The Monkey Story



3, Aug-2010,in the Evening at Hanuman temple when Guruji came for pooja,there was a very old monkey inside the temple . When told by Mahatmaji about the presence of the monkey Guruji said not to scare the monkey away, let him be where he is. The monkey attended the whole pooja , after Guruji went out of the temple the monkey went away , mind it, we don’t see monkeys around after sun set and this was already after 10:30 in the night. On 6-Aug, 2010 when Katia Mossin (one of the Russian disciples) came she informed that there is a dead monkey at the main gate, so Guruji instructed His staff to give the monkey a respectable burial. But when they picked the monkey they came to know that he was alive but the monkey was looking very weak and old. On 7-Aug-2010 when Guruji came in the darshan hall HE asked about the monkey and told us to go and checkout his condition, and in the evening Guruji Himself went near the new plantation site along with Mataji and all of us to see the monkey personally. (Deepak said he heard Guruji telling Katia that since morning HE had the urge to go towards the new plantation site. (till that time Guruji didn’t know that monkey has been kept there.) The condition of the monkey had by then worsened he was not able to move.



But to our surprise as Guruji reached there the monkey raised his body up making so much effort.


Then he bent down to the ground again,to take few blades of grass in his mouth.


And after taking few blades of grass from the ground in his mouth he lifted his body again and turned towards Guruji’s direction keeping his eyes lowered to the ground and then he closed his eyes as if he was surrendering and requesting for pardoning him.


We could see he was in so much pain that it must have been unbearable for him.


Even to lift his head he had to do so much effort,all the time till Guruji was there the monkey didn’t open his eyes as you can see in the photos.


Then we came back from that place with Guruji and Mataji, and regular session of talks started in the hall , all of a sudden Guruji told one of his deciple Mr Deepak Varshney to go and make the monkey drink ganga jal (holy ganges water with rudraksh disloved in it) , no one understood why was Guruji taking so much interest in an old monkey who is any how going to die soon.

Well Deepak and me along with Mataji went to the monkey in Mataji’s car and as instructed by Guruji Deepak gave the first spoon of ganga jal to the monkey , just watch monkey’s eyes this time they were open as if he knew what Guruji has send for him.


Then Maa gave him Ganga jal and the monkey’s expressions were such that i don’t have words to describe them but you can see them in the photographs yourself.


And even this time the monkey as you can see in the photos held few blades of grass in his mouth.



Can you observe the love of a mother in this pic or am I hallucinating.


Then after we came back we started discussing about the incident what came out as a conclusion was astonishing , on asking, Guruji told that there is a very old ritual or method , that if some one has committed sin against you and at the end of the sinners life when he doesn’t have anything ,he is just as if a beggar if he want to request you to pardon him ,because he doesn’t have anything, he is empty handed he takes a peace of hay half of which hangs out from his mouth indicating his pitiful condition ,will come in front of you with his eyes lowered down to the ground . And when someone comes with this state and gesture no words are required to express his feelings. So now we asked Guruji what has this monkey done which can be described as sin against you , Guruji said this is not because of his present life’s sins , this is the result of his previous births sins.. 

The average life span of a normal monkey is about 10 to 12 years ,so we could say this monkey was born about 12 years back in 1997. If we observe that phase of time there were many people who tried to created real problems for Guruji and many of them died very soon of them committing those sins , so if we assume that this monkey was one of them ,the probabilities are very high for this.


To sum up whole incident it was for sure, that this monkey was some one who committed sin , he created some sort of problems for Guruji ,at least he tried to. I am not really able to understand what kind of sins he must have committed because the way he was suffering was so painful on his neck there were holes which were very deep and there were flesh eating worms in them. I think it was one of the most painful conditions any living creature could experience and after seeing his pain Guruji said HE has forgiven him for all his sins.

For all those sufferings this soul has gone through I am sure of one thing he got a chance of his life time so he was able to apologize and not only apologize but also to get pardoned by Guruji himself, so I am sure now his curse after all his suffering is over.



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