Q: What impact can tattoos have on the person?

Guruji: I think you will always remember it. Whenever you see yourself after a shower – you will remember, you cannot forget it.

Q: But can it be put on non-visible parts?

Guruji: Whatever – what is on the body, it is on the body. Keep your body clean! You are free to do it – but I don’t like it personally.

Q: But I’ve heard that some tattoos can protect you from something?

Guruji: Talisman – more than a tattoo.


Rice is never put on shaligram; but when they offer food – they offer cooked rice and other things. Why so? Think on that. That tradition came from Bengal; there, rice is the main food. So they will offer the best they have. But in other places rice is never given – except cooked in ghee.

Q: Why is Shaligram so inimical to putting rice on it?

Guruji: Nobody knows; but I have seen the people doing it and going bankrupt and very poor. These things are very potent.


Final accomplishment for the individual: when you take out a drop of the sea – it is just a drop of water. Inside the sea – it is the sea itself. The individuality will become very big: from a drop of water to the ocean; such a big transformation. 


Those who know about the future – they always live in fear of it. So ignorance is bliss. 


Q: Do You recommend reading the Gita loudly?

Guruji: You read loudly – and a very different atmosphere will be created.


Q: How long are these favorable and unfavorable periods of death?

Guruji: Six month and six months.

Q: But exactly on the day of the death in uttarayana it rains?

Guruji: it’s a temporary thing – the air will not be so humid. When the rains are there – all things here are so humid. The key is the humidity of the air.

Q: But in Your commentaries You’re saying that a yogi can feel when he could leave the body?

Guruji: When a yogi is leaving the body it’s a very different thing. It is said: his prana doesn’t leave the body; then merges into the source inside his body – as this source is everywhere. So it’s a very big difference. Keep thinking on it. Vasudev is there, Space is there, Time is there, Void is there: you don’t have to go out to meet them. Just merge there – that’s it. 

Q: But if the yogi leaves the body before he achieves that state – he will have a partial glimpse of that Shining?

Guruji: Yes, he will have a partial glimpse.

Q: But what does it mean – the partial glimpse?

Guruji: See, the person, who never moved out of his house, his village – what he will see? But the person, who has taken trips to go to seaside cities – he will have the glimpse of an ocean and maybe the desire to cross over them – like that. As we say: a frog who lives in the well can’t imagine what the sea looks like. Even a glimpse is very big and important.

Q: But it’s not the perception of the Time?

Guruji: You will have a glimpse. It doesn’t mean – every glimpse you will understand everything you have a glimpse of; but it will start something in a process of understanding, because now you’re aware of something very big. There is a story in our books: some swans were coming and they landed near a well where the frog was living since he was born – because he was born there. He asked: from where you’re coming? And they said: we’re from the ocean, we crossed the ocean. The frog asked: how big is the ocean – and he made his leap: this big? They said – no, much bigger. Then he took a bigger leap: this big? Swans said – no, much bigger. Then he circled the whole well: this big? Swans said – no-no, much bigger. And he began to laugh sarcastically: you’re a liar – it can’t be bigger than this! 

This is usually our general condition of the mind. 

Q: When we talked about uttarayana and dakshinayana – You said there is a chance to be born either a human or a monkey?

Guruji: Wherever he will fall with the rain; whoever will eat that – that is his destiny. Not only monkeys – any animal.


Q: “Laya” means journey?

Guruji: Merging.

Q: Why is laya the base of Nada?

Guruji: Only in Nada will you experience laya. When you’re doing music – and Nada is the base of all music – harmony is very important. So you will be in harmony with that orchestra of Creation: that is laya. Laya is like a harmony with the sound.

Q: Is it like Shiva’s tandava?

Guruji: Tandava is bringing back harmony in the chaos of the Creation; pralaya – special harmony.

Q: Guruji, how did this harmony, which was created in the beginning, become a chaos?

Guruji: Because of us. Of commercial enjoyment. As they say – we are destroying the planet: because of industrialization we’re creating pollution – and this and that. Whatever high pollution we create is because of commercial purposes. Not a single animal is doing anything for global warming: it happens because of the commerciality of humans. Progress – is always commercial progress. 

Q: But it must be the big display of powers: how could a caveman just like that very easily understand how to work with metals or even with fire?

Guruji: It is my theory – that maybe some immortal came and ignited fire 2-3 times in front of a caveman – and then they began to copy. Another immortal came – or maybe the same one – who created a wheel in front of the caveman 2-3 times and they began to copy. And it is impossible for me to think that a caveman was smart enough to distill the iron from the iron ore or gold from the gold ore – somebody demonstrated that, it’s a very complicated process. Or they were smart enough to create such kinds of paints – so the caveman could draw on the wall of the cave- and the paintings are still as good as new. I think we cannot create such paints now. So – only somebody demonstrated that. 

Q: That immortal who demonstrated that – he knew all the consequences of that?

Guruji: They are just a drop of a seed – and then they watched how it would develop. They just give the direction – and we’re moving towards it. Remember: every culture, who progressed so much, disappeared – because they were mining too heavily from the planet. That worries me: because nowadays we’re mining more than ever. More than ever in the past.

Q: Even in Mahabharata time?

Guruji: You see, now we’re living in concrete houses; then – no concrete houses were there. Concrete house means – too much iron was taken from the Earth, which may not be a good idea after some time. Earth certainly doesn’t like mining. Remember, every civilization, who progressed so much – usually it is commercial progress or something like empire – they all disappeared. But aborigines and villagers – they are still surviving. Not a single aborigine is mining or cultivating earth. They live off the land – hunting, like in wild nature. 

But no commercial activity of aborigines – and they keep on surviving. We need to observe this and somehow take a middle path. Full knowledge, whatever we have accomplished, – and at the same time learn from the aborigines how we should survive. I said in one interview, how the future youth will look: he will wear the loincloths, working on his farm – but his cellphone and computer are under the tree. You have to create this balance if you want to survive for a long time.


Whatever harmony you will create – will be part of life. The basic thing of your life is sound; because 99,9% of you is just empty space. Empty space is the carrier of the sound. If you will not be in harmony with your own Nada – then there will be no harmony possible in anything with your mind and prana; you have to start from the beginning.

First you need to harmonize your thoughts. That – yes, now I want to make progress.

Q: The sound is changing the body?

Guruji: You will become aware of the sound much later. First you will start harmonizing your breath, your thoughts, your mind, your physical body – preparing yourself. Without knowing that you’re preparing yourself – then sound will start and another chapter will begin and you will move on. 

Q: Five elements consist of a Void?

Guruji: Yes, everything.

Q: Does anahada chakra connected with anahada sound?

Guruji: All chakras are connected with that. Maybe another chakra is very near to the heart and the Nada of life keeps on: lap-tap, lap-tap – so the drum is on and we’re dancing to it’s tune.

Q: So the perception of Nada doesn’t start from that center?

Guruji: No. but it is constantly echoing with the sound of life, sound of the heart. It’s a beat – heart is beating!

Q: But hridaya and anahada are different centers?

Guruji: Yes. Very near. “Anahada” can also be translated “limitless”. You can call heartbeat “anahada” – unstruck sound; nobody’s beating it – but it’s on.

Q: As I understand, chakras are connected with certain nervous centers in our body; but until or unless chakras are developed – we cannot perceive something in those points?

Guruji: We will remain unaware.


It is in Nath yogi’s ancient scriptures – even you will find it in “Gorakhnath and Kanphata yogis” by Briggs – there was water only and they didn’t know how to start irrigation, so they went to the Netherworld and found Gorakhnath sitting on his eternal dhuni. Vishnu requested him – and Gorakhnath gave him a handful of vibhuti. Vishnu took it and spread on the water – and the Creation started. That is known how this creation is carbon-based, science is saying it. Connect it! 

The question is – who took birth as Matsyendranath? Somebody very-very high.

Q: Some creature?

Guruji: Not a creature – some very high spirit; maybe to bring divinity to human beings. Because he was extraordinary – he was immediately thrown away by his family; and he became the first human disciple of Shiva.

Q: You think he knew exactly what time he must have taken birth?

Guruji: I’m sure about it.

Q: Who was the last one realized in this lineage?

Guruji: Maybe Ganganath; someone after Ganganath also… There was one Mastanath. Ganganath was also born like a human. It’s a pattern – if you just take a look at it: previously human beings were nothing, like cattle from some shepherd to take care of them; and we were worshipping heavenly gods, who were immortal. We were worshipping them, serving them and doing whatever they desired; with Matsyendranath the divinity first descended to the human body – then the pattern started: Rama was born as a human from a human mother, Shri Krishna – human mother and father, and then there are so many saints – jesus Christ, even prophet Mohammad – they were all human beings. Then the divinity began to be into all humanity; nobody is worshipping immortal gods, who are in heaven.

We need to observe this pattern; come down to Babaji, Sai Baba – they are all human beings but they all have a touch of divinity; Anandamayi Ma also. Before that – nothing. I think it’s a very great thing: that for the first time human beings are considered as important creations. Lots of divinity is coming down. Just go back to the Olympian times, when Zeus was ruling; who was practicing yoga? – nobody. Never self-realization or self-development were discussed. The main aim was just to have an entry to heaven.

Q: What do You think – for people that it was possible to attain the god-like state? Not just enter heaven, but to become like god?

Guruji: That’s how yoga started from Matsyendranath. There is no other way. Whom you will worship, who can grant you that unless you develop yourself? It’s a major evolution or major introduction – thanks to Shiva Ji.


Q: But jewish people – they have the god, who….

Guruji: They are worshipping Yahweh – they have their own god. He was appearing as a burning bush and guiding them.

Q: Was there the only case when he appeared in front of them?

Guruji: There are several stories in the bible, old testament; they will always go to the woods, offer sacrifice and burn something – and he would appear as a burning bush. That means – he loves the woods and outside things. Also he likes sacrifices – which is a common thing among all gods. But I don’t know – when they began to build temples, whether he was appearing inside a temple or not – there’s no record. He always appeared in the woods – or in a cave in the mountains. He loves outside things.

Q: What do You think about the idea of building temples?

Guruji: It was carried over from Roman times, Greek times, Egyptian times – they were all building temples; so it follows.

Q: Was it deliberately done to mislead them?

Guruji: See, human beings love to be misled. God himself is talking, he is guiding – and they came out from the Egyptian temples and started to build synagogues – not exactly temples. The impression of some civilizations remains for a very long time.

The English language is good: this part of the head is called “temple”: inside god is living. Your mind, your brain is your god. 

Q: How do you worship this god, which is inside?

Guruji: This is what we’re trying.

…worship like Krishna himself if you want to worship. You’re putting the impression of the very deity inside your body whom you’re going to worship. Yourself you can worship with your own mind. 

Everything depends on our own motives. The idea of heaven for a suffering person or poor person – to live lavishly in every kind of luxury; now human beings are known to know how to achieve it themselves.

Look at the description of heaven: it looks like a 5 star resort where you are just relaxing, having a massage and whatever you want: if you have enough to pay. In heaven you’re paying by your virtues and good deeds – as they say. Before that, in Egyptian times, you were paying with gold also. So it was just payment. 

Now – whoever can effort it anytime except for living long: that is the greatest luxury. And as I pointed out before and I’ll point it out again: every description of heaven is only for men. So what are the girls doing? What can be heaven for them? 

Q: I don’t want to go to heaven.

Guruji: Every religion will give you only two options: either hell or heaven. Yoga will give you a third option! Remain in the middle.


Q: Yesterday I read about the power of divinity…

Guruji: And divinity itself is a female-gender word according to grammar.

Q: Is it written that yogis attain samadhi to stop the feeling of the influence of femininity on them?

Guruji: No; yogis always respect them. Every religion is condemning them; some monks in India condemning ladies as “door to hell”, even in christaianity there was a discussion whether the girls have the soul or not. But yogis were always respecting them.

Q: But as long as blood flows in everybody’s veins – the influence of women will always remain: that’s why yogi’s need to go into samadhi?

Guruji: Only to discover the real power of a woman! A fish, who is swimming in the water, never sees the water until it comes out of the water. So to understand the power of a woman – you need to go into samadhi. As I have said before: the power of the woman is sleeping behind your navel. We need to awaken the woman, who is sleeping there – and the creation will bring about you. 

Q: In Devi Bhagavatam there is a description for a girl: that who will have a very virtuous life – they will be with Shakti together.

Guruji: Yes, but this is not heaven! It’s Shakti’s abode: no man is allowed there. That means heaven for a woman – where there is no man (laughing).

Q: But it is said that every realized man achieves the state of Shiva and for the woman – state of Shakti?

Guruji: Then they will merge together and become Ardhanarishwar. Also it’s a biological fact that for the first three months, when you were inside your mother – you were a girl. So we are all starting our careers as females. You cannot run away from yourself.

Q: Guruji, how is Time perceived in a state of samadhi? Is it past, present and future there – or are they together?

Guruji: Initially if you experience it – you will not be aware of Time. It will be a very shocking experience; later you will begin to understand what happened.

Q: But You said that You saw people in Your home town – what time was it?

Guruji: It was in present time – whatever was happening there.

Q: That perception was only in the first experience – or every time when You were experiencing samadhi?

Guruji: The second experience followed maybe 5 years after. The second experience takes a very long time to repeat; you’re in a very different mental state.

Q: The second experience came after such a long time because the first experience was so traumatic?

Guruji: You’re never in the same mental state for a very long time. You’re always expecting something – you’re not in that mental state. Mind is not a machine.

But I’m very happy – I have all the support of all the girls: the book became possible because of the ladies. And when I was lying hungry – only ladies brought me food; if I look within this pattern – I’m always receiving their support.

Those are idiots, who are just running away from them: because they’re thinking sexually only. It’s a great understanding – if somebody is able to understand. You can knock for food in any house – and any householder will give you food.

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