Q: the learning of the science which is save in the memory with words – it’s about books or it’s about our memory?

Guruji: it’s about alphabet which is written on the petals of your chakras. They are different vibrations of the nada and the different vibrations of the elements also. It’s a very deep thing. There are 52 alphabets and there are only 52 cards in a pack. They also carry some great mystery.

Q: in 68 shlocka they also talking about visible and invisible world: what’s the definition of them?

Guruji: well, it’s very simple for me – to give the definition of them: our visibility is very limited – we just see light reflected from three elements – this we call “visible”; from where the light is not reflecting it is invisible for us. When your mind’s eye will become open – your vision will not be depending on vision of light reflecting on different things – then real vision will come. then invisible will become visible. Human definition of visible and invisible are very much limited, we need to understand exactly.

Q: 69 shloka: body requires some develop of the consciousness: is it true that no matter, everyone could practice Kriya? Or someone has the level of consciousness that he couldn’t reach samadhi in this life?

Guruji: then again I will say: depends on the motive; and your mental level and your physical level, where you stand – how far you want to, you hope to achieve.

Q: it could be limitations by the level of the consciousness that someone could not reach samadhi in this life – he will need 2,3 or more?

Guruji: if a genuine seeker is there – it’s open field.

Q: but starting point is different?

Guruji: you see: motive! Some people start with curiosity – and they fall out after some time. But if it is genuine deep desire to become a yogi and to go all the way – of course the results will be different. Everybody is taught by good people – that you must do the physical exercises, it’s good for you, ok? But very few become champions. It depends on the motive. It will apply everywhere. And a good news is – even if you not become a champion – some training will always develop you, you become better and better and better.

Q: on what motive depends?

Guruji: maybe some past life carry over or some very powerful inspiration. Some very great impression, which you’re expose to. Then you will take it as a challenge and you will do it.

Q: it’s spontaneous?

Guruji: no, never spontaneous.

Q: it’s result of karma?

Guruji: you see, Russian circus was very famous. We all love to watch. And how much we’re motivated to become trapezia artist or like that? We’re clapping, shouting – but someone inspires to become. There is no fix rule, what will motivate you. If you have that thing inside you – some exposure will click, switch it on and your journey will begin.

Q: but if someone has very clear motive…?

Guruji: and enough physical capacity also.

Q: could we say in that case that he practiced in previous life – or no?

Guruji: in previous life he reached a certain level of development, evolution, so now he can find the importance of practicing yoga or become a yogi – such person will have great chance, no doubt.

Q: what can be the physical limitations?

Guruji: some deformity or no limb – something like that. Body should be complete. I think it was Edmund Hillary or other very famous mountain climber, who skilled the mount Everest; somebody asked him – why you climb this mountain? He simply said: because it was there – I climbed it. If something is there and you’re aware of it – why not? Just to tell a story or just to take a different look on a world.


I will quote captain Davy Jones from the “Pirates of the Caribbean”: life is cruel. Why should the afterlife be otherwise? We’re carrying our mind there. Same rule of jungle. We need to be ready to face the cruel facts of life. Life is never going to be bed of roses. What is the beauty of a thorn?

Q: they can be removed?

Guruji: no. the flower is always afraid that it will be pick one day – thorn is not afraid of it. It will remain as it is, no matter what. In many ways thorn is better.

Q: in this way we’re going through many struggle: if someone dies from hunger or was killed – what will be with him in afterlife?

Guruji: you can’t even begin to imagine that. It’s the very horrible topic.

Q: is it important for the souls of our ancestors if we remember them in our stories and family photos?

Guruji: yes, it’s very important for them. If nobody is remember you – that means you’re no more existing. They will live on in your memories.

Q: why it’s important for them – they are now in another form of energy…?

Guruji: only for the three generations from the father’s side and four from the mother’s side – remembering them is important. More than that is not recommended anywhere. If you will remember them in the proper way – they will take another birth, maybe in the same family.

Q: what does it mean – in the proper way?

Guruji: taking care of them as we do in India: here is the period when you remember all your ancestors, seven generations and do things for them to make them happy.


When we talk about lucifer – we have an idea that he could be the shape-shifting snake: his first appearance was like a snake. He could have the jewel, which is formed in cobra’s head. And if you want I can tell you, why angels has feathers – according to Indian mythology.

Q: of course!

Guruji: well, Kashyapa rishi had two wives: Vinata and Kadru. Kadru was the mother of cobras, snakes. And Vinata take birth to big eagles, garudas – Aruna and Garuda. Aruna became the chariot driver of the Sun god. Both the ladies were wondering standing in the morning, they saw the chariot of the Sun god; Vinata said that the horse’ tail is white and Kadru said – no, it’s black. They betting on that: whoever will win will become a master and the loser will become a slave. Kadru told her children, the nagas – they just surrounded the tails and it appeared black from a distance. In this way Vinata become a slave. When Garuda was growing, he asked his mother – why we’re slaves and they are masters? Then she told him a story and he went to the nagas and say: what you will take from me and we will be free? They say – bring the nectar from Svarga. Because Garuda was extraordinarily valorous and strong, nobody could stop his force – so he went there; it was big adventure and fight and he successfully brought a pot of the nectar. Then Indra came and told him: these Nagas – they don’t deserve it, because they will become immortal. Just tell them first take a bath, then drink nectar; meanwhile he just stole it away. He put it on a kusha seed: when Nagas came they begin to lick it and their tongues become two. Then Garuda ask a boon from Brahma, Indra and Vishnu: that let one naga be my food every day. Let them become my food – and this happen. So animosity of nagas and garudas are legendary. If you look to the angels – they all have feathers: they maybe offspring of the Garuda. Still their animosity is there, because Lucifer appeared as a snake and all the snakes are hated by the Christians. So all the snakes are nagas and all the angels are offspring of Garuda – and this thing will continue for some time.

You can find so many links in mythology all over the world. In India no angel describes with feathers. And most of the books are silent about Garuda – if he was married or his lineage; now we connect it with bible – all his children are able to fly, they have feathers.

Q: it exists some analogue of angels in Indian mythology?

Guruji: no. but the story of Garuda is described in Mahabharata – how he was born and how this thing happen that nagas become their food. And Lucifer was the Lord of the cobras, shining black. Only one thing you should be careful: you can be a food for an eagle, but you’re not a food for a cobra.


Q: nada becoming from the mind?

Guruji: from the void – mind will become aware of it. When you’re listening some symphony or some music – it’s not coming from your mind, your mind is just listening to it. Void is everywhere – inside you and outside you also. Not everything is in your mind – it’s a big world outside.

Q: mind have more freedom then dehi – it can travel everywhere?

Guruji: it is sleeping! Only after awakening mind experiencing some freedom.

Q: can we say that Мшыртг and Shakti are the same – about the mind?

Guruji: we can give that example also.

Q: why they are separate if this is the same force?

Guruji: they are not separated: Goddess Lakshmi is sitting with him and he is sleeping. Symbolically – the subconscious mind is sleeping and the conscious mind is taking care of it. And the snake: mind looks like a coiled snake. Conscious mind is taking care of everything. Lakshmi represents conscious mind. Who need to wake up Narayana? There is a line of one very famous bhajan; in Gorakhbodh we established, that dehi also called “hamsa”. All Indians know, that Manasarowar lake – there are so many pulse and the hamsas – swans – go there. But if you somehow caught your dehi – the hamsa – that so many pulse of wisdom will grow on the lake of your mind is floating. Go there, find out the pulse of wisdom: that will entice the dehi and it will continue to explore the lake of the mind – Manasarowar; then one day Narayana maybe also wake up. It’s very symbolic thing.


This is from siddhas, from Dattatreya begin: in ancient books like Charaka Samhita mercury is not mentioned. But in the later, when Siddha naths came, which I think Dattatreya started – so many fantastic formulas. Even they are giving how to color your hairs, different formulas for coloring your hairs( laughing). I’ve tried on some dedushkas and it was 50/50 successful.

Q: what happen?

Guruji: the hair changed color but they were standing upright. Something went wrong(laughing).

Q: in Atharvaveda there is no mentioning of mercury?

Guruji: no, only herbs. Dattatreya introduced that. Metallurgy was introduced by Dattatreya. He is very much respected in Nath cult. Maybe this knowledge came from him via Adinath and Matsyendranath. It must be a hidden secret in all the Naths great yogis.

Q: that mercury from the story was not even prepared?

Guruji: it comes up itself from the Earth – few drops in thousand years. Who will wait that long?

Q: and he must be prepared like a yogi?

Guruji: he already achieved the long life, it was after vajra kaya. Not everybody can tolerate that mercury.


Q: 11/36 – first you must understand all three conditions: awake, dreaming and sleep without a dream and the fourth is beyond?

Guruji: turiya, yes.

Q: when you understand them – you will create them like something all together?

Guruji: first you will understand them with your awaken mind, which now will appear like a dream – that such big magic is just sleeping inside you. When you’re able to make it conscious – then it will be the fourth state, beyond jagrati, svapna and sushupti. It will sound like a dream – that such power and magic is sleeping inside you, we don’t believe it but it is there.

Q: but finally could these layers create the one?

Guruji: yes, and it is called turiya – the fourth state.

Q: could we say that exists only these four states?

Guruji: fourth state is full awaken state: then you’re free to use this awaken state to achieve anything or to know anything, wherever your attention will go. Fourth is all three together. It is like first you’re alone, bachelor, then you’re get married, then you become mother and father, then you become grandfather and grandmother. Fourth state( smiling)

Q: it could be the situation when only the first and second layers will be together or only second and third?

Guruji: no, first you will become aware; svapna is just like thinking – it is there, it is not there; just like a theory or some philosophy. First you realize – then you make it awaken, then it will be fourth state of the mind. Then they also mentioned turiyatita – beyond the fourth state: and nobody say anything about it.

Q: what it could be beyond?

Guruji: using that fourth state- only then you will know. When you went through all categories and your mind is 100% awaken, that is fourth state – and then you’re free to use it, that is beyond fourth state.

Q: is it said about physical or not a physical or it’s about immortal body: when it is said that we must somehow break the circle of rebirth and the body is like sacrifice and quitting the body is going somewhere else?

Guruji: no, they might describe the state of nirvana, which is discussed in Gorakhbodh: when you have a choice to continue your immortal body or leave it behind. They are discussing about life and death – there are only two ways: either you don’t die, become immortal – you will break a chain; or somehow your identity established – so even after dyeing you will continue on your journey without having to take another birth.

Q: what is the difference between immortality and that final state?

Guruji: I mean you will become immortal with 5 elements – and then only 2 elements will remain.

Q: so you will be in vayu sharir forever?

Guruji: yes, but this 5 elemental thing is more important.


Q: You know all Your genetic records?

Guruji: because these records keepers are there – it’s only in India. All western people can say that we belong to Kashyap gotra.

Q: can You know Your ancestors?

Guruji: it’s a very big crowd – your family ancestors, their ancestors – it will be a very big crowd. That’s why we say – don’t go too far for that, subtract your past.

Q: but we must know from where we appear, from whom?

Guruji: it’s not so much needed. If physically you’re good and your mind is extraordinary – it means you belong to a good lineage. Stop worry! In the practice the old memories will come.

Dehi is from Alakh Niranjan, beyond carbon.

Q: so the sound of vibration is coming from the mind or from the body?

Guruji: from everywhere – from empty space it is coming. Because of that vibration all the particles are dancing. Let’s say – the void is playing the orchestra and the matter will dance on the tune. And Time is the conductor.

Q: could we see the embodiment of the mind like dehi we see?

Guruji: of course – mind is expressing itself as consciousness. When it will be fully awaken – I’m sure the structure( if we can call it a structure) of the consciousness will become different. Like a child: when he grows up – looks different. He’s the same child – but look different.

Q: but you couldn’t see mind face to face like you see dehi in practice?

Guruji: it is possible, because 2nd sutra of Yoga Darshan says: then the seer is established in its own form – that is they are talking about awaken mind. Mind is the seer from inside, dehi just animating it. It’s a combination of three major forces. That’s why Triveni sangam in Prayag is considered as holiest of holy: Ganga, Jamuna, Saraswati – three; body is also three – ida, pingala, sushumna.

Q: can we consider dehi as Shiva himself?

Guruji: jiva is Shiva, yes. He comes from beyond the carbon. And all everything else is the play of Shakti. Every lover would like to please the lover, every husband somehow need to make a wife happy, keep her entertain.

Q: so mind can be called Shakti?

Guruji: they are all expressions of Shakti except dehi.

Q: real dehi is the sleeping Narayana?

Guruji: no, he’s the owner of the house. Dehi just comes, switches on the lights, provides electricity and everything, fuel into the car – that’s it. Caretaker. From poetic point of view you can say – Shiva is alone, Shakti is sleeping; He’s trying somehow to awaking Shakti – so they will be together forever after that.

Q: in the final stage the mind and dehi will be one and the same?

Guruji: they will merge together – that’s how the concept of Ardhanarishwar came, male and female together.

Q: when the mind and dehi are together – it’s the consciousness of the void?

Guruji: you’ve already go far in the consciousness of the Time itself.

Q: on what stage we will be aware of the consciousness of the void?

Guruji: if you’re becoming conscious of the void – consciousness of the Void is pretty high realization. We cannot give the level of this state – it’s very high awareness. And maybe I’m the first one to discuss about it.

Q: is it connected with untying of Hridaya and Muladhar granthi?

Guruji: everything is the part of awakening the mind. That description of Kriya yoga was good: become aware of your mind, then you become aware of who is supporting it, go to the heart, then how the heart was created, go to the nabhi and then you realize the importance of earth element – go to muladhar.

Q: if person is not practicing – he will not understand?

Guruji: no. first thing – you must become aware of such type of practice. And you must have some understanding and ambition to somehow attracted to this practice. Then your awareness will begin; otherwise they say – never disturb a normal person. No need to disturb its peace of mind.


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