Only in baddhapadmasana nadi shodhana will take place, this is most important ingredient for that.

Q: what about Bhastrika?

Guruji: also; Bhastrika maybe prelude to nadi shodhana.

Q: all the pranayamas from Hatha Yoga Pradipika must be done in baddhapadmasana?

Guruji: no, only specific.

Q: for what this special lock of hands is needed?

Guruji: toes are considered as extreme potent marmasthana; also they are considered as one of the 16 adharas which holds you. If you’re holding your toes – certain action in your pranic movement will take place. At the same time you’re squeezing your spinal column in a very different way, opening of your lungs also, so your heart will have the different effect. Blood, flowing in the calf muscles will almost stop; that will give the extra support to your heart, because the reciprocal heart action will cease. It will create the very different chain reaction inside you. More blood will go to the brain and so many dormant things – whatever you call them – may become active.

Q: what will be position of the hands?

Guruji: left first, right second.


Q: in description of mahamudra it exists the state which is similar to death?

Guruji: yes: you see, when prana entering sushumna and you’re holding your breath – mental waves will go flat: that is the state, similar to death. When you’re bending holding the breath – the brain waves become flat. That is as good as death and they described it as deathly.

Q: how we can do anything, if our brain waves are going flat?

Guruji: that’s the beauty! Conscious mind is becoming unconscious and subconscious is wondering what’s happening?

Q: who is counting in that moment?

Guruji: you. It’s highly technical thing, not just a physical posture.

Q: we think that if it’s the state which is similar to death, it could be 2 processes: one – the heart will stop and another – the brain waves will go flat?

Guruji: here only the brain wave will stop, because we’re trying to expand of the consciousness. Everything else will keep on working; maybe heart will slow down after you have done the practice. Here we’re dealing with the mind, the brain: so that death-like state will follow.

Q: I don’t understand how I can continue to count?

Guruji: that is Kriya yoga: that means you’re inducing that state – flat line, but you’re not dead. So you’re experiencing something beyond the death. You will become aware of the spirit – that’s why it’s step up program. Without the experiencing flat line kutastha will never appeared. Even in yoni mudra your brain waves are flat. I’m not thinking any other system can say this. It’s very sophisticated method.

Q: something is wrong if it appears not in mahamudra but in the other technics?

Guruji: no, nothing is wrong. It’s not normal, it’s mystical.

…it is useless to discuss it before – otherwise people will be frighten: o, something will go wrong, will I die or go into coma – and no journey come. ignorance is bliss! That’s why we say that every experience in mahamudra – every successful experience in it is an experience of death in a way.

Q: if in mahamudra while holding the breath we’re not experiencing kutastha – it’s not in sushumna yet?

Guruji: because of this it will start enter sushumna. When all the things happen – prana start to be in sushumna: that’s why yoni mudra is in the end.

Q: so it mustn’t come while holding the breath?

Guruji: it may come; after certain years  – it will come. but usually – flat line.

Q: in mahamudra we experience one of these symptoms: straight line; and in shvasahita samantra as I understand the second must also come?

Guruji: heart will slow down, yes. It is complete program. And I’m sure – nobody’s discussing these things we’re discussing. Mainly they’re too much into philosophy.

Q: could we say that consciousness is near to body or somewhere – because the brain waves are flat?

Guruji: no, it’s inside you. You’re becoming aware of the deep consciousness: otherwise how it will develop? And another thing: practice of mahamudra stops old age and death.

Q: am I right: if the brain waves are going really flat while doing kumbhak in mahamudra – the other percents of dormant consciousness starts to activate?

Guruji: yes

Q: who is counting – that other percent who were asleep?

Guruji: no that part: you’re just making it like suspended animation – but you’re alive: otherwise how you can be dead without dying? Consciousness remains. You remember when I show the flat line – I was talking, I was fully aware – but that thing was showing on the machine. Even though – I was not aware that when I will stop my pulse they will become flat. Because medically speaking they become flat after 3-4 minutes of heart stop. How it can happen instantly? Give me great respect for Kriya yoga. We have really learn something very mysterious.

Q: so brain is just the receiver of the consciousness?

Guruji: seat of the mind, yes. It’s like a car driver: he can drive or he can just seat on a passenger’s place.


Q: what someone will do if he attain immortality?

Guruji: he will do 1000000 mahamudras. What else you can do? You will continue to develop your mind. Even immortal mind. And remember what Matsyendranath remind to Gorakhnath: it is just a physical achievement, you need to cross over the ocean of samsara. When you finish 1000000 mahamudras – you will start counting from 1.

Nobody searching beyond postures.

Q: what do You think about Gheranda Samhita?

Guruji: amazing book. I believe that whatever is written here is a fact. We’re not discussing anything figurative.

Q: what is this triangle in description of mahavedha in Hatha Yoga Pradipika?

Guruji: they were trying to show the cavity and the tongue which will hit here. And the brain looks like hips: to strike the hips with the tongue – it will confuse everybody. Who knows, that “bhoom” means ground – but it means the tongue also. He has the great subtle sense of humor. Who can try to find the hips in the brain? Shailendra Sharma pointed it here. I think we create some disturbances.

Q: again from the chapter on mahavedha: ida, pingala and sushumna unites – then immortality comes by that; where they unites?

Guruji: in your head. Inside your brain.

Q: in bhrumadhya?

Guruji: it starts from that point.

Q: but anatomically – is it point of their connection?

Guruji: it’s just a place of pituitary  – and when it is open and you become aware of that void, which is surrounding pituitary – a different type of nada will be experienced and you will have access to inner things.

Q: so now they are united physically, but we have not the access because it is blocked?

Guruji: yes. By doing it continuously your consciousness will enter that void: that’s why void is so important; and that particular energy which is vibrating there – you will become aware and go further.

Q: void is here, inside the skull?

Guruji: inside, around the pituatory: sealed container with empty space.

Q: but all this will be possible only after we pierce all the six chakras?

Guruji: even in mahavedha you’re very near to it.

Q: very near – but not open it?

Guruji: step by step: keep walking.

Q: will it create some physical feeling?

Guruji: they will come – very extraordinary feelings, very different feeling will come.

Q: like some electric shock or how?

Guruji: not like that – but your mind will feel very different, nervous system will feel very different.

Q: are we understand correct that mahavedha is the state of mind, where conscious mind falls asleep? It becomes to be in sleeping state?

Guruji: let’s say – feeling very high and again the flat line is appearing; so you’re feeling very high.

Q: then when we do exhale – we obtain some another state?

Guruji: the brain waves activity again started – but with the memory of what happened; so it’s another state.

Q: is it the beginning of state in between? We’re having some third state after that two?

Guruji: yes, and the access is going through your conscious mind becoming unconscious. Then turiya comes – the fourth state beyond that: when your subconscious becomes conscious.

It’s common belief that mind should remain calm and steady; but I will say that mind should also remain active. It should remained focused on what you want to achieve: and then you will experience concentration and feel steady in that concentration. And active body is needed to support the very active mind. This is what I feel. If you’re relaxing too much – then no progress. Learn from weight training: progressive resistance training – that is the technical term for weight training. The more resistance you will provide to your muscle – they will grow. That means: the more resistance or problem your mind will face – it will become stronger. Keep it active!

Q: what type of resistance we need?

Guruji: any resistance – it maybe different heavier weights or facing any physical limit. Resistance is resistance. When you will go out to make some career – you will always feel resistance. So make you stronger. And if you will come back home and start to complain: oh, world is such a bad place, nobody assessing me, – that means you have divine help. So never do it!


Q: the knower of khechari mudra is not affected by any disease, not affected by karmas?

Guruji: yes. So when you have mastered it absolutely – you’ll have ultimate result of practicing khechari which are described in the 4th chapter – then this result will come.

Q: complete khechari is when you achieve samadhi?

Guruji: that’s why they describe it in the 4th chapter as a part of Shambhavi: they are almost parallel. So the 4th chapter is the result of practice khechari.

Q: what will happen if we hold the breath more than it is prescribed in yoni mudra?

Guruji: this I don’t recommend – as I experimented with it, doing more than proportion: bad things begin to come. Precise practice is always recommended.

Q: is it possible to hear nada while practicing?

Guruji: it is possible to hear nada even when you’re not practicing: once it starts and you become aware.

Q: is it constantly here?

Guruji: yes, it’s constantly here: you just need to be aware of it. Once it will start – it will remain. Even in downtown in the middle of the traffic it will be heard – that will be something. You have heard the conch shell on a beach?

Q: yes

Guruji: it will be like that

Q: is that something in the conch shell?

Guruji: oh, just put a glass – you will hear something. That is the sound of the void or empty space. Then it will increase more and more.

Q: if we compare the state of coma or simple fainting with samadhi?

Guruji: it’s a medical condition, it’s a different. Absolutely nothing, no comparison. When one doctor heard about my brain waves were going flat – he start to cry that I should be immediately hospitalized. I was speechless on that. So if someone is in coma – he is not in samadhi.


Q: in Hatha Yoga Pradipika it is said that you must squeeze the nerves in the neck; the blood stream also?

Guruji: it will also be affected in that moment.

Q: could they be damaged – if they’ll be squeezed?

Guruji: no, that’s why it’s specific practice. No damage.

Q: we’re not squeezing the blood stream?

Guruji: it will be done in a very controlled way. If you’re stopping the blood flow to the brain – less oxygen; and suddenly subconscious mind think – what happens? And tries to wake up and understand.

Q: if we’re stopping the fall of amrita and putting it to the heart – then this liquid is just flows through whole body?

Guruji: that’s how the body will become divine. That is the main work of blood: to take energy to every cell, everywhere. When the special liquid will come – it will fill all over.

Q: how it can be put in the heart? Because it is said that in bandha we’re stopping the liquid?

Guruji: we’re stopping the normal liquid. But by the force the special thing will come. When you’re with khechari – there are two small holes under the tongue, which are directly connected with the heart; and heart is the main distributor of the blood and energy to the whole body: that’s why it is taken to the heart – it will spread.

Q: two nadis stopped and 16 adharas are closed?

Guruji: yes

Q: what is the difference when the person is just suffocated?

Guruji: in that case the person just suffocated – he is not controlling the channels and all these energy. Suffocation is absolutely different phenomena. That is like instead of trying to open the brahmarandhra with khechari mudra  – just take the hammer and one big nail and do the bang – it will open!


Q: from Hatha Yoga Pradipika: where is exactly the vajra nadi?

Guruji: vajra nadi is inside sushumna behind the swadhisthana chakra, near it. It’s just a very small curve here. It has to be in that curve and move on. It is just like you have breathing – but you’re breathing through your nose; also you can breathe with one nostril and if you cannot breathe through your nose – you can breathe through your mouth – but it will go into your lungs. It is just a way of saying that.

Q: but it must through vajra nadi obligatory?

Guruji: yes, it could not bypass it. Even no matter from where you breathe – mouth or nose – it will pass through your throat; then go into lungs.

Q: by concentrating the attention in the throat center and taking it under control the practitioner could control any other chakra?

Guruji: yes, you will take control over your spinal cord; through spinal cord you will be able to control complete physical movement of the physical body itself.

Q: why control is attained through the throat chakra?

Guruji: that’s where the brain is connecting with everything; spinal column starts from there.

Q: so we start from the control of the spinal column- then go to the brain?

Guruji: from brain we come down first – then go back to the brain via connecting path, through chitra and vajra nadi.

Q: chitra nadi is near vajra nadi?

Guruji: very close.

Q: for what it is needed?

Guruji: it’s a secret switch: it will switch on so many things.

Q: but Kundalini goes through vajra nadi: for what chitra nadi is needed?

Guruji: chitra is just connecting with vajra nadi. It will pass through thing and the chitra will be switched on. Then vajra nadi is activated  – by energy passing through it. Otherwise it’s just a wire – until unless electricity goes through it.

Q: so until unless Kundalini will not rise…?

Guruji: they will remain inert.


Q: how much samadhis person must experience till his Kundalini rise?

Guruji: depends on person to person

Q: but it exist some minimal qualification number?

Guruji: no

Q: but he must be the master of samadhi?

Guruji: of course. Otherwise his brain will burst when Kundalini reach it. I think the body quality changes with so many samadhis. The cellular energy is different: when Ilya Khanykov brought that test: dead person has 2000 – my started near 4300 then settle down near 3000; it maybe the effect of samadhi, when body’s qualities are different – which otherwise impossible to look and see. At least sophisticated machine is giving us some information. I think my cellular energy must be different.

Q: it’s so little research because very limited quantity of people can do that?

Guruji: what research can do? This result cannot be duplicated by some medicine or chemicals. Many scientists researched on Arnold Schwarzenegger – but they didn’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is something different.

Q: how it is connected: Kundalini will rise only when you reach the safety level when you can tolerate it – or no?

Guruji: in Kriya yoga only then. at least it must be thousands of samadhis. Awakening of Kundalini is the final certificate of becoming immortal. As we have seen in different books: the person, whose Kundalini is awaken, becomes immortal. Earth element’s power in the greatest form. It is connected with the Earth herself: and of the Mother is started to take care of you – who can harm you?

You see in Gorakhbodh: Mother Earth and who is her husband – vayu mandala, the Air: so if Earth element is awaken – Air will never leave you. It is from Gorakhbodh.

Q: in the root of brahma danda of Madhya nadi, in the center of…

Guruji: it means in between of exhalation and inhalation

Q: …lives that, who has an auspicious aspect: bhaga kara?

Guruji: bhaga means “looks like a yoni” . in between the Shakti – bhaga is the symbol of Shakti. Shakti is inside us. Now you will come to the Nabhi Kriya: I’ve told you – the power of the Mother is sleeping behind the navel; this is where the samana vayu – inhalation and exhalation is the center of it. So these are indicated towards nabhi. Sign of Mother is bhaga.

When we talked about it – people start to think about sex; but they are called generative organs – not only sexual organs, which can create the new life: they carry a great mystery with them. The power of Mother is sleeping behind your navel, bank naal; so they are telling exact things.


Q: You said that only in Kriya yoga it is safety: first thousands of samadhis then awakening of Kundalini?

Guruji: yes, it’s step by step system. If you’re not survive the adventure to tell the stories – for what through adventure you have gone? It is the very brave thing to jump into a fire; but more intelligent person think how to come out from the fire without any doubts. Then it is something.

Q: we discussed the state of khechari from Hatha Yoga Pradipika; then they are saying that it’s the state of unperceiving the Time?

Guruji: your physical time. It will stand still. The essence of Time you will know; but your physical time, your biological clock will stop. The ageing process will stop.

Q: is it the state of unmani?

Guruji: unmani is beyond the conscious mind: access into the subconscious.

Q: is it come in the suspended animation?

Guruji: no, in this Shambhavi and Khechari as they described. It is beyond the samadhi in awaken state.

Q: khechari must be practiced until the state of yoga nidra will come?

Guruji: yes: that is suspended animation.

Q: when it come – we’re continue to practice khechari, but not in that state?

Guruji: yes, you will get over it, go beyond that. Yoga nidra is as good as suspended animation.

Q: so yogin in yoga nidra is not yet qualified for more advanced samadhi?

Guruji: it’s a step – he will get over it.

Q: what is niralamb state of mind?

Guruji: it’s very easy to explain: when your mind is steady without any thought – that is niralamb state. Aralamba means when you’re holding on to something; niralamba- when you’re not holding to any thought, nothing – but your mind is steady.

Q: it is said that our physical body is needed to attain immortality?

Guruji: but niralamb is a mental state. When body is crossing over the certain level after 10 mudras – we keep stressing, it stops old age and death: then only niralamb state will follow. Only in such body mind can so relaxed, it will not need to hold to any particular thought for concentration. Elementary, my dear Watson!

Q: what is the difference between niralamb and kaivalya state?

Guruji: only after going to niralamb you’re very near to attaining kaivalya. When conscious and subconscious are together – only one consciousness remains; that is kaivalya. Here I will first time give the definition of kaivalya: kaivalya means one and only. One and only mind is when there is no duality of conscious and subconscious mind; they merge together and only pure consciousness remains: that is the state of kaivalya.

Q: in niralamb state they are still separate?

Guruji: no, it’s the beginning of that state.


Q: what is the difference between kaivalya and nirvana?

Guruji: only after you decide to leave the body after attaining immortality – then it is called nirvana. This I’ve described in Gorakhbodh also.

Q: what is turiya and turiyatita?

Guruji: turiya means the fourth state of mind. Jagrat, swapna, sushupti: when you’re gone beyond these three, then you’re in the fourth state of mind with awaken consciousness. Then when you see- there is not the end, there is other thing – then it is called turiyatita.

Q: but turiya and kaivalya is one and the same?

Guruji: no, turiya is the beginning of understanding what kaivalya can be.

Q: so turiya and niralamb are nearly the same?

Guruji: no, after turiya the niralamb will come.

Q: turiya – when your consciousness are one?

Guruji: there is no jagrat, swapna and sushupti – no awaken state, no dream-like, no sleeping; mind is now awaken and it’s merging. The process of merging is on. Then this three part merges- turiya comes, turiya means the fourth state: that means fully awaken mind. Then you become aware of so much beyond this also. When you begin to see it – that is turiyatita, beyond the fourth thing.

Q: can we say that kaivalya is the highest form of everything?

Guruji: yes.

In turiya niralamb state begins. Then you become aware about vastness beyond your own personality. Then your mind will begin to see so fantastic things, which we cannot imagine: then it will be turiyatita.

Q: how these states are connected with the rising of Kundalini?

Guruji: only with rising of Kundalini 100% brain will awake. It is directly connected.

Q: ok, in turiya state, when layers are merging – which state of Kundalini is it?

Guruji: second awakening of Kundalini. Conscious mind is sleeping, then you wake it up again. Then turiya came.

Q: brain is the seat of the mind; but mind can exist without brain?

Guruji: yes, after physical death it exists without brain. Brain is the place, where mind sits. Yamaraj gives the right example to Nachiketa: the body is like a chariot, senses are like horses and the spirit sits like a driver. It is driving a chariot – but it is not a part of it. Same way the spirit or the mind.

Q: where mind exists when there is no body?

Guruji: in the Void: it’s one of Matsyendranath’s  answers. He’s great in questions and answers.

Q: the mind and the spirit are together forever, we cannot separate them?

Guruji: I think I’ve written it the best in Shiva Sutras: mind takes over the body and makes it pregnant with the seed of consciousness. And consciousness as a fetus grows in the body and body is the mother. When it is fully developed – it delivered with physical death: then it remains with Time forever. Very poetic description, but true. I’m the first person, who started to talk about Time like this – nobody discussed it before.

Q: can we say that spirit is like representation of the Time?

Guruji: chittam atma, as Shiva Sutra is saying. The mind is atma: feeling of being come from the intellectual perception that he exists. Mind or consciousness – whatever word you want to use.

Q: but spirit also?

Guruji: spirit is just a life provider. You take out the drop of water from the ocean: just only a drop of water. and in the ocean it was ocean itself. The spirit is just a drop from the ocean.


Q: we are reading in Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gorakhbodh also – they are describing four types or four stages of Samadhi; every stage is considered to be connected with the special type of nada?

Guruji: yes

Q: again in Gorakhbodh there are so many references that nada is extremely important?

Guruji: only after you have gone through the fourth chapter of Hatha Yoga Pradipika and experience everything; then different type of nada will start after that. That is Gorakhbodh. Gorakhbodh is not the training manual, Hatha Yoga Pradipika is.

Q: why now in our practice we must concentrate on the practice but not on the nada?

Guruji: because as the practice nada will come. when your nervous system will become enough strong to tolerate that. Even now your ears are not capable of hearing so many supersonic sounds. Suddenly if you begin to hear them – your nervous system will burst. That’s why we need to concentrate on practice as much as we can, so we will be able to tolerate when it will start.

Q: could we attain Samadhi just by listening to the nada?

Guruji: I’ve seen many people becoming paralytic – those who were concentrating only on nada without preparing themselves. The harder you train – the better your chances for surviving.

Q: but now, if we have free time except of the practice…?

Guruji: when it will begin- you will always remain aware of it. It will always be as the background. It will not switch on and off, it will continuously be there – as a result of the hard training.

Q: so now it’s not needed just to sit and try to concentrate on it?

Guruji: no try – let it begin first. When it will begin – you cannot stop.

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