We discussed so much about Mother Earth; only vegetarian people maybe able to connect with Mother Earth in a natural way, because their food is growing out of the earth. And those meat eaters and hunters – they are not directly connected with the Earth; they will keep using, devouring everything which is moving over it. Vegetarian is maybe the only way to connect your consciousness with the consciousness of Mother Earth.


Q: maybe You have an idea about origin of vampires, from where they come?

Guruji: yes, I’ve been reading about it and I found their origin in Indian mythology. There is a very important portion in Shiva purana also, I Devibhagavatam also and in Markandeya purana also: Durga saptashati, when goddess Durga was created, invoked to kill the demon – Mahishasura. One of the chiefs of Mahishasura has name Raktabija. He had this power that wherever the drop of his blood will fall – another Raktabija demon will appear and start to kill. Then Durga fail to kill him and Chandi was invoked, Kali. She appeared surrounded with bats, vampire bats – they helped Kali to kill Raktabija demon. They killed most of the Raktabijas which appear of his blood by sucking their blood and killing them. Kali also drink their blood from bubbled bowl  – that’s how Raktabija demon was killed. So first original vampires appeared with goddess Kali to finish Raktabija demon by drinking their blood. This is what I think. You have to read mythology very carefully and you will find the origin of most of the species. Even like werewolves: not much about werewolves are found in the ancient texts. But if you read Krishna’s life – you will find one origin there. When Krishna wanted all the cowherds people go – to leave Gokul and go somewhere else – they were not listening to him. so he created many-many wolves from his body. And when the wolves precede, they were afraid and they moved toward Vrindavan or somewhere. Maybe those wolves, who were created from Krishna’s body – they have some special impact of Krishna – maybe they were original werewolves. But this is again just my idea. You need to look it up more and do some more research.


One of the great man of India – Vishnugupta Chanakya – he was the very great knowledgeable wiseman and great politician. When he came more than 2000 years back – he change the course of history. Many of his sayings has been recorded, his books are available; one of my favorite statements of Chanakya is: he is writing that the Creator didn’t give flower to a sandalwood tree; he didn’t create beautiful fragrance in gold; he didn’t make the very wise noble king live longer; and he also kept great pandits and wisemen poor. It simply proves that there was no one intelligent giving consent to the Creator.

  • No one giving consent to the Creator. Just imagine the flowers, coming on a sandalwood tree or gold, giving beautiful fragrance.
  • Simply sitting higher than the other people doesn’t make you great. A crow, sitting on the top of the palace, doesn’t become an eagle.

He was very black in color and his teeth were uneven and he had such a great mind. When someone told him, that the person with uneven teeth cannot become a scholar – he simply broke them with a stone. There was a kingdom of Nandavarsha, dynasty of Nanda – they insulted him for a very simple reason. Arrogance! And he resolved to oust them, and he did it successfully and put Chandraguptа Maurya on the throne by removing them. He started a new chapter in history. He was fantastic man.

  • As in 1000 cows the calf finds his own mother and goes to her – same way karma always follow the one who has done it. No escape.
  • Even with some great person’s company the original nature may not change: a dog, dear to the king – can he leave the habit of chewing shoes?



Never ask the brahmin how that you will satisfy him whatever he desires. Always remain careful.

One story connected with Jaswant Singh: you see the wit of the brahmin here. He sent one of his ministers in Mathura, Mathura is a holy place. He told him – just find a good brahmin and feed him whatever he desires till he is absolutely satisfied. The minister came to Mathura, find a big brahmin – those days brahmins were very big and they were also eating bhang ad their average bodyweight were from 150 to 200 kilos. That minister said – the king has order me to feed you, fill you up whatever you want to your satisfaction. Brahmin said: think again! But it was king’s order. And brahmin said: now feed me with….what, you know? The thin layer which appears over a puri by frying. He said – you fill me up with this thin layer, just this very thin thing. He began to eat; and from morning to evening – he was not satisfied. Then minister touched his feet and said: please, forgive me and give him 1000 coins and said – please, let me go. Brahmin said – ok, go, but you asked me! It is my choice.


It is a famous story of justice Maharaj of Bharatpur – Jaswant Singh. In his monument we installed Shiva and worshipped. It so happened that one man was visiting his sister in a nearby village in Bharatpur. It was late night and she was made some pies with rice cooked in milk, sweeten. They use to live in earthen home, they were very humble circumstances people. She had cooked that pies, rice and milk and put it in the place in the wall. Brother came late – so she just told him, there is some pies – you just have it and sleep and we will talk tomorrow. It was dark, so the man just found it, drank it in the dark and was found dead in the morning and some symptoms of poisoning were visible on him. if the poison is there – the body usually becomes blue and some other things happen. Most of the villagers were thinking that she had poisoned him for some property or something. She was arrested and the case went up to maharaj Jaswant Singh. He inquired what happened actually. It was told to him, when the empty vessel of that pies was found – many red ants were there inside. And brother drank a lot of the ants along with kheer. The king thought, that simply eating ants will not kill a man, there has to be some reason behind it. Ants are not poisonous, everybody knows that – until unless you’re highly allergic to them. So he ordered that the area in the wall should be dug up. This is not possible that simply by drinking ants with the kheer somebody will die. Some soldiers were sent there and they dig it up; and about 2 meters down – they were just following the ants passage – they found a very poisonous cobra dead and his flesh was mostly eaten by the ants including the bag of poison – only the skeleton were there. Then the king understand, that the ants eat the cobra with all his poison – that’s why they became poisonous and the man drink that pies with the ants in it – that is the cause of his death. He let the sister go free.

Q: like Sherlock Holmes story! Fantastic that ants can eat the poison but not die?

Guruji: scientists are saying that any poison are  high protein or high density protein – so normal body cannot tolerate that poison; but ants ae 50 times stronger than normal human being – so they tolerating that. If you will become as strong – according to the ants – you will be the strongest man on the planet. You will be able to lift 50 times your body weight. He was the wise king.

I don’t know anyone alive now from Suryavarsha – some of Chandravarsha are here, but Surya – no.


A new cook was working in the palace; he was extremely talented cook. He told his name and something. The king was sitting for dinner and cook was making puris for him. suddenly king stopped. He looked at the puri – it is fried thing and very appetizing for some people; and he called: bring that cook to me! And the cook appeared afraid what happened. The king asked: who are you? I’m not sure you’re giving your true identity here. To which caste you belong to – tell me now! He was afraid and he said: Sir, I belong to the caste – those, who repair the boots, shoes. But Sir, how you recognize it? And king said – there was a patch of flour, put on the puri to make it whole; only shoemakers do that. No other cook will do that! So he was caught; but the king let him go because he was very good cook. But because you’re told me a lie – we don’t believe in casts and these things, we are different people, but you lie – that’s why we’re asking you to go – with your luck.

Q: amazing logical thinking

Guruji: king is not ordinary person – that is  for sure.

Q: also amazing that king didn’t put him to death?

Guruji: yes, it was common those days and he may have done it.  Usually they were hanged or shot. Or maybe beheaded also. It’s impossible to imagine, how the king may feel, how he can behave and how much power he can exercise.

Q: maybe like president?

Guruji: presidents are nothing in front of the king.

Q: You told that one puri was fried in a huge amount of ghee?

Guruji: there are two versions of it: some people tell that – one mun of ghee – maybe 40 kgs will be use one time to fry one puri. And some people are saying – 11 kgs of ghee for frying one puri.

Q: that is luxury

Guruji: yes, the real one. Then they replace it and another fresh ghee will come.

Q: what happened with ghee after?

Guruji: maybe it will go for kitchen of army – soldiers were very well fed those days.


Q: what is gyana siddhi?

Guruji: when you have perfected your mind – that is the literal translation of the word. When you have perfected your knowledge means you have gone too deep into the subject and nothing remains more for you to know about it. It will be called gyana siddhi. Knowledge of this particular subject is perfect now.

Q: the knowledge will become a wisdom?

Guruji: only then it will become a wisdom: perfect knowledge can be called wisdom. Have you noticed the difference between the knowledgeable person and the wise person?

Q: wisdom is the knowledge with experience – like You say some time back?

Guruji: yes. Knowledge is just collection of information. Information: which is not formed, but just is in formation. That is knowledge – when it is information. When it formed completely – then it will be called wisdom. Knowledge is the beginning of it, the starting point.

Q: what if you realized that knowledge is bondage?

Guruji: it is written in Shiva sutras. Knowledge is bondage if you remain just going into circles of some information and thinking “I’m a very knowledgeable person”. You have to break this circle and then perfect it and become wise. Till then it will always be a bondage.

There is a story – I think in Sanskrit; three knowledgeable pandits were coming back – they compare here the practical wisdom and the bookish knowledge. They found a man who was going in the same direction – he was grassroots level man. And they found some bones there. One great pandit, knowledgeable man said: I can connect them together and make the skeleton whole. And he did that. The second man said – I have enough knowledge to create all the muscles and nervous system and everything including skin – and he did that. Then the third person said: I can bring him back to life. Grassroots man said: please, let me climb a tree first. Pandit brought him back to life, it was a lion, and he killed them all. But the grassroots man level recognized it is a lion and climb the tree first.

Instinct for survive. So if you’re carrying the information – you also must know, what you’re doing. They were so much into knowledge and learning so they forgot what lion can do. He is the top of the food chain – it’s grassroots level wisdom which are extremely important for surviving. They were great scientists, they could do that – but they failed to recognize lion.

Another story about three pandits – very educated and they were going somewhere. They reached crossroad and didn’t know where to go. There was a businessman, dead, they were carrying him for cremation. In India the very rich businessman is called “Mahajan”. Mahajan can be literally translated as great person. These three pandits said: it is written in books that always follow the way the great man go. So they begin to follow the dead body and reached the cremation area. They stop there again; somehow big camel went there. One pandit said: whoever supports you in a cremation area or in a court of the king – he is your real friend. What should we do? We should hug the friend – and they begin to hug the camel. Then the camel owner came and beat them: he thought they want to steal him. then they feel very hungry – what to do? Somewhere nearby some malpuas were cooked; malpua is the very sweet thing, made from flour and fried in a pure ghee and so many holes appears in it. So the man who was cooking it saw these three brahmins are hungry – so he offered them. Then another brahmin said: no, you should leave everything which has so many holes. (that means if something is not good and not so perfect – you should not use it). So they refused malpuas. Then it was very strong current river there and they need to cross over; how should they cross? Then it is said: when a person is drowning – even a blade of grass can support him. so a blade of grass was floating in the river; one man jump and immediately begin to drown. Two pandits on the bank said: what should we do now? One of them remember from some book: when it is great emergency – the wise man leave the half and took only another half. So they caught his choti, cut away his hand – took the half and leave the half.

The moral of the story is: reading books is very important – but always have some common sense and wisdom. It’s must read stories.

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