Q: is it important to keep the seed of life inside?

Guruji: what seed of life?

Q: to keep the sperm inside?

Guruji: this question has been asked by westerners maybe more than million times. It’s your seed: it’s your choice, what to do with it. I mean what for? If you’re not living the yogic way of life, if you’re not practicing celibacy very seriously – what is the use of keep it? Because impossible to keep it. Until unless you accept the certain way of life – nobody can be successful in that. Remain in one place, take the strongest decision in your life – I will preserve it and I will do this and I will live the particular way of life; then – may be it will be possible. Otherwise it’s just utopian thought because we read in the books. Keep throw it away – what else. The whole world is throwing it away, what’s the problem?

Q: how it is connected with awakening of Kundalini?

Guruji: are you living that way of life? Everything is connected. So many processes are described – read them!

Q: if we’re completely attached to sex- it’s an obstacle for practice?

Guruji: no, that’s very different approach: the basis of sex is the fear of death. And sex is the only way you can carry on your genetic record. Until unless you will get over this fear of death – this thing will never come to pass. Go down to the basic: it’s the instinct of preserving life.

Q: so until unless you reach the level of understanding…

Guruji: first you need to decipher what is life and what is death. Then in introspection you also will find the fear of death, hiding somewhere inside you, which is in every being; it’s the very natural thing; then you overcome it somehow. Then the real life of brahmachari will begin.

Q: and until then?

Guruji: until then it’s hidden mis.

Q: is it possible to avoid the fear of death?

Guruji: by understanding it you can overcome it; we’re not saying to avoid it. Face it!

Q: without experience of samadhi is it possible to overcome?

Guruji: if you’re very highly developed – intellectually you can also reach the conclusion. And with enough yoga practice you will be able to overcome it. It’s prolonged thing – it’s not happen  in a second or suddenly. Fear is the key for sex. Brahmacharya is the most interesting topic for discussion, but to apply it in your life is a very great thing. Let’s keep on discussing.

Q: but is it ok to have sex if you’re practicing yoga?

Guruji: you just remember 5 promises you gave – that’s it. Forget about everything. We’re not train you to become a monk or something.

Q: so we need to overcome our physical limitations?

Guruji: that takes time: I think saying is very easy, hearing is also very easy; but to actually experience that state of consciousness – takes some time. It’s one of the stepping stones.

Q: and one of the goals maybe?

Guruji: no, one of the stepping stones for the bigger goal. Never get pity on yourself, never compromise with your standard, keep the target and always keep your highest goal in front of you: then you will finally experience concentration. Set your goal the highest. Don’t be a miser when you setting goals.

Q: when you set the goal very high you must have something in between?

Guruji: they are stepping stones – not exactly goals. Primary goals will remain prime.


… he fell into a big pit – and he was so positive man he started to build a steps and went out of the pit. That approach is very important!

Q: if karma come back to me – how it will affect me?

Guruji: nothing will happen, because that particular karma took quite some time to reach you. It will take almost the same time to come out of it.

That’s how we pass the life: running away from karma- then karma catching up, then we try to neutralize it with other different karmas – so it’s a chain of karmas.

Q: how to brake it?

Guruji: do nothing.

Q: so just accepting? If brick falls on my head – I’m just accepting and do nothing?

Guruji: that’s it! Better to face it and do nothing. When you’re reacting in fear – you will always make wrong decisions.

Q: when we start to practice Kriya karmas are much faster than in normal life?

Guruji: because they are going away. Like fast forward.

Q: so yoga is like purification?

Guruji: it is just like that you’re committing some crime and instead of running away from police you go to the police and surrender. To get free food and medical treatment(smiling)

Q: is it necessary condition – to have zero karmas for the first samadhi?

Guruji: actually nobody knows that. It’s just pure luck.

Q: on Your experience You cannot analyze it?

Guruji: no, not yet.

Q: is it possible to create only good karmas avoiding the bad ones?

Guruji: possible, yes. They have given the very good example in Indian mythology and philosophy: suppose a thorn is sticking in your feet; you take out another thorn and take it out and then throw both of them away. Bad karmas are like thorn, sticking in your sole and good karmas are another thorn which you picked up and take it out; and throw them both away. It’s a very good example.

Q: another thorn is always in front?

Guruji: not always: it’s your intelligence and artistic approach, how you make a balance.

Q: on what depends the speed of bad karmas following you?

Guruji: if you really committed a crime – it will follow you much faster; otherwise it will take quite a long time. There is one of the famous dialogues in one of the famous movies of India: there was a competition of dance and the winner was given the flower – and the other was given the lower part of the rose with thorns. And what she said: thorns are not afraid to wither. So even thorns are important.

Q: if someone kills someone without any reason – in the next life the victim will kill the killer?

Guruji: it’s usual belief in India. Mostly it is like that – until unless you’re forgiven. That’s the trick here: one karma piles up both the partners. Then it’s another test – how to come out of it. They are piling up so much.

Q: to come out you must not react?

Guruji: even if it has been committed and some karmas will bound you also at the same time; that will be the great wisdom to come out of it.


The name of civilization is Greece, and one of the names of Shiva is Girish – means the Lord of the Mountain. Or Giriraj: Girish and Giriraj are synonyms. It cannot be a coincidence. It’s very similar like Zeus with thunderbolt is just another name for Indra.

Q: but in ancient times Greek civilization was great – now it is gone?

Guruji: same thing in India: vedic culture is gone. Idea for surviving is: when you have reached the top – there is no way left but to go down. So remain in the middle – that’s the best way. You will always have so many options for you. Maybe that’s what Buddha were saying about taking the middle path. Never remain in the bottom and never touch the top – somewhere in the middle. Set your mental goals: because the person who knows, what happens when you reach the top – will settle down in the middle. A person, who have no idea what happen when he will reach the top – he goes down. There are two tragedies in life: you set your goal and you fail to achieve it. This is first tragedy. Second tragedy is: you set the goal and you achieve that – then you don’t know what to do. Take the middle path(laughing), remain somewhere in between. Go forward to the middle. We need to look deeper in every word – and it develops slowly.


Q: we’re always in illusion?

Guruji: illusion and illumination – the root is the same. Only with illumination the illusion comes; illumination is the flow of light, and what we see – is only reflection of it. Illusion starts with the illumination. I never thought about it before – but I think it fits. Some English words are very good: this is called temple( part of the head): and inside the temple god lives.

Q: people asking me why I’m travelling to India searching for yoga instead of reading bible – but I said the language, Sanskrit is much more ancient…


Q: chaos and order – are they opposite?

Guruji: both are needed. They are like night and day. If there will be no chaos – you will never respect order. If there will be no order – you will never recognize what is chaos. They offset each other. Both are good – you just need to learn out of them.

Q: it seems like the order is the very powerful force?

Guruji: maybe the word “order” is not proper: chaos and harmony. Instead of order we should use the word “harmony”. Order looks more violently.


Q: I am asked why I go to India to study, if I can read the Bible – and I say that Sanskrit is much older …

Guruji: until unless you will read the Indian mythology – how you will find the common ground between bible and Indian mythology? Tell me what is the common story they both have? and god set his son on the throne and ask every angel to worship him, to bow down to him. every angel respect him – but the Lucifer refused. And there was a great battle in heaven; in bible they said – Lucifer was bereft from the heaven and was declared as fallen angel. In India the creator put his son Daksha as Prajapati to the throne and ask every god to do pranam: Shiva refused. There was the great battle on Daksha yagya – but in India Shiva won. And: Daksha’s head was taken out; then by the request of the Creator Shiva brought him back to life, but put the ram’s head on Daksha. Suddenly the story of Daksha ends in India – but on the west beast appears with the ram’s head, became the god of the black magic. Find the similar things! The original gebru name is Noah; in India – Manu build a big ark and took all the species to a couple; Noah and Manu – are the same. Until unless you read ancient books of every religion – you never find the common ground. A story of flood is everywhere, in every religion.


Q: direction for the different actions matters?

Guruji: some people feels the difference. For me now every direction is ok. Now the effect is same.

Q: because we have so much water in us – we’re always trying go back to the water, our source of life?

Guruji: I will explain it – the five elements: first akash appeared out of the Void, the first gross element When it became a little bit more condensed – it was expressed as air. And the basic property of the air is: it dries things. Then air became more condensed and became fire. Then fire became more condensed – it became water; water is cold fire: hydrogen and oxygen are highly volatile things. And when water condensed – it became earth element. In the core of every atom the fire is waiting. So we have earth element- because it came out of the water condensed, but we need to look further – water came from fire. Fire came from air, air came from akash, and akash came from the Void. And Void came from the Time. From where Time came – nobody knows. At least science reached to the level they says – we came from water. Fire, the heat of the dryness, is the key property here, main energy of every element.

Q: even akash?

Guruji: even akash, because it expresses itself as air, which property is drying up. When air condenses – it became fire: without air fire cannot burn. Transformation or evolution.


The great calculation of Time is there: I will just give you one example.

  • Muladhar chakra – they say Brahma is there; and one day of Brahma the Creator is 4.32 billion years, and his complete life is 100 years – of this time.
  • Then they move to swadhistahan chakra: people say Vishnu or Krishna is a presiding deity there; 100 years of Brahma is one day of Krishna or Vishnu. 100 years – life span of them also.
  • Then you go to Manipur chakra, where we find Rudra: 100 years of Krishna or Vishnu is 1 day of Rudra.
  • Then we move up to another chakra: Ishwa Rudra is there. 100 years of Rudra is 1 day of Ishwa Rudra.
  • Then we move up to vishuddha chakra: Sadashiva is there – the 5-headed form of Shiva. 100 years of Ishwa Rudra is just 1 day of Sadashiva.
  • Then we move up: there is Shiva. 100 years of Sadashiva life span is just a million part of narrow second of the Shiva, whose time we cannot calculate.

That connection is already there. you just need to look inside, not in the galaxy. Indians are saying: yat pinde tat Brahmand: whatever is in the body – is also in the Creation or Universe: it’s a miniature form of it. That’s why self-realization considered so important: when you will realize yourself – you also discover so many mysteries of the Creation and the Universe at the same time.


If you take the drop from the ocean – it’s not the ocean, it’s just a drop of water – nobody will not even say “it’s ocean water”. when it is back – it is again ocean. That is amazing. The whole cult of bhakti based on it.

He is Mr.Arora from Delhi: his wife, when he was maybe 13-14 years, was playing outside of her house with other children. Then the big construction was coming up from the ground – they found the basement – and she found the small statue of Shri Krishna. She thought it is plastic – so she took it home; it remain with her till she got married and became mother. Then he came to me, many years before – maybe 24-25 years before; they became my disciples – she also became my disciple. After 1 year the statue appear to her in the dream and told her: take me to your Guru, I will live there. next day they arrive with the small statue of Shri Krishna, I still have it – very beautiful. Then we called Shyam Bihari and decided – he should stand on the hood of the cobra, like he did Lila, Kalyanar. He was just planning the design and said – it’s made of pure ivory and it’s very old. Then we checked – it was at least 400 years old, fantastic work. When they came back I told them – it’s not plastic, it’s ivory – if you want to take it back? They said: no, he ordered us to come here. Now he’s sitting up in one of the rooms – small and very beautiful. Now he’s standing on the top of the silver cobra head with the silver flute.


Q: the world is an illusion?

Guruji: but as illusion it is real: you need also to consider this fact.

Q: is it just a play?

Guruji: entertainment is the most important. There are much more fans of Michael Jackson than any Guru; entertainment is the very great thing. In hindi “entertainment” is “ manoranjan”: if you translate it – it means “ giving a color to the mind”. So every entertainer in my opinion is a true devotee of a god: refer to Gita – “in all the senses I am the mind”. Mind is representing the world inside. So whoever is giving a certain color of making up – is showing his devotion to the god, remember that.

Illusion is real as illusion. Is it not a real illusion? As every lie is truly lie.


Difficulties in your life are like the test: whether you’re worthy enough to overcome it or just to spend your life complaining about it. Instead of learning out of it people spend their lives complaining. They should learn out of it, become stronger and move on. Moving on is the name of the game. At the same time you must be stable also – within yourself. I’ll give you one more example: living the yogic way of life – or even life itself – it’s like a tight rope walking: maintain your balance, either you move forward or backward. I think moving forward is better than moving backward. Or if you’re a very wise person, found the experienced Guru, you will remain in the center: you will make one step forward, one step backward – it will maintain your balance and you will be able to observe. Otherwise you won’t be able to observe. There is always unseen angle in every situation.

Q: why it’s better to stay in one place and not to move on?

Guruji: to take a look. We need to take a look also. When you have seen enough – move on. Also you will be able to examine the tight rope itself: who put it there, why it is there? it’s profound questions and you should ponder on them. Then you will also reach the conclusion: is it necessary for me to standing or walking on the tight rope – or you can jump down safely. Several options will come to your mind if you’re able to stand somewhere and maintain the balance.


The thing Gita’s readers keep missing: when Arjun asked – who are you? He said: Time, I am Time. It means your mind should remain focused on Time.

Q: but my mind is very busy…

Guruji: let it be busy. It is not the machine which you can switch off and on at your will. It will take it’s own time for calming down. Keep practicing: that’s why you practice.

Q: so we try to focus on Time itself?

Guruji: this is what Gita says. We read about Time in Mahabharat also: this was the first time, Time himself was speaking through Krishna. As it generally goes always; if asked – where should I go? And someone pointed the direction – and people begin to worship the finger. That’s how most of the things happens.

Q: we should refer time with the capital letter?

Guruji: Time with the capital T or without capital T will remain Time. And this tea ( in clay glass) is better. Time is the only thing you have – in very limited way. So use it wisely. This is the tragedy or the best thing for us: we all have very limited time. Since Shailendra Sharma started to talk about Time – it is 28 years now – before life expectancy was less; after we discussed about Time and did a commentary on Gita – the life expectancy of human beings has increased. You read the data; it’s just an observation. And if you look on old photographs – Victorian times, or even 20-30-40 years back: people were looking more old and more maturing then. Nowadays they are looking much younger. Since we started to discuss Time – this effect I can see. Something has changed: look at photograph in sequence. Even look at the ladies: they are looking very different now. After 92 – very different, before 92 – very different.

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