I will tell you one more thing: last night I was reading 2nd chapter of Gita- they are not using the word “spirit” or “soul”, He is using the word “dehi” – who lives inside the body. Whoever, who lives inside the body. And I think this is the most appropriate term they have used – instead of calling jiva, atma, spirit, soul… the immortal thing, which lives inside the body – deha and dehi; body and who inhabits the body. Last night it struck my mind. For some day we was discussing spirit, spirit, spirit – it’s too much. So this is the most appropriate term of whoever immortal thing is inside us.

Q: ancient greek were saying that dehi has the shining carrier, which is or in the head or in the right shoulder?

Guruji: maybe, because that belief exists even in India that death rides on the left shoulder, on the left side. Maybe life itself is riding on the right side. But it’s debatable point because besides greek it nowhere mentioned. But kutastha are discussed only in Kriya yoga, nowhere else. That makes the lineage very mysterious – nobody discussing that.

Q: how spirit took a new body to receive the experience?

Guruji: I was reading 2nd chapter of Gita; I think these terms – spirit, soul, atma, jiva, – they may confuse you. There Krishna uses the word “dehi” – “who lives inside the physical body”.

Q: but how dehi forget that he is dehi when he’s taking new birth?

Guruji: no, dehi remembers: body is not aware about it. Dehi remembers everything.  Your mind is different – only 3-4% is working, rest is sleeping. But dehi – nobody knows, who is dehi; from where it has come and where it will go. That’s why we’re saying – maybe only me saying it – make your dehi your friend. He will tell you things. He or she – whoever it is.

Q: it exist the way to make embodiment easily? No fight, no struggle?

Guruji: that is your struggle; dehi is not consent about your progress. It is coming for a certain bear, bringing life, one day it will leave. Problem is ours, not of dehis. If you somehow make it interesting in your progress and some communication begins and the friendship will develop – then a very different chapter will start. We remain confuse – spirit, soul, this, that…but they are only words. Best word is dehi: who lives inside the body.

When dehi comes – we start to call that union as “life”; when he moves away – we call it “death”. Separation is death, union is life.

You have the mind also: majority is sleeping. Our problem is: by using intelligently 3-5% of our brain we need to wake up the rest of the brain, which is unconscious. Only then we will become aware of the dehi. And also we begin to discover the potency of the physical body. Because physical body is the place, where these two big powers are actually meeting.


Q: but the mind is the part of dehi?

Guruji: that is for you to find out. They are two separate powers: dehi lives in the heart. As we were discussing on Kriya yoga: when you do khechari – it is said that the Brahma granthi opening is take place. That means: brahma is your mind, and when you’re doing khechari and all the practice – then you begin to be aware of the greatness of your mind – and it’s the vast ocean of consciousness.

Then after experiencing it for some time your awareness goes to the heart. Without of support of the heart your brain will die. Then you concentrate on the heart and discover the mystery of the heart; how heart came into be.

Then your attention goes to the navel – because only through navel the whole body were created, even the heart was created. Then you considered the navel, where female power of creativity is sleeping.

Then after you become to be aware of the earth element – the most powerful element: without earth element nothing is possible; then you go to muladhar. It’s step up program: very slowly you become aware of the things- who is supporting whom. Then you’re a wise man after that. That is a journey of Kriya yoga.

My discover is: the power of Shakti is inside your navel.

When man and woman come together – they trigger a certain reaction in female body, which can create another body- and connection is with the navel of the fetus, which female power is creating inside. When it is created completely and replica of mother or father is delivered and the cord was cut– then the power of creation of a female goes to sleep in the navel of the newborn. If somehow you’re able to activate the navel – the power of creation will switch on again. Now you know the very great mystery. Shakti, the female power is sleeping in the navel. There are different methods which we’re practicing Kriya yoga – only by the grace of Adi Shakti somebody’s navel will start to working that way because Shakti is sleeping there. That is Shakti, who is able to create your heart and your whole body. You will realize the female power inside you, in the navel. If you will be able somehow to activate it – then the new chapter will begin.

Q: the center of this puzzle is dehi?

Guruji: he’s simply animating your body. The body may become one day enough intelligent to wake up – the sleeping giant, which is in your brain, subconscious. Maybe only for that.


Q: Guruji, maybe You answered this question thousand times – but what is this golden ring?

Guruji: golden ring is just the aura of your spirit or who lives inside your body. The dark thing is the main thing in the middle. Many people described it from religious point of view – they say it is Shiva and Kali; some say it is Radha and Krishna – but that is your essence, who is inside your body.

Q: why everyone has the same essence?

Guruji: initially the same essence – then the difference you begin to notice. From a distance all human beings look the same. Only when you look at them closely – the difference comes. Same with him, who lives inside the body, dehi. It is  the better word than soul or spirit.

Q: now I’m trying not to confuse with dehi and dahi

Guruji: dahi is semi-immortal. You can keep dahi without refrigeration for at least 6 months to 1 year, dahi has this quality.

Q: why it’s not so good for the yogis?

Guruji: it agree with vata dosha. I mean regular eating; just for tasting it’s ok.

Q: what if dehi appears like pure gold with very small black dot inside?

Guruji: he keep changing

Q: he doesn’t want to be seen just showing aura?

Guruji: he is in front of you – but you just notice the aura

Q: could dehi appear in front of us without practicing yoga?

Guruji: I’ve been studying different type of methods which is available in India and all over the world: only in our practice it is definitely said, how to make it appear. Nobody is talking about how to make a dehi your friend.

Q: could it appear in front of yoga practitioner during daily life, not in practice?

Guruji: well, when you are practicing yoga regularly – then of course you may experience it time to time. But without practice – no. who cares for dehi? And dehi cares for no one. One day it will leave – and you will even know it has left you.

Q: could body live without dehi?

Guruji: the union of dehi with the physical body is called life, and the separation is called death.

Q: without dehi it’s sort of zombie?

Guruji: not even zombie: that must be some sort of dehi inside zombie also. No dehi – nothing, not even a zombie. No werewolf, no vampire, no normal human being, no dog, no virus, nothing. They all have a dehi inside.

Q: how dehi is connected with prana?

Guruji: dehi comes and prana is triggered to animate the physical body. Dehi is the main driver or who starts the engine.

Q: there exists the forms of life which are not breathing, they have no prana?

Guruji: if they are animated, they can move and do things – then there are somebody inside. Their energy may not be depending on the oxygen – but we are animated with burning, that’s why we breathe.

Q: but it exists prana in someone who is no breathing?

Guruji: yes, prana is everywhere.

Q: even beyond carbon prana exists?

Guruji: hopefully, yes; it is coming from beyond carbon – that’s why we keep saying “Alakh Niranjan”

Q: how it happen when from another dimension something came to animate everything here?

Guruji: like you go to the club for entertainment. it’s all around entertainment.

Q: dehi carries prana?

Guruji: dehi is considered like a driver, body is considered like a chariot or a vehicle. Dehi comes and starts the engine.

Q: how does it feel for the car?

Guruji: when the car is over – you just throw it away or sell it, go to the car compendia to be recycled again.

Q: could we say that prana and dehi are two different forces which come together in the body?

Guruji: yes. And the third force is your mind. It’s not a singular thing – it’s a combination of three powerful forces.

Q: they come from different sources?

Guruji: it looks like it.

Q: could we say that mind depends on dehi and prana?

Guruji: again I will say – dehi is a pilot or a driver who can combine all these forces together and work for some time.

Q: body somehow depends on genetics, but mind?

Guruji: genetics is only our trying’s to understanding about the body. But body is just a vehicle, and a vehicle is there to take you somewhere specially – for enjoyment or to work or just for drive – that is the purpose of the vehicle. As we listen in that bhajan – body is the very complicated house where Narayana lives. In this house a prostitute is dancing and the man – the conscious mind – is singing with it. You see, they are describing three things: five elements are the bricks, three gunas are the cement, which they put together. They put the pillar of the air, which holds the house together and there Narayana is sleeping. Dehi is considered as a prostitute, who belongs to no one; and mind is so happy with it that it is just singing with it to supporting her dancing  – and Narayana continues to sleep. The whole concept is – they are describing three forces already and the fourth is recreate the body for Narayana to sleeping. Somehow you must be able to keep the prostitute dancing for a longer time and to wake up Narayana finally. Then you’re home free. These three forces we can recognize inside us. And this is first time I see the example giving as a prostitute to a spirit or a dehi who comes. It belongs to no one, it can belong to anyone. It’s a very good example.

Q: dehi is coming with the prana?

Guruji: dehi triggers the engine. Prana is like a fuel. No other lineage is actually discussing about it. Nobody is giving exact method how to invoke it to be able to see that. You will recognize the dehi, who is just a driver of your physical structure and if somehow you will be able to wake up Narayana, who is sleeping; Narayana, who sleep in the water – that is a literal translation. Your brain is floating in the water and 97-98% is sleeping – that is Narayana. And conscious mind is man who just sings with the dance of a prostitute.


Q: how mind is coming into the body?

Guruji: with Narayana.

Q: with dehi?

Guruji: they all come together. When a driver starts a car – he is already make sure, that there is enough fuel and car is clean enough; then owner comes to have a ride – driver is just a driver. He maybe not the owner. Narayana owns the body, dehi is just a driver, and man is conscious mind who takes care of so many things.

Q: does driver know, where he will go?

Guruji: only if owner will tell, where you should go. But the owner goes to sleep – that’s the problem.

Q: dehi has his own consciousness?

Guruji: of course. And the subconscious mind is the owner of the body, who is sleeping. There is no one to tell to the driver where they want to go. So driver with his own consciousness will just move around – that’s it, you will never reach your destination. To reach your destination you need to wake up the owner – so he can give specific order – take me there; and dehi will take you there. That’s why the waking up of your subconscious mind is extremely important.

Q: that’s how freedom starts?

Guruji: I think so, yes. But freedom is another misunderstood thing: freedom is when everything will come for free to you – that is freedom. Too much freedom is not good for health. You can convince yourself in your mind that – I’m free; but until unless the whole society and whole world agrees that you’re free – there is no freedom. I’m free to go naked in Madison Square garden – but I will be arrested for indecent exposure. Then in the court we can ask the question: what is the decent exposure?( laughing). Only immortal can be free. But still I saw them – they respect the social discipline. They are free to observe the social discipline.

Owner also can fire the driver and drive himself. Possibility is there: maybe that’s how immortality begins. If Narayana will wake up – he is almighty, he can do anything. Even he will be able drive the car without a driver.

Q: dehi can seat on the back seat?

Guruji: or to the road side – to say good-bye.

Q: what we see in the practice – is dehi?

Guruji: first – dehi. Then the sleeping Narayana. I’ve discussed them both. I’ve been stressing of so many years – make your subconscious conscious, wake up your sleeping mind. From Gita’s commentary to Shiva Sutras – everywhere.


Q: why breathing is the path?

Guruji: it provides fuel for your animation. That’s the object of breathe. That is to find a certain type of fuel, where oxygen will not be needed – like a nuclear fuel, and it will run on itself. Like perpetual motion or something.

Q: slowly you try to reconstruct the engine for another type of fuel?

Guruji: yes. All possibilities are already there. Near twilight our discussion becomes better.

Q: could we say that dehi is the universal program, animating everything, and by developing our consciousness we can hack the program?

Guruji: (laughing) you can make him a prisoner inside your house permanently or another approach is: somehow you can win over the heart of a prostitute – so it remain always yours. Romantic way is better, than making him a prisoner. And the method they give – by offering prana to apana and apana to prana.

Q: do we need that? It’s like a game?

Guruji: maybe a challenge, not a game.

Dehi is from Alakh Niranjan, beyond carbon. The sound of vibration coming from everywhere – from empty space. Because of that vibration all the particles are dancing. Let’s say – the Void is playing the orchestra – so all the matter will dance on the tune. And Time is the conductor. This is good example, if you think on that.

Q: could we see the embodiment of the mind, like dehi?

Guruji: of course, mind is expressing itself as consciousness. When it will be fully awaken – then I’m sure the structure – if we can call it structure – of the consciousness will become different. Like a child, when he grows up, looks different. It’s the same child – but look different.

Q: could we see mind face to face?

Guruji: it is possible, because the second sutra of Yoga Darshan says: then the seer is established in his own form. They are talking about awaken mind. Mind is the seer from inside. Dehi just animating it. It’s a combination of three major forces. That’s why this Triveni Sangam in Prayag is considered the holiest of holy. Ganga, Jamuna, Saraswati – three; body has also three – ida, pingala, sushumna.

Q: can we consider dehi like Shiva himself?

Guruji: jiva is Shiva, yes. It comes from beyond the carbon. Everything else is the play of Shakti. And every lover would love to please the lover, every husband somehow need to make a wife happy. Keep her entertain. All, except dehi, are expressions of Shakti.

Q: real dehi is sleeping Narayana?

Guruji: no, he is the owner of the house. Dehi just comes, switching on the lights, provides electricity and everything, fuel into the car – that’s it. Caretaker. From poetic point of view you can say – Shiva is alone and Shakti is sleeping. He is trying somehow to awaken Shakti – so they will be together forever after that.

Q: could we say that finally dehi and mind will be the one?

Guruji: they will merge together – that’s how the concept of Ardhanarishwar came. Male and female together.

Q: when they are together – it’s a consciousness of the Void?

Guruji: I think it is already go far in the consciousness of the Time itself. If you’re becoming conscious of the Void – and consciousness of the Void is pretty high realization; you can’t just give a level of it – it’s very high awareness. Maybe I’m the first who discuss it – I’ve not seen it anywhere.

Q: is it connected with hridaya and muladhar granthi?

Guruji: everything is the part of awakening of the mind. Back to description of Kriya yoga: you become aware of your mind, who is supporting it , then you go to the heart; how heart was created, you go to your nabhi; then you realize the importance of the earth element.

Q: but if the person isn’t practicing – he will not understand

Guruji: no. first you need to become aware that it exists such type of practice; and you must have some understanding and ambitions to attract somehow this practice – then your awareness will begin. Otherwise – never disturb a normal person. No need to disturb his peace of mind. There is a story in our “Panchatantra” – everybody should read these stories, they like fables of Aesop – every story carries a moral.

The story is: there was one baya bird – the baya bird is the bird, who creates the house like a nest, by bringing different clast things together. They even create a different rooms and the toilet there; they catch fireflies to light up inside there – they are very intelligent, small birds. One time baya bird was sitting happily and cozy in her nest, it was raining, thunder – and she was very happy. Then the pair of monkeys came; there were some red flowers – and they think it might be hot coals, ambers; and they begin to blow on it to saw if the more fire will comes – it will warm them. And baya bird out of compassion said – no,no, they are just flowers; you should create a nest like me – and you will be comfortable. The monkeys ego was hurt and they became so angry: this idiot bird is giving us wisdom?! And they broke her nest and she suffered after that. The moral is: never ever give wisdom to the unprepared person – you will suffer. That is the result of their karma. Panchatantra is must read collection of the stories.

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