Q: I’d like to ask You about divisions of Kali yuga and when Kali yuga started?

Guruji: time period of Kali yuga which is written in our puranas is 432000 years – that was a time period of Kali yuga; and they say that Kali yuga is the time of absolute darkness: no human rights, nothing, you’re just wandering in ignorance – that’s it. In my opinion it ended in 1944; I will just point out to one obvious thing: most of the world calendars – whether it is Indian calendar or Gregorian calendar- they only counting down only last 2000 years. So 430000 years are already gone and they began to count last 2000 years – and they were very important. According to Indian calendar, Vikram samvat, 1944 was the year 2000 – and you can see, how much the world changed. There was big war, monarchy was swept away from the world like a miracle, democracy came. In all puranic descriptions of different yugas – democracy is nowhere mentioned, always it was king. That tells me – now the system of yugas is over, we’re in the golden age now, where human rights are been discussed, animal rights are been discussed and it’s considered very fashionable to be vegetarian and practice yoga. Humanity is evolving in a very positive direction – this is what I think. Kali yuga is gone. The age of darkness is no more. Every type of information is available: Google-baba is omnipresent, he knows everything.

Q: what about Kriya yuga – are we in Kriya yuga now?

Guruji: yes, it’s a new creation: instead of spelling it like “kriya” you should start to spelling it like “crea” from creation, because it creates a new you. When you’re practicing Kriya to the best of your abilities – your vibration changing the surroundings also. The nature will bloom, the society will become better and better with that. Maybe Kriya yoga is giving support to the evolution of mankind.

Q: there is so much talks now about climate change, pollution level, saving planet; the future generations are telling us openly that we stole from them…?

Guruji: it’s very easy for the new generation to blame the older one. They were able to survive, they have suffered so much – now they have no lack of food and all comforts so they are free to criticizing all the old times. That was business – the industrialization, which actually started the globalization: without this no globalization will be possible. Thanks to democracy – the globalization begin.

Main thing is: until unless you’re going to change your lifestyle – you’re not going to save the planet. We’re trying to save ourselves in a way. If we stop exploiting and using the natural sources to the limit just for commercial purposes – planet will decide and erase us one day in the blinking of an eye, just like that. What is sneeze? Just a very big earthquake and we will be no more. Some more tsunamis and that’s it. We’re very weak people. That is good way – people thinking; but because they are comfortable – they should try to change their lifestyle.

Q: is it really possible on larger scale – because all of the commercial products and corporations?

Guruji: I think in 2050 most of the things will be sold and bought, then service sector will become very powerful – we will just need service sector; even now it started to become more powerful.

Q: on what type of services You’re talking about?

Guruji: when you purchase everything – you will just need services.

Q: because the temperature is rising every year on 2-3 degrees they are saying that absolutely unbearable conditions will be in next 20 years?

Guruji: could be that – but then I will say one thing: maybe other people have noticed it. When you’re suffer with some viral attack or bacterial infection – your body fighting and the body temperature rising. Maybe the Earth is going through the same thing.

Q: so we will be exterminated by the fever – Earth fever?

Guruji: probably – if we will not learn how to live smart. Only one danger point I see: when you look back in most of the civilizations, who were too much flourishing – they simply disappeared. In the name of progress they were mining so much things from the Earth, and now we’re broke every previous record about mining. They never use concrete – and now everything are from that: too much iron were dig up from the Earth. That is the danger signal, mining is not the thing the planet likes.

Q: what about production of electricity? It’s very good to generate…

Guruji: I think electricity is ok to generate. I think about the day when we will be able to create a battery, which will be charged from lightning bolt – and the all energy problem will be solved. Scientists should work over that. Too much electric charges are just in atmosphere – we just need to catch them and charge the batteries. One lightning bolt is carrying the energy which is enough for the city like Delhi or New York for a month or even more. That source we need to tap on. You remember, one time Larry Carney was asking me – how I see the future youth? I answered: who is working in the field just wearing the loin clothes, but has the cell phone and laptop.

Q: very romantic view?

Guruji: that’s how we’re going to survive.

Q: You think we’ll definitely went through the period of fever?

Guruji: with all modern technology – you should be able to live according to the nature, that’s the point.

Q: When do You think the knowledge of nature will come – because now very few are awaken?

Guruji: yes, they are open to blame – but nevertheless it brought the nations together, the races became together, globalization came, information became available – which was extremely needed; if they’re become aware to save the planet – also they’ll become aware how to do it.

Q: so awareness is the starting point?

Guruji: yes, and this is going into the right direction.

Q: very open and practical question: in India and china the majority of population are just thinking about surviving, they have no time to think about pollution or how much they are using electricity; is this awareness will come to India in some point?

Guruji: it is already started on the higher level, now Prime minister is talking about it and they are doing so many things about it also. But Indian situation is different. We were slaves for almost 2000 years – now we are finally got freedom. You were slave for too long; then suddenly your master gave you the key of the owner of the house – now you manage. It will take us some time to begin to manage.

Q: some time will needed; because I can’t see – how farmers, who are working so hard are trying to make their children to study in colleges; they are the Earth?

Guruji: they are from the Earth – they are the actual children of Earth.

Q: yes, but they are don’t think about pollution?

Guruji: I’m in tact with a grassroots level people for a very long time. In this area farmers are well of: even if he has the 5 acres of land – he is earning enough, food is free; most of they are doing good now. Only thing – they needs more education.

Q: who is polluting more: farmers or city dwellers?

Guruji: city dwellers. Cities are growing like a skin disease on this planet. Farmers are not polluting more. But the fertilizers, which government provides, the chemicals are not good for the land. Our farmers are already said – it’s not good thing, but who listens to them?

Q: do You see the way the population shifted from cities to country living?

Guruji: most of the intelligent people are already considering that.

Q: yes, but they still have the jobs which are mainly connected with the cities?

Guruji: that’s true – but now you have another option: work from home. And now I see that the food is contaminated so much: that only if you’re growing your own – you’re sure you getting the right thing. Our mind is what we eat. One very interesting thing happened 6-7 months before: some of the relatives of the disciple came, I just call them in. there was very old man – near 80, but in a very good shape. He simply nodded and sit down; then after 15 minutes he stand up and walked out. And he was expecting everything for more than one hour – how pigeons is running, how cows are, this and that. And he came back, made pranam and said the very cut statement: Your mind is working good, because you’re eating food, growing on your own land. I said – that is big compliment! All the kitchen is running on food we growing on our own farm – the cows and we are eating the same grains. I think agriculture is more suitable for us than any other business.

Q: back to the golden age: You think that the concept of yugas is gone?

Guruji: because we worship past too much – we just keep limiting our thinking in 4 yugas: Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali – which Brahma created. Since Shiva started the revolt against the heavenly gods – the system of 4 yugas has ended in 1944. There was no mention of democracy ever, the globalization nobody care about; the living conditions of the normal person are much-much better than they used to be in the king’s time. You’re free to achieve your dreams if you have enough talent inside of you. It’s much better time. And it will become more and more refined, as the time will passed. Yoga yuga is coming: yoga is taking you beyond any organization and religion, you don’t have surrender your soul to anybody. Keep it yourself, develop your consciousness and be free.

Q: do You see the new generation of kids, teenagers and young people becoming so obsessed and so driven to a digital gadgets and media and experiencing life through it?

Guruji: I think it’s initial shock, it will pass.

Q: the individuality of the person is getting suddenly affected of the flow?

Guruji: it’s the very short time: nobody was listening to you before – now you have the freedom of expression. This is initial euphoria, it will pass.

Q: so we can save independent our individuality?

Guruji: more and more and more: they are there for you, you’re not there for that.

Q: what do You think about Artificial Intelligence: some of the specialists are saying that until unless humanity will not know how to control AI – the consequences could be any?

Guruji: they are inventing it – so they are smart enough to control it also. But I think most of the leaders keep people in perpetual fear; so they will keep going for a leader and everything will be fine. You should not worry  too much about artificial intelligence.

Q: what is Your feeling: the Government of the world seems like the very outdated tool; yes, I know we need a structure – police, president and so; but it seems like very outdated tool?

Guruji: I think it will continue for some time, because maybe 3-4-5 generations will pass – then we will begin to coming to our senses and it will become more refine. Shadow of monarchy is still over us. That’s why people are creating business empire, this empire and that empire – that is the shadow of the monarchy.

Q: but because of digital era younger generation has much less respect for that institutions – maybe revolution will come from within? Maybe the new digital system will be invented to control your everyday life?

Guruji: it sounds like a science fiction which will never come to pass. We will see so many Terminators.

Q: but we still need to elect some guide for the top, to rule from there and tell us what to do?

Guruji: because we’re not smart enough to control ourselves and remain disciplined individually.

The idiots select the bigger idiot. When we will become more smart – we’ll start to select more smart.

Q: it seems like happening in the past when the kings were wise?

Guruji: they were just depicted as wise. They were masters and people was just a subjects – not individuality, nothing. That was not a good time. We just need to get over the monarchy, the kingdoms. We will get over it in a few centuries hopefully.

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