Just look at the story of Shiva and Sati: when she gone – he refuse to let her go; If it is not love – than tell me what could be love. Still it is my observation that Shivji is giving most highest example of genuine true love. I see no comparison with him. hats off to Him – that’s why we worshipping every day. His love is more than anyone can say. Somebody tells that Sati and Parvati did tapas to get Shiva, but look from another side: He Himself did tapas for millions of years to get Adi Shakti. Every coin has two sides. I feel myself extremely privileged and proud, that He allows me to worship Him every day. It’s a very lucky thing.

Q: I think more tapas you will do to achieve something – more you will appreciate this?

Guruji: I think more your mind will open up. Then you will begin to see the depth of this feeling – then of course appreciation will follow. Shallow minds will see shallow things, deeper mind will see deeper things.

Q: if something is coming for us very easy – we will not appreciate it?

Guruji: the easiest thing coming to us is to criticize anybody. And criticizing anybody else is just a way to insulate our own inferiority complex – oh, I’m not like him, he’s a bastard, he’s this and she’s that. We’re just trying to insulate our short complex. But still it’s god given privilege, blessings and grace: otherwise more people will go mad. Criticizing of anybody is the way to release the steam of emotions on somebody. We never see ourselves, we see others. Beauty is in the eyes of beholder – and criticism is also in the eyes of beholder. Again I will say: to win over the woman’s heart is the very difficult achievement. If you think on it: we all believe that Ishwar lives inside the heart. So if you’re able to win over the girls’ heart – it means Ishwar in her heart is also supporting you. Winning over girls’ heart are very mystic; winning over the men’ heart – I don’t know what they are.

Q: in that case – what is the highest achievement for yogini?

Guruji: to be one with Shiva. To know all mysteries of their own mind and all creation. Even of man – that is very easy thing.


Q: can you see the strong planets in the chart by appearance?

Guruji: very easily. Many good astrologer students can see the planets or the sign. Planets are not our enemies not our friends – they just show a situation.

Q: can strong Rahu and Ketu be seen?

Guruji: of course; if Rahu is dominate – the jaw will be more.

Q: and Ketu?

Guruji: like my face. Not exactly – but some traces.

Q: could we see the possibilities for yoga practice in the chart?

Guruji: he must be already the deep thinker and a very sensitive person. Then something inner must trigger the thought that he must – or she must – do yoga. The inclination must be already there from the beginning. Then suddenly it is revealed and go up there. Chart will show the possibilities, but it depends on what point we’re see it – it can be materialistic point also. I think yogi will remain the rare thing.

Yogis were always vegetarian. Even meat eating was very common in the time of Vedas – but yogis were always remain separate. Those times only yogis were vegetarians. I think only yogis can respect life – that even a bird has the same rights to live – or even a fly. When you begin to know more about life – you’ll begin to love and respect it.

One day I was having a break and saw the crack in the wall. The child insect were sitting there and looking at me; then he suddenly disappeared inside the crack and after a few seconds his papa came to look at me. Maybe he was going and say to him that giant is looking at me and wants to kill the fly – then papa came to see me and approved that everything is ok. It’s amazing to observe the feelings of different insects.


When I first took this place from the Bharatpur king – everything was ruined, this house was broken, the place was horrible and haunted. There is a plot behind the kunda – about 1 acre. Here was also a lot of ghosts and spirits which were running away from me. When I went to that area – I saw probably 4 or 5 spirits; they were not actually ghosts – they were doing japa in a very small rooms and they not run away from me. It was the first time I actually discovered that even after death if you’re dyeing in a very potent spiritual place or you have been initiated to lineage – even after death you will continue to do what you have started to do. I didn’t disturb them, they were there, even after so many years passed – they were doing their own thing. Then when my lawyer came into my contact and I described him the spirits – it turned out that it was the uncle of my lawyer. He was the very great devotee of Radhaji and he was initiated by some saint. When he died – he was found dead, sitting erect, taking support from the back with pillow and his mala of chanting was in his hand. His death was also very special. When we started the plantation begin to clean, he appeared in front of my lawyer and said: whatever you’re doing in the order of Guruji is the most needed thing for this area, I’m extremely happy and now I’m moving to Radhakund to do my bhajan. That is the story of uncle of my lawyer. It also tells me that any potent spiritual place in India – there are 7 places like that – if you died there then something really happen with the spirit of the dead person. If he is a real good person or initiated in a real lineage – then he will continue these things, even after his physical body will be no longer there. I’ve seen it yet.


I will tell you another point: most of the devotees are talking about Goloka where Krishna lives, but until you’ll become like a 5-year old child – you cannot enter the Goloka. If you look at it from yogic point of view: the word “go” can be translated as “cow” also and can be translated as indriyas, senses. All your mind and nervous system can be called go. Your mind is actually the Goloka – it is the epicenter of all senses. If you’re able to achieve the theta state of mind by very hard practice of yoga – you will be in the twilight state, in the middle of conscious and subconscious. Then only you will get the access to the real Goloka, which is the magical world of your own mind. This is what I think about Goloka.

Q: what is bhakti lineage?

Guruji: you’re devotee of the certain god or a goddess and any area which is set to be their playground – it is connected with holy vibrations. If you want to please them and be in their domain – you observe the very strict discipline, your heart should be open and full of love to them, you should feel extremely devoted love to those deities; then you go to some person, belongs to that lineage and he’ll give you some mantra. By continuously doing that you may have some connection with the deity – then to saw Him. I’ve seen three ladies, who were  actually able to converse with Krishna himself. I’ve seen them all; one lady was belonging to a farmer, landowner family; as a custom they remain under veil and it’s impossible to talk with them – but she came to me offer her pranam. And I talk with the 2 other ladies. That was fantastic revelation for me: most of the so-called sadhus and famous gurus – they could not have even a glimpse of the deities they are worshipping. But these three simple ladies – two was house holders and one was a widow – they were so accomplished in their devotion that they were able to talk with Him. my point here: there are so many unseen heroes on the grassroots level and they are real genuine very good people with the open heart and great love for Krishna or a deity they devoted to. But any person with big name here – they weren’t even near that mental state.

Q: what is the difference between bhakti and Kriya yoga?

Guruji: this name – Kriya yoga – was started by Yogananda while his travel in America. But in many messages and diaries of Lahiri Mahasaya he is calling it hatha yoga and also bhakti yoga. In bhakti you’re devoted and trying to please some god or goddess by suffering or penance or discipline or your purity of life. Bhakti yoga here is – by practicing yoga you actually see them face to face, you realize the essence of it; Lahiri Mahasaya was written that kutastha is the real essence of Radha Krishna; some people call it the essence of Kali and Shiva. I will say – Kriya yoga is the purest form of bhakti yoga. What other people say bhakti yoga may simply be bhakti only. I keep telling that bhakti yoga is the most mysterious thing. We know it in the name of Kriya yoga but it has been introduced as a different thing; but originally this is the purest way of bhakti yoga.


Q: it was Krishna, who killed Ekalavya in battle?

Guruji: we read it somewhere; he was actually supporting Shishupala – and it wasn’t in battle, he just finished him.

Q: what kind of proposition Krishna gave to Drona and Karna that they let to kill them?

Guruji: nobody was able to fight with Dronacharya – he was Guru and direct disciple of Parashuram. And I’m very proud to say – he was my ancestor. It was decreed that they asked him, how he will be killed. Dronacharya himself said: no one can kill me. But if you give me the very bad news and I leave all my weapons – only then someone kill me. When they told Dronacharya, that Ashwatthaman is dead – they actually killed one elephant, called Ashwatthaman; Dronacharya said , that I will believe, only if Yudhishthira say this. It is a very famous thing when Yudhishthira came and say: yes, Ashwatthaman is dead – but in a very small voice he said: the elephant or a man. Dronacharya just sat down, left his bow and everything, make padmasan and left his body himself. Then Dhrishtadyumna, brother of Draupadi, came and cut the head of the dead body. This was taken as a great insult by Ashwatthaman and as a result he killed them all, last night in the camp. Karna also; because he was not fighting – the wheel of his vehicle was tucked and he was trying to lift it up. Krishna said: now! Kill him! – and he was killed. So what was the point of this question?

Q: I thought that Krishna may have some suggestion or proposition for Dronacharya and Karna – so they agreed on such death?

Guruji: no, it’s much deeper than that. I think Karna was only legitimate child of Kunti: all others was born when she was married to Pandu. All Pandavas were not the biological sons of their father. But Karna was – so he deserved to die from the weapon, like a real kshatriya. And Krishna was protecting all the Pandavas so much that they die the very different type of death. That maybe the reason.


Q: why brahmastra could neutralize all other celestial weapons?

Guruji: it was the most powerful weapon; the giver is the creator himself, Brahma. Everything which was created under the creator, could be neutralized by this weapon.

Q: what about pashupatastra?

Guruji: that was from Shiva – no one can neutralize it. And it was never used. Like Ironman said: the best weapon is the one that never used. Only for testing.

Q: for what Shiva created it – if it will be never used?

Guruji: if someone just know that someone has pashupatastra – who will dare it? I don’t remember any record somewhere, that Pashupatastra was used.

Q: how it works?

Guruji: that only Shiva knows. Shiva himself is called Pashupati and what he created is called pashupatastra.

Q: how such great being like Shivaji could make some tapas?

Guruji: most of the immortal yogis keep doing the very strict discipline. Maybe to keep their ego in balance. They can command everything – but they beg for food. With this they keep their ego in balance.

Q: how such a great being could evolve to some level?

Guruji: how can I comment on that? Maybe they like to mix with the ordinary life, they respect life; maybe it is their way of observation and pass the eternity.

Q: everything on the Earth can evolve?

Guruji: Shivji come down to Earth to live; he was not born as the earthling.

Q: He is like alien?

Guruji: nobody knows: about Shivaji origin all the books are silent.

Q: we talked once that most of the mantras are nailed and cursed by Shiva – so now they are not working?

Guruji: this is what we read in books

Q: what about Shakti mantras?

Guruji: all mantras. Not every being are qualified for those mantras. Those, who are qualified – they come to know someone. Because whatever we find in books – I’ve never seen them working. Democracy doesn’t mean that you have access to every knowledge.

Q: for what such books exist?

Guruji: they point us. For those, who knows – they may work. But who knows nothing or beginner – they are useless.


There is a famous place in Benares – Assi Ghat, where Tulsidas was living; once I came there to visit my Guru. The policeman from near police station came to see my Guru – and he told us fantastic story. Two german or Frenchmen begin to fight there, early morning time; one man was sitting there. They were abusing each other in their own language – then the fight begin so violent that police came and arrested them. Also they ask to come that man because he was witness it. He said yes, they were fighting and all these things happen; then policeman asked: what they were saying? He said – I don’t understand, but I can repeat what they were saying. And he repeated all 15 minutes of what they were abused – without knowing the language! They recorded it on a tape and then some professor of the university could recognize it was german or French – I don’t remember. Then that man disappeared – we don’t know, whom he was. He was just sitting there. But this is amazing: simply by listening he could remember everything. He was not the ordinary person – that is for sure.


I had a dog and we called him the dna tester because he bite more than 100 people. He died at the age of 18 – which is pretty long for a dog. When he was in his prime – he will go out, fight with another dogs and bring a dead of a goad and bring them to me; that was his way of showing his love. When I was sick he was always besides me.

Q: You shew kutastha to Your dogs?

Guruji: yes – to all my dogs and monkey also. To my big bull and his son also.

Q: it’s different from human’s?

Guruji: same.

Q: and for other beings – apsaras or yakshis for example – how kutastha looks?

Guruji: I think essentially the spirit is the same. Only the way of communication may be different. That’s why they saying the source of life is one. But sources of the spirits may be different. From a distance somebody looking at us can say – or, they are all human beings, but each of us is different. Same way. When I was not having cows – all cows were looking same to me. Now I notice every cow as a very different personality with their own likes and dislikes – they all have their unique personalities. But from a distance – they look same.

Q: could a person be an animal in next life?

Guruji: yes, it’ s possible. Vice versa also. It’s very much possible.


Always be very careful with mixing of technics. Vipassana maybe not the good idea. But you cannot stop people from searching through internet and learning something.

Q: what do You think – it’s a technic only for the monks, not for common people?

Guruji: it’s a technic to actually disturb the peace of your mind. You do nothing and thinking you’re doing anything – and you reach nowhere.

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