Q: in Bhagavad Gita it is said that yoga was declined for some time?

Guruji: he revive it at the time of battle because he knew that billions are going to die – so let’s have a record of this great knowledge.

Q: so evolution of yoga is going like the waves?

Guruji: we have to consider the fact: he made the record just before great battle, war- maybe record is needed

Q: before it was just spoken tradition?

Guruji: there was some books – but not like that. Also it gives the very great importance to the subject: because first time an avatar directly talking about yoga. And we read Gita as the book on yoga: after every chapter it is mentioned. If avatar will say something – everybody will take it very seriously and we’re taking it very seriously.

Who are krishnaits? I’m asking because whom you’re calling the devotees of Krishna – who is exactly try to following his life, what he said directly. 

Q: and also who had the direct experience

Guruji: not “direct experience”. I’m the very simple man: if I’m the real devotee of Shri Krishna – I will try to follow everything he had said directly. That way I will be the devotee of Krishna. Not that I keep worshipping him without following what he is saying. We need to be very clear and think more deeply on this topic.

There is a story: that there was a Guru and there were two chelas. They were so devoted in serving the Guru. When Guru will lie down tired – they will do massage for him. They had already decided that left leg is mine and right leg is yours. One day Guru turn on his side and right leg was on the left side and the fight started: your leg is on my leg; and ultimately he said that I will use a stick on your leg – and he start to beat Guru’s right leg with the stick because he was so concentrated on serving the left leg of the Guru. We should try to avoid such kind of situation.

Q: but to understand the words of Shri Krishna we need a real Guru?

Guruji: that is a different point: when you will begin to read them again and again – a very different type of understanding will start. Then you will discuss on it also; then your search will begin. Then maybe with Krishna’s grace you will find someone.

Q: …or we need to have a developed mind?

Guruji: only then you will take it seriously.

Q: when Krishna explained his greatest manifestation as Time – he asked Arjuna why you need to know about all of it?

Guruji: you think of it! Also he is saying that not by vedic rituals or different things you will able to see this. Also you have to study in Bhagavatam the upadesh he give to Uddhav, sending him to Braj: that is amazing thing. Shrimad Bhagavatam is Paramahamsa Samhita, for Paramahamsas; it is start by Shukadev, his upadesh of direct yoga. First volume is full of yogic explanations. Kapila Muni -his mother, Devahuti, is asking about devotion; and he is teaching her ashtanga yoga – not that by Krishnamacharya, the real Ashtanga yoga; and then he said: now you understand, Mother, what is devotion. You must read, this is amazing book!

Q: similarly we can say that someone, who achieved Your blessings, Your diksha – he start to worship You but do not practice at all? Then he will write the book: how to worship to Shailendra Sharma.

Guruji: – like in a story of right and left leg, which leg is more important. “in my opinion – this leg is more important”( smiling) and ignore the big toes: the small finger of his leg is the most important!

Lahiri Mahasaya was householder; and Babaji allowed him to teach yoga to other householders, normal people. Before that – people, living in deep jungle, away from society, were practicing it. Very few people had access to it. Even now – not too much.

Q: the form of Kriya yoga is for householders; but before – was it Kriya yoga or…?
Guruji: Kriya yoga is the name, given by Yogananda; it was Yoga before – and still it is Yoga. “Kriya” means “technic” – technical aspect of yoga.

Q: and these are similar technics which Krishna told?
Guruji: yes- that’s why Gita is our main book. Gita is also a book on yoga.

Q: how the technics for living in a jungle and a householder can be the same?
Guruji: most of the householders have been made to feel so low by monks, that they think that what they received cannot be so high thing – because they’re householders. Because you have been told by monks for 2000 years: you’re nothing, you’re nothing. You’re just there to serve us. First time your divinity has been restored – so be thankful for that. You’re receiving the best of the best thing – understand that.

Q: they also have their Guru – that, who practice in jungle?
Guruji: it’s very rare thing to find them – they stay away. Who can find Babaji now? He’s there – we don’t know for how long. Thanks to his grace- he give it to Lahiri Mahasaya so we found the way. But even then I don’t think it will remain public. Yes, you know about it; but very few people are able to receive it. At least – we know about it.

 what yoga Vivekananda was practicing?
Guruji: nothing. I’ve never come across any reference he was practicing yoga. We assume that he must be practicing yoga. But there is no records. That doesn’t mean that he was not great – his greatness is established.

Q: maybe he practiced Kriya yoga?
Guruji: hypothetically we can anything.

Those, who were renouncing society – they were always criticising it. Even though they are depending on food of the society. Society, as I see, is a very beautiful woman: she accordions everybody, feeds everybody – and very forgiving. We need to recognize this also about society. It’s very easy to criticise; but see the good part of it also. Every monk or every those who renounce society and do something depending on society for their existence. So what’s the problem in accepting the greatness of society?

Q: when You achieve samadhi and practicing it: is it like a pleasure in Your life?
Guruji: it is more than pleasure, yes. Not only pleasure.

Q: that’s why – if you spend more time in society, you lose the time of your Samadhi practice?
Guruji: no. Go back to Shiva Sutras: lokananda samadhi sukham: any material pleasure is equal to the pleasure of Samadhi. It’s a very deep thing: you must read Shiva Sutras again.

Q: what does it mean, Guruji?
Guruji: it means that your mind is experiencing the pleasure: so basically there is no difference in pleasure. Very high statement.

Q: so You feel equal when You talk here with us and practicing Samadhi – it’s like equal experience for Yourself?
Guruji: I’m normal in both conditions (smiling) they said normal – and that is also normal. Feelings are different of course.

What I see: communication is very important. I’ve explained it in Gorakhbodh commentary also: when you have a formless thought, then you speak it – you giving it a particular form and that formless thought becomes more conscious, it becomes very clear.

Communication is very important: what we discuss – I talk, I say, thinking loudly; we’re not talking – we’re thinking loudly, sharing our thoughts. Society is a very good thing. You must learn to respect it and to deal with it, carefully. When a person is thinking of renouncing the world, he leaves his family and goes somewhere, becoming a monk or join the convent or something; he was not suffering from the society in general – he was only suffering from the behaviour of his own family and relatives – or maybe some business partner. That’s the main problem. That’s why everybody live in the family.

Q: so `your advice is to concentrate more in useful qualities not on useless – of society?

Guruji: I mean you have to be enough respectful for it and also treat it with respect – that’s it.

Q: because they can disturb my practice and move my mind away

Guruji: let it move away: we’re not teaching you to calm down your mind. We’re just telling you to keep practicing. Mind will care of itself – when you will develop it. Very simple example: you see a trained athlete: their body movements will be almost zero, when they sitting quite. And look a person, who has never trained in his life: he is always moving, useless motions. That means: when the mind is not developed – it is running always here and there. When it reaches a certain level of development – it is calm and quiet, ready for action. Even to calm down your body they’re talking about calming down your mind.


Q: Guruji, and Kapil Muni was the inventor of that mantra: hum?

Guruji: you see, in India, when we’re agree on something, we say “Hm”.

Q: I think he was the first who burned 60000 with that “hm”?

Guruji: first time – just like that(clicking the fingers)

Q: and when Nanda Ji was carrying little Krishna through Yamuna river – Krishna also said “hum”?

Guruji: no, he just put his leg in it – and Yamuna river was satisfied touching his foot.

If you perceive your body like a bag with shit – your attitude will be different; but if you respect it as a temple of god, who lives inside your heart – attitude to your body will be different. So take a positive attitude.

You’ve seen Indian type of temples? The roof looks like a breast. Under the breast is the heart, where the god lives.

Q: when the body dies; where the fire element goes?

Guruji: it goes with the vayu sharir – temporary; then it merges with the fire element. These are eternal elements: they were always there and they will remain.

Q: how long it stays with the vayu sharir?

Guruji: till cremation happens.

Q: and if the body is buried?

Guruji: then it leaves immediately. That’s why they say – where is paranormal activity it’s much colder here: no fire element. It just goes – merging with the original element.


Q: sometimes we create misunderstandings if telling the truth?

Guruji: we should be intelligent enough to know: to say or not to say. Communicate like we’re doing here. If you will always say whatever is coming to your mind – it will create so many problems. When you feel that you should cut that man’s nose and kick him – you should smile and say: it was very nice meeting you. This is social behaviour.

That is some hidden message in ancient texts – that is for sure.

Q: it’s not only logic working there?

Guruji: what Kapil Muni says: logic is never proved. Because you will put forward another logic, someone will give the stronger logic – that’s it. Logic can not be proved. This is written in Sankhya darshan, very ancient philosophical book of India. Dark asit dahar: logic cannot be proved.

Q: but all our science is build on logic?

Guruji: yes. And they are saying: our theory is not right, we’re giving you the new one.

Q: was it ever in history that the science was based on wisdom, not only logic?

Guruji: that’s why it’s called metaphysics – not physics. We’re students of metaphysics.

Q: unfortunately now the companies are looking only for people who can prove anything based only on logic; it’s not very good trend?

Guruji: for general society it’s ok. They’re providing work – so they will remain busy. Humanity needs to remain busy. That’s why somebody very wise created business. Look at the spelling of “business” busy – ness. You will remain busy in something. Otherwise – what we will do?

Q: what do You think: business is a synonym to samsara?

Guruji: busy-ness: to remain busy in something.

Q: and what is the meaning of samsara?

Guruji: samsara means this world, whatever you see. It’s a very big thing: if you look at the word “samsara”: Sa – is one of the names of Shiva. And when you put a dot on it: Sam – it becomes a seed mantra of Shiva. “Sar” means “essence”. “Samsara “ means “essence of Shiva”. First time I think about it: that is samsara! If you will understand that – you will become a wiseman.

Q: it can be also applied to Samadhi?

Guruji: sam adhi: when your conscious and unconscious becomes same – that is Samadhi.


All comics we have been reading, even “Asterix”: simple man will never understand the story: the very deep satire and very deep wisdom is there. Find one comics: “Asterix the Gladiator”: he have been captured and facing the trial; and one lawyer is saying – poor slave-trader, trying his best to care of his family –  that is the best satire I’ve read. Honest businessman: slave trader.

All these great paint artists, which pictures were sold by millions of dollars: they never bring a smile to a face. But all comics artists – Will Eisner, Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel,- and all the Marvel comics – they have brought a smile to billions! So – hats off to them! I like them, they are great artists. If you see the pictures of Picasso or Salvador Dali – no smile. You just listen to the price – and seven generations will be born without a smile on their face.

Q: do You like Mr.Bean?

Guruji: I’m great fan of Mr.Bean, he’s great. You must see his two movies: Johnny English and Johnny English reborn – such fantastic ideas. Only the intellectual man can be the great entertainer. He’s a deep man, no doubt.


Q: now I think that logic is only for the slaves?

Guruji: we’re all slaves of the system. Remain logical. If you will not be logical then you will have to leave society. More intelligent people know how to behave: socially correct behaviour.

Q: psychologists are saying that people who love rainy days and storms are too much attached to conflicts, they like to create the situations?

Guruji: only in a storm time they can remain home and be in peace. That’s why they like it: because if they go outside they create more conflicts.

Q: on another point of view – it’s very romantic weather?

Guruji: if you have romance in your life – yes (smiling); we will need to understand the exact meaning of the word “romance”: the dictionary says: very high imagination is romance. And the best romantic story I read- when Shiva Ji married Sati they have no house and lived open air and the rains came. She became very worried: how will I survive, we have no home. Shiva took her and sat on the top of the clouds: here you will not worry about it.


Q: sometimes the feeling came that you’re doing something wrong during practice: it can appears and disappears?

Guruji: then it’s all mind

Q: but if Kutastha is less bright than before?

Guruji: that’s it’s choice. It will test you a lot.

Q: but we have to become friends?

Guruji: so it will test you. Because it’s a big surprise for them that you’re able to see. Nobody see them; then they will test you – to be sure that your intentions are ok. Then maybe some friendship will come.

Q: for friendship it must be constant vision for some years or more?

Guruji: you just need to remain calm- if you can; give no reaction: if it appears – ok, if don’t appears – ok. Then maybe after some more time.

Q: also You write in Gorakhbodh that the attempt to control prana and apana maybe not a very good thing?

Guruji: no one can control them.

Q: but isn’t it exactly what we’re trying to do during practice?

Guruji: no: we’re trying to be friendly with our breath and spirit. As well as friendly with your own body. We take our body for granted.

Q: can You elaborate what is the meaning of control and how it differs from…?

Guruji: control means the relationship of master and slave. Or a king and subject. With friends – it’s friendly things. Please, lift you right hand.( the disciple lifts).see, in a friendly way I’ve said it – I didn’t said: you, bloody subject, I’m ordering you immediately; then you’ll have the stand against it inside you.

Q: that’s true

Guruji: that is the difference


Q: abhaya mudra looks like open palm fingers up?

Guruji: yes, and thumb touching index finger also

Q: both variations?

Guruji: when you put too many rules and too many logic – it’s like fingers connected. It means – ok( smiling)the meaning of both gestures is the same

Abhaya: without fear; nirbhay – without fear; but it is nearly impossible to describe mental state which is without fear. There is no word for it. Always fear is there: without fear, without fear. What is that mental state – nobody is elaborated on that.

Q: maybe only immortals – because they have no fear of death?

Guruji: but this mental state we need to experience. Experience first – then discuss. Maybe we’re put into this samsara so we can experience millions different types of fears: so we can analyse them one by one and get over them and then be fearless without going to every type of fear. I don’t think it will be possible to live without fear.

Q: what do You think – the root is one: the fear of death?

Guruji: they can be so many different: on losing something; instead of your own life you fear for your dear ones more – it is so vast.

Q: and immortality will remove all fears – or only the fear of death?

Guruji: that’s why Gita stressed again and again: remain without attachment.

People are amazing: I had one distant relative, he was involved in politics locally. It was the time when our first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru died; I was the very young child then – maybe 5-6 years old. It was summertime and we all were sleeping in the lawn, that was the fashion – no ac; summertime people will sleep under the sky. I felt down easy – so I woke up; he was sitting on his bed – holding the hand on his heart: my God, what will happen with this country now? I mean he was so worried about India – what will happen with the country now. That was another type of fear I’ve seen. I think some people were really innocent in those days.

Q: some deities has this Abhaya mudra, and some -no: so someone could protect worshippers and some – no?

Guruji: no, it’s our own impression and we put it on them: because they always taking care – so they put Abhaya mudra there. You cannot remain forever in this pose( showing Abhaya mudra)

Q: I thought maybe someone had the vision of that particular god with this mudra?

Guruji: mostly – artist’s imagination first.

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