So many talks now are happening about Time: physicists, quantum physicists, theoretical physicists – they are all discussing Time for quite some time. They said that Time has three ways: past, present and future. So much has been said about the speed of Time- whether it’s moving fast or slow.

My point of view: I was asked – what is Your point of view about Time and its different experiences; we said: we are yogis. Shiva is worshipped as embodiment of Time itself. That is one thing; next thing comes: he has a son, who was just born from a semen, Karttikeya. He has six heads.

In India we believe: putra ve atma asu: son is like father himself; Shiva himself took birth as Karttikeya: genetic records are carried forward as his son. We can safely conclude here – it’s an idea for the scientists and physicists, they should think on that: Karttikeya is the son of Shiva, Shiva is being worshipped as Time itself in India. We experience only the past, present and future, but Karttikeya has six heads: that means that there are at least five other dimensions or different expressions of Time, which still remain unknown to us. So we should think about this and we must try to discover them.

This is what I think – please, you also think.

Past, present and future: this is only one line – because we take birth, live life and die one day: so we think we are experiencing three forms of Time – but it is a singular line, which we are travelling and experiencing. This is my thought of a yogi – or a normal man Shailendra Sharma – that there must be at least five more lines of Time, which we need to discover. This is what we believe: you also think!

There are things between heaven and Earth – of them man cannot even imagine.

Q: If the realized yogi could hold his identity after his death…

Guruji: He will say: I never die – I just changed the body.

Q: Does it mean that he will perceive the second line of the Time?

Guruji: I think so. Somebody was very sad, because a very loved one departed. He’s a good yogi – so he could understand what I was trying to say. You both have been separated and she’s gone – but in that particular time frame you will continue to live with her eternally. If you time travel, move into the past – you will again be with her. In that particular time frame you will continue to be together, remember that. If you move on – she’s still there. It is on record forever. Time is forever: every incident, which is taking place in time – forever. Focus on the particular time frame – you’re here. It is true even from a science fiction point of view.


I’m trying to say about Atit ghat: atit ghat means subtracting the past absolutely. We concluded that there are six lines of Time, and we’re experiencing only one line – maybe even not fully, only 2%: past, present and future. How will atit ghat happen, how will you subtract your past? Very simple; think from a science fiction point of view. Suppose you’re time travelling and going 20 years back: you’re still living in that particular time frame. Since you have taken birth you’re continuously living in different time frames – like a movie reel. Every frame is there, but because it is moving – so it looks like a movie, otherwise it’s a single frame. So atit ghat will happen when all those frames you will bring and they will merge inside you, and your personality will become fantastically powerful. Then you will be in a situation to imagine any future you want; it will not be depending on your past karmas or anything: it will simply depend on how creatively imaginative you can be. What will be that? That will be the moment of absolute present.

Only after this subtracting of the past you have achieved – then maybe you will be ready to experience the second line of Time. That may be a qualification marker for you.

Q: It’s completely different from the understanding I had before – much higher and deeper…

Guruji: It was not pondering on a particular point: suddenly this information will be overwhelming, mind will not register it.

Q: You will go first to past life, then the previous life?

Guruji: Everything: whatever traces are there in the timeline. Just imagine, how powerful your personality will become.

Q: How do these different personalities combine in one?

Guruji: Whatever- it was you ultimately

Q: So they will not conflict with each other?

Guruji: No.

Q: It’s like the story which never ends?

Guruji: Yes, until atit ghat happens.

Q: And you will remember the whole story from the beginning without a break?

Guruji: You’re erasing that; not even erasing – you’re pulling it and merging in yourself: it is your own traces of energy.

Q: So you’re just collecting them?

Guruji: Going inside: you’re pulling them and merging in yourself.

Q: But what will be with the history?

Guruji: You see, history is too busy to remember anyone.

Q: That I understand – but any mention about me, like photos or documents?

Guruji: It will be the great change in the fabric of Time. Only then you will be ready to go to the second line of Time.

Q: So not any photo or someone’s memory – like this person was never before?

Guruji: But your impact will remain. Like in “Man in black”.

Think from another point of view: “Rembo: the first blood” for instance – I’m just trying to create an example. Keep your eyes on every frame of the movie – from starting to end. If you merge all the frames together – he will start to look 3-dimensional. But then there are only 2 dimensions. Like that! Only when you will become 3-dimensional – second line of time you will become aware.

Q: Will it directly affect our DNA?

Guruji: Everything; it will be an absolutely free existence. Not tied by any thread or something. Just imagine, how much more powerful you will become.

All are parts of the same process.

Q: So you will know your spirit before atit ghat?

Guruji: Much before: only then you will become aware of the timeline.

Q: Are thousands of samadhis required?

Guruji: Yes

Q: Is it sthitapragnya state?

Guruji: You can call it that if you want to put a name.

Q: We will pull life after life in continuation or we could jump from one life to another?

Guruji: When you will pull – it will come in continuation. It is the explanation of Gorakhbodh.

Q: So we can even find the first body which our spirit has taken?

Guruji: Yes.

Q: So it will be the final real friendship and communication with the spirit – when we saw him without any body he took, just how he came for the first time?

Guruji: You will know everything.

Q: The idea is unique – like we discussed about pure thought.

Guruji: Pure thought and cognition. By pulling the energy you will become extraordinarily powerful.

Q: Even physically?

Guruji: Yes.

Q: But if we pull the life where we were unhappy or unhealthy or the life was very short?

Guruji: Whatever: some energy was there.

Q: Will it not spoil the results?

Guruji: No, the energy will come


Good memories usually come in the end. You will remember every insult you received in your life – you cannot forget that. Find them living in your memory for some justification – and move on. It is an experience, you’re learning from life. A person, who has never been insulted, never faced any hardship in life, never overcome any obstacles – he is a fool. All these things give a lot of wisdom: they are true experiences of life. And then you have many stories to tell also. What is a story: he was a very good man, he was born to a very good parents, went to a very good school, all his teachers were good, all his friends were good; then he married a very good girl, their life were good, they had a very good job, he retired very nicely and died a good man. I mean: where is entertainment? Never ever ignore the entertaining effect.



It is not easy for me to understand: why the general impression is that- holy man or spiritual man should not look good. Either they wear very dirty clothes, or matted hairs, or something. I think if you’re doing something, which is supposed to be the best in the entire Creation – then you should look your best also. As they say: clothes do not make a man; so if clothes do not make a man- then why not dress up well? Instead of undressing well? If it is all the same – why not? I think, spiritual persons – they need to look much better than a normal person; then how they will inspire? I try to do my best – and all my friends and disciples support me in that.

It is said in many books that Paramahamsa behaves in his image like a child, like a madman or like a drunker or some bad person; so the people will not recognize that he is Paramahamsa. I have a very simple suggestion: why go through all this trouble? Behaving like a child as a grown up, like a madman or drunker or something? You just shave off everything, wear nice clothes, jeans, wear spectacles – nobody looks at you as if you’re Paramahamsa. Very simple way to hide yourself! Think carefully on that. It is the message to all Paramahamsas!


Last lockdown there were only 16 corona patients found in Govardhan. Two were coming from outside after going through some treatment or hospitals; and they were all belonging to the businessman class. Out of those 16 3 died from cancer or heart attack – but everybody survived. This year, the most severe second wave: only 2 patients, both survived. Absolutely no corona surrounding this area, which we considered as a direct grace from Giriraj.


Q: Very pure life here?
Guruji: Very pure life and spiritual vibration and the energy from Giriraj Ji is supporting it.

Q: What do You think about meat eaters? I think they suffer much more because of a different immune system?
Guruji: Of course; so many DNA mixes are taking place inside their bodies, so many animal memories.

I don’t think an animal is very happy when you’re taking him for slaughtering. “oh, I’m very happy, my life made my meat and now my meat will be converted into shit, I will achieve emancipation” – I don’t think any animal is thinking like this. Their emotions will put a very strong imprint on your own consciousness. That’s why as a yogi I say: only vegetarian diet is advocated, because it doesn’t give you these depressing impressions and your consciousness remains pure; even your system remains pure. I think every animal has the same right to live on this planet.

Q: In these two years I absolutely changed my attitude towards animals and even insects…
Guruji: Until unless he’s trying to kill you- you don’t have to bother them. Even all these dogs, even the camel are teachers. When I first drank that camel’s milk – for more than 2-3 weeks I had dreams of desert, and sand, and some people fighting; I mean with the impressions she saw. Now I see only green things – because she’s here and it’s so very green. We should have some pets: it will make you more telepathic and sensitive. This team of dogs is good.

Q: What do You think, who has more connections with the astral world: cats or dogs?
Guruji: Both. Cats are more mysterious, but dogs are directly connected with the astral.

Q: So they see more?
Guruji: They see more; and when the last rituals are done it’s a point to feed the dog- cow, dog, ants, crows: all these four are directly connected. But cats are considered a very different thing here: killing a cat is considered as more of a bigger sin than killing a cow. And to atone for that you have to donate the exact weight of the cat in gold; and from that point you will need to walk to the Ganges and every step you will have to touch the hot coal to your body: that is the atonement of killing a cat. There must be a very big mystery connected with that thing. We’re trying to find out.


Kapil Muni attained siddhis by practicing mahamudras: he was a yogi.

It is generally believed by many Indians, that Shiva and Shakti travelled like the old man and the old lady with the lame bull with one broken horn with them.

Q: Are they travelling outside India?

Guruji: Always inside India: there is something here. India was called a “golden bird”. There are no gold mines here – very little; even then it was called “golden bird”. If you read our alchemy, Ayurveda, and our puranas: only in Indian mythology you will find people doing tapas and living for thousands of years. In no other religion all over the world we never come across such a thing: here there are so many. In Ayurveda they write so much about converting the base metal into gold; so maybe the land is full of gold, created with mercury – alchemical gold; and they buried it under the ground: so ground became extraordinarily pious, hallow, spiritual. Then it was somehow put to an end to hold; barbarians were coming to India, so they would not take the secret. I think – now immortals are appearing openly – so maybe that secrets will be revealed more and more.



How can we control our thoughts? What are thoughts? My answer was: it is extremely rare that we experience real thoughts. Most of the things – whatever comes to our mind, which we call “thoughts” – are just the reaction to a certain situation or family member or general reaction to the society. When you will stop reacting – you will begin to see that it is just a reaction, not your actual thought. After the reactions have been subsided, you’re not reacting any more – then, maybe, you will begin to experience the real thoughts, which are all your own; till then – keep fine.

Q: But reaction is a big power and the real thought is also a big power…

Guruji: Real thoughts are a really big power.

Q: But reaction is also a big power?

Guruji: But real thoughts will remain in the background, always. Reaction: all behaviour of the society is based on reaction. We are always reacting, and react on reactions – so we don’t know the source. First you try to control your reactions, calm down, then you start to react experiencing the thoughts.

Q: Practice helps to tolerate these reactions?

Guruji: Only with practice your mind will develop to a certain degree – you will begin to recognize: this is not action, this is your reaction. This is not the original thing. That’s why yogis were suggesting to live alone, to go away from society: so they would be reacting minimally. Then they start to experience the real thought from the Void, consciousness of the Void.

Q: Very difficult to understand – what is the real thought and how does it happen?

Guruji: It will be the big thing in your life; already some thoughts are developed.

Q: It’s like wisdom, like an idea or…?

Guruji: Suddenly you will begin to understand certain things.

Q: Like insight?

Guruji: Something like this.

Q: Our world is constructed on the reactions of society; people reacting on reactions of the reactions and don’t even think about it?

Guruji: When you’re able to think – the first thing you learn is to keep quiet. Because society’s reaction will not be so good.

Q: It’s like You said before – if the mortal will punch immortal?

Guruji: What he will think: immortal, look at him and think – oh, he’s going to die anyway in the next 20-30 years, so why should I bother?

Q: I remember these your words and if somebody tried to insult me, I think: he has very natural life – so he suffers; so let him go

Guruji: It is better this way. Because fighting always disturbs.

Q: But when we must fight?

Guruji: When it is a direct insult to your honour, your loved ones – you will have to take a stake. Then don’t worry about the outcome – they did well.

Q: I remember the life before Kriya when I was fighting; even if I won – I had a very bad feeling.

Guruji: Most of my fights started after I got Kriya yoga initiation- but I took it as a training. Now I’m looking back and taking it as training – then it was very different. I think Babaji put me in certain situations – so I will learn more about humanity. Otherwise it is not possible.

Q: But You don’t feel bad after You kick someone?

Guruji: You see, guilt is something I’m trying to harass somebody on my own on an innocent person; then you will not feel good. But if the person is trying to harm you and trying to harass you for no reason – then the harder you beat him, even then the thought remains it was not hard enough.

Q: Yes, in Your situation You were 100% right.

Guruji: One incident I will tell you. There was some misunderstanding in my college, so I gave a beating to one boy. I don’t know what happened; I lost my temper – he was trying to be oversmart, so I just punched him 2-3 times, which was too much for him. And we never talked. Then we left college, I became a yogi, – don’t know what happened with him. Then I became a Guru – it was maybe in 1992, before I came here. I was in the market for something, living on my farm in the cottage; I saw that man with his wife and 2 sons. He looked at me and recognized me immediately: you never forget someone who has given you a beating and you never forget someone you beat; forgiveness is not there. I looked at him and I thought: I must open this knot in his heart. He was innocent: I was not aware – but he was trying to be funny unnecessarily; so I went to him. He became very tense: am I to do some insult in front of his wife and sons. I simply shook his hand and said: I’m very sorry we had a fight then in college; please, forgive me. Suddenly his face lit up, became very happy, he introduced me to his wife – oh, we were very good friends in college; you, do namaste to uncle – to his sons; and he even gave a treat of masala dosa there. I learned a very important lesson: if you think you have committed a mistake, always say “sorry”, there is no demeaning in it.

And that man, I think – he remembers me with good thoughts now. Otherwise he would be cursing me all the time: he can never forget or forgive. But I think it was good that I did that. I also feel good after that. He said we were very good friends in college; and his wife didn’t ask – what type of friendship. His young boys looked smart and they also went happy. Now I’m sure – he lives in Gwalior; and there are thousands of my photographs everywhere, so whenever he sees – “that is my friend”. Good feeling, good vibe.

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