…mercury will follow her; take the fastest horse – the girl will just look into a well and the mercury become to be very agitated; then she will ride away and the mercury will follow everywhere.

Q: how do You know that?

Guruji: it is written in some books.


Story from Bharthari: one cobra was caught by snake charmer and put in a basket: for three days he was just there in the darkness. Then the rat, hoping to get food, made the hole and entered; God provided food for the cobra – and out of the hole he escaped. This is luck!


Q: some people do parikrama prostrating?

Guruji: they are doing it for several years: they sleep on the parikrama and then go on again, eat there. it is a mysterious thing. Mysterious place, mysterious people.


He was the very famous man in his time: even to lift that 1000 pound even 1 inch from the rap – it is something. I’ve seen a photo. He had the real extraordinary life. Only a poet can be that strong. The strength, brute strength is one thing; and then after some time it will become poetic strength. And people like it: brute strength nobody likes – poetic strength everybody likes.


To become more aware of your individuality: union is absolutely necessary to realize your individuality.


Q: what sankalpa means?

Guruji: resolve: I will do that. Without that what you will do? Nothing is impossible – but I do nothing from the beginning. Doing impossible!

Q: what does it mean – nothing?

Guruji: means you have gone beyond of the material world: then you’re in the state of nothing. Something beyond material things and beyond the limits.


Q: only now humans begin to recognize that animals are the real living beings, they have the feelings?

Guruji: now even in Germany there are cow farms where they taking care for the cows – that is the very good beginning. In Delhi, on India gate, now it’s dedicated to soldiers and there is the sentence written there: when you go home – tell them: we gave our today for your tomorrow. And all the industries that spoils the atmosphere and create the pollution – they should say: when you go home, tell them: we took away your tomorrow for our today. This is exactly what they do.


…she was very happy, because she found possible husband and she was trying to make a home in one piece of dirt. She was very happy and she was discussing with the grasshopper: that I will make a home and all this things happen and I will love him, he will love me, we will have so many children, we will have the big colony in future. And one grasshopper telling her: but I saw – I was flying to somewhere and I saw that there was something very long and when the sun was going down, the light was running on top. Then ant begin to argue it is not possible, it cannot be like this; he was just trying to describe a lamp booster.

She said: don’t disturb my mind, I’m just waiting for my friend and make a nest with him. suddenly the whole ground begin to shake; they think what’s happening? And suddenly the big shadow was seen, they were crushed under something and they were no more. And before one other ant was saying: your lover was running away with another ant – and she was crying, why god this happened? And suddenly ground begin to shake, something crushed them and that was their death. From other point of view: the school was done, children was running crossing the ground – and one child crushed them, that was the end of their lives. So amazing: our world is also like this: you never know.


We all fear what we don’t know, the unknown.

Q: we afraid death the most?

Guruji: that’s why we afraid what will happen. Will it be painful, will it hurt me, what will happen with me – apprehension will start into fear. Acute apprehension is called fear.

Q: what we must do after death?

Guruji: nothing – just be ready to face what will happen. Let us see – what will happen.

Q: one of my friends was in an accident and clinically he was dead – but after returning he is very relaxed and calm?

Guruji: because he’s now sure that his existence will continue – so he is more relaxed.

Q: mostly after such experience people are not relaxed?

Guruji: I’ve seen some people – they begin to drink and eat too much, because they know they will not get it there. depend on the mental level: some people become very saintly, very deep thinkers.

Q: scents are like food for them?

Guruji: I’ve seen many ghosts carrying for physical food, yes. This memory remains.

Q: when we do some scents or incense for them…?

Guruji: they like it, yes. It’s their food.

Q: if we can face the death in life – it will be like a picture?

Guruji: there is no theory – you will just accept it as a fact of life. Acceptance is needed. At the same time we’re alive – so we must study life also. I like Socrates: when he was given the poison and his disciple begin to whip – he said: this is the right time to discuss death, let’s discuss! That was amazing.


Q: it exists somewhere the temples of Shakti on smashan?

Guruji: not inside smashan. Here we have Bhairav: in whole Govardhan area there is no other Bhairav.

Q: how he came into be – he contact with You?

Guruji: he was already there. I was not recognizing him and just thinking to throw it out; then my sister was walking there – she heard the voice; he give the message for me: you ask Yogiraj to come here – then we begin to discuss. He is Smashan Bhairav.

Q: what about other Bhairavas – Ruru Bhairav, Unmatta Bhairav?

Guruji: there are not temples – they are just mention in the books. Usually the temples are of Bhairav, without any name.

Q: by their names they connected with some type of the land?

Guruji: no, they are for the tantric rituals. Batuk Bhairav you can see, Smashan Bhairav someone tell me there is one temple in Rajasthan – that’s it. Kalabhairav is only in Benares.

Q: why so: are they hiding or worshipping in some hidden places?

Guruji: no, that is only for tantric rituals. Nowhere you will see their temples.

Q: but it can be just a stone somewhere?

Guruji: no, then people here will start to build something; they put some chola on the stone and put some dhup; but not for Ruru or Unmatta Bhairav – that is Sanskrit names, only in tantra.

Q: but this discipline with the stone connected with that land?

Guruji: it’s just paying your respect – so no problem with them. Paying for protection to mafia boss.

Q: but when the building is over – they continue to worship the stone?

Guruji: no, it’s done then. Nobody looks back.

Q: but in Your case there is no Bhairavi with him?

Guruji: no, only Bhairav.

Q: after Your sister told You…?

Guruji: I started to go there. I was not knowing that he is agreed  – because he was talking very nicely with me; but when some disciples came with me – they suffered. Now nobody goes there. I thought about making a roof on him – but he said no, so we did the floor only there. he’s just under the tree. Time to time we hear his voice. He even told me the name of my lawyer, contact him. you know, his profile is edged on the stone here – you will recognize immediately. He removed so much of my irritations and disturbances.

Q: what about Bhairavi: their temples exists somewhere?

Guruji: they remain secret. Someone says – they assist aghoris; otherwise – no temple.

Q: they are not attached to the land, like Bhairavas?

Guruji: but they are very powerful spirits.

Q: in that story when one guy stole the cap of Bhairav…?

Guruji: yes, he was moving among sheep and goats.

Q: how he can recognize – he is Bhairav?

Guruji: that’s the formula(smiling)


Q: when we see the picture of yantra – that is not the yantra itself?

Guruji: it’s just a blueprint of that machine.

Q: is that not an object for the meditation to make the mind very calm?

Guruji: I will keep quiet, go on.

Q: some books says – yantra is like the body of some mantra?

Guruji: actually, the figure of the yantra is just the blueprint; maybe they are like UFOs or flying machines – they looks like it.

Q: the question is – first the mantra was created?

Guruji: mantra means a secret. With that particular vibration you can make it fly for interdimensional thing.

Q: what was the first – mantra or yantra?

Guruji: first mantra, then yantra. Mantra – yantra- tantra: mantra – the secret, yantra – machine, and then the technical knowledge how to use it. Maybe they were using them for interdimensional travelling.

Q: and that particular deity is like commander of that ship?

Guruji: could be, yes. Not exactly commander: yantra will take you to that particular dimension.


Q: is that some special hours on full moon?

Guruji: that will remains unseen. Most mysterious state of the moon.

Q: how long it lasts?

Guruji: never been seen, it’s unknown. Remember, it’s a discussion about inner moon: from that moment amrita comes from there.

Q: in many books they are talking about sun, moon and fire mandalas; from the moon mandala we discovered the amrita comes; but what about sun and fire mandala?

Guruji: that means apana reaches there, Kundalini reaches there – and this effect will come. it’s only for accomplished yogis, not for just normal person. Apana is sun, and the union will make fire also – yogic fire, it’s a poetic term as well. Only after awakening of Kundalini this can take place.

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