Q: yogin should take the vayu in the middle: what does it mean?

Guruji: middle means sushumna; and also middle means between prana and apana, between breathing inhale and exhale – in the middle.

Q: here we must consider vayu as prana or vayu as vayu?

Guruji: vayu as vayu: vayu is atma according to Sanskrit dictionary; that is your soul, your spirit – everything. Pavan – vayu – is synonym with the word atma.

Q: outside vayu becoming one in the middle; what is it?

Guruji: one in the middle means prana and apana becoming equal in the middle; that equality is desired by every yogi.

Q: what is outside vayu here?

Guruji: outside is in general; when the inside and the outside will remain the same – that will happen when you will attain kevala kumbhaka. No inhalation, no exhalation – but it will remain.

Q: why prana and apana should become equal?

Guruji: only then some meeting may take place. If wife is running this way, husband is running that way – they will never meet. When they will sit together, become equal – then some meeting will take place.

Q: this is the stage before they unites?

Guruji: yes.

Q: when the vayu is under control – the fire and Kundalini awakens? Where is this fire?

Guruji: fire – after you have understood the nabhi: samana vayu is the carrier of the fire element. When all vayu joined, prana and apana going into muladhar: with that fire of mulabandha that activated. Read the description of mulabandha – it activates the fire.

Q: the fire was in muladhar or it starts in the nabhi?

Guruji: everything starts with the nabhi; then different things come.

Q: first it comes down and then unites?

Guruji: you see, there is great fire in earth element itself – we discuss it so many times. With the mulabandha that earth element’s fire, atomic reaction will take place and it will grew up. We have discussed all 5 elements with the light of fire.


Q: chapter about khechari. When this flame, which belongs to Shakti, swallowed between ida and pingala – in that shunya established khechari mudra?

Guruji: yes. When the khechari mudra is there – the flame will be maximum equalized: otherwise the whole body will burn. So khechari is considered very important.

We’re coming down to awakening of Kundalini: when the fire of earth element will rise – it is a tremendous energy. So if khechari is not there and whatever is coming down is not there – the whole body will burn.

Q: but is it possible to awake Kundalini without khechari?

Guruji: body will burn. Person will not survive. Accidentally it could happen, because if he didn’t achieve khechari – he was not learning in the methodical way; he will not survive. All ingredients here are important.

Our brain is working with electromagnetic currents, 2% – even then we feel so much dryness in our body. Suddenly 100% brain will wake up: just try to imagine the tremendous amount of electro magnetic currents which we are generated. If all these things are not there as safety measures – khechari mudra and all these things – body will not survive.

Do your best and then some more, the most excellent and artistic way: then success may come wit luck favoring you.

Khechari stimulates the brain and that particular hormone which is coming down, which is named as amrita everywhere.

Q: so khechari is…?

Guruji: safety measure.

Q: actually it’s amrita who is cooling down the system, not the khechari itself?

Guruji: but it is coming down because of the khechari.

Q: if you achieved only khechari?

Guruji: you need to work hard; and suddenly this awakening will not take place.


Q: where must be concentration in shambhavi?

Guruji: inside your subconscious mind.

Q: but in front of the nose – where is it?

Guruji: only your vision is centered there, your mind is inside.

Q: but where must be centered the vision – on the tip of the nose, 10 cm front or where?

Guruji: they say “nasikagram” – most of the people translated it as the tip of the nose.

But nasikagram means in front of the nose, less than 12 fingers.

Many people say that nasikagram is between the eyebrows; but they keep forgetting or maybe they was not taught right: your vision should remain in front of the nose but your mind should be in the center of your subconscious brain. Antarlakshan, bahir drishti.

Q: it connects with the first dwadashanta?

Guruji: no, it’s just the way to keep your eyes steady when the mind is inside. If some object will come to your vision – it may distract you from inside.

Q: where is actually the point between the eyebrows – on the surface or inside?

Guruji: mind should be inside; but eyebrows are in front – so the point is also there.

Shambhavi and samadhi are synonyms.


Q: when Kundalini awakens – it is awakening of the subconscious mind or conscious, which is already united?

Guruji: when the power of the earth element will rise and unite all 5 elements – then your subconscious mind will wake up. They are together.

Q: so the power of the earth element is not the subconscious itself?

Guruji: no. when Kundalini rises – after she goes to sleep, then second awakening takes place.

Q: so then subconscious mind awakens – it is not merging wit the conscious instantly?

Guruji: it takes time. First it will wake up, then it will find itself, begin to see and understand, then see that Kundalini has go to sleep again in the brain this time; then it awakens it again, then – as they say together forever.

Q: so subconscious merges with the conscious only after second awakening?

Guruji: yes. After the first subconscious awakened and conscious is sleeping. So second awakening is needed. And I’m only person in the entire world who say it.

Q: rising and awakening of Kundalini – are they same?

Guruji: he rose from a sleep, he was awaken – what’s the difference? Nothing

Q: what is the main driving force for Kundaliini?

Guruji: your ambition, your hard work and desire to awaken it. Then everything will follow. You are the main driving force.


Q: what does it mean – yogi is not devoured by Time?

Guruji: he is time out.

Q: yogin in samadhi couldn’t be harmed by the weapon or affected by means of mantra and yantra; who has not achieved samadhi yet – could he be put under control of mantra and yantra?

Guruji: very rarely

Q: milk, nectar and amrita: all three are the same?

Guruji: different qualities: milk, yoghurt, butter, ghee. Milk is the first stage and amrita is the last. Nectar and amrita are same.

Q: the taste of amrita changes with the practice or not?

Guruji: what is described in Hatha Yoga Pradipika is valid.

Q: on mudras: by the grace of Guru Kundaliini rises, all the chakras and knots are pierced?

Guruji: by piercing or understanding the mysteries with all the practice it will be done.

Q: what is the real result of practicing 10 mudras?

Guruji: awakening of Kundalini and samadhi, stopping old age and death. They all go together.

Q: so we can avoid old age and death only when we achieve samadhi and rise Kundalini?

Guruji: no, with the practice of all these mudras this result will show on your person. Your ageing will be much slow than an average person. In every mudra they describe this situation: take it as a literal fact. With all these mudras you have learn – this result should be visible on your personality.

If you will practice in one posture 20732 shvasahita pranayamas in one piece – you will experience samadhi. That will take only 12 days and 12 nights of continuous practice. Opening is there!


Q: practice of vajroli mudra includes amaroli and sahajoli – or it’s three different?

Guruji: when he was a child, then teenager and then become and old man – is it different men or one person? It’s a progression.

Q: sahajoli looks like the very prolonged samadhi? For what it is needed?

Guruji: it is not needed – they are just describing this state after achieving vajroli. It will follow. When you have reached – it will follow.

Q: in the description of kundalini: caught by the tail she becomes straight?

Guruji: I will give you an example: if you stir up the snake – it will stand upright, same way Kundalini awakens. It’s just an example how it happens.

Q: when we’re talking about 3,5 coils – that half is going inside sushumna?

Guruji: this half will happen when second awakening will take place: that is the half which remains unseen. Literally it’s the head of the snake, not the tail.

Q: this half goes up to the nabhi?

Guruji: this you will realize it when your subconscious brain when kundalini is sleeping and you wake it up – then you will know. When you see naga and provoke it – he stands upright. We provoking the power we’re awakening: they were trying to give an example of similarity with cobra.

Q: these technics – vajroli, amaroli and sahajoli – comes after you achieve samadhi?

Guruji: I’ll give you the simple explanation: vajroli – vajra, thunderbolt: vajroli is the only way the biggest charges of electromagnetic fields in your brain will begin. When you’re sort of easy with these currents – then comes amaroli. when your currents will become like vajra – amaroli will follow.

When you have mastered mahamudra, mahabandha, mahavedha, khechari, jalandhara, uddiyana and mulabandha with the power of mulabandha power of the fire in the earth element will wake up and make it go up. That will stimulate your brain to the level that brain is working with the electromagnetic currents: so 100% brain begin to awaken, the vajra – the electric current will be like thunderbolt: from that point vajroli will begin.

And when you are sort of tolerate that – then it will become easy, sahajoli: the tolerance of these currents will be highest and subconscious mind awakening. When you will become easy with that – the body will transform. Sahajoli is the tolerance of that thunderbolt.

When the Shakti has been awakened – then you will learn how to behave with it and Shakti Chalini will take place. Then Shambhavi is waiting.

You cannot practice them separately – it’s an extension, evolution, which starts with the perfect practice of mahamudras.

After practicing Shakti Chalini you learn how to be in more friendly term with it.

Q: that is Shambhavi?

Guruji: I will give you very mundane thing: you see the girl, then you’re able somehow to talk with her, then somehow manage to introduce yourself and she accepts your introduction and becomes friendly. After that you both go for a walk – that is Shakti Chalini.

Q: perfect vajroli mudra leads to the vajra kaya?

Guruji: it will start with that, but it will take time. Tremendous electromagnetic currents becomes tolerable and leads to the flow of the nectar of immortality; then you will take it to the heart and heart will distribute it all over the body – that is the best middle part of it.


If you have suddenly the great amount of electricity – you need some time to learn how to use it.

Q: what is here the electrical network?

Guruji: your nervous system, awaken consciousness. You will try your best – then the energy of Shakti will follow. When Shakti has been awaken and awakens your subconscious brain – you will sit quietly with the open eyes but your mind will be inside with Shakti. Then some union will take place.

Q: is it the state of samadhi without going into suspended animation?

Guruji: yes, much higher state.

Q: omkar kriya is described in Gita and in Gorakhbodh – but not un Hatha Yoga Pradipika?

Guruji: because it’s the result. It’s the very different thing – transference of the consciousness. When you’re learn the alphabet – it doesn’t mean you know the language and can speak in it.

Q: as we discussed before – yogin with the perfect vajroli mudra can change his gender: what does it mean?

Guruji: with the Shakti awaken.

Q: so it’s in Shakti Chalini?

Guruji: how can we separate Shakti Chalini from vajroli? It’s next step – if you don’t master it, how Shakti Chalini will follow? When Shakti is awaken – she has a separate identity. You will merge: so you will become her, she will become you – that is the real meaning.

All development will take three years – but it’s a development of an international champion to join the Olympic games. Three years of intense training to become an Olympic champion. Suddenly nothing happens.

Q: what is world championship here – practicing samadhi?

Guruji: you must be physically ready, mentally ready, smart enough to understand the subject and then Guru finds you or you find the Guru – then it will take three years for the most intense person.  

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