Q: why Arjuna was called Gudakesh?

Guruji: he was trained as a warrior – many commanders use to be without sleep about a week or so. As long as it takes.

Q: how to achieve that state?

Guruji: go to army and try to be a commander. That’s why he couldn’t master the yoga. Because Krishna is saying:  the yoga is mastered by the one who sleeps regularly and eats regularly. Because he was not sleeping – so he couldn’t master it.

Q: Krishna didn’t give diksha to him?

Guruji: no, nothing. Diksha is the very modern concept. Now there are thousands of Gurus, giving initiation and there are thousands of devotees asking to be initiated. Initiation is the very good English word: you’re initiated into something new, which you don’t know before. It doesn’t mean it’s particular ritual – svaha and all these things. Diksha means teaching an art which you will have to master. Mastering some art is called dakshata; dakshata starts from diksha. To master something, to be an adept in some thing.

Q: how to sleep less time?

Guruji: you want to sleep?

Q: yes

Guruji: go to sleep. What is the problem there?

Q: I’m living with family…

Guruji: if your family cares about you – they will allow you to sleep. If they will suck your blood – they will never let you sleep. When you want liberation – go to the statue of Liberty and start to worship it. It will grant you the liberation. It’s the only statue of Liberty in the whole world.

Q: you will be put in prison

Guruji: and that will free you from liberation – it’s a form of liberation.


Q: what is ego?

Guruji: why are you worrying about it? It’s a word, started by psychologists. Is it so important to you? Your ego might be the only personal thing you have. You need to understand it and you need to study it; and you need to develop it in a very pure way. Take it to the sublime heights instead of creating a false ego. False ego is very bad – but the genuine ego is always your friend.

Q: what is false ego?

Guruji: you decide. If you can’t even recognize your ego – then what progress you can making? Reading books is one thing; but recognizing your own ego – from there realization begins. And leave that things for scholars – those who studies psychology and philosophy. We’re yogis, we’re more practical. Our ego is not bothering us. It might be the only friend we have.

You see the trick here? In the name of non-attachment you’re asked to leave your wife, your children, your lover, your friend, your family, mother, father – everything. Then they say: after you will leave them or you will even never think about them – then you will be considered as liberated. When you’re nothing, you’re absolutely zero, you will think that you’re liberated. But liberated from what?

I will say: every attachment is not stopping a progress. Even for progressing you maybe need some attachments. Just develop your mind, your intellect – and the power of discrimination will come: you will be able to see what is good and what is not so good for you; and you will be able to recognize pure durak, less durak and intelligent person. This discrimination is extremely important.

Q: very interesting gradation

Guruji: yes, pure durak is the rare phenomena. Purity is the rare phenomena in this world. Leave all heavy words for educated people. We’re simple grass root level people. And why grass is so important example? The strongest of the strong wind can topple biggest of the trees – but I’ve never heard strong wind or a cyclone break a grass. It always survives. When we’re saying: go back to the grassroots level – it maybe the strongest level you can imagine.

You should not follow your useless desires. And you should be intelligent enough to analyze – what is useless desire and what is very important desire. We go back to your power of discrimination.

Q: it’s really have sense to follow something which is really important for me?

Guruji: of course. And it help pass the time also. We all have very limited time but we find it very difficult how to pass that.

Q: sometimes I need to work more to make money

Guruji: if you need money and you need money to survive in society – why not work over?

Q: how to recognize – what are good and what are useless?

Guruji: use your brain.

Q: sometimes it’s very hard because I’ve interpret the Gita that you should stop all the desires?

Guruji: no.

Q: isn’t it true that yogi or spiritual person must leave everything and live like a beggar?

Guruji: only after attaining immortality – then different type of discipline is given so their ego will remain under control. Until then you need to create the atmosphere where you can practice your yoga without any disturbance.

Q: so all that stories about yogis in forests or mountains…

Guruji: when they become immortals. They don’t remain in one place and they keep roaming. If they live in one place – they live in secrecy and beg for food. Gita maybe the manual for immortals. Never make owes, keep wandering, don’t remain attached  – this things apply to some immortal person.

Q: in Gita they are talking about four goals of human’s life?

Guruji: dharma, artha, kama and moksha. If you have it in yourself – you can achieve all four. If you don’t have it in you – you can achieve nothing.

Q: maybe I have my personal goal?

Guruji: first you achieve your spirit – then let your spirit introduce you to personal goal. Not directly.


Q: what is the full throat sound? It is mention in the description of Daksha yagya.

Guruji: the sound of male goat is called that. Some people are trying to do – but I don’t recommend it.

Q: Daksha take the form of deer?

Guruji: not Daksha, the yagya. Mrigashira nakshatra came into being with that.

Q: it’s not connected with the horn on puja?

Guruji: we’re doing it near the dhuni, not inside the temple.

Q: this nakshatra considered to be inauspicious?

Guruji: it was taken over by Shiva – so it’s supposed to be the luckiest thing.

Q: they are so much stress on the greatness of bilva – but not saying, why it’s so?

Guruji: my interpretation: if you look at the leaf of bilva – they look like three eyes of Shiva to me. Maybe it’s directly connected with three eyes.

Q: qualities of red Datura flowers are different from black ones?

Guruji: yes, because they are very rare in India. We have offered more than 4 kilos of Datura so far.

Q: what do You think about the practice when people are making earthen Shivalingam for their own purposes – to have some money, prosperity or even to curse someone?

Guruji: sometimes it works, sometimes not. If the ritual is exact and precise – it will work.

Q: so every Shivalingam must be not just created but worshipped with some mantra?

Guruji: then you just put it in the river. I would love to have a permanent Shivalingam.

Q: they are made from the clay or sand?

Guruji: from clay. The situation with me was like winning the lottery. Now we complete 20 years as well. From earthly point of view it’s a long period. 20 years continuous same routine.

Q: You are not travelling after You start to worship Him?

Guruji: after that I was not go anywhere; only when I was sick – I went to see a doctor. I’m nowhere to go. Most of the people are roaming the Earth to find a suitable place where they can settle down and relax. I’ve found it.

Yukteshwar Giri said one thing very great: those, who are to good for Earth are going to some other world. We would love to be here(laughing).

Q: again I will say that Your connection of earth element and Earth herself is incredible!

Guruji: any sincere yogi, who will practice – I think he will discover these things. That is incredible  – no one notice it before. It’s good – I’m the first one to say it.

And sincerity: since your ears are not pierced – your mind is not open.

To balance your mind – they are needed. When person is walking on tight rope, rope-walker – they always carrying big bamboo or something to maintain the balance – only with that they can cross over. Life is like a tight rope walking: you need to maintain your balance all the time.

So kundals are like carrying that big bamboo – they make you balance from time to time and you will be through. For us – very important. No kundals – no kundalini.


Q: back to spirit and body: if the body is ruined on half or even 90%?

Guruji: then it’s a practical idea to take a new one.

Q: but why spirit stays in such body, sometimes for a very long time?

Guruji: it’s getting experience of suffering – because spirit himself or herself cannot suffer.

When the sperm unite with the ova – it’s inert; it is inert still – sushumna and brain. Only when six chakras are pierced and Kundalini is awaken, that means – that inert sperm is energized again and it is ready to form another union. If it will remain inert – no union is possible.

Q: what is Shakti chalini in that case?

Guruji: Shakti chalini activate it. First your spinal cord, sushumna and brain, subconscious mind will be activated again – and that will draw Mother Earth’s attention to you. Then you enter into Samadhi and be buried in the earth, inert – and Earth will take over. Then the final transformation has been taking place: Mother will introduce you to the Father. It is always mother, who introduces the child to the father. When the child or the sperm has been transformed to look like father or mother – only then the introduction happens.

Q: he or she will submerge?

Guruji: individuality will remain. Such simple things of life – and in philosophy we keep ignoring them.

Q: the step to be buried is obligatory?

Guruji: that’s why you buried – to form a union. And those sperms, who failed to reawaken themselves, are cremated. But if you attain immortality during lifetime – you’re no need to be buried. Gita is guideline for immortal person – how to go through eternal path. Yoga Sutra is manual – Gita is guide for an accomplished yogi. Gorakhbodh talks are the best.

Q: in Gorakhbodh level you’re already unite with the Earth?

Guruji: yes, when you’re become immortal. What is being immortal? You will live as long as the Mother.

Q: You were talking about new discipline for immortals?

Guruji: to keep their ego balanced – even though they’re overcome it. Maybe it’s their way to remain incognito. If they say – we’re immortal – they will be worship like gods. They don’t want unnecessary attentions. And they always take food from the farmers or very poor people. I’ve never seen them going to the rich or middle class. And never in big cities – until unless some very important work to do, otherwise they stay out of the cities. All cities are build on sewers – maybe smells are not tolerable for them. Under the cities only shit is flowing. Immortal person cannot tolerate that smell.

Q: is it possible situation that immortal yogi begins to behave like Superman?

Guruji: yes, like Gorakhnath – he do it openly. Just to refine the people or to discipline them.

Q: he made some attacks or destructions?

Guruji: yes, he finished many lineages of fake rituals – it was horrible. You can find the reference.

Q: it was that kind of people who claimed themselves yogis but have no rights for that?

Guruji: phakirs were doing magical tricks for money and they were calling themselves yogis, because yogis are doing miracles. That was public show. Nowadays it’s not easy to find such people. There was cast in India – they were called “nut” – they were do acrobatics, tight rope walking, sword swallowing, lie on the broken glass; big slab was put on their chest and being hammered – so many extraordinary things they were doing. When I was in school, I remember – some people came and they were showing great skills with bow and arrow. Nowadays somehow they all are disappeared. One man demonstrated so many things: there was just small ring of iron, you can out only head inside – but he went through it. Some magicians also doing it – and it was amazing to watch. Or to reach the target by arrow with tight eyes – so many things he could do.

Q: Gorakhnath was the last one, who openly came out?

Guruji: after him – Traylang Swami, when Lahiri Mahasaya was there. He was maybe the last yogi, who openly demonstrated supernatural powers.

Q: from where the name Kriya yoga come?

Guruji: it was created by Yogananda Paramahamsa. The name even mentioned in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. And the word Kriya yoga is attached with so many rituals for many different deities. The ritual is called “Kriya yoga”. It is there; but what we’re practicing – is the purest form of hatha yoga. But then so many yoga instructors from south India, who came to the west, – they categorize that all physical exercises are hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is a very mysterious thing. Ha is prana and tha is apana; but they brought it down to a physical level. It always will remain a rare phenomena – to be a real yogi. It’s not easy thing. First – is to develop interest to the subject. Then after many-many years the little understanding of the subject will develop. Then your journey will begin.

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