Q: I’m thinking about true relationship between Guru and disciple?

Guruji: in India we believe that relationship with the Guru of 4 types: 1. Guru and disciple – Guru is teaching you 2. Guru is also your friend – because only friends share secrets 3. Guru is like a father – like father and son; and 4. Guru is also like a son – because he is also human being, he may need your help sometimes. These 4 types of relationship make Guru-disciple relationship complete. Guru, friend, father and son. This is ancient wisdom.

Q: I think trust is the main component?

Guruji: if there is no trust – then all these 4 relationship is not possible. That goes without saying.

Q: you must have so much faith and trust to Guru…

Guruji: when it’s friendly thing – the trust will be there; suddenly you will not have trust – it grows with time. Friendship grows with time.

Q: in Gorakhbodh it is said – you must give the whole life to Guru?

Guruji: that’s true. But these 4 points are very important – of Guru-disciple relationship. In Gorakhbodh they also addressing your spirit as Guru: a time will come when your spirit become a Guru and the mind will become the disciple. It’s the right thing.

I’ve did Gita’s commentary 28 years before; and I’m reading Gita 37 years plus: yesterday I’ve noticed 1 shloka in 9th chapter – that all Manu, 7 rishis and 4 before that; Manu – came to the mind, man; that’s why in hindi man is called “manav” – of the mind. Manushya – from the manas. Even “man” fitting this. Yesterday I’ve just noticed that: of the mind of the Time we have come. and I keep paraphrasing bible: out of the Time you have come and to the Time you shall return one day.

Q: when we understand nothing – Shailendra Sharma really said something great

Guruji: yes (laughing)


I’ve read it many years before: if I’m doing something a long time – I’m thorough; if you’re doing, taking long time doing something – you’re lazy. This difference is always there.

Gold, essence of mica, all 9 jewels – than any metal may become a gold; when you feed them to the mercury.

Q: it requires some special liquid in which they must be fed?

Guruji: no, it’s the very different process: you prepare that substance first, than you melt a liquid, put that substance in; and even after cooling down it will remain liquid.

Q: so first you made the gold liquid, then the substance – not vice versa?

Guruji: yes. Fantastic things.

Q: in European alchemy they are saying that first you must create the liquid, which will be like a field – and it assume gold and then gold become liquid; it must be another process?

Guruji: after you prepare gold and create the field – it is called kshetri karana, creating the field in mercury, so it will absorb these things as a seed- then the qualities of mercury will be different. Also when you’re made everything ready, you create a field in your body also: it is also called kshetri karana. Body is prepared, so that substance you take – it will absorbed and accepted in your body. It’s more complicated then western alchemy. I’ve never come across any European book which is near in the descriptions of mercury in ayurvedic processes, not a single book.

For mercury you need to prepare your body with so many different herbs; and finally you need to take the bhasm of mica – abhrak bhasma – for quite some time with certain anupana; then your body, your kshetri karana is different – then you started mercury. It’s step by step process. Many people have done it: they directly started with mercury – their experiment failed very badly.

Q: body will be destroyed?

Guruji: anything is possible – if you cannot tolerate something. It’s always very dangerous thing. The thing, which can grant you extremely long life can kill you very soon, if something goes wrong.

Q: this situation is with every metal?

Guruji: no, especially with mercury program. Of course – it is with every metal, but with mercury – in extreme portion. Very rare thing to see. Mercury declared as a semen of Shiva: so that itself is an evidence that it is from another dimension. If it is semen of Shiva, and body is extremely prepared – kshetri karana – then you will get Shiva inside: so it’s a very-very big thing.

Q: is it a ticket to another dimension?

Guruji: it is a ticket to a potency and to become like Shiva. His genetics and DNA will pass on to you, absorb in your body.

Q: western alchemy is talking about dew drops, which must be collected exactly in march and April, it exists something alike in Indian tradition?

Guruji: march and April – very much possible, because that season is spring here, they might be carrying something. What they are doing with them?

Q: it is called “milk of the virgin” and it’s the key liquid for the all further processes…

Guruji: I will agree with that. The direct season and nakshatra is very important.


Kamarupa: some people say – it is in Kamakhya, some people say it is in Kanchi, in South India; that if you will do tapas there for 1 year, observing every rule – then you may have grace from the Siddhanath. Kamarupa is connected with Kamakhya; but then Matsyendranath himself have said that Govardhan is Kamakhya – so it’s a big complicated now. I was here continuously doing things for 7 years – then he call me. Today it fits exactly. As a senior – it’s not expected him to come and visit, senior will call you to talk.

Q: what do You think – he himself did tapas here?

Guruji: I think so: maybe he’s still here. That is amazing.

Q: he is the founder of trika and kaula system?

Guruji: yes, and first human Guru of hatha yoga as well. He is the greatest human Guru.

Q: what is the difference between these systems and hatha yoga?

Guruji: maybe they are the step up programs after you become an accomplished yogi; when you enter the realm of the spirits – only then, not for the beginners.

Q: they starts from kula?

Guruji: kula – kuleen: who can do khechari is called kuleen. That is a very important ingredient.


He asked me: what is yoga? So I answered in a very simple way: yoga literally means union. Union between your spirit and your mind is called yoga. This is the simplest and direct definition in my opinion.

Q: how do You feel the present moment?

Guruji: I’m not too much in philosophical things: I feel the moment of present like everybody feels. I’m a simple man and I’m very happy to remain simple.

Q: what that terms “abhyasa”and “vairagya” means?

Guruji: abhyasa means constant practice. And vairagya, if you will go into this word deeply: that means when you’re gone beyond anger absolutely – that is the state of vairagya. “rag” means the mode of music and that also means when you’re gone beyond the sound and reached the source – that also is called “vairagya”. In bengali language “rag” means anger, so that means you go beyond the emotion of anger – that is also vairagya.


How much wealth you have – that is criteria of progress. Not only spiritual, material accepts also. The real progress is how much you’re able to develop yourself. Means not singularity: every single emotion which can be expressed by your own consciousness – you have to respect it and to develop it to the limit. Take it to the sublime level – that is progress in my opinion.

Q: to develop it means…?

Guruji: evolve it.

Q: how to manage to tolerate the emotions which are stronger than you can withstand?

Guruji: by understanding them! People start fighting with them instead of understand them – so we need to develop our understanding: that is progress in my opinion.

Q: if we will understand – we will not experience to that level?

Guruji: what you will not experience – you will never understand, so they go together.

Q: so we must react without responding?

Guruji: response itself is a reaction. Responsibility: ability to give response, “response ability” – it gives the reaction. Your social behavior is all reactionary behavior, we’re all reacting to something. Stop reacting – then you will begin to see the act by which all reactions are started; and you will become the wise man.


Many philosophers raise the question, that we should feel the moment of present; but I’ve observed that everybody feels the particular moment of present in a very different way. Why so? – very simple answer: because the experience of life, the journey of life and the memory of this particular experience of life is different with everybody. Whatever we will perceive will be based on memories and our past experience; that’s why everybody will perceive the same moment of present in many different ways. It will never be common.


Q: what about anger?

Guruji: same thing: if you nurse it, keep it inside – it will become the very strong force. And if you’re able to use it in a very positive way or in a creative way – you can do anything.

Q: but vairagya: you must overcome it?

Guruji: by transforming like a coal into diamond, then it is vairagya. So transform it.

Q: it doesn’t mean that you experience it?

Guruji: oh, you’re experience it – but you know that you have convert it into something else. There is a very good line from a hindi song: the way I love – there is no answer to that: I was just small piece of coal – but by burning in your fire I also became a fire. That’s how it should be!

By remaining silent somehow he manage to convey the impression that he’s a wise man.

Q: emotions always coming to diamond state?

Guruji: you will catch the essence of every emotion, whatever it is.

Q: how to use them?

Guruji: it’s up to you.

Q: when emotion overcomes us, we cannot digest it – what we lose?

Guruji: you will lose your digestive power – and only shit happens after(laughing)

You’re doing right things – but you have to keep the option that it maybe wrong also.

Q: can you catch yourself in the peak moment when you’re experiencing something very strong?

Guruji: of course, yes: that’s why we keep suggesting – develop your consciousness, develop your mind. Yoga Sutras are saying: by the power of pranayama your normal intellect will become superintellect – ritambhara: then you’ll be able to discriminate and deliberate and so many things. That’s why they stress so much on the development of the mind.

When you get too much emotions – you also get lose motions.


When you know exactly what is hypocrisy – it’s very easy to avoid it. Thinking one thing, but presenting your personality differently to the others in a different way, which may not be exactly genuine. Main thing that you must be brutally honest with yourself. If you’re not honest with your own self – then just some romantic hallucination will follow. That is the first thing. You must be honest with you.

Q: sometimes I know I must do something but I can’t force myself to do that?

Guruji: that’s why yogi suggest- find the permanent routine, daily routine, and follow it then it will be easy. Initially it will be difficult to follow the certain routine day after day; then it will become better. Then you just need to keep your mind on it.

Q: what I see – life is constant run towards aims which keep changing all the times?

Guruji: and also according to the social status of the things, they are not permanent in society most of the time – that is another problem. You’re reacting to the society. Learn from the American comics: every superhero has the secret identity, but they are not hypocritic.

Q: who is Your favorite superhero?

Guruji: Superman of course. Hulk is good – but Superman is Superman. Hulk is a modern science fiction of dr. Jekyll and mr. Hide

Q: He must be the strongest among all superheroes?

Guruji: to some level – but Superman is stronger.

Q: maybe jedi from Star wars?

Guruji: they are good, but no. salut to the creator of Superman, Jerry Siegel: his character evolves all the time. How they get the idea to create the character like that? First he was not so strong – he was just able to cross the tall border with a single bound, was able to run faster than opponents – then over the time he became stronger and stronger and stronger. Now he’s flying much faster than the speed of light. He is evolving. I like most of the superheroes.

Q: jedi’s discipline looking like yogic?

Guruji: in a way.

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