very few people know me, I’m exclusive; you’re public property.

Strength of such people depend on public opinion. So you never going to be strong. Your strength should depending on your own effort, your own findings and your own achievements.


The question was – what is the difference between justice and injustice? My answer was that the situation of injustice is far superior then the situation of justice. When the laws and all these things were established – that means a person needed a justice, he could go and complain that I’m not getting what I should or somebody took away of what I have: so please, give me justice. Situation of justice is for the general society where all bad things are going on.

And the situation of injustice is that state of society when nobody is doing anything wrong to the other and they all living according to the nature’s law. That is the state of injustice.

Once upon a time when I was in college I got to see decoyed from the very famous Chambal prison. He surrendered to the police and I was young man so I was curious to see how the decoyed looks. My uncle was a government lawyer so he arranged for me to have their darshan. He said – all these locks and all these legal documents are created for a so-called nice people – because they are not trustworthy. For a decoyed – a lock doesn’t matter, his word is command. All these things are created because so many people are not trustworthy. Even though they have so much good inside them. Let’s have more faith in nature’s law.


What is business? If you look at the spelling of the word it is like busy – ness, to remain busy in something. I think for some high being or for the better use of term “god” human beings were creating so much problems  – so they gave them something to remain busy. They are busy in business just rolling their money trying to have more money – to remain busy.

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