Q: could You tell us about Kamadhenu project?
Guruji: well, I’ve never done business in my life – but suddenly in 2015 there was government scheme for promoting cows and milk, because milk is getting less and less. Many people took the loan from government – most of their projects failed.
There was a pressure from local administration that they should give the big scheme to some local farmer. It was the great honor for me that local administration told that I’m the most reliable farmer here and they forced me to take that government loan. It is about 400 cows. I’ve discussed it with my disciples and some people. Here in Govardhan the real genuine milk is nearly impossible to find. Even for the worshipping to Govardhan hill it’s not so commonly available. So we were given that loan and we started work from 15th of January.
Thanks to my lawyer and his team – within a year a project was done: all buildings, all the cows and buffaloes are here. We’re producing nearly 1000 liters of milk everyday- it sounds not much, but if I say that we’re producing 3500000 liters of milk annually – it sounds big. Many Govardhan local people are buying milk from us, Govardhan Maharaj is worshipped with it, many people are coming to take from us the purest of pure milk – which is a great honor for me to provide. Now my feeling is very good. If their number will grow – let it grow, we will continue to support them. It’s a privilege – I’m having the very different experience now.
Q: what products you’re producing in this farm?
Guruji: mostly it is milk and sometimes some ghee – that’s it. Milk is so much in demand here – because milk is rare commodity nowadays; it’s our privilege and great honor to provide it. Even though it’s not so much now – but let’s hope in future it will be more and more. I’m farmer now. The complete scheme is amazing: cow dung is storing somewhere and producing bio gas, with that bio gas the generator is running – and all cookings for cows and staff is absolutely free. And the bio product is the high quality fertilizer. Clean energy – free energy. I was reluctant to accept it – but it was the part of the scheme so I have to do it. Now I’m glad that some wise people thought about it.
People are going for solar energy and nuclear energy – but it’s very simple thing: if you have lot of cows – you just have it made and it will give you absolutely pollution free energy and fertilizer as well as bio product. With solar things you’ll have no bio product – so this is better. It will make the land fertile and gives clean energy. We have 120 cows and buffaloes there – they’re providing enough energy. It is fully automatic program: it will need service in every 4 year for 10 days – otherwise it will run continuously. Now I’m thinking for installing it here also – government is giving big subsidy in it and the loan is available. I think we will keep producing milk and ghee. Large proportion will be of milk and if some milk will remaining – we will create ghee also. Milk is too much needed here. I can never imagine that I’ll be the owner of the dairy farm at it will running even without my visiting it – that is the grace of Govardhan Maharaj. Officially I’m a farmer from Radhakund.
Amazing thing: the map of my farmland is like a heart. Most of the farmers are not aware of the programs. They were really create very good scheme. Cows are ok, milk is ok – but this pure bio energy for free was beyond my wildest imagination. In summertime generator could run continuously for 24 hours without stopping. Now it’s winter time, the gas is less – but even now the generator is working for 8-9 hours every day.

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