I’ve noticed that some high spirits are waiting for the chance to send some message.

There is a very old poetry – two lines I remember: there is no worry if I left her behind – the sky is big enough for me to fly; and somehow to meet you – I don’t have hope, but very strong faith.

The hard truth may give you great faith – but any lie can give you hope. So we need to understand the difference.

Q: if subconscious mind is fully awakened and you have faith that you can do such things…

Guruji: if your subconscious mind is awaken – you will not have faith, you will know exactly what you can do. That is the state of knowing. Strong faith means: yes, I will do.

Q: so only when you know exactly how to become extremely large or small you can do that?

Guruji: it’s your wish – yes. It’s considered as a big accomplishment. I’ve never seen such siddhi. Some hints – but not fully. Don’t you think – those, who are able to do that- they will not demonstrate them openly.

“Dharma” – it is in every book: we are all “maran dharma” people. What is our dharma? Maran is our dharma. It is written in every book. Someone keep saying – no, I’m hindu or I’m this and that… all are maran dharma. So maran – the death is the real dharma. The moment we’re born death is carrying us. In the moment of union you become intensely aware of your own individuality. No union -no awareness of your individuality.

Q: to understand this aphorism we must be in a union?

Guruji: you must be a little bit developed by your consciousness.

Q: what is the most important: how we perceive the death, how long we die, how we manage the time?

Guruji: everything is important. You cannot ignore the death: better to be friendly with it. Read all puranas: everybody says all human beings are maran dharma. So maran is their dharma – death is their dharma. Everything else is just passing of the time.

Q: is it suitable for the yogis?

Guruji: it’s general – everybody is maran dharma. We’re talking generally yogis perspective. Every book says this.

Q: with the practice of yoga – can someone change his death, which was prescribed when he was born?

Guruji: everybody is trying to avoid it. The more you will try to avoid it – the more powerful it will become. Better to face it. Say “hello” and don’t run away. You should also read Khalil Gibran – there is one story: Mustaba – maybe in Cairo or Baghdad – saw the death looking at him and smiling. Immediately he started the journey towards Basra. Gibran came to Death and ask: why are you smile at him? he ran away. Death answered: I’m smiling because I have to see him in Basra this evening – but he was here. Now he run away to Basra.

Q: it’s like the story of two yamdutas?

Guruji: exactly – everywhere same type of the stories, because we are all maran dharma. When any yoga instructor will ask you – you can give him this answer: maran is dharma.

Q: it exists the notion like “warrior’s death”; it exists the rules for vaishyas or shudras?

Guruji: a Vaishya will have Vaishya death and shudra will have shudra death( smiling) – a brahmin will have Brahmanical death and kshatriya will have kshatriya’s death. Everybody will have their own thing.


He had such a talent(story about Gulab Singh): he could write both hands and he could copy any signature. He copied british governor’s signature and took out 200000 rupees from british bank. Out of that he gave 170000 rupees to Rash Bihari Bose; he went to Japan and created there the Indian historical thing. And with 30000 rupees he came back to his village. Then Aurobindo set in Pondicherry permanently; and he came back to his village and never did anything after that.

Someone inform the police and he was arrested. Most of the things were confiscated, including the certificate from Queen Victoria – that colonel Gulab Singh has the quality of the soldier. Conqueror of the freedom war: 1892 of gun war- he was commandeering chief of the horse cavaliere. They were trying – but nobody could proof, that this signatures are fake.

People keep missing the point that Aurobindo learn yoga from Vishno Bhaskar Lele: he was the yogi from Gwalior. Also he receive some mantras from very high Naga baba. Read about his life and you will find it.

Q: but he started all the descriptions from Samadhi?

Guruji: they were just about something.

Q: it was not his own experience?

Guruji: maybe; two Ghosh died most the same time – Paramahamsa Yogananda and Aurobindo Ghosh; both their bodies remain without corruption for a very long time after death. Simply we can agree that they were spiritual giants. Yogananda created something, very systematic teachings; Aurobindo was talking about it – but no systematic teaching: only the followers – he has no disciples.

Q: could his high state be the result of the teachings of that Naga baba?

Guruji: it’s a combination: Vishno Bhaskar taught him yoga and mantra from Naga baba he was practicing.

Q: what do You think – it was his mission or the followers just gather around his personality?

Guruji: when you’re doing something very seriously spiritual and you’re too deep into it – followers will gather around. No matter either you’re very deep in the jungle or at the peaks of Himalayas – somebody will find you there. Because he was born in the 15th of august – it became the independence day of India. You cannot discard it just like coincidence.

Q: we were at his ashram in Pondicherry – but I feel nothing there…

Guruji: he is gone. Soon it will be underwater, the level is rising. All the coast area will be drown.

Q: how far it will go?

Guruji: I think 4-6 kilometers – maybe even more.

Q: so better to visit Venice now?

Guruji: Venice will vanish.

Q: why exactly that place for the ashram?

Guruji: he was accusative, british police was trying to arrest him; and that area was under French control, so he escaped there.

Q: is it known something about his Guru from Gwalior?

Guruji: nobody knows; he taught him some yoga – that’s it. What yoga – he never deciphered.


“Kartum” – all the possible deeds that can be done. “Akartum”: what nobody on this planet can do, impossible. “Anyatha kartum” – if beside these two things something is left – he can also do it. These three are the direct recognition of  tenth avatar. Simply assuming that “ he might be an avatar” – that is not enough. It should be expressed openly. And no avatar has ever become accusative so far.

All Shiva avatars are immortal. And they live on Earth. But they have enough power to visit any place.

Q: what was the story about Ashwatthaman’s curse and Vyasa?

Guruji: Vyasa suggested him to do that: it is described in Skanda purana – kartik masa you go to the Rama’s bridge and take a bath there and worship Shivalingam which Rama installed. Then Shiva appeared in front of him and he was cured. Rameshwaram; usually people didn’t read books, puranas, also didn’t visit the holy places – so the legends about Ashwatthama that he are roaming around with the wound on his forehead, asking for oil to put it on –  sometimes appears. But read Skanda purana: Vyasa removed the curse of Krishna – just imagine that! – within one month! And if you visit Rameshwaram temple – there is a plat: Ashwatthama’s curse was removed there. but still people believe that. Krishna cursed him for 3000 years only. That means – 2000 years before the curse ended; but it was done in 1 month time. Vyasa I think was the most powerful being there – in all history.

Q: what was the reason for Krishna to put such a curse?

Guruji: he was knowing that Vyasa will remove it. To lead on Pandavas.

Q: what happened with the stone?

Guruji: it was given to Draupadi. And Draupadi gave it to Yudhishthir – the eldest Pandava. That was the beginning of their end. They died a very unwarrior-like death: running away, hungry, thirsty; nothing was done for them – no last rituals, no cremation, nothing.

Q: maybe that stone was the point which made them to became like this?

Guruji: no, the fear of Adhwatthaman. Never ever make an immortal person your enemy. You can do nothing: and he will continue to live and will remove every descendant of you as well.

Q: but after their death – the stone must be hidden somewhere?

Guruji: there is nothing mentioned in any book, what happened with that. Maybe Ashwatthaman followed them – if we go by fictional thing.

Q: I think he must return the jewel?

Guruji: for sure.


Q: “take the middle path, the madhyama path” – what is it exactly means?

Guruji: madhyama path you will realize when you will exactly what is vama marga and dakshina path. By understanding them both you will be able to try the balance somewhere in the middle – that is madhyama marga.

Q: is it somehow connected with kaula marga, started by Matsyendranath?

Guruji: Matsyendranath was never stressing that you should stay away from ladies – because he is a only Nath, who was born as a normal human being, from the mother. You remember the question of Chetan Raghuram: he asked that – only that person can become a sannyasi who was never talked and touch a woman? My comment was: they must be simply dropped out of the space – or they were born from the woman? The whole body belongs to a lady – so how can you claim that you never touch it? This is too hypothetical thing. Why they are running away, why they are so afraid? What’s the problem with them?

Q: some mental problem?

Guruji: “mental” starts with the word “men”( smiling).

Q: what type of physical training is good for body and which is not?

Guruji: too stressful physical thing; just train to maintain your fitness and strength. I will recommend weight training. It is like the body meditation: you’re working with the different body parts and you begin to feel them also. Otherwise, if you’re not doing weight training  – many people have no any control of their muscles. Weight training is good.

Q: should we observe, which nostril is active?

Guruji: forget about it( smiling)

Q: until unless you cannot control it – it is useless?

Guruji: try to make your breathe your friend: the moment control is introduced – friendship is gone.


Q: how to make more smooth the effect of Kala sarpa yoga in the chart?

Guruji: don’t show your chart to anyone – and you will remain relaxed and happy.

Q: what lifestyle should be during Sade Sati?

Guruji: normal life. You’re practicing yoga: the effect will be positive. Shanidev is a greatest judge and a greatest teacher: so great wisdom will come to you, when you’ll going through Sade Sati.

I’ve seen: in the period of Sade Sati most arrogant and egoistic people learn to say “Sir”. It’s great teaching, everybody must have it.


Q: it exists some criteria of unhealthy condition in more thin layers than physical body – in vayu sharira for example?

Guruji: even in society: every community has unhealthy situations and healthy situations.

Q: is it possible to feel the problem in astral body – not in physical?

Guruji: only when the problem will feel physical. I’ve never see any ghost suffering from diabetic or high pressure.

Q: can we manage with mental problems?

Guruji: that’s why we keep stressing: make your mind more powerful. Only this is the cure.

Q: where the problem starts: on the physical level or on the more thin ones?

Guruji: even now scientists said: every disease started from psychosomatic. Roots starts from the mind. Mind is carrying all your expressions, all your experiences, all memories – good, bad, – and they are expressed like some illness or sickness or something.

Q: so the only remedy is to make your mind strong?

Guruji: yes, atit ghat.

Q: it exists some analog of coronavirus in astral, which can start pandemy?

Guruji: coronavirus can be some Asura attack. What else? “corona” means to weep together. “rona” means to cry or to weep, “co” means together.

Q: in Russian “corona” means a crown

Guruji: so if put a crown on you – you will continue to weep all your life. You’ll not be able to relax.

Q: what do You think: it was created in some astral form and then became physical?

Guruji: it looks like it always. And also we need to keep that in our mind – that not every human being is a saintly person. Quotation from “Terminator”: it is your nature to destroy yourself. Instead of quoting great philosophers in Sanskrit I’m quoting “Terminator”( laughing). Or Ben Parker: with great power comes great responsibility. And my answer to that is: with no power – no responsibility( laughing). If you want to try your responsibility – stay away from power.

Q: could we catch the problem in astral – being on the very high level of development – or mental and block it?

Guruji: why block it? If it is direct effect of the karma – then you will let it.

Q: ok, if someone is trying to affect you through mental level?

Guruji: even then: suppose you have some enemy – it is also direct result of some karma. They’re not just drop from the sky – there has to be some situation. Better to face it.

Q: what will happen if we can somehow stop it on the mental and don’t let it go to the physical level?

Guruji: personally you can do it to defend yourself; but on the mass level it’s never recommended. Personally if you can – do that; everybody has the right to defend themselves.

Q: but it will be not like escape from own karma?

Guruji: then we’re creating more karma by trying to stop it – it’s fine.

Q: so one karma just substituting another?

Guruji: we have the saying in hindi: if the thorn is sticking somewhere – you take another thorn and take it out. Same thing.

Q: if you’re healing someone with your hands – you’re mixing your karma?

Guruji: no, you’re helping – it’s good karma. But be very careful: wash your hands after that – you never know( smiling) just sprinkle some gomutra – it will remove all bad effects.

Q: can you take something from people if you’re touching them a lot of time?

Guruji: if they have some infection – you have to be careful

Q: but mentally, not physical?

Guruji: that’s why we keep stressing: make your mind more strong – so your mind will affect them, not theirs.

Q: maybe better to use gloves?

Guruji: it’s a good idea.

It is written in all ancient yoga texts: you should not sit near the fire for long, you should no go long distances or run, and avoid massage. In all ancient yoga texts it’s mentioned – maybe even in Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Sitting near the fire will warm you too much: some very fine nervous system and metabolism may be affected.

Q: why not to walk the long distances?

Guruji: your legs will become stiff.

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