Q: do You know about the special group for Russian disciples on facebook – Davay praktikuy?

Guruji: I’ve heard about it

Q: majority of the disciples have the very firm belief that if they will stop practicing – they will have the second chance?

Guruji: (sneezing) – you can take it as my answer(laughing). One very serious thing: when they receive practice – they gave me 5 promises. They broke it. I didn’t brake it from my side. How should I treat them?

Q: what do You think – if they come second time and ask You to forgive them?

Guruji: ok, what I can do if they ask for forgiveness – I will forgive them. But I will not forget them.

Q: will the practice work on them by this second appearing?

Guruji: if they will come with all sincerity and all humbleness and they really realize that they did the big mistake – I think they may have it. But it should not become a habit.

Q: maybe the second chance in next life?

Guruji: no, only one time this life.

That is another point: they came here uninvited, I taught them for free, they are not my customers; so in all sincerity if I’m teaching them – they should respect that.

If they will come and ask to forgive – fine.

Q: that is the greatest generosity of You – that is the biggest chance maybe in several lives…

Guruji: yes, that is true. And still I’m not sure what message from Babaji will come – we’re nearly 2000 now – which is not much of course, but still. In last 35 years nearly 2000 is not much.

Q: so the question – is it right to delete from the group that who are not practicing?

Guruji: no need.

Let them jealous and also we should not feel superior to normal human beings. Anyone can make a mistake but only a fool can make it twice.

For you it will be very interesting thing to observe their life: before they stop practice – what was their life and now after they stop what’s happening.

Q: it was not troubling or disturbing me but it seems to me that they could somehow create the obstacles for that who is really practicing?

Guruji: let it be as a test. Just observe. If you’re doing good and you’re progressing – people will initially definitely criticize you. If people are criticize you – that means you’re on the right track. As I keep saying: nobody dare to criticize the mafia boss – they only criticize good people, even God. When some people are criticizing you – you can say thank you for remembering me.

Q: again it’s the biggest generosity from You… if someone was practicing Kriya in another lineage but after many years understand – this is not true; will You accept such person?

Guruji: I’ve accepted so many people like that. Because if you will do deep enough research in different lineages – most of them are self-claimed lineages. It is normal thing, which happen. Before founding my Guru I also went around, expose to many fake people – Paramahamsa Atmananda also belongs to that. It’s just a search.

Q: I’m very happy to sit here with You and Your students and hope one day I will ask You?

Guruji: yes, dig enough, keep research. I see so many things go around in the name of Kriya yoga which maybe no good for the sincere seeker – but I’ll not judge.

Q: when I’ll ask You for Kriya practice – I will need to practice daily, two times a day?

Guruji: you see, it is the very serious commitment.

From the beginning it is 5 promises or 5 vows which we take:

  1. I will keep this Kriya secret
  2. I will practice it all my life
  3. I will read 1 chapter of Gita every day
  4. I will respect married woman married to another man as a mother or I will respect married man married to another woman as a father
  5. Till I travelling, being sick or facing any emergency I will remember this Kriya mentally

For any sincere people they are very easy to observe. Yes, some question come from a Russian – how I can respect a woman like a mother? I said – it’s your problem.


In many civilizations these numbers are very prominent: 108, 216, 432 – even in sound frequencies these frequencies are very important. 432 seats in Valhalla where warriors sit and drink from the skulls of the warriors they killed.

Q: are these places different: for Scandinavian warriors it’s one place, for Indian warriors it’s another place?

Guruji: warriors are all ascending to heaven – maybe it is a same place. We have found the connection with Thor and Krishna: Krishna revolted against Indra, who was the ruler of the heaven and his main weapon was thunderbolt. Thor is god of thunder. The remains of Asgard were found in Siberia – the circular city where time goes in a different way. They were two city remains found – absolutely circular, that is Asgard. And that is a straight line from Govardhan to Siberia. So Krishna revolted, Thor attacked and maybe was defeated here – Indra was defeated here. Maybe his coming to Govardhan lefts the magnetic trail or something – all the Siberian birds are coming to this place. You cannot discard such evidences.

Q: there is a description that rishi Durvasas put something on the Krishna’s body to protect him – except his heel?

Guruji: hot khir – rice, cooked in milk. He deliberately left this place to let him go – otherwise his body will be like a diamond.

Q: is it some connection between Krishna and Achilles?

Guruji: no, it’s different. He was human. Amazing story of Troy: we remember it just because of the war. Don’t you think it looks like a story of Ramayana? The wife was kidnapped and the war begins – that’s the very similar story. Troyan horse: Hanuman Ji came inside in camouflage and went out – the stories are similar. And then the Rome was established – Rama and Roma are very phonetically connected.


Q: Katya has very interesting thought that when Hanuman Ji jumped to Lanka – he used that special type of mercury?

Guruji: probably.

Q: but he could fly from his early childhood – why he was need to jump where instead of flying?

Guruji: there is more like a symbolic thing: you see – it is very simple for me.

Hanuman is an incarnation of Shiva and the son of the air element: so it means Hanuman is a symbol of prana. And the Sun is apana.

When prana jumps up from the earthly body to assimilate apana – then Rahu, which symbolizes the Kundalini, comes in between; and he informs the mind – Indra, all the senses are called indriyas; so the main principle among all indriyas are Indra – your mind; and with the stroke from the mind the prana goes into a coma – suspended animation. The air stops – vayu stops breathing. Then all gods appear and grants him boon. Kundalini awaken, the prana is inert and the mind is absolutely shivering in prana – that is symbolic story of this thing.

*Kundalini goes to the mind – Indra – who is supposed to be a main among indriyas: that’s why he is called Indra. And then he strikes prana with the thunderbolt on the chin. When mind is awaken, aroused, he will use his all electromagnetical force to strike down that thunder: that way prana will become inert, like in suspended animation. And a breath will stop. Chin is connected with the heart – you already know what does it mean. So the samadhi will follow, all gods will appear and will give him favors.

If he can fly to the sun – he doesn’t need to jump for hundred miles, he may fly – but he jumped. So flying up to the sun is more symbolic. Rahu symbolizes kundalini even in astrology.


Q: what is bindu?

Guruji: it also has different meanings: bindu is a source of creation also – it’s a point over “OM” and the nada – this crescent moon is the sound of nada vibration and below is kala: when it condenses – it appears as creation. And also sometimes bindu used as a reference to the male semen also. It has these meanings.

Q: why such wide differ in meanings?

Guruji: well, the semen can also start a new creation: from linguistic point of view they are using the same word for these things.

Q: I think Lahiri Mahasaya was mentioning bindu as a some point in practice?

Guruji: of course – when you’re going much deeper in yoga, in practice – you will experience that.

Q: could we say that something which appears inside kutastha is also the transforming of bindu?

Guruji: this is the pathway which will take you to bindu, the beginning of it.

Q: on what depends the shapes which it takes inside?

Guruji: it depends on so many things – your karmic level, your mental level, your spiritual level. Same thing will appear differently for different people.

Q: it’s somehow dehi is trying to show something to us?

Guruji: it is the way of communication, yes.

Q: like you must learn alphabet?

Guruji: no, the understanding will come in time.

Q: it’s like the highest form of vacha?

Guruji: it’s even beyond that, something else.


Q: we discussed that there is actually two dehis in the body – the spirit and the consciousness?

Guruji: ancient yogis were saying: this body is like a house where Narayana sleeps. Literally it will be translated: he, who sleeps in the water – so the brain is sleeping in the water. and a spirit is considered as a dancer, dancer-girl, who comes, brings life, takes care of Narayana who is sleeping, waiting for the Narayana to wake up; when it doesn’t wake up – it leaves and takes away life also. Narayana finds another body. Body is very mysterious place.

Q: we discussed that consciousness is also type of dehi?

Guruji: but then consciousness is just an expression of the Narayana, of your brain or of your mind. Actually we’re so focused on these terms – mind and consciousness and we keep ignoring the brain, which is the real mystery.

Q: but You told before that the consciousness travels with the spirit from one body to another?

Guruji: yes, as much as it is awake and carries the sleeping thing with it. Maybe the spirit is searching – maybe one day the Narayana wake up and will embrace her.

Q: Narayana is just carrier of the consciousness?

Guruji: we don’t know that. And when we use that word “consciousness” we also need to understand what do you mean by consciousness. It’s very deep thing. And I will say – it’s an expression of your mind, your brain is the seed of that. As your physical body is the seed of the jiva or spirit or whatever term we used.

Q: but the spirit is not the mind itself?

Guruji: no, it’s just giving the life. And takes away life. That is the job.

Q: and the spirit doesn’t care much -what will be with the body, with the life?

Guruji: no. it has a mission or a contract: this time frame it will keep providing life and one day it will just leave without any motive.

Q: but who is driving the body – is it consciousness or is it dehi?

Guruji: you see, we have electric supply here and a generator; spirit is like providing us electricity. How we use that electricity – it’s our decision. Narayana has 2% of the consciousness, who is taking care of the sleeping giant is using the life force.

Q: in this case what is the reason for us to meet the source, owner of the powerplant?

Guruji: if you have enough ambition to go and see the owner of the powerplant – otherwise you will simply pay the bill and that’s it. Every country has president: how many people are ambitious to go and say hello to him? they’re scare even to face him. only the ambitious people, who are strong enough to get an appointment – they do.

Q: it is our consciousness who are trying to meet the owner of the powerplant?

Guruji: yes, what else? Consciousness is the basis of everything.

Q: we can say it’s a mind also?

Guruji: it’s an expression of the mind. The source is mind.

Q: limitless mind?

Guruji: what ocean cannot drown? Ocean cannot drown your mind, it’s much more vaster that the ocean. This is grassroot level bhajan which we hear.

Q: who is taking the decision of embodiment? Spirit or consciousness?

Guruji: no, that’s some higher beings – they’re like your parents deciding which school you will be sent. You’re not in a position to decide which school you will go. We’re not the center of the Universe – there are other people who are helping us – maybe our spiritual parents and this is just a school, we’re here for getting some education.

Q: so it neither consciousness nor spirit decides about the body?

Guruji: no, it’s a big mystery: somebody is deciding.

Q: so our coming here is been decided?

Guruji: yes, you’re in no position to make a decision. Who is in the position to make a decision? It is just a reaction to certain situation we are in. but we love to think – yes, we have a free will, we have a choice. Sadly it is not right. Maybe a little, not much. You think all these people who are sitting here and facing me – they are here just by chance? I don’t think so. It was to happen: creation has its way to bring people together at the precise moment. We just need to understand that work.

Q: but someone is coming to You once, someone is coming continuously – it’s their decision or it was predicted before?

Guruji: it is like attracts like. Some people – they are curious to see me and some people – they are coming for payment for the bill, that’s it. But those, who are interested in the subject and if the find my answers interesting – they come again and again from thousands of miles. That’s a beauty of it: he is from NY, they are from Kiev, you’re from Odessa, he is from Moscow, they’re from Gwalior, he is from Delhi – it’s not simply by chance that we’re sitting together in this room and drinking chai.


Q: what is will?

Guruji: will is something which is experiencing rarely  by humanity. Especially free will.

Q: all is divine?

Guruji: we don’t know – divine or devilish, how can we decide?

Q: could we say that any situation will nevertheless come from A to B but in different way – no matter even we have an illusion we have the choice?

Guruji: if we have the choice world would be ended many millennium before. It is human nature to destroy themselves. So it’s a very good thing we don’t have a choice.

Q: so we don’t have free will actually?

Guruji: no, we just keep reacting from certain situations and we think we have a free will. Remember, nothing comes for free in this creation. Even will. Yes, when you are more than a thousand years old – maybe then you will experience just an alter of free will.

Q: no matter how much we will effort for something – the final point will be the same, which was our destiny?

Guruji: one thing I will here again point out: your destiny is not your destination. It is just a way, which will take you to your destination. Many people have asked me – can we change our destiny? I said – yes, you can change; but first to change your destiny you need to know exactly what is your destiny. Before that what you will change?

Q: but how we can know our destiny?

Guruji: well, by being one with the Time – so you will be able to see past, present and future at the same time: that will tell you and show you what is your destiny and then holds your destination. Only by learning about your destiny you may also learn about your destination.

Q: if we know our chart – we don’t know our destiny?

Guruji: it is just a probable road map. And there are thousands of different possibilities.

Q: so when some higher beings decided our birth – it was also only 50%, other 50% is possibilities?

Guruji: yes. But most of the people are repeating their habits. It is impossible to get over your physical limits – that means your genetics, your DNA impressions and initial habits which perform when you were young, your like and dislike – most of us are just keep repeating our habits. You need to brake this vicious circle – than maybe your perspective, your point of view will be different then all life and all the situation in general.

Q: but to form the habit requires only 21 day?

Guruji: yes, and in the early childhood you have plenty of time to form permanent habits.

Q: why so? In middle age and old age it’s very difficult to form something new?

Guruji: because we are representing the past, keep looking back and worshipping the past. And you will observe that most of the children are discussing histories of their family, they like it; and old people are always discussing about the future. Just observe it. We love discuss what we don’t have: a child doesn’t have past and old man doesn’t have future – so they keep discussing that. Like we’re discussing immortality or beggars discussing millions of dollars(laughing)


Q: to summarize our discussion about spirit…?

Guruji: it is just a life provider.

Q: he doesn’t care whether to lеаve the body or not?

Guruji: if he start to care – he will not leave the body. Read Gorakhbodh! It is the main task – to keep her interested in your life, so she will not leave and give us some more time.

Q: until that spirit will just wait?

Guruji: just time frame, sentence of time.

Q: so actually what drives our body, our deeds and actions is a supreme mind?

Guruji: no, 2% mind.

Most of our decisions are the reactions to the situations.

Q: we should make the decisions – but who is “me” there?

Guruji: that is your mind’s intellectual perception of yourself.

Q: what do You think on ancient technic of sthayavada: when someone is saying loudly his intentions and speak about his deeds, feelings and thoughts and then gods fulfill his desires because he said the truth?

Guruji: not only gods will fulfill it; thought is the formless thing. With your imagination you give it a certain image. Then you express it with a voice – so it becomes more precise and conscious. And it will gather its own force and maybe that will come to pass. If it will remain in your mind – it will not come into reality till you say it. So – physical world, astral world and the causal world: these are three things.

Q: here the causal body is…?

Guruji: formless thought. Some, who appear from the void. Then your creative imagination creates a certain image to that thought. And when you use a certain sound like voice or some word – it takes a proper form and become conscious thought: then it will work.

Q: when you say it – it’s like astral world?

Guruji: when you say it – it comes into physical world. When you’re just imagining it and giving it image – that is astral; and a formless thought is causal, cause of that thing.

Q: now a very little understanding about causal world come

Guruji: when you’re asking the question – I’m waiting for the right example: it came.

When I’m saying something loud – I’m using the air from my lungs; when I’m releasing that air it is supercharged with my thoughts and the particular vibration of the voice and all my intentions and thoughts and experience are expressed with it. So that air, which is going, will spread; and we are all breathing so some molecules of that breath will enter everybody and will tack their mind in some way – they’ll keep remembering what I say and one day they will be also able to understand it.

Q: like in Gorakhbodh it is said about words of Guru triggering the mind of disciple?

Guruji: yes, now you know the mechanism. In hindi we say when we say something unhono kya bat kai; but “vat” means air – so once you have said something the air is carrying that particular sound released from your mouth – it will never come back. But it will spread all over and whoever will breathe that particular molecule will be affected by that.

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