The sense of humor is a gift from god; or to find humor in any conditions. For this – I salute Hodja Nasreddin : you must read this book. He and his donkey – they were dying from hunger; and he was the real character! He said to his donkey: bastard, you die when we get habitual of going hungry. This is the essence!


From stupidity comes the real wisdom. Because the moment you begin to realize what is stupidity and what is being stupid: the wisdom begins from that moment, remember that!

According to Sankhya yoga, Kapil Muni says that you recognize and eliminate different elements of what the world is made of or Creation is made of. As you will continue to eliminate, and when you’ve eliminated almost everything; what is standing there finally will be the Creator. So: this statement I just gave about stupidity is exactly dealing with Sankhya yoga: eliminating stupidity – then you’re becoming wiser.


Q: Is it true that Shiva Ji resides only here and yoga was practiced only in India?

Guruji: Initially – only in India. The most mysterious yoga; I’ve told you about those yogis who were sitting in padmasan wedon’t know since then.

Q: What happened suddenly that someone went to the west and taught yoga, then they also started to practice?

Guruji: That’s the point: the real mysterious yoga is given to a very few people which is almost nothing if you just compare percentage from the world population point of view. And most of the yoga was introduced like a physical fitness program. Many religions initially were absolutely against practicing yoga. Now they are becoming more liberal and for physical fitness they are allowing yoga postures and other things. But it’s a different form of yoga. The yoga, which we keep discussing about like Gorakhnath, Matsyendranath, what Shiva must be doing – that yoga will remain only with few people. So we hope to reach them – why not? Always think big, have big ambitions. What we have now is just a hint of it. Over 12-15 years what were we understanding about yoga? Now it is becoming deeper and deeper, now yoga is appearing very mysterious. I have been doing Kriya yoga for 39 plus years now – and I feel that I just started to practice. This is an amazing feeling.

Q: For me it is very interesting how exactly the way of teaching developed: maybe Gorakhnath received from Matsyendranath the whole system without any preparation techniques?

Guruji: Very few disciples were selected. It was not like everybody would go and ask them for yoga; the rules were extremely strict and the discipline too tough for the average person to follow. That’s why most of the yogis of the ancient time achieved immortality – at least the life for hundreds of years and thousands of years. Only if you live that long, some wisdom will appear.

Here I will say one very important thing: people say about making the mind steady; we’ve been hearing what we don’t know since then. But the mind is a very fine, sukshma thing: if you are not even able to make a gross thing like the physical body steady – how can you hope to make your mind steady? This is the very practical approach from ancient yogis, and I will agree absolutely.

Steadiness doesn’t mean that you’re sitting without moving: it means your aging also should stop. That is the climax of steadiness. These things I begin to see now.

Q: But achieving immortality is impossible without mercury and rasayanas?

Guruji: Read Hatha Yoga Pradipika: every mudra is indicating towards it.


I’m worried nowadays: my Guru was aware of me since 1968- which we discovered later and it’s too extraordinary for me. He never told me anything, but some of the old people knew about it. I have no such information, who is coming. That worries me from time to time. In 1968 I was only 11 years old and he knew about me.

Q: What about the previous Gurus: they also knew who would carry the tradition?
Guruji: We can assume – that my Guru was aware of me and that of course previous Gurus must’ve also known about it. But no information has come to me so far.

Q: Maybe You will be the eternal carrier of the tradition?

Guruji: I have no idea

Q: but You achieved the highest level: Lahiri Mahasaya wrote about 4000 samadhis but You crossed over much more?
Guruji: His statement was: when you will experience 4000 samadhis your mental state will become different – and I agree absolutely with that. Many people nowadays discuss too much; but they were all growing old.
Q: Yes, no one was looking like You
Guruji: This also worries me sometimes. We cannot put exactly a figure on me now – it’s like an ageless look is developing. I don’t think I look like a teenager but I don’t look old at all. Some people say late 30, some people say early 40. But this result was not anticipated. Maybe Babaji introduced something extraordinary since 1988: because all my disciples are looking younger than their contemporaries. I’m lucky that way. Or maybe daily Shiva Puja is also having its effect.
Q: Do all other Gurus also perform daily Shiva puja?
Guruji: Well, in Benares it was a common thing to do: most of the houses have Shivalingam; but this is the exact cremation spot of the king and the first time this Shivalingam appeared – so it’s a different situation. And this type of puja we never see anywhere, like old Bhattaji described it in Pashupatinath. Puja is having some effect.
Q: Guruji, how did You manage to remember all these rituals that You doing during Shiva puja?
Guruji: It took some time: he made me note it down, point by point. Then all red clothes and everything. We came back and it took about 2-3 months to settle down in it, not suddenly.
Q: I think it’s not like during the ritual You think – oh, now I must go there and put this to that?
Guruji: No, it has become automatic, yes. And we need a good assistant also: like a good surgeon needs a good nurse. Whenever he lifts his hand – she gives him the exact tool.
I did not know how I should dress: dhoti – ok, but on top kurta or something else, we experimented. Then red sweater in winter and t-shirt in the summer – it came down to that, which I think looks better. These are like working clothes. I will be 65 this year. When some old person comes – old friend or someone; looking at them I’m afraid. If I’m surrounded with disciples – everything is fine. Another thing we notice: it seems like the waves. Initially elderly people were surrounding me; now more younger people are surrounding me.


Q: Do people of different ages have different vibrations?

Guruji: Old people have different ideas about spirituality, they were advocating religious ideas as spiritual ideas. Usually they have long discussions and some arguments. Now the younger generation is much more open-minded. They are not so religious and they read: when they are trying to learn something – they read about it. For old people Google Baba was not available. And also for some people; disciples, almost they know everything – if a layman comes it’s impossible for him to understand that whatever is happening here is absolutely a personal program.

Many people if they see me doing puja there- they think: oh, it’s a temple which is open to the public and everything like that. It takes quite some time to digest this idea: this is absolutely a personal program. It is better this way.

Q: But puja creates very strong vibrations…

Guruji: Some people are sensitive and vibrations are so overwhelming so they cannot control themselves. Most of the people feel very different – mystified and so many things. Only disciples are allowed or some of their family members – otherwise no outsider.

Q: Some outer people could create dissonance?

Guruji: No, nothing – I don’t even notice them. But puja may have some effect on them. I feel: every puja is different. Even though the same things are done, the effect that comes out – different. You see, everyday we wake up – morning or noon or whatever – we are different people, not the same as yesterday.


Q: Why was the Kumbha Mela shifted for one year?

Guruji: This year was a very different movement of Jupiter: it was moving very fast forward, then it was retrograding and it has to be exact for Kumbha Mela.

Q: It went to Kumbha then back to Makara

Guruji: The movement was too enacted: and always in the time of pandemics such movements appear. In Kumbha Mela, millions of people break pandemics – that will be too big of an event. I remember 50-60 years ago cholera was breaking out, so many things were happening: maybe the government made a good decision.

Q: Why is it connected with the exact position of Jupiter in Kumbha?

Guruji: Always! The story knows Garuda brought the pot of the nectar, amrita, forcibly from Devaloka and in four places some drops fell on the ground and it became a hollow ground. When Jupiter is in such a situation – they surface, the drops of the nectar. So sometimes the lucky ones are affected by them.

Q: These drops appear exactly in sangam, where people are bathing?

Guruji: Whenever there is a special day for taking a holy dip it is believed that Jupiter’s movement causes the drops of the nectar to come out. And extremely lucky ones may get some effect from it. It happens only once in 12 years.

Q: But why is the Kumbha Mela held every 4 years?

Guruji: There are 4 places: after every 3 years one will come. And every six years they celebrate half-Kumbha. But main Kumbha is main Kumbha(smiling). I will say with my own experience: I’ve been to 3 Kumbha Melas and every time life became different and better. And as we already discussed – the body smell changes after that holy dip.

Q: Very interesting connection of the Jupiter and the drops of amrita

Guruji: Yes, that’s why they say: the holiest of the holy places. We have been told that hindus are four Dham, four holy places. Shankaracharya established in Jagannath Puri, Badrinath, Dwaraka and Rameshwaram; but the places of Kumbha Mela – these are real four Dhams, where nectar dropped.


In biblian mythology angels have wings; in India nobody is described like that except two gandharvas, who keep singing for Lord Vishnu. Maybe those angels are offspring of Garuda. He is the enemy of snakes – so we see that story in the bible also. We need to connect: maybe it is like that.

Q: How do You feel about the new mahadasha?
Guruji: Feeling good. Very relaxed and very good. Mental attitude suddenly became very positive.
Q: What do You think: when disciples or just normal people are going through the mahadasha of the beneficial planet – they start practicing yoga or other positive activities?
Guruji: Suddenly the very pure thoughts and ambitions start to enter their minds and their lifestyle also improves, becomes better. Many people I see – they begin to read more spiritual things and mythological things; suddenly their mind is in much better condition. I’m feeling good in Jupiter mahadasha; I’m Jupiter in Jupiter now.
Q: But what do You think if this beneficial planet is situated in dusthana?
Guruji: Whatever – the effect will be good.
Q: But when this good period comes to an end, do they stop evolving or not?
Guruji: No, they will keep on evolving, because whatever they have learned in that and experiences – that will remain with them. It’s not suddenly it will switch off or they will stop doing everything. But the mental state will become different.
Q: But what I observe: if some good transit or period comes – people appear…
Guruji: Out of the blue – and they disappeared: yes, it is connected.
Q: So they are not serious practitioners?
Guruji: Suppose you’re already practicing: and then like Jupiter mahadasha comes- then your practice will reach very different and higher levels. But some people are starting to practice in that: so they will begin. But your practice will be far more enhanced – because you’re already doing, trying your best from the beginning.
Q: Is it possible to be destined in some disciples that they in this life will be practicing only in that mahadasha?
Guruji: No, this is not like that. Because if interest is born, inherent and you will start your search much before that – transits of planets will influence that also – and then your search, how successful it becomes; that depends on luck and many good planet’s situations in your horoscope. Because it is with you from the beginning – you just go and when good mahadasha will come- you will have great success in your practices. But a layman may become interested in these things in that mahadasha. That difference will always remain.
Q: The layman – do they have a very short impulse?
Guruji: Because if it was their real interest – they would be searching for it even before. And motivation is the final thing: if there is no motive – than what for? Let’s see: it’s just started from February – so how far will it go?
Q: You felt the changes from the first day?
Guruji: Yes, you can say it. We’re sensitive. And some positive things also started to happen around. Many irritations simply disappeared…


Government came and built a boundary all over parikrama; so many irritations simply disappeared. This was beyond imagination – that one day the Government will take action and the whole Govardhan hill will be surrounded by strong fencing; and that area will be declared no construction zone- otherwise so many land gravers- because land is expensive here – they were always bothering people here. All ashrams disappeared, all were demolished by the government because it was declared no construction area. I’m the only one remaining inside.

Q: And those constructions behind Your gates?

Guruji: That is going to be demolished. Now there is no construction and no vehicle zone.

Q: Is it true that if lagnesh owns two houses simultaneously: does it mean that the second his own house will always influence the life of the person, for example the 1st and 8th for Tula lagna?

Guruji: 8th house always influences a life, because it carries so many past things; it also indicates how long you will live and how you will live; and how many mysteries of life you will discover, some hidden treasure and all life memories as well. It’s a very important house. For Tula lagna – they will be busy in their old memories also, they will be talking too much about the past things – and it will be good for them. I’ve seen many people like that. Like Mesha lagna: their 8th is also ruled by Mars. Hanuman Ji has the same thing- Mesha lagna. But the situation of the 8th lord will create the right reading.

Q: Could we somehow overcome if the transit of the malefic planet is going through lagna?

Guruji: If you’re practicing yoga regularly – it will be neutralized to a great level. If you’re not practicing – the effect will be very severe. But with practice it will be turn down very diluted.

Q: Agree, now it is much less…

Guruji: It will be less.

Q: For example, when he has Sun transit through the 7th house- every year he starts to be allergic?

Guruji: Well, the Sun actually affects the eyes. It may happen exactly in this transit.

Q: But does it have some remedy? Because nothing helps.

Guruji: Try to put some copper on your person then

Q: Copper bhasma?

Guruji: No, just copper, metal. Just wear it. You must try, it may work. 5 grams will do. You can make armour of copper and wear it to work(laughing).

Sun usually affects eyes if it is in 12th, 1st and 2nd or through such transit. And copper is the metal of the Sun.

… but if it’s not that bad – it’s fine.

Q: A lot of people have a lot of planets in 8th or in 12th house?

Guruji: If your 8th house is strong it indicates very good success in yoga. 12th house also: the man, whose 12th house is strong or some planet is there – he will think more about esoteric things. He will take very great interest in them. And they will be able to make a balance- material and immaterial things. Every house is equally important. It is just astrological language – that it is malefic, it is beneficial: everything is important.

Q: What about the 6th house? Does it have such an effect on yoga practice?

Guruji: Of course, yes. Depends on who is the 6th lord and where it is situated. But I’ve noticed that 90% of my disciples have strong Jupiter, mostly. It was becoming a pattern to suggest yellow sapphire.

Only Kriya yoga claiming for self-realization. All others aim to invoke certain power or certain spirit or certain god. Your personal progress is not there.

Q: So that’s why there’s no need to live long – if you invoke someone?
Guruji: You will be depending on that, forever. And forever is a very long time. I keep saying that billions of years old spirit is already inside you. Invoke that and make it your friend!
Q: But it is much more difficult to invoke
Guruji: Yes! To create interest in that – that it will start talking with you.
Q: But if you invoked some powerful spirit and he did something for you: you cannot escape?
Guruji: That is what Christians said right: you’re giving up your soul to the devil. After that they will rule your spirit, your ghost. Absolutely foolish idea – but a greedy person usually falls into this trap. For a certain benefit they are ready to give up thier everything.
Q: What I see – a lot of rich people of our country do these rituals
Guruji: I think it is common all over the world. In India also, everywhere.
Q: Usually it comes from the women’s side – mothers or grandmothers; it is seen by their behaviour?
Guruji: Simply by observing their behaviour pattern you can tell it, even in the face expression. I’ve never seen a peaceful face-expression on anybody who is into black magic or something. Very angry and very much afraid of death: because they subconsciously know what will happen after. We need to remain careful.

You see, their confidence is equal to a mafia boss: they claim: I know him – now I’ll punish you. When you have a little power – arrogance is more. It is everywhere and it will remain like that.
Q: But as I understand – Shiva Ji doesn’t like it?
Guruji: Who likes arrogant people? Nobody. Even arrogant people don’t like arrogant people.
Q: In the beginning it was needed to create such systems?
Guruji: It’s all power game: one up mainship – everybody likes to dominate others. And this is another effect of the monarchy system. It will change slowly. But then all entertainment will go away. If you keep on discussing philosophy all the time – that is another thing; and when you see witches flying, shape-shifting snakes dancing there, some ghost having their party somewhere: it gives a different type of entertainment also. Dry philosophy is just dry philosophy. Entertainment should remain.
Q: Is it true that You put the protection on the disciple – if he makes some mistake in astrality?
Guruji: He or she receives protection, yes.
Q: Because in ignorance we could do something wrong…
Guruji: I was not exactly aware of this; but with association with Balaji as I keep telling you: on the other side you’re known by your mother’s name and your Guru’s name. If the Guru is good – they respect. The Guruless person is there, not in a good situation; until unless his pitars, ancestors are powerful. Which is also powerful.

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