Q: it is described that chakras are tied between two thousand-petals lotuses – one in sahasrara and one in muladhara?

Guruji: in Earth herself. Muladhara is representing the Earth.

Q: so we have the second thousand-petals lotus there?

Guruji: well, you can go on to say about million-petals lotus or billion-petals lotus – you can go on describing. very simple analyzing from me: what is awakening of kundalini, everybody is talking about? You see, they say that kundalini is sleeping in your muladhara chakra – it has four petals and a square – symbol of earth element there. That tells me – the real Shakti is sleeping in the earth element, maybe in Earth herself. When your muladhara chakra is opening – you’re directly connecting with the Earth herself. You’re connected and the energy passes through; and you’re directly connected with the planet. Then you know everything. Why? You read any subject which is taught in schools and colleges – it is study of the nature of the planet from different angles. Once you’re connected with the planet itself, the Earth – you will know everything. Very simple analyzing, what kundalini awakening is. From muladhara chakra, from earth element the power enters into you and you’re supercharge, connected finally and the union takes place – yoga.

That’s a point – we’re living on Earth. And we still don’t connect the earth element with Earth. Every study is the study of the nature of the planet.

Q: that connection is missing in Hatha Yoga Pradipika?

Guruji: they are not describe chakras here. But there is one shloka which says about yogins- otherwise Earth will not be happy. If you will not connect with it – why she is going to be happy?


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    I am blessed to be accepted by Guruji as his privileged siciple.

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