Q: Why should massages be avoided?

Guruji: His karma will pass on to you, some DNA changes will happen there. Some sweat will pass.

Q: What about self-massage – with some rolls or other devices?

Guruji: Don’t go for it – it is considered a sensual thing: you will become addicted to it. Better to do 500 or 1000 push-ups instead of going for a massage. Massager’s muscles will develop – and you will remain weak. 

Q: What about massage chairs?

Guruji: Why is it so important to you (laughing)? I’ve no idea – never gone through it.

Q: Is it like a stress release program?

Guruji: Well, again I will go back to weight training: the concept is progressive resistance training. The more resistance you’re going through – more powerful you’re becoming. Stress release will make you weak.

Q: What do You think about going to cosmetic and hair-dressers salons?

Guruji: Sometimes – if you want to go to the party. Generally it’s not recommended. If you’re a yogi – without any cosmetics you will look good. But if there is some party – go, make everything to make your best (smiling) create a sensation!

Q: Why it considered bad if the body is so relaxed: we’re removing some clamps in the body, making it more flexible? Why are relaxation techniques bad?

Guruji: I’m not saying they are bad. But a person, who is already weak, – physically and mentally – he doesn’t need more relaxation, that’s the point. You should always be ready for action – you never know what action you have to take; this is a different time – so be ready. And feel relaxed in your readiness. Army instruction told us: the harder you train – better your chances are for survival.

Q: In Russian language the root in the word “relaxation” and “weakness” is one – “slab”.

Guruji: It sounds like a “slave” to me. So if you’re weak – you can become a slave. 

Q: But what if you need a massage for an emergency, when you’re training and even overtraining?

Guruji: That is a sort of medical act; but for relaxation – it is a problem. 


If you see another person that needs some help – you cannot simply avoid it by saying “it’s not my problem”. Because you’re part of society and if you’re able to help – do so; because you’ll never know when you’re going to need help yourself. Help, if you’re in a position to help. 

Q: If we’re holding our pets in our hands after work, where we were so stressed – are we harming them?

Guruji: No, it’s a very good time.

Q: If we are a Kriya yogi, we must do all things to slow down our metabolism?

Guruji: No. It will be something like a side effect. Actually – forget about metabolism; with actual good practice of Kriya yoga your regeneration will be very good. That’s the main thing. 

Q: So metabolism will be normal?

Guruji: Normal, but regeneration capacity – much more high.

Q: But should we avoid things that make the metabolism speedier?

Guruji: Yes, you have to observe it – different moods and all these things. Main key is regeneration. With aging metabolism will slow down invariably; but with enough good practice of this yoga your regeneration remains maintained for a very long time, it even becomes better. 

Q: Regeneration is a great point – everyone is focused on metabolism.

Guruji: Like yoga it is only for removing constipation. Very small percentage of human beings are suffering from cancer; my observation – that it is the constipation- a curse of humanity. More and more, larger and larger percent are suffering from that. So we must find a permanent cure (laughing).

Q: But they are not telling anyone?

Guruji: But their behavior by that is absolutely an objective. The fear of cancer will cure every type of constipation. I still don’t know – why do we keep discussing these things? (laughing) We should always be in high philosophy. Divine love and all these things.

Q: Are these things too gross?

Guruji: If you’re not able to find love in gross body and physical level – then how can you hope to find divine love? Step by step.

Q: In what time will we feel the changes in our regeneration?

Guruji: Mainly – in 7 or 12 years. When the processes are slowing down – that is called aging. If somehow it remains balanced – you will stop aging. Or maybe even become younger.

Q: What if someone takes the part of the spinal fluid from the spinal cord?

Guruji: If it’s part of the diagnosis of some disease – you can do it. I hear it’s very painful.

Q: Scientists are saying that the cells have the limit for regeneration?

Guruji: In normal conditions – yes. Science is still developing conditions, they are not reaching the final point. I have a disciple – an American Olympian sportsman; he was suffering from 2 types of cancer. When he was in hospital – some woman donated her placenta; it was transplanted to his DNA or something – so he was cured. It works.

Q: It’s somehow connected with our nabhi – so it’s connected with our practice?

Guruji: Activating nabhi is connected with our practice – but not placenta.

Q: Scientists are also talking about pills or mixtures that can rejuvenate the body – what do You think about that?

Guruji: Good sale stock – people spend a lot of money on this.

Q: So it is not needed for the yogi?

Guruji: Everything is there.

Q: Did the life of Your disciple change after he was cured by placenta?

Guruji: Yes, mental activity was getting much better and he was telling me that he became a much better person, more compassionate – even though he doesn’t know the lady who donated that. The DNA matched, they transplanted something to him – and 2 types of cancer were cured. It’s a very great thing. Now he is practicing very regularly; in fact, he became really interested after that.

Q: Is it because he was near to death or because of that transplantation?

Guruji: Both. Mainly from the placenta. This is an extraordinary case and pure luck. And: all the sannyasis say to avoid ladies. It means if you’re a genuine celibate sannyasi – you would refuse that.

Q: Maybe because he was a great sportsman – nature gave him another chance?

Guruji: Maybe he may do something great in his life – let us see.

Q: Nowadays when the child is born they cut the cord immediately – but in ancient times it was not like that, mother could hold the child and pass him her blood or spinal cells, all her energy…

Guruji: No, it’s generally cut quickly – otherwise he will not breathe. And only after the cord is cut – the child is given to a mother so she can hold. She has already given everything to the child, the whole body was created from her blood and with her life power. So it’s normal to cut quickly. If it is not cut – the child will not start breathing on his own, so they do it very quickly. Then they hang you upside down and slap you (laughing).

Q: When I was born I couldn’t breathe for a few minutes – does it mean something?

Guruji: Nothing, it’s a normal condition. You were already stubborn.

Old story about the child: he was so innocent that he never saw his behind. Then he was sent to school, made some mistake and the teacher spanked him. He came back and saw his behind in a mirror and shouted: oh my god, the teacher broke it in two! (laughing)


Q: What if the child was born in one country then shifted to another?

Guruji: No matter – genetics and the DNA will be the same. It’s ok.

Q: But in his chart he will be like an American, not Russian for example?

Guruji: It’s written in the chart – that’s why he took birth there. 12th and 9th must be active.

Q: Why are journeys not considered as good for the yogi?

Guruji: What is the reason for a journey? If it is for making money – do so.

Q: And if it is for rest or a vacation?

Guruji: Home is the best place for rest and vacation. 

Q: What is the root of this rule – why should a yogin not cross the ocean?

Guruji: The water: 71% of your body is water. So you should find the right place; also water retains the memory – what scientists tell us. If you keep changing water – so many different unnecessary memories will start intermixing with you.

Also the air will be different: so the air molecules of so many different things you will begin to absorb. Then it will disturb your mind and so many different thoughts will start and you’ll think: why am I thinking these things? The effect of the water, food, and air. When you’re journeying – the worst part I’m going to tell – you will have to use the toilet which thousands of people have used before. Maybe hundreds of thousands. If you remain in one place – everything is exclusive for you.

One woman – maybe 130 kilos – is afraid to travel by plane: she said – suppose I’ll use the toilet and plane crashes – and my body will be found sitting on that. Why are you laughing – she was so afraid of that (laughing).

Q: What is the best place for practice?

Guruji: Where you feel absolutely comfortable and happy. And the weather is good. It is such a fine thing to feel with your own mind: if something is always disturbing you – your concentration will never develop. So you have to be in a place, which is best for you. There is no general rule: you will have to find your own place yourself.

Q: Maybe you can create that place everywhere?

Guruji: Then everywhere water will be different, people will be different, food will be different; toilets will be different. What about that? You cannot carry a private toilet everywhere. We also have the saying for wandering ones: wherever you wake up – that is your home. But that’s a different philosophy.

Q: So only when you achieve immortality can you roam everywhere and beg for food and leave the country?

Guruji: You’re free to do – wherever you turn your legs. But the spirit is already immortal and it is wandering from body to body – that is their travel program.


Kriya yoga is a very hard core thing, it is the purest form of yoga. It was actually Yogananda, who gave this system of yoga the name “Kriya yoga”, because he was teaching in the west. “Kriya” means technic, “technical yoga”. Lahiri Mahasaya used to say : Yoga ki kriya; but Yoganada gave the name “Kriya yoga”. Have you read any of my books?

Q: No, I saw some videos from Youtube.

Guruji: You should read some; I’ve commented on Hatha Yoga Pradipika – that is the manual of Kriya yoga. I have 9 books on Amazon – so you can read them. I don’t think they are different – but people tell me there are a lot of differences.

Banamali Lahiri was a very good friend of mine, now he is no more. I knew him, he was a very good friend. It was a big difference in us by age – but we can very friendly discuss for hours in Lahiri Mahasaya’s original room, where he used to sit and people were – it is a historical room. His wife has made us chai and brought some rasgullas – those were great times. Very legendary man. In fact, he was the one who suggested that I go in for an MRI of khechari mudra; I did not know about this thing – but he said: you have to set the parameter. Then we did it – I think it’s on the internet also.


I think blinking and contraction go together – from your breath. Contraction means parasympathetic things (of the pupil). Nadi means 24 minutes. Kurma nadi concerns this. It’s the most simple thing to blame it on any channel. “Nadyia” means 24 minutes – I’ve done it in commentaries.

Q: Can we apply it to all upapranas?

Guruji: Only nadi is connected with kurma vayu – that’s why it’s stressed in Yoga Sutras, nowhere else.

Q: Interesting how they discovered that connection between blinking and so high of a state?

Guruji: They were much wiser than us.

Q: You wrote in Your commentary that by taking samana vayu under control a yogi can burn his own body after death?

Guruji: Actually it is written: after ruling the saman you can burn. While alive – burning doesn’t mean anything; you just fix the program and do it. That is the ultimate cremation.

Q: So it’s like a case of emergency for a yogi?

Guruji: Not emergency – it’s a well-planned, well thought of thing.

Q: But it can be done both – dead or alive?

Guruji: Anytime, yes.

Q: “Yogin knows all the possibilities” – what does it mean?

Guruji: Whatever possibilities you have inside you – you will know that. That is a part of your self-knowledge. Not self-knowledge, not the time, not body- I’m the spirit; whatever possibilities the body is carrying -possibilities of possibilities of possibilities. It’s a long way. We already have it: we just need to discover all the possibilities. That’s the main point.

Who tries to discover possibilities? Only a person who is able to think – or become a disciple of Shailendra Sharma. Most religious teachings are to close down your possibilities and surrender yourself to the god. That means you will never do anything except kill people in the name of god.

Q: Simplest possibility…

Guruji: That is the only possibility.


Q: Guruji, all those samyamas that are described in Yoga Darshan – are they done during the practice or after practice?

Guruji: No, dharana Dhyana and samadhi – these three are the same: only after achieving samadhi this possibility will come. 

Q: Why can a number of small twisters increase in some areas immediately in a few years?

Guruji: Well, go back to the fairy-tale time: wherever you can see a small twister – in India we believe there is a ghost moving. And if you keep some ashes of some sort in your pocket and you put it there – you will receive a slap from it. Every twister, every hurricane – it’s maybe different ghosts, coming from the sea to create something.

We heard that one pandit died – and about 4:30 or 5:00 a twister appeared and everybody saw his face in it. Every single person there had seen it. So the theory that every twister is actually a ghost  – it was true.

Q: One strong wind just pulls up all the garbage from around and throws it to our city?

Guruji: Big angry. I remember, 15-18 years ago in a nearby village a very strong concentrated small storm came, a cyclone; and there was a big lake there – not big, but lake- and it lifted all the water and put it on a single house. That was the story – the house was destroyed; – that is power. Somebody is angry. One farmer in the same – 1 or 2 years had the fame of that incident; there was a big heavy storm and all his crops were destroyed. He went back home and was lying highly worried – and lightning struck his home. He escaped somehow – but the house was also destroyed.

Q: Was it a warning from something?

Guruji: Maybe they were angry at him for something. You keep some sort and ash: whenever you’re confused with that – you just throw it: you will receive a slap. Slap, not a punch – but if it’s huge you can go a long way. And if you want to save yourself – just show him the right soul and say: I’m the disciple of Shailendra Sharma. Foot towards the twister; he will hear my name and will move away from you. 

Q: What do You think if a sandstorm came to the city?

Guruji: Either the city is dumb or someone is irritated. Maybe some new kind of people appeared in the city and it irritated someone.

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